10 Most Amazing Cool Websites You Didn’t Know Existed! (Part 2)

What’s going on YouTube, today we gonna be
show you another 10 most amazing websites that you don’t know existed. At the moment
there are around 644 million (Sorry, 1 billion) websites are out there in the world
of internet, So we are picking some of the few amazing websites just for your pleasure. Warning these
websites are either amazing or amazingly useful. So let’s start.
Coming in the first place we have, Get human, It ’s amazing and very useful website. Maybe
you can thank me in the comment section just for this one alone. Get human.com will provide
you with a feature that you never thought possible before, it will help you to get any
company around the globe on your phone, just search the name of the company that you wish
to contact, and it will get you it’s direct contact number. For example, if you wanna call
“Tesla” just enter the name into the search box, and that’s pretty much it, Now you
have your direct contact number of the company So feel free to contact. Also, don’t forget
to add a country code if you are contacting a foreign company. As well as forget looping
through the system choices and talking with bots when you are using this service. we are
talking about, getting a real person picks up the phone in the other end just like this! I know you love it! Coming in number 2, we have, FlightAware.
Uk.flightaware.com is a very unique and amazing website, which allows you to see a live map
of airplanes, that flying above your location, even more, that, or let’s say you can pretty
much track any commercial aircraft that are up in the air in the entire world.
It’s like turning your computer into a personal radar system. And wait, the features
this website can offer you is more than this, you can also do things like flight finder,
cancelation, airport delay, mystery map and much more, anyway I’m gonna leave that part
to you, so you can explore more and enjoy. Coming in number 3, we have, Homepage
weboas.is basically similar to a Google home page, but it has this amazing matrix effects
going in the background, as well as you can find here links to popular media, games, software
free download websites. Also, Beware download things only at your
own risk! This website is a great improvement over the regular Google homepage. To make
the most out of it, I recommend you to set this as your homepage, as well as your home
button on your default browser, so that you can access these amazing features everytime
you launch your browser, as well as you can use the regular ‘Google search’ up here
in the top. Hope it will bring you a great browsing experience.
Coming in number 4, we have, Receive SMS online! Receive SMS online is another amazing and
useful site, which allows you to receive SMS, for example, an OTP for your phone verification.
It’s very common these days when the signup process of different websites will ask you
for your mobile number, in order to verify your account, but it also comes with great
disadvantages as well, that once your contact credentials are being used in a Signup process of particular
website, you will start receiving their messages and in most case these messages will be some
kind of promotional content or even spam. And unfortunately, it’s very hard to disable
this annoying messages manually. So if you care about preserving your personal number,
you can use this website just like a disposable SMS service against spam, just click on the
number you wish to go with or choose a number from a particular country, and use it anywhere
you want and get your thing done!. Simply wait for a moment, and you will get the message
delivered here. It’s act like a genuine mobile number so you don’t have to worry.
Also, it is more important that please don’t use this service to spam others. Coming in number, 5 we have, Web capture.
Here we have another cool website, which allows you take a quick snap of any website you want.
Just enter the web URL hear, now choose a file type, then click capture web page. And
there we go. Its just took an awesome snap of the whole website. To download the shot
just click on download! And that’s pretty much it! Coming in number, 6 we have, virus total
Virus total.com is a real life saver, it will allow you to scan any download link for virus
threats. For example, if your friend sends you a link to download a particular file,
and you want to make sure that the file is safe from virus threats before downloading
the actual file, just go to virus total.com and past your URL in the search box and simply
search it. Now it will scan the entire file and show you whether it’s safe or not! If
you wanna scan a particular file from your computer or device, that’s also possible,
Instead of choosing URL you can choose the file option from here, now browse choose a
file or folder from your computer. And it will scan your file online for any virus threats.
I know some of the modern antivirus software can offer a similar service, but think, this
one is totally free. Coming in number, 7 we have, PASSWORD GENERATOR,
In modern-day online security is a big issue, and people have now days need to create doesn’t
of passwords in order to keep their accounts secure. But if your experiencing difficulty
in creating difficult passwords, there is an easy way to do it. Just go to webpagefx.com
followed by the rest of the URL. Now create an awesome password for your accounts within
no time. Let me give you a quick tour, Webpagefx will offer you 2 main option to create a password,
one is for those how need a password that easy to remember and yet pretty strong. And
the second option is for those who want to create a difficult and very strong password.
Don’t worry these site will not keep record of your passwords as well as these passwords
are randomly generated so the same password will not give to another person. In order to
create a password you can easily click on the generate password button and before that,
you can change these figures according to your personal preference. And here we go,
we have got a brand new strong and random generated password, within a click of a button. For
the full Link (URL) to access this service directly, you can use the link in the video description Coming in number, 8 we have, ANIMA GRAFFS
This site will literally steal your mind if you are a person who thrives to know how things
really work. I know you can Google pretty much anything
these days, and know how a particular thing works. but you have limited to articles and
photographs or even some video. But this way is beyond that. Let me show you an example,
I’m going to pick a random item from here, and they’re showing the animated and visually
stunning information. It’s also interactive, so let’s say goodbye to those boring old
texts. it contains the in-depth details of the working order, so let’s say this is
a simple and effective way to gain some knowledge and know about new things. It’s just an
example, try it yourself and I’m sure you will be amazed! Coming in number, 9 we have, BACKGROUND BURNER.
In the past, I have dreamed of having a feature like this.
Because I’m doing stuff that needs a lot of work in image background removal process,
Yes we can get image that comes with transparent background, but most of the time we have to
do it our self, I know you can remove the background of an image with tools like Photoshop,
but it causes effort and time-consuming. Now let me show you how this interesting website
removes the background of an image within a few clicks. First log in to the website
you can either use Facebook or Google account for quick signup, or use the traditional way,
and once you are done with it. Click on choose a photo, now browse and select an image from
your computer. And once it’s uploaded to the site temporarily, it will start the background
removal process automatically and it will do the job pretty much neat, but if you find
any edges or any other object to be removed, click on the touch-up button. And it will
open this page, now use the mark background and mark foreground tool and do your touch
up work, once you are satisfied with the final look of the image, you can click on finish
and download the image with transparent background. Coming in the final place, we have, Pixel
thought! It is a very unique and amazing website, which
can relax your mind if you are having some problems lately or feel lonely and stressed.
Believe me, it can make your big problems into a size of a pixel, So that you can gain
more confidence and have strength fight through the problem, may result fixing the problem
in a more matured and easy way. Just try it your self and experience the change! For example,
let’s enters a big problem that I’m having right now!. And see how this website pixelates
my problem not only visually, but also happening in my brain!
So that all for today, hope you like that list, if you do please consider hitting those
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a good one. See you guys with another one.😥

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