10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Saudi Crown Prince ‘MBS’ Owns

Think of the richest people in the world and you’ll probably look to the Forbes list The Forbes list will say it’s Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with a net worth of over a hundred million dollars but the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman has a net worth of 1.4 trillion with a tea now while he isn’t yet the king of Saudi Arabia He is de facto in charge and he’s also known for his oil wealth and luxury lifestyle I’m Charlie. And today we’re going to look at ridiculously expensive things owned by Saudis Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but if you want to be a billionaire or trillionaire subscribe and press the notification bell to Coming up first we have sir any yacht anyone who really cares about climate change may get annoyed to learn that this guy has a yacht but he literally made his Trillions because of his country’s oil wealth, so he doesn’t really care too much about the environment anyway, the crown prince owns a 500 million dollar yacht named serenity this yacht is 440 feet and it’s said to be one of the largest and most expensive on earth It has many swimming pools hot tubs and two helipads After all one helipad is for peasants. It also has a helicopter Hangar a gym and even a movie theater all in the yacht He said to bring his family and friends from around the world on this yacht and just chill out I guess being Crown Prince can get tiring. Also, the yacht has a lot of room for more friends and family It has 15 cabins where people can sleep and can house 24 guests But the amazing thing is how NBS actually bought this yacht He was on vacation in the South of France and just saw the yacht He then got his bodyguards to approach the owner and bought it right there on the spot Yeah, I do that too a key ring. Not a 500 million dollar yacht Next up is most expensive home Think of the most expensive home in your town. It’s likely pretty awesome and pretty huge Well, most people don’t know that Mohammed bin Salman owns the most expensive home on earth in 2015 Mohammed Bin Salman bought a chateau in France Aka a French mansion, he was able to keep this purchase private for two years until it was revealed in 2017 The house is called chateau. Louis xiv Laoshi ends This 17th century mansion is located west of Paris and is beautiful It has a sound system lights and air conditioning which can all be controlled from a phone inside It has its own gigantic wine cellar and movie theater, and there’s even a transparent underwater aquarium Not only that the house has a moat surrounding it So no one can get in the price the prince paid for the home is not Exactly known but it’s said to be around 1 billion dollars Next up is da Vinci painting Leonardo da Vinci is definitely one of the world’s most famous painters of all time in 2017 during a Christie’s Auction in New York a painting from him at war sports the painting by da Vinci named Salvator Mundi was bid on Anonymously the anonymous better paid four hundred and fifty million dollars for the painting and no one knew who it was But later on it was revealed. It was MBS The painting was expected to sell for a hundred million dollars, but he paid four and a half times that price Next up is gold cars Go to London and look around the streets of Mayfair. You’ll see a lot of gold cars all with Arabic numbers Well chances are some of those are owned by the Saudi prince Golden cars are a staple for any billionaire UAE businessman and that includes heads of state Mohammed bin Salman is said to own many cars in gold including a Land Rover a rolls-royce and a Ferrari and Lamborghini Mohammed bin Salman is said to own many cars in gold including Land Rovers Rolls Royces two Lamborghinis and a few Ferraris as well many of these cars cost around half a million dollars on their own and it’s said that old car wrap can cost an additional $200,000. It said that Mohammed bin Salman entire car collection is worth around 20 million dollars But because it’s tucked away and he only takes them out when he’s on vacation. We haven’t seen them all yet Next up is gold ATMs If there’s one thing the crown prince of Saudi Arabia loves its gold But don’t you just hate having tons of cash around and wish you could make it into a gold ingot Well, it’s said that Prince Salman actually has a gold ATM machine The exterior of the machines is actually coated in gold you simply put the money in and you can choose a selection of around 300 different golden items these items include ten grand gold bars two gold coins And it’s said that Prince Salman has many of these ATMs dotted around his many palaces Next up is oil fields. You’ve probably looked at Mohammed bin Salman and thought where did he get all of his money? well It comes from one word oil All of the oil fields in Saudi Arabia are owned by the royal family and seeing as Muhammad bin Salman is the de facto head Of this family. He owns the oil fields It said these fields can produce around 3 billion barrels of oil per day and despite oil becoming rarer and rarer It’s said they have enough to last 94 years all of their oil business is done for a company named Saudi Aramco and their annual revenue is 356 billion dollars Saudi Aramco is privately owned by the Saudi royal family But it’s said they may be taking the company public soon, which would make them trillions overnight Next up is Willy’s World War 2 G The Willy’s MB Jeep was a real car made during ww2 It was only produced for four years from 1941 to 1945 But Mohammed bin Salman reportedly owns a large motorized version of this G This Jeep is absolutely gigantic and you can actually see it parked up in the deserts And finally, we have the bugatti law Blanc We all know bu Gotti makes some of the best and most expensive cars in the world and the law Blanc is no exception It’s a supercar which has been covered in Aluminium and carbon fiber the wheel caps fuel cap and interior trim pieces were all custom made They’re made out of porcelain and it makes the car look incredibly luxurious It’s said the car was bought for around four million dollars And at first the purchaser was anonymous, but it was later found out to be Mohammed. Bin Salman So those were some really expensive things owned by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed. Bin Salman Vote in the poll in the top right corner and tell me the most crazy expensive thing He owns if you want some more amazing videos then check out my second channel They’ll be linked to that on screen in a moment. But as always thanks for watching Check out some more videos on screen right now Leave a like if you enjoyed and if you haven’t really what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Top 10s

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