263rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop – Feb 14, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. it’s time for change to move into the
real walk after universe and it’s time to understand that we used at math and
state to reach the level of understanding of the soul of the man now you understand maybe why the Creator
has sent his messengers and that they were whatever you have had is that they
bring the ears and it can be used who in the time of the Messiah comes he can
teach the soul and the messenger not to oppose but by them understanding through
those who have become messiahs to you from their souls to these to animate the
job is made easy the school is there and the students are
they’ve ordered leader that there won’t be any fight between what they called
the Muslims and the Christians the lamb and the lion will eat and sleep in the
same nest the Christians and the Muslims will speak and pray in a mosque and the
same church in the name of their soul so not in the name of religion that is used
to create so much conflict for the benefit of those who were the
hyperactive children’s the time has come the time of changes here and as I said
my wish is my command there is your wish to see Pete’s path
appeases faith very clearly it’s the soul of the collective awareness by
giving will create a position of the church no other thing
there is no pent in the soul after that and I’m sure once you go into the
universal community you will never see anything written but the balance of the
fields of the scholar existence try to be humble enough not to become arrogant
in the power that you have understood and you possess otherwise you’ll fall in
the same path of the church mosque this is what we promised but missus what
we have delivered we have to understand the operation of the soul and we have to
understand the soul of the man is a star in cosmos of the universe if we compare
the soul of the man and many of us seven billion in one collection earth is like
a galaxy with so many stars when we look in the depth of the universe we see
galaxies with hundreds of millions of the stars in it so is the planet earth
carries 7 billion beautiful stars which are the soul of the man carries with it
so loved so many trillions of animals plants and everything else so if you
look when someone who does not see the physicality of the earth and his content
what do they see they see a galaxy with so many beautiful lights charging each
one according to their strengths each one according to their position an infant as a visual so so has old man
to those who do not see the physical foundation this planet but they see the
strength of the field we are across ters of stars the human race every single
soul no one from a distance sees does the soul of a Fisher man versus all of
the cosmologists the soul of the president they all shine the respect of
turrets grunting this is the magic this is what the new science has to bring to
man when we look to our soul we see nothing but restarting the other Souls
and this is the break this is the understanding this is what all these
teachings are about coming to mature to the next level to understand in the deep
space the universe is the only sir were knows also sir then man is ready to go into space then
man is ready to become part of the universal community which has been
promised I never promised you heaven I always promised you the variation of the
man to join the family and now you have the key
it’s you who has to open the door to understand if I can raise the soul of
these people or millions of other souls that the physical life on this planet
changes then I’m worth me to be part of the universal community to be there to
serve to expand to be there to be part that in the cycle of life of universe I
become in being part I become part of the totality when now reaches that point a new
dimension in the strength of the soul of the man will appear which is beyond
imagination of understanding of the mythical I gate to the opening of the
new life in a new dimension which is beyond imagination of what you might
call a new beginning the new cycle we start cycle kinds with itself the
collision of the creation of life it’s the elevation of the soul to serve
become the key not after all of the physical life the time is right the time
has come for the man to go through this process you welcome everyone to the 260 third
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday February 14th 2019 this is a
presentation of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute public teaching in
English my name is Rick creme de be your host today and as usual you’re joined
with mr. Moran kesh of the Keshe foundation and I think he’s ready to go
with this special teaching of Valentine’s Day today I note mr. cash
are you ready to begin yes yes good morning good afternoon good
day – as usual wherever and whenever unit since this public teaching is
interesting just before we come on they will say that is we’re talking about the
carbon-14 and today’s at 14th of every Christian calendar which is known as a
Valentine’s Day the lovers day and I wonder how many of us we woke up with an
hour of godliness no no no physicality of somebody somewhere it’s it’s a very
strange phenomena for a lot of people to say they’re loved and they want to be
loved but that’s us – Caroline when I met a very very rare silence that we
come to this planet to enjoy the physicality in the love of mine is
something special and it has a lot of meaning and in so many ways as what I
say today is the same as what I said before how do we love it’s part of an
emotion and how come we feel the love in our heart why do we feel only in the
heart then most Rory as I’ve said many times hard is the soul of physicality
that’s well feel all the cell of our body comes collect living together to to
represent the manifestation of existence of its ecology of man and this and so
when he raised answers many many questions in what do we consider the law
of the soul of the man I think the law of the soul of the man in a very simple
way is attachments of itself to his physicality to the point that the love
of begin love which is the bond of the creator
satin and a new destination is set when a soul in past couple of weeks I try to
attend as many public teachings and primary teachings in trying to explain
in your dimension very much if you remember when we started a teaching
relentlessly for 12 weeks in attorney in Italy to set the basis of the knowledge
the foundation the correct foundation for the knowledge and up to today yes it
will come nobody can put a hair in it because it’s so constantly correct and
now teaching the knowledge of the space the knowledge of universe needs not
conduct education as I said before in last couple of times relinquished all my
positions in the Keshe foundation and is in the hand of capable people where it
gives me time to see the transition through the man’s understanding of the
universe and the universal conditions and connection of creating the condition
bomb setting on a standard armed man to move into the next level of peace and
this takes a lot of effort it takes a lot of time and it’s not easy
in essence of it why do we do this is it the love of universal community for my
kind to let them to elevate to their position
or is it the love of the creator trying to spread the message on equal as long
as children equality is a different word than being equal the quality is a lot of
comparison when you if there is no comparison and in so many ways we
consider ourselves in what essence how do we measure ourselves where does our
feeling comes into as I said in the teachings we see us the feeling is the
point of interaction of non non dimensional entity between the solar
skeleton of the man and the soul of the way emotion is a line of communication
between the two what you feel in your soul you feel in the dimension of
physicality and it transferred emotion when we decide to move our arm in our
brain it protect or do something that’s the emotion of the physicality respect
the soul but when we feel it is the emotion of the physicality of
physicality and respect in dimension in measure to our souls and the Sulaiman
understand this then man understands what a gift has been given to him that
he can separate and understand the totality in a non-dimensional damage
which means we have nothing to compare into it
we have nothing to assess it by exit are on the standard and except to what we
see you say to somebody I love you so much and I love you more than you love
me how do you know it’s the measure of
their love what do you compare the love to
and how do we measure that in comparison to the love of the soul when respect is
enough to create the understanding and especially restriction we started must
be senseless beseeching explanation of carbon-14 and connection in soul of the
man and his gallantry of man number of scientific organisations have approached
and working around in the condition because we have opened a mystery box a
language which was not known something which never understood we always
considered carbon 14 to the lifecycle and length our – dinosaurs – man we
never considered this is part of us we carried is with us it assesses it
connects us is the link between us and the creator and the creation of our own
physicality we got to understand when a carbon-14 drops in strings what does it
become it’s very simple because Kabul
but all he happens to it with the release of his own energy because the
only thing which happens in that position is the release of two neutrons and what happened to those two neutrons
automatically according to a balance of the condition they turn up to one thing an odd creature with a lot of energy with a spare electron with the spare
energy to give if you understand the physics and the
condition of the magnetic field in so many ways
you will understand something very especial and that is what happens when
we deal with comma 40 and how it connects in our body and why does it
match into a lot of our things we do if you look at the carbon-14 what does couple 14 gives us we have the
combination of the six protons and six electrons whether we have with additional two body called neutrons two four six eight ten twelve but we
still have the six electrons when these two split
and separate what do you have you are too neutrals because that immediately at
this position carbon-14 changes to twelve as a normal covered in the body
of the man becomes part of the physical emotion conductivity
of the physicality what do you get in energy balance you have two neutrons
which one has to do to his energy pack convert itself to a very simple matter
it becomes a proton and when it creates his own electron what is left we can see those who work in space technology soon
will understand the connection between these two how deuterium and carbon or
see history connect to the life of physicality energy of the universe and
life of the soul of the man go back in my teachings in long time ago
I always explained if you get access understand the use of the Tyrian you can
have editing because if you look if I can redefine
this in the drawing if upward this one here this one here
one there one here one there if you look at it what do you have
the combination students the combination of the tubes so carbon
12 is 60 Tyrians carbon 14
seventy-two it’s so simple but in a matter of the
energy of the man we’ll look at a different dimension we look at it as
they call energy of the gravitational and magnetical field forces then a lot of things start taking shape
why does the body of the land collects woodsy history if you look you have the
same story again you have a common and what is a see history you have a spare
electron somewhere hanging what are the possibilities interaction of these two field forces
releases enough energy that replaces the rust energy in one of the protons what
does that mean what would I create it gives you another material now you have a spare proton will create a lot of new
conditions because in the world of science we have never considered the
existence of three eleven protons and then if you look what do you have again
you have again another material set which is another column for tea you don’t understand
in the gravitational-magnetic field of the science of the physics there is a
beautiful phenomena now this single proton behaves like a
neutron and it goes immediately into a nuclear decay and then you get a new
hydrogen and this is the energy balance which we
absorb in the body of the man as energy we call it sugar energy because as I
said even an electron has a half life cycle by the point when it divides the
electron itself becomes the neutral of itself let alone every prod we have energy of a full proton
and how we orientate it in respect to the carbon and in de Tyrion which is
released dictates what energies are absorbed for transportation then when you look at this screen you
see everything in the life of universe is connected to the flow of carbon and
combination of the energies of it in so many ways if you even look see
history and understand the energy brackets of ch3 ch3 and a higher-order
commerce ox and this is what gives connection with the human body between
the carbon 14 a comment we are not looking at electron proton
bound of eight of eight you’re looking at the energy pack of ch3 commercial you you you so what does this allows me to do if you
understood this and understood the teaching of raw speech very easy man
leaves 2 parallel lives on see 12 plus energy pack or knaves wait
see 40 connection to universal energy this
connects mount with physicality and this connects mount whistle this
connects you to your children and your friends because as a physical dimension
mattress state of Gans this connects you to the soul of your
children and your friends mankind leaves the two lives simultaneously at the same
time but because of the eye of the man we
have come to understand and rely only on the physical damage but this cycle still communicates this is what we call the soul of
physicality and this is all the solar this is how you know your child is happy
or you know wife is not happy but you understand the information in reality
has come through the back door to here and come firmly softly because these two
continuously exist in parallel go into a space and changing the dimension of the
physicality of the man which is common to all connected to mr. cohan I mean
acid is removed so now Manley’s the nation of so lot bad
and then when he appears knowing that he has a connection one thing my points out
that all the creatures of the universe on this universe are connected to each
other through energy of the comma 40 the way that every man of this planet is
connected to every animal to the combination of the energy packs of this
planet what we call I mean ask what you have if you carry the nitrogen
and change the nitrogen amino acid to another element you will have a
different blood color you will have a different energy consideration and
position and in so many ways if in the universe they would discover 14 with any
combination of the think of the local environment we arrived in it decides
again their connection to have a soul or to create a soul of physicality and with
it create a physical connection now you must have understood the importance of
God is true energy back not matter state electron pack which creates such a
beautiful condition the energy pack which is what we call
the micro energy of the carbon in the universe has a specific characteristics
which was created by the interaction of the magnetic field of any field forces
and repulsion of any field forces is intermediary is the balanced field force
between the two food forces of the universe and so if you condition it to
this position on earth it becomes amino acid and the mankind if
you condition it to somewhere further than mine with different strengths you
become the man on the Zeus you remember one thing which is
characteristics of carbon which we see in the matter of state Carmen is one of
the best conductors and the same time carbon in a different strength is one of
the best resistors we noticed Island what mankind has to realize there was
two changes to solve the Iranian scientists very recently is that this
combination has a direct effect if you understand it in a matter state in nano
States or in France mistake because if you understand this the
scientific world will realize something very very simple it is totally interconnected you if man in the future becomes a little
bit clamoring on deeper understanding of the flow of a current in a conductive
material and understand a very very simple thing
but why you have a 60 50 or 60 frequency here is the copper wire and then
understand the position of carbon-14 and carbon-12
then you understand where the conductivity comes into play if you play with carbon-12 very simple
five times 12 gives you roughly the transmission our field of the cover or
what we call the frequency of utter copper state if you understand and you have worked
with nanomaterials and you understand the materials on a spacecraft
and you and this very easy then you understand their combo job but you can create a condition that he
can force energy a carbon-14 into the conditioned environment of carbon-12
and this is where your markup units have been playing a game where you get your
energy but what you got to understand it’s as a
characteristics in a specific combination 56:54 to 70 so in summer strength you
can pull energy the way you put energy from the environment and equal to two
common 12 the copper state vibration of directors so
and then you can trade the nanomaterials various energy into your system as a
massive estate electric currents to what you call a sea and this is the feature of the new
energy systems self-sustaining because you tap into the universal energy to
feed into the mattress state if you pick up your nanomaterials after
you use them for a while and you touch them they’re not that oily but you can
feel the touch you can feel the diamond structure the smooth missile in the inner layers of nanomaterial you
create a magnetic field strength of copper 14 so impulsive you are in the
electronics and you want a game of energy understand is a very quickly it
works way in the cellular structures the body of the man in space when you absorb
c14 from environment in converting it to the energy of c412
you can feed the physicality and with this the exactly the same as
your plants converting the seat wall in addition to anything else you can create
zinc copper magnesium sodium and everything else which the body of the
man needs this is what the autonomous and timers in cooperation together they
do presence of the high radioactive material and gamma rays in the solar
structure of the body of the man allowance the division of the carbon to
combination of materials and each cell decides what in that area and how many
needs to be so in fact as it was assumed that the body of the man observes oxygen
to his wrongs and in the converted the job our talents and tightness in
conjunction with each other and a gland system all it does it splits
all the carbon energy which comes in as the energy to all the name systems to
the line of symmetry of the carbon into patches of material and then each self
near and condition of it converts it to what combination how many of it it needs
to a structure calcium phosphor protein of any carnation even new system cell
energies now one of the biggest mysteries of the
life of the man and existence of an operation of the what we call glands of
the human body or for the concentrations of division of anything understood when you interact with such energy in
such a rapid way all you need to do is very much is create two layers put in
the cloud and allow the material to flow whatever it comes from now on is all the
Tyrian released this is a point of commercial before
here can be anything here is all material and here when it wasn’t the
body of the man in circulation of the application with what we call the lymph
systems Wayne motion of the material then this is what it is needed
according through the structure of the lymph nodes have been live connections
this decides here it needs to become copper zinc and everything else so you
create a free flow balance elements which according to what when they pass
on what is needed they deliver themselves as an energy factor is not
unless electron and a proton but the energy of literally in the Tyrian any
cell can call upon according to what it means
now we understand the conversion of the energy within the body of the man to
structure into plasma of what we call cell of the body of the man this is why
the man in the North Hall asked you know it’s only the same meet day-in day-out
but surprise everything which is public needs from calcium-magnesium to every
other element his body it’s the common denominator division of the deuterium
which structures the feeding frenzy of the world Ultima and as it comes to a
cell a heart in needs certain combination of the Tyrian a certain
strength but because all the zillions released are not of the same strength
then it becomes the energy to serve and that’s how easily energy is transferred
and every cell in the body of the man receives modern means at the point in
needs and it converts that to its own
structure to its own energy if man understands is when you come into a
termination of the universal existence which is the existence of the soul of
the man that the same operation applies to the soul of man the soul of the man
is not just one thing it’s exactly it’s exactly replication of what we call the
son he has interactions it uses energy and it gains energy and in that process where he gains
energy regains its energy from the X Factor on the carbon on earth we converted everything to show
their connection covered in the universe we have the same feeding frenzy for the
structure of the soul of the man and if you understand and that thought
means many of the writings of least I always say the size of the neutron in
this universe is the same cross because the central line of them or become
creation of this universe has dictated the measure and the size and the cut of
a neutron and then when you go to únicos the same
thing applies part of the energy of the neutral of this universe fits into the
universal need revenge and this is how you can transfer a transfer you can
travel from one Universal because again you’re carrying a common denominator but
in all the time all the time the carbon which is I always call in the Creator is
the strength within it within the center of elements existence as the energy in
gravitational magnetic field as the strength of the then you know sub sub sub of the server
so they all have one common denominator but at the same time they all exist
within a way through the science and knowledge universe is
very simple if the man does not understand it become too complicated but
he understands it he has the first basic element of life to start anywhere if you look at it when you have six
material depending in how they orient themselves you become a resistor or you
become to conduct the difference in the strength creates
capital that is too much to reach and when you come to that side you
become too fast if you have worked in there one call material world in search
of the diamond as you have been some identity with the past you know that if
you put certain amount of energy or current magnetic field to a structure of
a diamond diamond flips and becomes a conductor for fraction of the
milliseconds and it converts back to resist a super resistor become a
superconductor under given condition and our condition
is a conformational transfer of the energy of comma 13 comma we’re orientation of the elevated
transverse you but what does ham the soul of the man
got to do callate of them and how these two gotten trapped and trapped
working together is for man to understand how his existence in the
dimension of the interaction of the two field forces of the earth and the Sun by
accident trota live action as dead to creation of
carbon oxygen nitrogen hydrogen which disconnected the physicality of the body
of the man and installation man when scientists look for life on
other planets very soon they’ll come to understand that every life is enhanced
connection to the line of the universal soul mystery you cannot do because it’s
created out of it you you you you how we understand and handle this
knowledge is entirely on man in how he wants to live in how he was to translate his knowledge
in how he wants to be able to subsidize the energy losses of the soul of the man
with the dimension of physicality you now where does the man like to start in
the game accounts and how can you and what can you make to make the condition
of the soul of the man to fit the condition of the soul of failure so
creatures now you can manifest yourself in their
damage or how do you make these what we call portals that the soul of the
creatures of the universe will manifest themselves in the dimension of the
strength of the physicality of their communist record this planet you how and what men can do to survive this
band of the universe in the strength of the amino acid of the body of the man
but in the physicality of the nation why everything we look is related and
connected into the invention of the minimum in giving the minimum giving
more up if you don’t have the structures are amino acid at the project right and
then you understand how the hydrogen is calm part of this equation after having
your acid you should have given you a big bit information about the existence
of carbon-14 the scientists never understood because we do not see this in
the open expanse of this planet it’s something which we have no connection
with and we never considered and the knowledge of man has come to man in
pieces and how it has come to be in this
position we learned our knowledge in peace meals we never understood the
knowledge as one go if man would have spent the amount of the energy on the
way he has spent in past 40 years collectively on the nuclear industry in
understanding all the knowledge of this creation of the physicality in one go
overpass thousands of years then we would have had a different dimensions of
understanding and life on this planet no man would have worked day and night to
feed itself because he would have understood he can tap into the energy of
the universal community that’s how simple it is and that’s how
simple has been we made it complicated we have made it so strange
to ourselves and we have come to accept it and we’re not understanding it and we
have to – in a way accept somebody else’s fallacy we become ignorant to the
true knowledge and we become arrogant because of our ignorance you very recently I was teaching poncho tops becoming doctors to having become a know
the binnacle doctors to have become what we call PhDs and it was amazing to see
how an ignorant scientist he calls himself was so arrogant full of his own
misunderstanding that he calls the technology in nonsense
and two days later he asked the question do you believe in origin of creation on
where do we end I said I never understood the knowledge you’re so
arrogant of whatever you haven’t even got the degree to put in front of you
few little inks and it brought me a lot of wisdom to understand how man before
even gets to anywhere becomes arrogant of his own knowledge you carried this
means into space by God but you will see very soon where you’re gonna end up the
more you understand the more humble you become and the more you become in
contact and in dimension of understanding of the work of the
universe and in touch with the universal community more humbler you have to
become not to become arrogant in the lines you’ve been taught in the
dimension of physicality on this planet try to understand and try to go to the
private teachings because I start teaching a lot in the private teachings
about the soul of the man about the condition of the existence of me but how
man will come to understand love and a lot of other things we have we have to
become independent of our own what I call meager existence because we have
become arrogant in what we actually do not know ourselves in so many ways if we can understand the true knowledge then we do
not have that much of a problem who can’t understand the reality about
our own existence we will not have that much of a problem
man will run into a lot of problem very soon because I see we’re trying to carry
the arguments of the titles which worth nothing in the universe on our shoulders
I am professor so answer we have no universities in universe’s re
and what do you know as a professorship in the dust and the knowledge of the
universe not even the speck of dust the scientist and educated people of
this planet will have a very rough time in the space extremely after because no one listens
to the nonsense of qualification because the only line of qualification is
if he can survive then you have understood if you cannot survive it
means you haven’t understood doesn’t matter how many pylons of jackets of
degrees you have gathered on the meager understanding of this planet you I remember when I went to Iran the
offices of the house of the president Tommy what would you like us to call you
mr. engineer professor doctor I said the hot water –
my name is cash you decide what you want to put on which one you carry on your
back on the donkey does that fit me then they said oh we call each other by the
first name then be much method not me because then nobody knows how much is
stupid or don’t you know what we have agreed to call ourselves according to so
it became very easy Murr has not understood the total
knowledge of creation ask you weeks a lot about communication work and the structure of
the man in the space in respect to how to go to universal community but one
thing that you would understand is now many of you working on its understanding
of the creation of portals we haven’t stood the connection between
the carbon and it’s different strengths you then you know by giving energy to the
soul of the entity they can manifest entity you you because you feed through the soul of the
entity and their soul of the entity in respect overall gravitational magnetic
field of this planet with its environment connections the carbon-12
will manifest itself you remember how the Talmud sometimes in
respect to the work converted material to copper zinc or nitrogen or whatever
then the soul of the entity decides in what it needs according to his a
strength manifest they saw in a dimension of eternity
most probably most wrong way you might see if your system is not complete some
features of the human pizza calluses or miss planet they have two hands on two
arms don’t forget the Kachina condition of the gravitational-magnetic reinforce
of this planet of the solar system still even though you have created the
airtight system you think has field interaction with the derivation of the
carbon-14 of the physicality and it creates a manifest entity in the
shape of them so you might see and think there’s a lot
but inside he shall not bleed and inside you shall not find any lip
you you you you any questions with money mr. Kesh
as our how did I know that you gotta jump it for anybody else last time you
talked about you draw their colorful team for the first time and you study
from zero you went 256 the island and then the seven he was gallium so I
didn’t understand what is the whole diagram is it the different generation
of humanity seventy gallium is the next generation of everything is the same I totally didn’t get it no it’s an
energy pack of the matter state of the elephants
so how does it work in the body and goes from zero to 70 no it doesn’t go to zero
to 70 it means the burner to man can absorb
elements in that range every element which is on this planet is created and
can be absorbed by the gravitational magnetic field of the planet and then
can be converted due to the inertia in the dimension of the existence of the
sodium and oxygen which in interaction leads to creation of what we call as a
liquid of water you understand this one day then you will understand a simple
point that is every element which we see in
the on this planet has certain amount of it’s in John’s level
in the body of the man even the elements man has not planned
out yet and each one has been used as the more
mature being has been created a lot of the heavy elements around of the heavy
elements past certain numbers are very much connected to the emotion of the map
a man has not even understood those yet so you can share your emotion according
to elements which are within your body because that is what it is you’ve got to
understand very simple structure I’ll try to be very generous give you a
very big brain connection to the matter estate the connection to the matter state of
the man sits at this level which if the soul of the man
it’s here is in fact one of the farthest distances to the soul this is your brain
and this is the line of the field in motion of your arm or your neck when it comes to other dimensions
you come closer so you understand the emotion of the man
more of assets in this bracket higher strength order
the dimension of the interaction with other conditions which the man is
already understand and never doubt and is
trying to explore this new environment leads to connection with the soul
communications all of the other elements or other creatures we have not even understood the work of
this level yet we are just being on the surface touch
of this area with some electrons and other things we have we have not managed
to bore a hole and sit here and feel what emotions we can’t but with the application of cancers we
can reach direct this is a new tool I never had
if you can create a condition of different strength you can control the
emotions and control the connotation line to the soles that you can yourself
the speak to what you want you you
you now you understand that what is
now given to man what is here you can create the nation of the Creed of the
carbon-14 or its combination of the magnetic field spectrum which souls and
which dimensions of the universe which your soul is aware of their existence
they can collect it you mr. Kesh I want to bring the black hole
in this picture when you talk about the soul and the soul is a black hole
and with that we can you even follow my question is then then you talk about
like when you sleep and we our eyes are closed the soul doesn’t asleep the soul
constantly is observing and giving and taking but the question is when I’m
asleep and my eyes closed what decide what the soul goes after what kind of a
thing she goes or she goes for example I am if sleeping you’re sleeping what what
decides what my soul is gonna absorb or take all on this or go after and what
decides your soul is gonna go do you know what we say in a simple language is
your fault she put the soul of physicality to rest the soul of the man
is working 24 hours day can you put a gate on the Sun and say sorry I’ll close
the window arcus odd you
the only thing you can do we can shut the window of your own room on your own
house that’s all you can do the Sun is too shy unit in Europe
all the homes have blinds shutters no light can come in here in the Romans
that stock has at the night when after lunch sunny day nestled the work of the
soul doesn’t stop just because you decide to shut the window sir so it’s for you to understand this for
the man who understand at the point of the cut between their physicality sort
of its guarantee and sewed up there and itself if the energy which soul uses for his
existence was left to the man with the meager food he eats by God he would have
died a long time ago as much energy as you see is radiation
from the Sun radius from the solenoid there would have been a bigger begging for energy from the physical
soul give me more eat more stuff 2,000 calorie gives me two hundred thousand
calories a day because I’m still got a lot of work to do outside the sort of
the man feeds itself through that mission of the universal energy and it
has a physical dimension strength through that he felt by the physical
sort you and the past abuses I said I start
teaching a lot in the private teachings because we have to educate the next so
drunk men will become mature to understand the work of the universe and
can live within it not to become bandits and rebels with constriction not fit
into it they know they cannot become a misread it’s just how find out you can
fit in you you you you thank you miss Akash I’m his judiciary we have a question
from Ellie from Romania in the Q&A he says please ask this question I have
seen the flow of plasma fields between atoms in the nano layer resemble many
roads that communicate so is it the same way in the universe are the fields the
roads where we travel very much so and are all fast train highways you know
nowadays we are we who sit in a train and are very proud to show us 349
kilometres an hour 354 kilometres an hour or two hundred fifty four
kilometres now and the ones in the terminations are happy to go 25 you know
it’s this other boat train what we have understood more and we can handle higher
speed if you’ve been on the German trains for Chinese trees high speed
train succeed on the Japanese I’m very proud to say what a speed they’re going in the fall off the track an example if
you go too fast you fall out it’s the same if you go too fast in respect to
the energy of the magnetic fields of the universe in a given position you just
drop off and then you can see where you got a lot so if you were with say a group of rays
then you fell back then the strongest one would kind of take over and take the
lead in that case I’m presuming yes very much so in the next one next hopefully
in the next public ation of the Keshe foundation Journal we release one of the
most important papers of the present time in the world of science of Medicine this paper is getting grown-up per we do
not release much detail but we have shown for the first time understanding
this process how we can change a DNA into an RNA and through RNA creating new
DNA bad vestige collection and we have shown this experimentally it
was pre predicted and going through the process has shown to exist because we
have scientific data confirming because we understand this work it’s
very very hard at the moment the scientists who have been put to cannot
comprehend it because such a thing was impossible we could not ever create an
RNA and through the RNA create a connection with another DNA and true connection of this RNA we could
link with the DNA that it could manifest itself in the physicality to affect a
physical condition you know when we release knowledge at the years because
on our this is such thing but it’s all in the teaching many many scientists are
listening to discount teachings of cash on the shop going over the past five six
years teaching and picking up the knowledge we should staff behind on how
they can promote in our they can use it we could never
even imagine we can create the condition of our array because at the moment of a lot of
Sciences agency crazy the guys talking rubbish again but we have it physically
we have taken a conditioned energy pack of a DNA and in interaction with our
system have created and now the release of an RNA we stirred RNA has interacted
with another DNA creating a physical condition and we can measure it we can
see it we can it’s been tested by the doctors but scientists in all in the
laboratories and they cannot understand it how is it possible now we go from a
DNA structure into RNA structure and then we see the manifestation of the
problem in the dimension of their physicality after entity this paper will
be released very soon it’s just going is final stages of it and it’s very
important for us to understand this but how we can convert and how to
understanding of the line of the carbon-12 we can convert in the
carbon-14 and change into anyway if you look at it RNA is the soul of the cell
DNA is the physicality of the cell so understanding this we can go from one to
another and we have a scientific laboratory confirmation after creation
and RNA which leads to manifest in the
interaction with an amino acid which confirms the existence of Dardenne
coming from a DNA structure we have already what we are teaching in progress
and in evaluation and this document and next few days will be in the hand of
government’s goal leading nations will receive this document because it has
huge implications and applications and it only can be handled by nations not by
organizations of our what we call ordinary man because if you understand this then you
understand how we can allow the RNA or the soul of the creatures to manifest
itself in the shape of the man once we open there or we call these gates we have problem handling each other with
the color and race now we have these guys coming from outside which know more
than us to carry more than us and then they can mutate to the physicality of
the man when I said it scientist they all said
no is a mistaken but when we explained and we shown how it’s changed and they
saw it in case after case two or three hundred cases cannot be wrong this the
way we went through the mutation of the elements now we can go through the
mutation of the fields of the energy from matter state entities they to
energy and back to another matter in a physical life not anymore
converting gold to silver or copper to gold and silver now we can do with the
essence of the creation of the man and that’s alot over 700 cases so now we can even create a condition
that how we are going to look in the dimension of physicality in another
dimension of the manifestation according to the position and feed the strength of
the point of manifestation and when he happened the sciences we had but it’s
not that we made a mistake could ich we made a mistake originally but it wasn’t
there because data confirmed it was there when he was and then he came out
another house didn’t appear it’s a magic show of the plasma technology so if you understand this would be able
to change your appearance if you’re a black man you want it to be white men to
get the advantages of the white man in the white society now we have to guess
if the guy is black because we don’t know he can transmit very easily within
your knowledge gain or when we go to China we all know Chinese this week the
Chinese language and nobody knows when you go back to New Zealand you become
white now when I go to Australia Kazi and if you take a trip into Africa you
become a Chinese black African song but nobody will know we have now achieved
transportation of the self or the soul of the man or the soul of entity of the
universe and you will see it in submitted papers you we only work with energy packs which is
a plasmatic gravitational field but we touch the physicality of the amino acid
as we wish you now the real work of the plasma
technology sticking his head out or at least over the moment very recently past couple of years when
we produced the data number of government officials they said this is
false it is lies it cannot be done and we started meetings to shouting I heard
the accusations I heard and then when test after test confirmed the same
progress now is one of the best butter creams ever in the market the same
people who are shouting and howling now they don’t know how to get it done and
push it through that now it brings a lot more changes now we have achieved the
same in the confirmation of teaching as we call conversion of the the strength
of the CH 14 into the strength of what I call C 40 mr. caste I think you said see 4 CH 14
into C 14 DG means CH 3 into C 14 it’s the same it’s the same because the CH
here’s CH 3 behaves as message as I would call it karma party
I think you just misspoke and said CH 14 as I said CH 14 yes because the CH which
behaves us carbon forty right okay okay because you have a CH which can be here
with Col 1:16 two other oxygen 16 or a carbon 16 but it shows itself as an
oxygen this is a mistake we had if you go back to the teaching of mastery when
I say a lot of scientists look at the carbon 14 in the matter states of
actually in nitrogen rights can I just ask him how nitrogen marks into the into
this situation now the nitrogen was very easy because if you understand the
connection between the carbon or between the nitrogen links you will see a very
very immediate clear sharing of energy if you look at a homo globin with iron
in the middle with for hydro Neutron and nitrogen’s and then you look at the
chlorine which is the animal blood cell then you see with magnesium then you see
the difference you understand the difference very quickly how it plays
you nitrogen in these links in the matter
state is 14 but in reality is carbon 14 in the structure and work out the body
of the man in the strength of the soul of the man go back to the medical
teachings of the first 40 30 40 teachings is a continuation of the same
teaching nothing has changed now you understand more in the medical teachings
as we at the beginning the understanding of the scientific world in the matter
state was explained then in the second part of the teachings we always looked
at the soul and the blood and the energy of the soul of the man in a blood
circulation then you see it’s a consistent now you understand more off
it’s the same thing whether with the plants it’s the same nitrogen but in fact this
nitrogen connection to the iron which is what he called what we call 56
you his connection and it can only be
because only parallel strength energies can lock it to each other
you what is magnesium in the periodic table what is iron in
periodic tip look what is the name of the man is beta when you snap a branch or green plant do
you see red blood or do you say white blood or you see a green blood why the blood
of the plants always white finish you hello mr. Kesh yes
it’s John Mara zona I have a question that’s been bothering me if if I had
something like let’s say I had a copper oxide Gans and I mixed it with zinc
oxide Gans would the strength of that be the strength of 64 plus 68 or 132 or in
and would it also be the strength of the copper and the strength of the zinc so
it has three different three different strengths within it or does it just have
one sorry yeah hello John yeah can hear I
just dropped off when you said woody have this thing after copper and zinc
yeah you know so we have the strength of the copper and the zinc combined plus
the strength of the copper plus the strength of the zinc individuals close so we have three different strengths or
would I have one is are many more for oxygen to actually no actually you have
in reality seven different strengths and in combination I think 16 or 19 strength
because of the softer we make it from and no even if you take the zinc against
and take it out and take the copper cancel take it out and you take the
combination let me explain you maybe understand a little bit when you have if
you go to the book number things from a tree where we show the ganses somebody’s
microphone is open these are your copper these are your zip in magnetic field interactions is does
not finish this is how creation was created this is how the elements of the
universe were created maybe you understand something from this the
interaction or the between zinc and copper creates its own separation this
is what we do in the plates we put a nano copper and a copper and between we
create copper but when we put a zinc and a copper the difference gives us this
karmic Manchester all of you should have
realized how how come between the copper and Zika produced co2 where is the copper coming well it’s a
carbon is coming now you see the carbon-12 carbon-14
is still here where I told you the separation between the links of the
gravitational-magnetic oh is always a carbon-14
you see you created it I’ve taught you the same thing but that time I cannot
explain now what is addition to this is you have
certain strengths that they add up together and the adding up gives you the
60 65 or 62 plus 6 if I’ve always worked this way because I look at the
magnetical give one take two or if you go 62 the difference gives you the
carbon level now what this one is 127 one thing you have forgotten is this guy
and this guy create their phone 124 this one and this one creates around 130 visa to couple to to to copper to zinc
and you’re not working with one huh you have to consider all combinations now go back to the teaching when you
hired the star formation the interaction of these three creates the free space
here an attraction of these three creates the space here the interaction
of these three created here yeah and then the interaction of these three
created you the free space Plus what you have in a bottle
interaction of the three between each other pushes it to what we call the free space
so when you have the dynamic systems in the plasma in the Gans condition every
combination is created it’s you who have limited your knowledge
or understanding to human point now the next step is very simple now you
have a common 12 now you have the 60 I call it the C’s here that’s 65 or 62 and
65 now these interact and this inter eyes
then this interacts with this one this interacts with this one at the same time
they’re all interacting same way this is how universe creates a spectrum of the
elements because this carbon 12 has interaction
with is now is a new entity has to interact with something with this
environment the same thing here he has to interact
with this one now the difference between these two creates a new condition
and then you have to understand due to the positioning of these little charts
here I have to find the right color davia because of the positioning of
these little chaps here in debt not only is Cannes France malaise or whatever you
call it some of them due to the proximity of
their own do not turn or clockwise or
anticlockwise now you have to find a field balance forces so you can’t get
the reduction so you get a 62 in the pragmatic magnetic field and you get a
61 present so you have enough with 1 or negative of 1 so if you have such an
interaction with your carbon then you understand
instead of carbon-12 you have carbon 13 because you’re extracting then you
understand how the elements of the youth which are created and how things
progress we started with one element which was the soul of the creator in giving a returning back to itself the
friction created and then the division of the cells all the elements of the
universe are created to the same kind of interaction as you see because then what
is a store down in the field of the back leads to creation of inertia and then
the totality of that in interaction in the field forces the universe sees it
leads to creation of the matter state unified field theory I created as I have created in the turn
and being created by my own fields now you understand the beginning of life the
origin of the essence of the creation the Creator this is how the creation started with
one one point of reference of energy one point of reference of the creation of
magnetic field which are feeding on back on itself to complete itself lead to the
creation of the universe very simple your one which you radiating
it comes back to you and in instruction between going and coming back now you
created the third one the friction call it carbon now you have a game to play
haven’t you and now you can see with the dimension of some of these fields use in
the reaction rotating the other way you get subatomic and apart
and then do you start with a hydrogen and you end up with prytaneum and many
elements which man has never understood because this division of the bigger
fields are still interacting there is no end to the strength of the elements of
the universe created by creator because this is how I started from one this is the origin of the creation it’s the origin of life on this in this
uni costs forget along the universe now you understand we’re in math where
the origin of creation has come but the biggest point in the world of creation
is very simple question where did to create a cup one day a teacher you thank you for the exclamation all the
way they can help complicated for me put it even though it got a little more
complicated for me thank you for the exclamation know it should have got much
easier for you to see your create this knowledge has never been revealed I hope you’re not falling off your
church that wasn’t me we have has Sam with his
microphone open and he had his hand up here actually as a question has an you
have a question your microphones making a lot of noise right now hello mr. Keshe
this is Hassan from New York Ellis and I have a question the physical soul is has
a different energy than his soul of the man which is carbon-14 and when the
physical soul wants to match with the soul that’s when the emotion kicks in
and you mentioned the addiction of the man has to do with this discrepancy and
matching the energy am i right in partial years you see the soul of the man and the soul
of its Cousy of the man has a small difference the soul of the man has
connection to the energy fields of the universe
the soul of the physicality of the man has an energy field to the gravitational
magnetic field of the earth that’s where the difference is
our soul is created from the free energy of the universe it’s very much the way
we if we found that I’m ready no acid to create the physicality of the math our
soul has a physical dimension but in the strength of the universal strength you can see it if you elevate yourself
or you come from a higher dimension you see the solar demand away we seen a
physical yet you
we are creatures of two different strengths but one strength in common
it’s the way where for example the energy by the interaction of the fields
of the earth and the Sun leads to creation of the energy of nitrogen this
energy is in the atmosphere is above the earth but it has existence and if it
tracks with other entities of the same strength lead to the creation of the
life above Earth but if he gets to the strength of the total gravitational
magma if we love the energy of this planet
it converts itself to nitrogen or the energy of the nitrogen mist and
if their right field strength is manifested it becomes matter state what
is the matter state is matter state is when the energy of the environment
matches the energy and stage of the solar density very silly but because man is a
combination of dynamic systems is linguist is dynamic we can move we have
a soft escape if we are singular in energy we convert
iron copper but if you are in the space dimension
not fully interacted with the inertial field forces you stay in the plasma
energy function called in aghast and say I take your blood I see copper in it you
see the energy of the copper that and a point of separation from dynamic system
of it it manifest ourselves in matthew state what’d the doctor say is that
copper is not the copper tone you can hold a hand say artem also some quote
from my skin you our soul is created he has the
dimensions cut his own amino acid but has the line of the strength of the
universal energy line of connection and a soul of physicality has got the earth
connection line of energy that’s why we have to eat from it we have to have food
we kill for it to feed it and he can match and confirm its existence to his
partner which is a soul at a man of the communist trick
not a full spectrum : stick Shh
that’s why we live a new life one in directional to soul strength and one due
to diminished up its countless sentient and entering the solar strength or to be
scanned this is what I explained fully in in the private teachings in the last
week you Thank You mr. Kesh you will here’s
another question when he mentioned ch3 that carbon and I mean the two hydrogen
and one electron can exist input and can be by itself what condition would cause
that what would bring that system always does this natural process in the
plasmatic had to make the structure of the Gans of the body of man it’s a natural process because you have
the extraction then you have the traction and you have any pump you have
mr. cohan you have the cub you you have an energy field connection
you you have here two dynamic system which
they are trying to sustain and hold on to their own energy which the energy
releases and nitrogen can absorb and release for the oxygen to hold on to put
on to gravity the surplus energy we see it as release energy because when a cell
absorbs energy from ch3 it has to release a lower state energy out
to be able to receive we cannot keep on filling it in
he has a dimension so he has to release some of the lower order the Hydra would
the energy will consume to run by eating an environment where does that energy go
long the conversation conservation is tells you it has converted something
more or it doesn’t disappear and we never considered that we say we
need to take 1600 Calgary to be able to live one day but
hold on a second I have to give 1600 calories out to be able to receive 1600 we never
count where does it go does he stay in the body of the man or we create it to
emotion they say we created to heat but where does that heat cook where does the
energy and emotion gets absorbed and this is if you listen to a lot of
teachings in the past I keep on saying it specially some teachings are
explained that when you create another material it absorbs the energy from the environment comes from the heat
of your body comes from them is nothing with an energy which is released by the
soul of the man it’s a totality you cannot stop in one
point because it suits you according to your level of understanding this is
important for all of us to understand you we have more choice we cannot ignore or in a way dismiss
just because it doesn’t suit us we are the creatures of the conditions
created by the universe and at this moment according to our
condition by the collection of the fields of the universe we have
manifested ourselves in the body of a man
we call it the body of the man and itself is an energy pack it’s
nothing else just because you have a skin and you think oh I have a born I
exist only no we are again another transition point what happened when you
get an apple and you put it in the mixer then you get a juice out of it and then
you put the rest in the apple pie or you put it in something else as that will
disappear or the taste of it appears on so you put apple juice in this we are on
passage of this planet we’re getting pulled into the Sun and there we get
this fuel back again stand still one second and think
something very very rational and this comes to me and I explained this very
very simply because then you underst look at the surface of the moon look at
the surface of every planet we say that these surfaces have been hit
by meat right we see the craters and don’t forget this is a speck of dust
and it gets hit by so many meteorites you have all these ditches and dips and
mountains if such a small dust they say you can put the whole of the plans
resistant of the solar system in one of the planets that is put Mars Saturn
everything else you can fit in him one of the branch of the glasses there and
all that is not even five five percent of the solar
but now if you can get so many hits on the surface of the Moon that we can see
all these creatures and on all the other planets on the
whole planet we seen the craters of getting hit
we shows the motion of the material moving into the directional Sun how much
of the Sun and as you have the Sun which was created which led to the creator of
matter state that it led to the in their interaction with all these creatures
have returned back to the Sun how the Sun is getting hit by so much of
its own material coming back it’s getting ingrained on back on it just
because it’s liquid we can’t see it we ignore it and then some of it because of
the high heat if he comes to that point that we don’t understand it fully yet in
the future I explained some of it evaporates back into the space because
of the accidentally hitting there the craters on the surface of the Sun then
here we are you and me can absorb into the Sun we have a salt
tone we get hit by it and we go back again whereas you saw my songs I’ve been
Jupiter your sources of in Saturn so it’s the same a lot of scientists when
you look at the surface of the Sun they say you see these huge explosions going
out read one of the papers a book coming out in the name of the creation of the
solar systems not all that these hugest flashes from the surface of the Sun is
due from internal boiling as they call it is partially astute is meets rights
which are returning back in at a higher math level but because it’s so bright we
don’t see it we never considered this because we never understood the reality
we always ignored till it fits us when it doesn’t fit us we just ignore it and
it doesn’t exist if earth can get hit by meteorites it’s
the moon can get many meteorites in return of the materials coming in one
direction all the meteorites come from the outer space towards the center and
we are in there we get hit earth gets hit smaller yes where’s the rest is
going in there clouds of the universe no they go back and ahead to look at liquid
surface of the Sun and some of these huge interferences we see is the higher
order magnetic field of these method states that they hit the surface and
it’s exactly like you drop a storm on a pool you get the splash you drop it on
the floor you go to cut onion runs you drop it on the pool you get a splash and
everything else with it but the matter states with a magnetic field an energy
strength of a higher order get absorbed towards because they match the rest of
it is a stripped that’s simple then we are passengers of this craft or
this craft called Earth which is one-way traffic rosamma that we are born here we have a
physical body to bury it but it’s going to end up for sure in a coming time on
that stop and where does our soul go we have to be and I keep on saying man will
take from my knowledge according to his understanding according to the strength
and clarity of understanding the truth what we call intelligence you you thank you mr.keshe I have regarding the
portal could a man be a portal and in I’ve been experimenting I think in
somehow I’m either opening a portal or M forum getting my soul to come out I mean
if it’s okay I can talk about it or if not there may be another session
I think a lot of people don’t know you and they don’t understand the level of
is the first time most probably second time they hear you not the teachings and
they have no understanding of the level of understanding you have in respect to
the teaching and I prefer this to be talked in a priority change than the
publication because human race is not ready yet thank you thank you very much the same is the brother of Arthur and
are highly involved in the development of the technology in different aspects
he does all the person teaches he is the hardness or the patient teaching his
passion language just foundation fssi brother and sister you don’t leave us
alone but mr. Kesh I think the most one of the biggest problems of mankind thing
is all intelligence because nameday intelligent liveth their soul shine but
he is so full of ourselves this mind can really damage a lot that’s not how I see
it the intelligence because the trees the plants even the animals they
understand the flow with the universe and then we actually with all mine what
against also you sometimes I think the best gift of the
man is is own arrogance in his intelligence because that allows him to
make a fool of himself not to understand the totality and this is what I call according to the
intelligence you I have a couple of questions mr. cash
that tie in here from gerard in the live stream can we consider these gals
combinations to be the plasmatic filters to connect to your higher self creator I think if you look at it if you go down
the road you get there – it’s faster than going higher if you look at it man has a very bad
habit and it always looks that the higher is more powerful because you know
we build these bigger buildings we build this more powerful engines the actual
essence of the creation started from nothing it’s not that a very big snowball
started and then it divides his interaction leads to the creation not is
accommodation the accumulation of it leads to the physical dimension of
higher order in Farsi we have a beautiful say we say Catherine athlete
jump shot Banga Hideyoshi means drop drop will collect and then he makes an
ocean oceans were not created out of their own it’s the same with the essence of the
creation but you have to understand by division of the smallest we have created
bigger if you understand the principle of the interaction of the magnetic
fields plasma condition the philosophy creation is not that the
Creator was how huge and is just splitting himself in pieces on different
universes scripted it’s the interaction of it but creates one condition this is
a question I put two leading cosmologists
and in my teachings you always refer to it if you heard it they say the universe
is expanding at the speed of 1 million kilometers an hour but there’s one
fundamental question which I’ll put all the time on you should’ve understood by
now many of you must have found the answer to head the balloon cannot expand
into a space if the space freeze is not created and if it’s created in the space
it has to have an interaction with the space that it creates a condition of it
that it allows us to go into or restricted by when you have a balloon
and you put it in a room it can hit to this size and dimension of the room and
then depends how much air you put in it it blows up because the breast of the
building doesn’t allow it or it pushes the war away the wall pushes and it
pushes which one wins and if the cosmologists tells us that this universe
is expanding at the rate of 1 million kilometers and how what is it expanding
into that there must be another universe it must be a bigger dimension that it’s
expanding is taking his face it is not more working on his own and then if
there is such a interaction there must be some energy absorbed and some energy
given this is the transformation of the energy of the universe back in the
dimension of physicality of man’s universe if you look the size of our solar system
has dimension this dimension is not dead by the Sun is created by the interaction
of Sun with other field forces outside the solar system that dictates the size
of it and that size allows to is dimension creation of planetary system
if we get closer and we get squeezed the sphere of the solar system is squeezed
it can’t have this many moves because it hasn’t got the time mention of the
reduction in strength to become in a matter of state at all ever but it still
exists in other levels so as we go closer and closer into the center of the
galaxy we lose most of our moons because everything pushed in is a balloon
getting squeezed why do we see so much huge amount of meteorites going towards
the center of the Sun function is because the gravitational we are moving
into more center this space is getting tighter huh have you been in standing
outside a train station and on the platform and you are very nice and
comfortable and then you get yourself in and there’s more people they squeeze you
you go half a size but you have to get to the destination so to accept the
pressure whether it is suitable so we lose many many is is the ultimate
destination of life this is where the paper are wrote the origin the creation
of black hole explains dysphoria and in that interaction some fields are
released and now we see with all these stars
which are getting squeezed absorbing another star they release the energy
from the center of the black hole exactly when I explained 1215 years ago
the paper now has become common acceptance – before the publication of the original
and what we call it the creation of black holes no one ever spoke anything
coming up Kevin thing coming out of the black hole we accepted the fallacy by
Stephen Hawking and everybody accepted it now we see what I wrote in
manifestation or release of energy when a black hole absorbs to certain point
and then you see two beam coming out of it we have pictures of it taken by the
button called the tools we have to observe the universe because we are nuclear physicists we are
physicists understand the structure to keep creation in them I noticed and yet it was well every question mr.
Kesh we were discussing in the cache plasma reactor group yesterday the
Jupiter and the phenomenon of the eye in Jupiter which is about twice the
diameter of the earth and it’s like a sort of like a black hole in the gaseous
giant of Jupiter which is supposedly made up of hiding the mono atomic
hydrogen and helium as a basic gases that are also to conduct case we were
talking about Jupiter and how its gaseous giant made of hydrogen and
helium basically in these gases and whenever makes up Jupiter’s got as this
I in in Jupiter where it’s a giant sort of vortex that’s been there for forever
apparently and there’s a an idea or a theory that perhaps the Earth’s made
have come from Jupiter that it was essentially grown within Jupiter and
ejected because Jupiter is like a dwarf star that they found the scientists have
found out recently that actually ejects matter like you’re talking about with
the black hole and periodically this ejection of matter will happen did the
earth possibly come as a ejection of matter or created within the womb you
might say of Jupiter I was putting that foot yes
let’s consider a lot of facts first of all the size of this huge orange ball
has reduced by nearly 2/3 from the origin still there but because
cosmologists have plates from this planet from 150 hundred eighty years ago
and all it’s been kept and now that they measuring this orange ball is about
thirty percent of his origin two hundred years ago he has is reducing in size
physics we have data that that tells me a lot because we were looking at ancient
Egypt and if if it could very well have been that Jupiter was the largest orb in
the sky back then and the Sun because the earth was further from the Sun the
Sun would be smaller so of course they would worship Jupiter and Jupiter would
have been the Creator to them because it would be the source or what was in their
face at least you see we understand more now with as I
said the science of man is accumulation of all our works because I know a
research team is working on this and they actually went and dug out the place
which are taken in 1820s 1830s and they compared the size of this orange bowl
with today and it’s about 30 percent of that time so it’s route is losing its
size this is we have data it’s a scientific we have physical observation
on the plates on the glass plate so you know when in olden days used to take the
pictures of the galaxies on these plates we have a physical so we know is
reducing but it has a characteristic it’s it’s it creates and it’s created it
absorbs and releases it is not necessary the creator of Earth or all the Flannery
system because as they say now when the scientists have not
stood if you read the paper everything about the ring of the Saturn you
understand immediately the center of every planet even the gaseous planet has
a liquid plasma combination of the material and a surface even be it at the
liquid state or a solid state these huge gaseous planet have a center a solid
center a center not in the innocent we call it the outer corner Chiron core has
a physical dimension like the service authority but because of the distance
from the Sun the gravitational field forces of it is a strong enough to
absorb the lighter gases and then when you absorb this right two
gases in a massive blanketing they create their own dynamism
we seen how the Hurricanes on this planet created and we see why is the
direction of them all in the same line we can say within 80 kilometers now when
it’s going to hit but if you look a wind a hurricane is a dynamic magnetic field so is created by the interaction of the
magnetic field of the planet in a given direction directional rotation of the
earth and everything else and so when you have so much so big pad on top of
each other unless they don’t solid if I dare a move they create friction that
create a lot of motion a lot of heat but does not and cannot confirm but at the
same time because of their dynamism they absorb energy depth of hydrogen carbon
and in in gravitational magnetic field of their own strength they create a
matter state they convert the energy the way we become rock and stones but as it
cannot hold to the gravitation of will become heavier than itself it gets
pushed out and they say creates a star we understand the process now fully and it takes time to absorb it takes
time to grind it together you know you put a bunch of flour into the mixer and
you put some water in it and yours at the beginning it’s a lot of dust
but when it rotates enough you got a solid door it’s the same process well
that’s exactly I was thinking about in terms of Jupiter especially because
you’ve got these enormous winds that are blowing maybe two founders hundreds of
kilometers an hour in opposition to each other and imagine the turbulence and
friction that’s involved there which is part of your patent the original
description was of an orb like we think of Jupiter as a reactor
it contains the hydrogen and helium that are the critical ingredients in the
original reactor it contains the turbulence
it contains the gravitational and magnetic fields that are interacting and
it’s got this big black hole in the middle that to me it’s all turning up
and creating matter and periodically ejecting I think you know it makes sense
that that might happen and these stars do that and dwarf stars are close to the
size of Jupiter apparently so I think why wouldn’t Jupiter do that in its
previous time when it was bigger and possibly was an actual dwarf star or he
is Jupiter is created out of the field of the Sun is not a lot well it’s
interesting that they read that the core of Jupiter they estimate to be over
24,000 degrees Celsius which is hotter than the surface of this thing but yet
the surface of Jupiter is minus 200 so imagine the gradient there and you can
see why it would actually let me put you right let me put you right the
temperature on the surface of the Sun and Jupiter
eated from the interaction of the fields above their surface not by the inner
core very soon you will see this and now that we’ve gone into operation of the
non motorized systems very soon you will see how we create heat but the inside is
plastic and hold on to the plasma against
so what they say is a nonsense then the plastic has to melt and the gas
should be on the floor I can create you a million degree
temperature in the middle of the air by dynamic motion of the right cancers now
that we are separated from limitation of the copper and the dynamic course
these are getting tested these are the systems which are already on the and are
not theoretical systems have been made that are going through the test and
still we have some copper connections to magnetic fields those in the next step
will be taken out it’s like you know remember urban days
you’re a mechanic huh we had these things we used to turn the engine on
what do you call in the handles drains who used to use other moment we are in a
crank position once we come in the dimension a full total non-motorized
system none what we are now in a non-motorized system one non matter
state systems next maybe two three months as our scientists understand more
and more then we can create any energy level we would we do not need any
heating elements in the house to keep up 24 degrees couple of research
sensors are moving in that direction and guiding them there are slowly slowly
getting there so the interaction of the fields add another level dictates the
temperature not at the magnetic gravitational fields at the center of
the core you can walk in the center of the Sun the way you have you you you build one
of the first cancer reactors Rick is it melting but if you create the right interaction
of other fields and colonies atmosphere you can create any heat the heat on the
surface of the Sun is in the book number four I wish I would have never met that
guy that they stopped me for publishing it’s explain the temperature of the
surface of the Sun it shows so high doesn’t mean the center is high it’s
because the interaction of the field strength of the center is so much that
it travels through no real less rings so there’s not that much real interaction
on the surface hits a block hits a matter state of itself
and then introduce essentia and these high temperatures and the field
radiation this is how the stars release the temperature the center of the stars
if you understand the totality of the physics his room temperature if you want
to call it some of them is as cold as ice but the
interaction fields which they create gravitation or the dark packs of
energies in interaction with other packs of energy they release a field very
strong fields man does not understand cold field energy yet
we are looking at Highfield energy hops energy packs we look at it Coldfield
energies are much more stronger than hot real energies when they release because
they elevated such a temperature some of the scientists at the moment are looking
in a negative pressure temperature gradients to create energy and heat they
are doing it because now they start understanding a little bit it’s the same
process in the universal condition when the fields are released is the
difference is so high that in interaction with a matter state of the
condition which is the gravitational field and magnetic field balance which
creates what we call the surface boundary which is not accepted then in
interaction with those of production themselves create heat a lot of misunderstanding of this
knowledge comes from man looking at magma why do we have such a high temperature
because we have a very strong field but it’s more or less as a cold field
temperature not as a hot field temperature and when he hit the matter
states of the inner core of the earth it melted it has to release so much energy look at it if you understand the
universe you go we go what Thank You Thomas is above in the plane they tell
you outside temperatures minus 50 degrees
we are going closer to the Sun but we get hold when we come close to the earth
temperature starts reading for certain meters and after that the temperature
drops for you so quadrant are the mountains because a given temperature is
an interaction of the fields with that inertia and a magnetic field the center
of the planet which creates the heat and we are an obstacle so we here we touch
it it touches us it touches the magnetic field dynamic field for what we call the
air and we we get the temperature and this is what I said that the physics
of the science of the projected man is so upside down it’s been accepted so so
much fallacy that because we sit on the ice we accepting what happens in the
gravitational magnetic field in dust not earth used to be the sign of Jupiter
when he was in that orbit you put any other star which comes from
the outer boundaries of the space of the solar system
you gather Jupiter is a rubbish collector is a light-filled crowd or
gravitational magnetic field collect everything which calls I guess I’m sorry
it’s just a biggest punch and gets bigger and bigger till it’s all weight
gets pulled by the gravitational pull of the Sun and it then the gradually slip
said son used to be in the place of Jupiter and it was weak
same as if the scientists look in the full
structure of the earth which we have not understood the high level magnetic
fields we see the same structure it’s just the field magnetic field
gravitational field of the Sun pulls all of the gases to so and some of it in the
interaction goes back if we didn’t have the Jupiter the temperature of this
solar system was not as it is today it becomes a cooking pot this planet gaseous planet absorb all
these particles to themselves I remember when I was a young boy my mom called my
sister I’m coming home can you clean up the house and I have a sister with her
did will him a sense of humor usually you pack the codes and put it in
the cupboard she decided she’s gonna wear the
clothing all of it she could get on herself and she was a big balloon in the
house my mom Jesus what’s happened she says you said clean the house you didn’t
tell me where to put it so I wore everything on me she was three four
times her size and this is what happens with a third planet the Habs or when
they get bigger and bigger without them the solar system because I
becomes a cooking pot because the reflection of the clouds warms up the
inside where it’s a cloudy day you don’t get that much cold when in the winter
he said no clouds that’s when you get the rust it’s the same process
we have not understood the total real with the current that produce wallop the
creation of the solar system we used to win that please much to do is spew ammo or we accept the fallacy that the
meteorite hit the board the earth and part was blown out and became the moon
ding-ding oak we see bunch of scientists still pushing
a lot of these fallacies in cosmology and physics and astrophysics and these
have to be taken out of the front line because new scientists are sending more
and coming up the young scientist variants engineer 20th century’s are
literally understanding and coming up with two facts they can physically make
the condition but most of them are still working in the math you stick if you
show them the fields strength of the gravitational magnetic with
understanding when they’re matter state is a collection of the matter condition
magnetic field strength you see the world of science changes we see bunch of
very new few hundred new talents are coming in but most are still connected
the matter state then we understand the totality is it’s
obvious you can now understand the process to all the biggest on earth most
already hands of you many many meteorites many of the meteorites come
out of these big giant planets when they spew art they create a new wondrous all
gone down you gets absorbed by the gravitational field of the Sun and there
we go we got a bullets coming down if you’re lucky you can miss if you missed
it you’re happy if you miss you got hit goodbye dinosaurs now we understand more stock and as long
as you understand one fact that even a math the state is the
gravitational-magnetic job given the strength then you can see everything the
way it works you you Thank You mr. Kesh we have Peter Salish
er here with his hand up perhaps we can get a question from him would you like
to go ahead Peter you have to unmute your microphone not seeing among muting I can try to
meet you and see if that works didn’t okay well a lot when you get your
microphone situated there Peter then let us know and Gunther had his hand up
briefly do you want to did you want to speak Gunther yes good morning I wrote
my question in the chat and this was the question in the past we had so many
problems I’m going to blow my name I’m from Austria I’m also and I have one
question about what you said the Sun and the meteorites and the effect of the
meteorites reflecting through the Sun in the past on the earth we had so many
autumn explosions what effect do those explosion had through the Sun to the
other planets to the universes what you mean can you explain every atom
explosion throws out a lot of fields oh you mean atomic explosion sorry
atomic bombs and my question is what is the effect of those Ray’s or those
fields those waves going out to the Sun to the planets to the universes is this
maybe also the the reason why the change is coming very very little
you got to understand even though we glorify the planet earth is a speck of
dust and you can imagine if it’s backs of glass complements back of dust you
don’t expect to touch the Sun or Jupiter and much but essentially what has been
looked at by nuclear industry and weapon technology in the characteristics of the
nuclear bombs atomic bomb testing underground over ground has been has
been affecting the atmosphere of the planet Earth there are some Terkel physicists in the world of
Atomics and weapon technology which they still consider we still have reverences
of hiroshima bomb still falling back on that
are they correct possibly has some flown so high that now they’re getting back at
all by the earth back into it me the creation of the what they called
the warming of the planet is nothing to do with co2 is nothing to do with
Vanuatu basis is is in fact has certain other different reasons and secondly is
due to we are going through average uh what you call it Tom and what about the
evolution of man more animals or beings and our earth is going through its own
anguish his moving house is going through his
own condition is a consonant concert in orbit of the Sun so we will see changes
we will see the total loss of the water and this man in the accounting time
we see this the planets which are ahead of us closer to the sea they don’t
happen to me that they used to have liquid asthma be serious and then we see
ocean services on so partially the loss of what records context is trying to
call it global warming is actually what you call a process that we are going
through because we see temperature differences between the poles in a
gravitational magnetic realistic so in in so many ways accidentally
whatever we done by extracting so much liquid from the inner sanctum of this
planet we have created the release of the higher requires the gravitational
magnetic field strength that this allows the higher temperatures to reach higher
levels you got to understand global warming
does not come scientifically if you understand it from burning of the fuel
is coming from the dead the cavities of this planet which they used to be all
his heavy he observes much more of the fields which are coming from the center
and now we are putting 85 million barrels a day out
we are replacing some places with water what do you do when you want to create
and heat transfer reduction if you put water the temperature goes out
straightaway yeah you put it heavier thicker
materially absorb most of the the oil industry is one of the main causes of
the change the heat extension not the burning in the car
they have made a lot of fallacies about this I come from all industry background
I would study this very carefully you have your very simple you get the ball
I’m putting one side of it another ball with one in it and you put on the side
with water in it and you put a light inside or heat inside see which one is
warmer outside quickly partially the burning to conduct the
research what you call carbon dust to call it co2 dust has created some body
point closing at the fields the P as I was explaining about Jupiter if he
doesn’t a job we don’t have anything that can absorb this so much but most of
the what we call global warming is pointed out in the wrong place this come
from the same as we heard from X American Vice President Al Gore it’s
because of the ignorance what did he say in an international global warming we
see the loss of the Penguins because the Bears are eating there and somebody
won’t tell you mr. Dobbs excuse me sir person nor fallen penguins and in the
south or how could you this is what we are causing a global
warming but not necessarily from the burning of the fuel is by extraction of
the one you are taking blankets out more fields
are related out and this field are creating warm surfaces these fields
creating more a higher order which interact at the Highland agree with
these dust which we commit a lot of things has to be put in order the main
course of scientifically understanding global warming you call it yes it is
point but not the one burn is to only extract it’s only few meters few kilometers I I traveled into Siberian area years
ago trying to ascertain what you call it oil fields Siberia in the Russian
cavalry and I was taking 12 1 o’clock in the morning among people with you in the
oil fields of Siberia where the Russians have drilled and number of holes 10
kilometers into the earth and instead of the oil we hit ninety six point five
degrees what viewers watching we could ever find
and we thought oh now drinking what is really passionately shall we start
making water plants here and in that time we studied the geology of the land
and how part of Russia in the Siberian area and part of this area are getting
warmer than the others and when you look at harshly the geology construction of
the oil you can this and in some cases you create such a
diversity that now we’re getting snow in African North African countries
the extraction of the oil is introducing huge new phenomena in heating of the
planet not the burning of the fuel and secondly when we talk about the what
we call it and so the mission of cars they have to in control if you
understand the shipping industry most of the pollution air portion or co2 carbon
warming or global warming as they say comes from the ship liners not from the
cars they use the worst down grade fuel which is full of rubbish and it releases
huge amounts of darkness fear you’ve got to put a few million costs
together to cover one of these tankers when they ship from China goods to to
Asia or to America to Europe yeah it’s right it’s estimated one of those tanks
one of the ships that bring the cars over puts out more pollution than the
all the cars for their entire life I come from the oil industry backgrounds
part of my empires all business and I understand I studied always this is
structure and right as its adapted up to 50 million cars equivalent air pollution
from one super tanker yeah at this nobody speaks to it about it because
it’s on the sea we don’t see it look at the pollution which is coming up with
what they call this green cars we are burning more fuel in the cornfields I
wish those who understand tell these people please give you for the cost of
ending the cars because the fuels burning the power station together
electricity produced that reaches the city is 30 to 50 times more than the car
would consume to do this green engine what you call it
electric cars if we can tap in into the solar systems
like solar cells then vertical solar panels
if we can increase the number of women so if you increase the combination
plasma technology which we brought the hybrid system if we go into the
direction which our research centers are going with charging batteries without
any fuel then yes patrick cars electric cars are a positive use but if you are
burning tons of coal and oil in the power stations to deliver them to blow
you got to consider all the heat commercial exchanges all the power
losses on the grid and everything else especially the fuel to the cars is that
a burn it it’s a new industry that I’ve created
because we’re gonna have a number of huge problems with electric cars coming
up the use of titanium use of copper these things need a lot of elect
components and they’re all matter state even the batteries the the equation is not in the right way
they don’t talk about it you so nuclear bombs nuclear explosions with
all the dust they’ve created isn’t literally human is less smaller than a
speck of dust but do they release some materials they have done we we trace
them strike from focus you know miss you get traces all over the world we still
have answered many times before we still have farms in North Wales in England
which cannot be even walked through because of the fallout of Chernobyl when we got hit by Chernobyl part of the
British nuclear industry had a huge problem in identifying where these
things are landing if you go to North Wales in the mountains you see sections
which are pinned down because when they when the radiation came down in rain
down with the rain and is embedded in the soil and it’s in the mountains they
can’t do anything they just pinned it and his ice which is coming at two or
three hundred years till it goes through this half cycle and partially get washed
into the earth so we have some like what madam which is
very very very good the biggest source of nuclear material fallout is from
these oil tankers in Environmental Protection I work on
environmental part of the Keshe foundation which we are very active it’s
not known publicly and we look at something very serious if you are if you
live in Europe and Muslim in America and other places becoming compulsory
pretty if you want to close a petrol station you have to remove the soil up
to six meters in depth from the land and it has to be tested and when you get a
certification that the soil is clean then you can build on you can fill it up
what’s the reason why do we take all this has to be cleaned up quite a few
petrol stations the tanks have to be all done nowadays you have to get set get
every year for fuel tank if you have a hundred current fuel tank you need the
certification as you cannot fill them consider the leakage goes into the
ground why because in the oil industry due to all the problems with it we are
not we do not purify uranium with something which is allowed to go
into the fuel where does it come in a fuel ization you
tank it it pours on the ground we have a huge Iranian contamination when you walk
on there and in the fuel position there was some spillage you’re walking on the
liquid uranium you don’t know how many couples I can’t show you the documents
or it that’s why we clean the lock but the problem is at the end of it the
tankers wish Rick was just talking about all the all those have the most heaviest
one the spewing uranium into the atmosphere
like nothing Christmas firework part of the contamination is the oil
industry that because you’re honest you have to understand how oil is created oil is created according to the rubbish
about the fallacies they came out that is from the oil of the dinosaurs you are
conditioned knowledge seekers you all have produced co2 and when you
get on the top boiler you get the film of amino acid Earth has within oceans the copper to
sink and the energy of thunder and everything else which goes through it
the sea salt continuously absorbs x-rays a part of the system of life of this
planet extracts protein from the atmosphere interaction of the field of
the earth and the Sun creation the setting of the Sun absorbs that that’s
why we have to see a life in the planet because co2 was created on it because of
the presence of sin carbon I mean Isis creates on it then you have iron the
blood must create and that’s why we have to all the Plankton’s so part of this as
is created does not convert into a cell of animal there’s not enough fishes to
eat eat it as we say so due to the storms and everything circulation these
are mean acid in millions of tons every day in the land under the bottom of the
ocean and in the process as they sink they wash with them called uranium
plutonium whatever you like into till they come to stop with the heat of the
earth and just cooks up this dinosaur never dies and all will never end on this planet
those fields which we have emptied from oil contains we get filled up because in
that position it creates a condition for absorption
these are reserve tanks which whatever will produce 80 million barrels a day
there is no end to the production of the oil on this planet unless we go beyond
limitation of the years which we have a long way to go yet
so now when we extract it’s like you know you get you put also soft oil and
you put sugar and you put salt and everything else you like into a Sun and
wash it we use as a filter what happens he gets clocked up somewhere and it all
collects because that’s why we have filters so these filters is oil fields
which are created up for instance they get come up here so in there we have
averaging when we extract all from the ground we have golden and silver in it
for 20 minutes and everything uranium we’ve been taught and the nude and the
refining industry has foolishly due to all the nuclear fears have allowed has
no filter for uranium extraction very few prove human stations have the
refineries have it’s expensive handling it and then his own nuclear materials to
cut it be done handling we extract gold from the oil we extract it on you you
could it and real earth interiors in the specific refineries from this oil the
oil industry the oil use in the cars is a burden on the oil industry the money
sits in defining rare earth material from the black liquid
but we do not touch uranium anything nuclear which we knows nuclear
has no filter for it where does it go in the blackest off with the ships bird in
the oil which you take 46 to 47 how percent of Perot is real oil well so if you have worries about nuclear
bombs and whatever the father is on top of every super tackle you see lands in
your city wallets in there is spewing enough uranium that the Hiroshima hasn’t
produced yet these are facts about your cycle of
production of materials and the comfort we have chosen we have caused our eyes
to alarm our governments too because we have no solution if I was somebody with a lot of wisdom I
produced now America is supposed to use that in million barrels of oil very soon
by 2020 per day I think you can extract at least something original maybe a ton
– ton of uranium a day from they feel refining surfaces right we don’t need chance to buy uranium this is because our leaders do not
understand the science of creation we don’t understand the science of
protection which is put on wrong and in a way our body has gotten used to
it because one of our evolution comes through the blue material we absorbs in
our food and the air we breathe that’s interesting mr. guest perhaps we
should be extracting the uranium and throwing away the Ohio putting it back
in the ground would it probably get as much energy from that uranium and from
the oil because it’s about a million times what we do with uranium we do not
we don’t have any these are stable elements will be ready
where you literally reactive if you go into EU rules and regulations of you
know stations and read it you understand why it tastes um well explained into
included rules of the European community at all the World Alliance or what we
call it human stations which are getting shut down have to be cleaned to a
certain level and that sword has to be washed and I put a question to it a
casual nation has one of the eminent scientists and environmental clinic yeah
and I respect the guy a lot he’s a funny guy but I discussed this with him we
were in a lab when they were testing the soil from all of you know station and
that’s racing is it still here we are looking for uranium we are not looking
for anything else how much is contaminated this is in in hidden in names and
regulations of the you regulations you as a very tight regulation about
cleaning of the uranium fuel instructions well it’s a similar problem
in in terms of North America if you look at where the fertilizers come from for
for the crops in North America and they comes from the scrubbers of the natural
gas power plants so they take the nitrates and other heavy metals and
everything else from the scrubbers and because it’s radioactive and heavy
metals they decided they can’t have it all in one place from these scrubbers so
they better include it in the fertilizers and spread it evenly over
the land and that way it’ll just blend in with washdown radiation and yes
basically just wash it down in the soil but the fallacy there is it builds up in
the soil after many decades of doing this so now it starts to build up the
radioactivity in the soil and other heavy metals and so on one of the
advantages and now is actually as I explained if you and some of the recent
teachings somewhat advanced is just a plasma technology in agriculture in not
using fertilizers is cleaning up the land or actually pushing the dirt deep
and down that it doesn’t get into the food chain what it is because we use the
Gans material for what the college for the growth of their agriculture products
then there is no need for fertilizers and this gives a breathing space for
these materials to be washed in deeper layers of the planet and in three to
five years we see the top ten twenty centimeters will be cleaned up of all
the nitrites and the radioactive material because it’s
literally like the way I’ll explain the oil is washing everything down till they
come to a cap they get washed by the rain gradually and equity per litre this is this is one of their positives
we are put into governments and they interested they can test a small year by
year and see reduction any but I explained to them just the first 15 20
centimeter because in your 20 centimeter you don’t see that much this year but
next year you see more but on the press 5 centimeter you see this because we are
washing it down consideration of energy conservation of matter cannot be fooled
and already all you are doing is be pushing it
further down gradually over centuries in end up in another oil fields it’s the same situation the biggest
worry at the moment in Western Europe especially in Holland in body khalid
luxembourg area and in nations like italy is the waist from the cows which
are given so much antibiotic and these antibiotics comes out some of it at the
other end and against spread over the ground and then it becomes part of chain
and we’re becoming immune to it we’re soon to be feeding the cows and as
they said always as a joke they say I am a vegetarian I only eat cow cheese which
also I was still a vegetarian but this time we are getting the antibiotics in
our system it’s coming from the land plants because they spread there’s a
regulation especially in Europe how much you can spread over the land they use it
to the maximum limit and they give in in Holland and Italy there is no landmass
to deflect animals alone on the fields there are grown in confined environments
and combining vitamins with the temperature crazy infection and on
average every European animal which is kept in house the size of a cow or a pig
uses 1 euro per week of antibiotics just ask how many million cows are in
Europe then you get a good figure how much antibody we are eating which ones
get spread in the lab this is why the pharmaceutical industry is very powerful
in Europe human beings don’t use that much nothing their total balance income
is maybe 20 30 % 60 70 % common in certain nations art of animal care
it’s the way we grow animals we go for to eat in Italy is about 1 euro per week
we know because we’re involved in the process with hope in Poland is a sliding in the Scandinavian countries we have
the same problem because of the cold air molecule mainly kept in confinement and
that eaten fresh and everything else creates environmental conditions which
creates what we call it infection you just count how many pigs are in
Northern Europe and put one euro in front of each then you see where farmer
schools make that money not from the aspirin and offensive in this early they
have a permanent patients called cow mr. Kesh I remind you that we there’s a
presentation from Joel apparently with Ursula translated and Pete has arranged
that that would be good to hear yes no problem how long would that be Pete you
have an answer on that or sloth well we always advise to keep it sort of within
20 minutes and then allow for question is not announces obviously it’s up to
them after how long it’s going to take them to present no problem co-head
really yeah mr. fish yes good morning morning to all of you I apologize in
advance for my English level and my transition we apologize we can’t speak
your language it’s a one nation raw planet we are all in the same boat
there only speak our language in our borders we have translators and so I
allow them to what you called thank you I have check out before he can come into
suite somehow you have taken my things away can you please go out and come back
in again no stop sharing it can you stop sharing
sharing please and come take everything off please just just go out completely
and then come back into share just wait wait a second please
I have to think I okay go ahead trace thank you well last
year in June started training on magravs guns and everything else around them it
was a revelation for me and I followed your basic course
Tosi’s to which you often a rightly refer they are very important for all of
us and the evolution of technology as you present it is a fabulous
retro to nojima class technology ever application agriculture
I’ve prompt me to to ask myself the following question can we identify with
a simple physical test can spells that can induce a dynamic flow between them
more precisely I ask myself this question because I think that this flow
if it exists in a good combination of ganses can create an important dynamic
for example by transposing to disk technology micro coils assetid with this
combination or in agriculture create dynamic flows that would allow
vegetation to eat itself and flourish so do they attract each other
do they repel each other it’s my question and I thought that the easiest
way to to our axis phenomenon is to use spray of protein in a box with main guns
filled but to do that I need some courtesy criterias for each guns and the
parrot table of elements contain same because I
used the atomic mass and the electronegative available which is a
quantity of electrons that defines its ability to attract electrons during a
chemical bond so if we refer to this characteristic and consent to the
consist a bit we we obtained the z values on the table and with global
atomic mass globe electronegativity then before started this test the equipment
is is very simple it’s larger from your glass container we had become filled
with water a series of plastic and spells with 30 millimeter diameter each
of them filled with consists a grid on paper stopped washed or progressed with
photos every 30 seconds at a bar with an anti-static coating and camera the view
you can see design shows the smell of putting into the back at the end and the
end view and a side view each test was duplicated between 5 and 10 times to
confront the radio this view is a computation of as
Illinois is a free test image and I just put on the video to wash you the radiation the test is 8 minutes I have done it many many times the
second competition is a suit to CRE and the selection is very very important so
I put video they goes towards each other very very sorry and it took a long time
with photography over here 50 seconds they come very slowly which is no the grid is very important to study the
factories and the speeds and the tank went crushed or is bent to have contact
with his fears so the the first four tests with couple
of magnetic and gravitational concedes we are very very wrong as you saw in
this video which disappointed contact time the up to one hour and I tried co2
the new with forty forty minutes without contact then the last one well very very easier
so we have another criterion of the atomic mass so resist will be unstable
why because when we saw the red the red couples the atomic mass to I’d wave use
and the time to contact with those are very different so we couldn’t understood
the result same thing for the blue one the atomic was very different to ID
videos and he the ten contact for the two cells to similar values so I thought
that the electronegativity level very important
it’s the difference in an atomic mass value between two ends of the couple
that matters as well as the difference in electronegativity level between the
two as we saw here affect you in bringing suspending to
contact because they took a small deviation gravitational gravitational
don’t work quickly but under 40 minutes and on magnetic manatee couple work very
well because there are less than 80 minutes to have contact with cells to
conclude on this first part we only consider transistor polls that allows
there to come into contact in less than 30 minutes there are five couples and
this didn’t seem to couple with table will also be studied because it’s only
character should know gravitational couples that you didn’t know that it’s
below 40 minutes to process yet requested in the second part of the
study I to reason in the last centimeter of the race to evaluate the respective
speeds and to try to answer to the following question is there a property
in guns if so what is it what is its relative speed with fair will take
precedence over the other and the answer the question will allow us to create a
diagram observe these guns interact with privileged the direction of attraction
as an example we can so we can see the directories of ash to and see ash tree
at the end of the race and I repeat all these all these results I studied all
these results for each you can see yeah we concede that Ash to traverse the
world yes free because he averaged of the CSTO is very very important in front
of the speed so we can classify the couple and conclude on each test this
stable show you with the results and we can roll the ragam of ours again season
two like each other we can see that Ash two goes to see Ashley Ashley goes to Cu
Cu goes to ash to Z they know and co2 said I know is attracted by the co2 so in conclusion the student shows that
natural dynamic flow exists between several cities expecting transients
electronically Christian is essentially salt lagoons as part of the attrition
function gravitation gravitation elegance couple developed attract
quickly there are no efficient in this function manectric mighty ganses
attract quickly mix the gun six couple operate under certain conditions with
large difference in atomic mass and large difference in electronegativity
level after that we we can have a magic combination of possible Valley to
Silicon yeah alternative Nancy is in Taurus
constant lecturers and I think we can use it
an example for my graph with the free level of my graph and the different
combination of the Daniel ash – co2 safely than zero
I think it’s finish from yeah before the question I would like to thanks that
people were allowed me to be today okay plasmas on our team which Pete character
group with Rick ideal would encourage me to expose my test especially my wife and
your wife and you for what you bring us through the extranet technology and give
me to this opportunity to present my work I can answer a few questions if you
want to ask me but we see a translator to make sure I understand what you are
saying thank you mate socket thanks a lot well thank you very much that was a
great presentation I thought thank you thank you do you have any comments or
mr. Kesh do are you still there do you have something you’d like to say about
that so anybody with any questions checking our chats here I had a question about your final the
final slide you showed there with the setup of the mag Rev sort of system how
did you how did you determine which Gans goes where what what criteria did you
use how they interact I used the Reconnective level and the
mass atomic mass and I saw with track to read a substance that against one guns
move Israel towards zero zone okay thank you but I have two questions
can I can i Rica can you can you hear my question please yes last year mr. Kerr
said like a system about your lot America calls and gravitational and
smaller materials are called magnetic but I what I learned is the opposite
larger coil magnetic and smaller diameter cause gravitational we have to
review is a connection between the course because of this change or do we
have to modify it’s not one I don’t have the answer to that for anybody you would
be able to answer that or mr. cash would you like to I don’t understand the question mr. Kesh
last year you said about Microsystems such a large diameter coils a
gravitational and small diameter coils are magnetic but what I had learned was
the opposite large I MetroCards magnetic and small diameter of course
gravitational I saw a diagram of a phoenician on August and do we have to
review the connection between the course because of his change when manufacturing
new migra’s do we have to modify your one the magnetical it depends how you
nano-coated your coils and how you winded it the even in PP use we set the
outer ring to be magnetical gravitational that in pulling from their
atmosphere to feed to gravitational original designs are still the the what
we call it gravitational inside magnetical outside in how you wind and
how you produced cancers to load dictates on what we are going to get thank you also we consider we consider
macro systems as outside magnetic gravitational it’s the way you nano-coat
them and way it is because this this is we absorb energy from the environment
and we feed it to the center core in a way in absorbing cooling and then
the center core radius by feeding back out and this is this is the phenomena
this is the understanding you can do either way it’s just that how you set
your system out there is the reason I brought that discussion of last year is
that you have to understand the condition and why we broke why why we
keep we came up with that knowledge it was we consider it or specific
conditions all the P P use are set up this way and is created do you think we
could use a magnetic flow do you think we could use a magnetic flow created in
this way to boost is natural in a net flow of consist in my breath I don’t
understand I mean II repeat when another current is
separating from a coil and inductance is quickens you know do you think we could
use magnetic no I don’t understand you have to can you explain that staying
when there’s a current in a coil it creates an inductance in the coil which
is a coil is an inductor basically which is a magnetic field that’s right and you’re saying you will
that can we use that magnetic field is that what you’re saying is to be part of
do but control the plasma is that what you’re indicating that’s right okay so that would be the question yes
yeah what it is if you go on some of the teachings in the past pretty recently
past few months we have I have explained that the gravitational magnetic fields
of the system is part of it okay thank you mr. Fisch thank you I think is with
the research with John and others if you put here you can feel the field above
markup unit even a matter of Units there is a missus misconception that we just
use it for the magnet for energy electrical power
we developed a Megami units as is coming up for the development of the other and so it is based on fields this is what we
call a composite power units this is what you call it hybrids if you call it
electric current and the plasma current you the problem is knowledge seekers
have to start learning to play with these things and some of the fields if
even if you put your field detectors of you have developed it if you recheck
your systems and put it in the right order what you thought is magnetical
suddenly changes to gravitational this depends on the field forces on the
layers is this is why some of the magrav units they don’t perform because the
gravitational field forces of the plates are too close to each other ingredients
rocket thank you I applied to be a student of the
foundation and I send my dossier and my donation last week I am very happy thank
you very much they’re what you call the knowledge is
we give we share is to be open-minded and to be not just to be accepted is to
be tested and understanding that in a plasma technology is not a current
technologies electric current that it’s only you get a current is a Joule Joule
field reaction and what is you have you can enforce the field and all you can
surrender the fields into a system and then you decide on it the system itself
decides because you could be slightly few centimeter gap in the position of
your magrav coils can make a big difference in the performance of your
system thank you mr. Kesh thank you thank you
very much I also wish to be because with the main
goal of having peace was you may he I think thank you very much we hope we all
share the same goal you know we’ll see where we are going and how we are as I
said the Keshe foundation in the past few weeks is going to a face that we we
don’t announce anymore our rational way we’ll see major break tools in the work
of the vanish and knowledge seekers like you and the others before you want to
come after us we’ll all put a break into this wall to make it much stronger and
taller so every piece of knowledge what you bring it gives somebody to work on
or we understand a little bit more how to do a lot of things this knowledge
needs thousands of years to be completed and it needs okay and we should probably wrap things
up soon and I suppose mr. Keshe sure you’re getting tired there we did have
one question maybe you could answer from Doug who had it earlier regarding he’s
wondering what the importance of mercury is and the elements of this planet and
its inhabitants has it manifested as a precursor to the condition that the
earth is moving closer to the Sun and he goes on the mercury seems to be a solid
liquid and gas combined as one together in the matter
state conditions is that why it is used by man and mirrors and thermometers etc
so what’s its Universal plasmatic significance is his basic question
nothing is another element is created due to the condition of the universe and
if a body or a structure has created the fields of it has attracted it or if you
have you understand the work of his field what can do you can use it for
everything it’s not just because we use it for thermometers the only the reviews
there’s there’s a fair amount of mercury in our body but is used for a specific
job you find out some of the elements in in the body of the man like in kidney
carry a composite elements because now you have whatever is in your blood they
have to extract it it’s not there that what we see with the present science
they show you this element they create a magnetic field that matches the poisons
in the blood or the extra elements in the blood and they just just by magnetic
field extractivism a and then it transfers into matter the whole body is
that way and so there is no specific reason if part of the body of
man needed operation of the certain given magnetic fields then to match it
the body needed mercury when you eat something it comes in so this fits the
body of the man is the most opportunistic structure God ever created
whatever it needed I came in I can use it it has uses a technology to I can use
it we have a soul which is a programmer it is creator let’s see this is a new
material how can I do how can I drop myself what is what we call evolution
you think it’s just by accident the operation of the body of the man is a
more compost complex but is programmed to need use available what can I do with
it what can I extend to it I’ve always say the most opportunistic people in the
world are football players that they put themselves in a specific position and
when instead they score a goal this so is the man the body of the man is the
same position so corner the derrick yes I think you’ve
answered lots of questions here and put in your your daily work for sure Thank
You mr. cash thank you for everything today you welcome I hope we added to the
knowledge of plan quite a lot of it today yes or at least sparks some souls
to to consider what what they’re doing on this planet okay thank you everybody
for participating and listening today in the 260 third knowledge seekers workshop
for Thursday February 14th 2019 there’s any questions left over bring them
around for for next week and we look forward to continuing the 264th
knowledge seekers workshop at the same time and location wherever you found us
this time around and thanks very much to mr. Kesh and to the cash foundation for
bringing this teaching to us okay you can take us out now Flint I believe with
whatever ending videos you have and bye for now you hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused choose a lack of knowledge by donating to us you
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