31 Days of Learning English – 10th October – improve your English – THINK / VIEW – day 10

yes here we are again oh my goodness
is it really Thursday already welcome to day 10 of 31 days of English in October
2019 hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you ok I hope so
are you happy well are you happy I really hope so here we are again all
together on day 10 of 31 days of October yes I’m with you every single day 31
days of live streams Monday to Friday 2 p.m. and also on Saturday you can catch
me midday 12 p.m. UK time and on Sunday 2 p.m. UK time every day during the
month of October celebrating my 13th year on YouTube there are still people
asking why I’m doing this the reason is because my youtube channel will be 13
years old at the end of this month so I thought I would do something special and
what better way could there be a better way of celebrating your 13th anniversary
on YouTube than by being on every single day so here I am for you right now
yesterday we were in the kitchen I hope you enjoyed that we will of course be in
the kitchen again next Wednesday and the Wednesday after that as well so we are
coming up to a third of the way through October and next week we will be halfway
through the month already it feels as if time is going by very quickly so already
we have reached day 10 let’s have a look outside shall we what’s the view outside
I hear you ask the weather today is not too bad it is cloudy we had some
brilliant sunshine earlier it was lovely and then the the Sun went in and then
the cloud has returned but it isn’t too bad however however it is a little
chilly especially at night there you can see another view looking
out of my studio window you can see it is a little bit murky it isn’t very
sunny at the moment however it was glorious earlier it was so nice outside
I couldn’t believe how nice it was but at the moment it is gloomy here in the
UK as I mentioned it is getting cold autumn has arrived and already I have
prepared myself for the arrival of autumn and winter so I have my lovely
wooly hat look there is my hat I have got my extra warm hat ready because
apparently now this is something that the newspapers are reporting at the
moment I don’t think it’s true but every year this happens the newspapers always
say that the weather is going to be either it’s very hot or very cold so at
the moment they are forecasting one of the coldest winters for over 30 years
how true that is remains to be seen however I do have my lovely woolen hat
ready to keep my head warm also I have my my lovely long scarf so the scarf
will go around my neck to keep me nice and warm it will keep my neck warm so I
won’t get a chill also and the most important thing of all in fact I have my
gloves so my gloves are also ready to keep my little hands warm when I’m
outside walking around and these these particular gloves are actually quite
unusual because they are red you don’t often see red gloves but these
particular gloves are actually red in color look at that they are red and
they are very unusual you can say mr. Duncan we have caught you red-handed Oh
red-handed if you catch someone red-handed
it means you catch them committing a crime you catch them because it is
evident that you committed the crime you have been caught red-handed very nice so
I have my gloves ready and also my extra thick underwear which I’m not going to
show you you were pleased to hear so my gloves already as well so I will be nice
and warm during the forthcoming winter months there is only one story in town
right here in the UK now UK means United Kingdom but at the moment this
country is anything but United in fact it should be earn United Kingdom and the
one story that everyone is talking about at the moment yes we are talking about
this subject here in this country everyone is talking about it because now
we are approaching a very crucial moment where we have to decide what is going to
happen at the end of this month and can you believe it the day of bricks it
happens to be on the same day as my YouTube anniversary can you believe it
so over the next few days we will find out first of all if there is a deal at
the moment it is looking unlikely as the UK prepares to leave the European Union
a very dramatic week this week lots of things lots of heated arguments taking
place here and also across the English Channel
so brexit the British sit from the european union is the only
story that everyone is talking about here in the UK right now every single
person has an opinion on this subject some people are for and some people are
against some want to remain and some want to leave I know what you’re going
to ask you are going to ask mr. Duncan what is your opinion of brexit hmm I
wonder what it could be so that is the one story that everyone is talking about
it is the trending story here in the UK it’s also worth mentioning that today is
a global event it is World Mental Health Awareness Day so all around the world
people are raising awareness of mental illness this is something we talked
about on Monday we did a livestream where I talked about words connected to
mental health so here in the UK we are having a special week of awareness
raising the issues connected to mental health and today around the world it is
Mental Health Awareness Day all around the world many people doing lots of
things to help raise awareness of those who are dealing with mental illnesses
hello Andrew you are first also yeah man who apologizes oh don’t apologize I
understand that you can’t be here every day I do know that you have a busy life
you have other things to do besides watch me so Andrew you are first and
also I will say a big hello to you man as well and there is no need to
apologize congratulations you are first on today’s
live stream Tonya hello Tanya nice to see you here again I think you were
watching yesterday weren’t you did you enjoy my lesson in the kitchen it was a
little different sometimes I like to do things in a different way
quite often people write to me and they say mr. Duncan you are not the usual
teacher you are a little extraordinary you teach in a rather unusual way I
think this is true and I will not disagree Kunal hello Kunal Belarus EA
one of our moderators is here yeah man is also here and Noemi Louie Oh Louie
Louie hello Louie Louie not to be confused with Lewis hello Tania again
yogurt hello year ago I like your name by the way it sounds very nice and it
feels nice when you say it a year ago mmm by the way I’ve just made myself a
cup of coffee just before I started my live stream I actually made a cup of
coffee there it is can you see my coffee oh I have a cup of coffee this will keep
me going because we have a very busy hour we are talking about lots of things
words connected to thinking also we are talking about the differences between
the two spellings of the word too and also other things as well but for now
I’m going to slurp my coffee hmm that is a lovely cup of coffee although who it
is very strong so I think today I have put
to a coffee in my coffee so it’s quite strong so I am having a very big intake
a very big dose of caffeine right now so that will keep me going it will keep me
active until we finish today’s lesson hmm oh that is lovely
by the way it around about 2:30 half past two we are going to take a little
look at a lovely video where I take a walk around the place in which I live I
promised this during the week and today we will have a look as I take you around
the place in which I live much Wenlock we will have a look at that it around
about half past two meanwhile oh let’s have a look out the
window again because there is something I want to show you right now this is
something I filmed yesterday would you like to have a look at a very unusual
view out of my window there it is it is a mountain well when I say mountain it
is a small mountain you might even describe it as a large hill and it is a
place called kare-kare doc care Cara doc and you can see it above the horizon and
that is actually the view from the top of my stairs in the house so if I stand
at the top of the stairs inside my house I can actually see that hill in the
distance and it’s called care Cara doc and a long time ago there
was a large hill fort during the now people think it might be during the
Bronze Age there is actually a small fort up there there is the remains of
what used to be an encampment or fort a place where people lived and also there
was a large wall all surrounding it to keep everyone safe
and here is another view of this mountain so there you can see it from my
house and here is a very close view so that is the same Hill but a little bit
closer so there is one of the well-known landmarks around this area and the hill
fort is half way up and you can still see parts of the Bronze Age hill fort
right now it still exists so I hope you enjoyed that I do like looking out of my
window in fact you might say that from my window you can see some beautiful
landscape landscape so when we say landscape we mean the view of the land
as it lies in front of you so the landscape is the view that you get as
you look across the land or as you look towards the horizon you will see the
landscape and view so the view can be a noun and a verb so you will view
something you will look at something and the thing you look at is the view
especially if it is a landscape so you can see something from your window you
are enjoying the view view we can also use the word Vista as well Vista so as
you look from your window you will see the Vista the horizon and all of the
land that lies in front of it Vista and finally the panorama so when we say
panorama we mean the overall view going horizontally so across the horizon from
one side to the other a lot of people nowadays
like to take photographs that show the whole panorama so the whole view the
whole view is the panorama we can describe it as a panoramic view so when
we say panoramic we are saying the view is overall it is showing everything I
hope that was helping helpful it is Thursday yesterday I kept saying
Thursday but today it is definitely Thursday no doubt about it and today we
are talking about some different parts of the English language including the
difference between these two words 2 & 2 you can see here there are two words
that sound the same but they are spelt differently and also they have different
uses so very quickly I’m going to take you through I’m going to show you very
quickly the two ways of using these words because there are a lot of uses
first of all shall we have a look at the first use okay then why not – when
expressing motion in the direction of a particular location for example walking
to the shops my first visit to England we’re going to a party so in this sense
we are expressing motion in the direction of a particular location we
are going somewhere you are going to a place the next one and there are quite a
few believe you me the next one another use of two expressing location tip
in relation to a specified point so a particular point we are relating to a
specified point it’s 40 miles to the next town it’s 40 miles to the next town
place the flowers to the left of the window so you are saying where something
is positioned to something or the distance from somewhere another one oh
another use of two in British English we use the word two to tell the time so we
use it to tell the time for example it is ten to five it is 20 to 6 it is a
quarter to seven so there you can see some examples of how we often tell the
time especially if it is approaching the hour another one for you to approach or
if you are if you are reaching a particular condition or situation the
mood changed from joy to Hara so if you are reaching or approaching a certain
situation or normally a condition the mood changed from joy to hora I was
close to tears that means I was almost crying I was close to tears I was almost
crying another use of – and there are many expressing the results of a process
or action smashed to smithereens oh I like that word
by the way if you are smashed to smithereens it means you are smashed to
pieces two very small pieces it has been destroyed it has been smashed to
smithereens and also torn to pieces something has been torn to pieces it has
been ripped it has been torn to pieces burnt to a cinder if you cut something
for too long you might burn the thing you are cooking it will be burnt to a
cinder to identifying the person or thing affected by or receiving something
for example you were unkind to her you were unkind to her they donated 400
pounds to the charity I’m deeply grateful to you Wow
who would have thought such a small word would have so many uses the relationship
between one person and another he’s married to his cousin Anna okay he’s an
adviser to the president she’s engaged to an actor another use how one thing relates to
another made-to-order so we can make this thing to order so that means we can
have something specially made for you it is made to order a prelude to disaster
the word prelude means just before the thing that happens just before so
prelude is the thing that just before or maybe the first thing
that comes before the second thing and made-to-measure
something that is made-to-measure is made especially for you it has been made
just for you it has been made to measure quite often
if you want to have a piece of clothing that fits you really well we will say
that you have it made to measure another one to indicate that two things are
connected or linked the dog was tied to a lamppost a dozen balloons
were tied to the front door so things that are connected one thing is
connected or tied to something else the things are connected or linked a couple
of more before we have a look around the town to express purpose or intention I
set out to buy food so if you set out to buy food it means you go you express the
purpose you express the intention or you could say I will set out to buy food I
will go so you are expressing intention something you will do I am going to tell
you a story ah so I am about to tell a story to you
I am determined to do well I am determined to do well that is my
intention of course there is another spelling of the word and I will show you
straight away ah yes so this one is actually different
a different spelling completely so instead of one
you have two letter o’s something that is at or has reached a higher degree than is
desirable so something has become more than you want you only want a little but
unfortunately you have a lot you have more than you want it is too hot in here
you are going too fast this lesson is too long
is that for me maybe also we can use two instead of very you are too kind he is
too generous we won’t have to wait too long so you can also use this word
instead of very and finally two can mean in addition to or also so you are adding
something to the thing that you already had so maybe two people are doing
something and then a third person will come to or also or even as well you are
visiting here too you are visiting here too so we are expressing surprise that
another person is also visiting the same place as me you are visiting here too it
is raining too so maybe you are expressing the weather conditions maybe
you say oh it’s very windy today it is raining too it is also raining
and maybe your friend wants to come to your party but they haven’t been invited
but you can say you can come too you can come too
also I hope that helps a lot of things to explain there so many uses of a very
small word and that is one of the things that always fascinates me about the
English language is how very small words tend to have many definitions it’s true
thanks for your messages today I am deeply grateful to to those who think
about humanity and do the pet the best that we people can live with love and
peace side by side well I always hope and as they say hope
will always spring eternal thank you very much
Sherea Sherea ms/ms that miss a day I hope I pronounced your name right I will
be saying hello to Japan in a few moments but first of all we are going to
take a look around the place in which I live a lot of people have asked mr.
Duncan can you show us where you live can you show us the town in which you
live so just for those people who are curious here is a very special video
just for you many people ask me mr. Duncan where do you live well I thought
today it’d be a good chance for you to have a look in the place I live because
it’s such a beautiful day today so here it is here is the place in which I live
it’s much Wenlock in Shropshire one of the most beautiful places in England and
if you haven’t been here my question is why not can you see what’s over there
that is the local Undertaker they are the people responsible for arranging
funerals they help to dispose of dead people it’s a rather sobering thought
that one day those people will be putting me in the ground if there’s one thing I really love about
a day like this it’s the gentle calming breeze just a very gentle breeze blowing
in the air helping to keep me nice and cool the word breeze can be used in many
ways of course it is the gentle wind cooling and refreshing as it blows by a
very gentle breeze just like today really there is a lovely summer breeze
in the air keeping me nice and cool also breeze can mean to do something
very easily I passed my exam yesterday it was easy
in fact it was a breeze something that is very easy to do something that you
found easy to do can be described as a breeze to move gently maybe into a room
or out of a room or in front of a group of people to suddenly appear can be
described as breeze he breathed into the room with complete confidence now there is a very interesting place a
gate to a secret garden a place that is unknown and never seen by anyone just
like the story have you ever read that story it’s called the secret garden it’s
a brilliant story full of adventure excitement mystery and of course a
little bit of fantasy as well we all like a little bit of fantasy in our
lives from time to time do you recognize this place this is
where I did my famous petal dance but as you can see the puddle has now gone the
water has disappeared it’s so hot at the moment the puddle has completely
evaporated it might sound like a strange thing to
say but due to making these English lessons for you my life changed
completely and here is what happened way back in 2012 I made a special lesson
right here in Much Wenlock talking all about the origins of the modern Olympic
Games and I fell in love with this place I loved it so much I ended up moving
here and so did mr. Steve the field behind me is where every year the
Wenlock games are held and this very place was the inspiration for the modern
Olympic Games that we all know now here is an interesting phrase that you
might hear used quite often in English the phrase is cross the line if you cross the line it means you have
gone too far you have done something that has upset many people or one person
you have crossed the line up until a certain point what you were saying or
doing was okay but you had to go too far you had to cross the line you went from
being okay to offensive you went from being acceptable to unacceptable you
crossed the line I must be honest it is absolutely baking hot today I can’t
believe I’ve been outside for the past four hours filming in this heat this
intense heat I think it’s fair to say this we will all remember the summer of
2018 and can you see behind me look everywhere is scorched the Sun has dried
all the grass all of the trees all of the bushes
everything looks parched and tinder-dry and that is one of the reasons why there
are many wildfires breaking out at the moment including here in the UK and more
recently in Greece if you remember earlier in the year I
showed you this field I showed you all of the yellow flowers that were blooming
in this field this is rapeseed so everything you see
behind me is rapeseed and now as the seeds come out you can see now that we
have small seed pods and inside these are the rape seeds and these will be
gathered very soon and then they will be compressed and all of the oil will be
extracted and that is rapeseed oil but as you can see once again the theme is
very similar this whole field is now very dry very arid and perhaps I’m not
100% certain but perhaps this whole crop has been ruined by the hot weather
although if I just have a look inside this pod yes you can see all of the rape
seeds can you see them there they are very tiny black seeds and that is where
the rapeseed oil will come from can you see what I’ve got here a lovely
icecream the only problem is it’s so hot today
the ice cream is already beginning to melt however it is very much appreciated
there is nothing worse than being hot and sticky on a day like this right now
I’m in the square here in Much Wenlock in the center of the tower a very small
cozy area in the afternoon lots of people like to come and sit down
especially today because the Sun is out and some people have decided to come
into town to enjoy the sunshine and of course sample the local ice cream so for
those who are wondering where I live and the town in which I live now you know
the answer you are very aware of the place in which I live so I hope that
answers your question and I hope you enjoyed that video which was filmed last
year during a very hot period of weather so it was a very hot summer last year in
2018 so I hope you enjoyed that some people saying the streets looks so small
that is true so the place I live in or at is a very small place and that is why
the roads are quite narrow sometimes the town is very busy
especially during the summer months when many tourists come to visit so yes it
can be a very busy place but also sometimes it can be very quiet and
secluded so I do like this place and as I mentioned in a video I live here
because of making these lessons so because I filmed the lesson here in
which Wenlock I actually fell in love with the place and now I live here so
sometimes the things you do in your life can take you in some very interesting
directions that’s what I think anyway Cristina says what a lovely walk around
much when Locke there are many historical places to
visit and there is nature everywhere there is actually an old Abbey as well
which is now derelict so when something is derelict it means it has been
destroyed there is something left of it so you can still see it but sadly it is
derelict it is unused it has been badly damaged
it is derelict thank you to ledge L hello lads l fascinating thank you very
much I’m glad to hear that Najeeb is here yes mr. Steve is always here with
me except for when he’s working so he’s not here at the moment
a lot of people wondering why Steve isn’t with me today but he can’t be with
me because he’s working in fact I think today he’s gone all the way to a place
called Macclesfield so Steve today is very far away
hello also to Anna it was love at first sight with Much Wenlock well I must be
honest with you it is strange sometimes how things that you do in your life can
actually affect other things as well so I just happened to come here to do a
lesson to make a lesson so I was doing some filming just before the Olympic
Games began in London and that’s the reason why I came here to do some
filming but then I fell in love with the town I loved the place
I loved the surroundings so eventually in 2013 we actually moved
right here we moved to this place my my nephew is watching at the moment hello
Damien afternoon mr. Duncan watching you live now from Stafford I should be
working oh very naughty so sometimes when we
should be working we we like to do other things instead and we call that skiving
if you sky Eve it means you avoid doing the thing you
should be doing or perhaps you avoid avoid doing work okay then I was I will
probably see you at the weekend actually because I’m coming over
Stafford yes Stafford is the place where I was raised that is my hometown mr.
Duncan Pedro Belmont I think Pedro is making a
point mr. Duncan you should give your special attention for your followers
from South America as you know you’ve plenty of fans here too late and live
this is something I used to do I used to do a very late livestream but I stopped
doing it for two reasons one it was very tiring and two not many people were
really watching to be honest so those were the main reasons Demian says by the
way Demian is my nephew it is quiet in the office Oh on you lucky I wish it was
quiet and relaxed here I’ve been doing this since 7:30 this morning so normally
in the morning I get up very early and I have to spend many hours preparing this
livestream so I do spend a lot of time doing this in fact during October
I am doing this every day can you believe it 31 days of live English every
day during October I know it seems incredible but I am doing this every day
and I will be back tomorrow so I’m here for another 10 minutes thank you yeah
man who is watching in Indonesia yes I have a lot of people watching there so
it’s very nice Thank You Pedro for for your suggestion shark
sharra says I have been three times to London it is a really nice city and also
multicultural there are many people from different parts of the world with
different languages and from different cultures living in London I will be
there at Christmas oh I was determined I was determined not to say Christmas
during October but sadly there we go I’ve said it yes people are already
talking about Christmas here in the UK there is a shopping channel on
television here in the UK and already they have started their Christmas
promotions it’s it’s still October it’s only the 10th of October please can
everyone stop talking about Christmas it’s too early to talk about Christmas
hello to freedom thinker hello good evening it’s great to have you as my
online teacher yes I have received some lovely comments from people saying I
will miss you when you’ve gone well I’m not going anywhere
but during October I am with you every day so I think a lot of people now look
forward to watching my live stream every day and you’re not the only one because
Steve said two days ago he said why don’t you do everyday all the
time what I’m not sure I’m not sure about
that no I’m not sure about everyday and and last night we were having our supper
last night and I made a joke to Steve I said why don’t we do a live stream on
Christmas Day and Steve said ok I’m not sure about that hi sir what do you do
with your printed pages oh I see do you mean do you mean these to me my my
pieces of paper well all of this is actually reused so you can actually take
the back of this you can see here I’ve used some tape so I can take this tape
off and I will actually reuse this paper so I can use this paper again for other
things I often use the paper that I use in my live streams for for writing down
notes so all of the paper that I use does not go to waste it is used again in
some way oh by the way there it is again bricks it everyone’s talking about it
some people are fighting about it some people are going into the streets and
they are having fights in the street ok not really not yet anyway yeah man
says I am in Bundang oh I wonder where that is have you ever sinned palmyra or
palmyra says Mr Duncan what a sin you made oh I see you are you are
telling me that I’ve made a sin I wonder what that sin is there are so many of
them here is an interesting word and it relates to something that we do quite
often it is something that I do and also mr. Steve does a lot especially at night
Eve often does this particular thing at night when he should be asleep do you
know what it is no it’s not that think think so this is something we all
do sometimes we do it a lot and sometimes we do it very little or too
little so to think is to consider something in
your mind the things that are going over in your mind sometimes you think about
maybe just one thing sometimes you will have lots of things to think about there
might be many things that you have to think about at the same time and
sometimes I think thinking can be a real pain in the neck because especially at
night you’re trying to get to sleep you want to get to sleep but your brain is
still working it still wants to think about things and your body is saying for
goodness sake go to sleep brain so to think is to use this to maybe imagine
something or to go back in time and think about something that happened a
few days ago or even a few years ago think another word we can use is
consider so you will consider something quite often when we consider something
we might have to come to a conclusion we might have to make a decision so you
consider you think about the thing in question maybe you have to make a choice
or a decision you have to consider consider maybe you have to consider your
choices or the things you might do so there is a
good word consider you think about you consider
I like this one this is a great word ponder I know it
doesn’t sound like a real word but it is a real word if you ponder it means you
think about something you maybe think about the meaning of life perhaps you
are lying in the garden on a warm summer’s day and you are thinking about
all of the things that are happening around you you will ponder ponder to
consider hmm hmm
what’s it all about I will ponder another phrase mull over if you mull it
means you think about something so if you mull over something it means you you
will think about it again if you have to make a decision if
you have to come to a decision you mull over a particular subject or
topic mull over I won’t give you a decision right now I can’t tell you what
my answer is right now I’m sorry I will have to go away and mull over my
decision I will have to think about it sometimes thinking means that you have
to make a decision so quite often when we think about something we might have
to come to a decision and to do that you will need to judge so when you judge
something it means you are considering the outcome or maybe you have to make a
choice of some sort so to judge a situation or to judge outcome of a
situation so you have to make a decision or a choice but to do that you have to
judge quite often during a contest there will be a group of people who have
to choose who they prefer or who they like and they will judge the contestants another one another way of expressing
feel and judging way you way so to weigh something is to think about something
maybe you have to come to a decision you have to make a choice you weigh the idea
you weigh the consequences you think about the outcome so here is another way
of expressing thinking as a way of making a decision you weigh the
consequences you weigh the outcome you consider it in your mind I like this
word here’s a big one sometimes I like to get a big one and show it to you Bing
adjudicate oh yes I like that one I like that one
Judah Kate adjudicate if you add Judah Kate it means you judge you make a
decision you make a choice so very similar to very similar to this word
very similar to judge so you judge something you adjudicate you adjudicate
so maybe you listen to maybe two sides of an argument but then you have to make
a decision you will adjudicate you will oversee something with a view to making
a decision or a choice adjudicate I like that one
that’s a great word and you do hear it a lot especially in legal terms so in law
you will often hear people say adjudicate or adjudication and finally
you need to think about something you need to figure out
if you figure out something it means you think about it or maybe you come up with
an answer or you work out what you should do you try to come to a decision
or you try to work out how to do something you figure out and quite often
if you want to figure out something you have to think and there it is we are
coming towards the end of today’s live stream I can’t believe how fast it has
gone but don’t worry because I’m back tomorrow Friday it’s just around the
corner before I go can I say a special hello to all my lovely friends watching
in Japan take care because over the next 24 hours there is a terrible typhoon
apparently they are describing it as a super typhoon typhoon Hagibis or is
it a Ha jee bis? typhoon Hagibis at the moment is
making its way towards Japan with winds apparently some of the wind speeds will
be up to 200 miles an hour so this is a pretty ferocious storm heading towards
Japan so can I wish all of my friends watching in Japan a safe weekend stay
indoors don’t go outside and please take care and stay safe as I just said thank
you Eric Thank You pal Mira thank you Najib is way a synonym of
measure yes it is especially when we are talking about how heavy something is so
wait if you weigh something it means you want to know how heavy something is so
way is the verb form you weigh something so in that sense you are working out how
heavy some thing is but if you way in your mind it
means you are considering the situation thank you very much Christina
Emre hello amory I didn’t see you on the live chat nice to see you here now hello
Naomi pachu Christina thank you very much for your company I’m going because
it is now in fact it it has just passed three o’clock here in the UK
hello also to nasiha who says don’t judge the book by its cover
hmm I like that one so the appearance of someone should never be taken as what
their character or the way they are actually is so you might look at a
person maybe they appear angry or upset or maybe you dislike them because of
their appearance however you should never judge the book by its cover you
might be surprised at what is between the covers thank you very much for
joining me I’m going now by the way I’m going to finish off my cup of coffee
this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thank you very much for
watching me today I’m back tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time and all I have to say now
is thanks for being here on day 10 I will see you tomorrow for day 11 and of
course it’s Friday tomorrow the weekend is just around the corner and of course
you know what’s coming next ta ta for now 😎

7 thoughts on “31 Days of Learning English – 10th October – improve your English – THINK / VIEW – day 10

  • TIME CODES – Click on the blue time codes to skip forward to…
    HI EVERYBODY – 3:17 WARM CLOTHES – 6:20 BREXIT – 9:01
    CAER CARADOC – 15:31 TO and TOO – 19:53 MUCH WENLOCK WALK – 31:29

  • I couldn't skyving today, I went to work very early, but when I came back the first thing I did, was to watch the 10th day of October live streams! Thank you very much for your interesting and funny lessons!

  • I'm always fascinated with the view you show every day and weather update and also grateful to explain too many uses of to.finally what a lovely walk.thanks a lot for so many things. blessings from karachi, Pakistan

  • I have the same experience Misterduncan. I am originally from a very busy and crowded city in Iran however, I have decided to stay in a very small city where my former university is in. The place you filmed and actually you are living is very cozy and secluded. Good for you and Mr. Steve.

  • What I appreciate about you is your pronounciation. You pronounce every single word clearly. It’s good to be listened by english learners. Sometimes I wonder how you speak to other native speakers with your real accent.

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