31 Days of Learning English – 8th October – improve your English – MISTAKES / TIME IDIOMS – day 8

let us go back in time… six years back
to this date in 2013 hi everybody hi everybody welcome and good morning
here we are it’s day eight of 31 days of ‘dunctober’ and Here I am right back
where I started last Tuesday sitting at my breakfast table having some breakfast
I’ve got my cereal I have my cup of tea I have some milk to go with my tea I
have my spread cheese I have my toast in the kitchen it’s still in the toaster
toasting that’s what a toasted as you see it toasts
it likes to toast toast could everybody stop saying toast I’m often asked if I
like technology you know those modern gadgets and gizmos we all seem to have
in our banks and pockets these days if there is one thing I have learned about
video making and being a presence on the Internet
it’s that you need to stay up-to-date with all the technological changes the
big thing now of course is smart mobile tech from the sophisticated smart phones
right up to the very latest tablet devices if you are using the net to view
or produce you need to be tech savvy the word savvy means to be familiar and
competent with something to have knowledge and know-how means you are
savvy I hope you enjoyed that that was believe
it or not six years ago meanwhile here right now
welcome to day 8 of 31 days of October and of course learning English yes we have made it all the way to day
eight hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you okay I hope so are you happy well are you happy I really really hope
so welcome to a very special day well first of all it is Tuesday also it is a
rather interesting day today because this particular day is Ada Lovelace day
and I’m sure now one or two of you are asking who is Ada Lovelace well a little
bit later on I will tell you all about this lady and the reason why today is
her day that coming up later on also something to mention I had a very
strange message come through on my phone last night
urging me to update my iPhone to the new operating system apparently it is iOS 13
now I have heard some rumors I have heard some people complain about the new
version of iOS for the iPhone so I’m wondering if you have actually updated
your iPhone yet to the new iOS system 13 so I haven’t updated I’m still using one
of the old versions of 12 so my phone keeps telling me please can you update
your phone to the latest iOS so I don’t really know what to do I feel a little
cautious let’s just say I feel slightly cautious of dating the software on my
iPhone that coming a little bit later on if you want to get involved of course we
have the live chat as well hello to all the live chatters thank you very much
for joining me today how wonderful to see you all
yeah congratulations to everyone thank you for giving me your time today of
course the reason why I’m here is very simple every day I am with you during
October 31 days of live English during October 2019 Monday to Friday 2 p.m. UK
time Saturday 12 just after midday and on Sunday 2 p.m. UK time as well so that
is when I’m on yes 31 days of October means 31 days of learning English with
me mr. Duncan and the reason why I’m doing this is simple because I have been
on YouTube for almost not quite almost 13 years and my actual celebration takes
place on the 31st of October it’s nice to see so many people on the livestream
hello – morose hello – 10-year high tenure thank you for saying hello yeah
man hello yeah man Darwish I like your name
any name that has the word wish inside it is pretty good as far as I’m
concerned Louie Louie says hello mr. Duncan hello
everyone and of course hello to all the moderators of course the moderators will
be here keeping an eye on the live chat to make sure everything goes smoothly
accent hello accent nice to see you here and thank you very much for all of your
lovely little messages that you keep leaving on my videos and it’s nice to
hear that you appreciate what I’m doing during October don’t forget everything I
do here I do it for free I actually charge nothing so you can
watch all of my lessons you can join me on the live chat and it
is all free of charge however mmm however if you would like to
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continue forever and ever and ever looking outside the window today oh
let’s have a look outside shall we first of all let’s go into the distance there
you can see it is a slightly murky day once again very similar to yesterday
yesterday’s weather was a pretty unsettled but this morning when I woke
up the Sun was out it was really bright and cheerful but now you can see there
is a bit just a little bit of a mist there is some mist in the distance
another view ah can you see autumn is definitely on the
way you can see there in my garden now that is a view of my damson tree and you
can see that the leaves are already starting to turn and the reason for that
is simple autumn has started we are now into autumn and it really does feel like
autumn has arrived certainly the last couple of days it has
been chilly quite windy and quite unusual weather in some respects because
we’ve also had a lot of rain now we don’t normally have a lot of rain during
autumn but this autumn has been very wet so far I don’t know why but we seem to
be getting a lot of low pressure flying over the UK and normally when you have
low pressure it means you have lots of rain and wind
so autumn has officially arrived right now here in the UK I don’t know what the
weather is like where you are because I’m not there unfortunately I have
received a very interesting question so this is something I’m going to answer
now if you don’t mind is it ok here are three words you can see them on the
screen now I am holding them in my hand fly float and also flee and you will
notice the spelling so this particular word does not refer to the tiny insect
that jumps around the spelling is actually different so I’ve been asked to
explain the differences between fly float and also flee well first of all
fly means to move in a certain direction through the sky or to move from one
place to another whilst in the air so you fly so the action of going in a
certain direction whilst airborne is fly so an aeroplane for example will fly you
might fly from one city to another you take off in a plane and you fly you move
through the sky in a certain direction you will notice that birds fly so quite
often as well normally there is some sort of movement involved so of course
when a bird is flying it will flap its wings so a bird will flap its wings and
in an aeroplane of course you have a mechanical engine which moves a
propeller or in modern jet aeroplanes of course you have lots of fans that push
the air through the engine so fly is to move
through the sky in a certain direction float now float is a little different
float normally means that you move gradually through the sky and quite
often it means also that you are not using any propulsion or any type of
mechanism to propel you through the sky so fly and float are actually different
so you might see a balloon a hot-air balloon float by it is just being
carried on the wind or on the breeze I suppose another word you could use is
glide Glide so you float or maybe glide it means you use the air to stay in the
sky you float so maybe a feather that has been caught by a breeze will float
by so to move in a certain direction gradually quite often without any means
of propulsion unless of course it is being carried by the wind so float you
float by maybe a person who goes by your house
slowly might float by even though they are not in the sky they are on the
ground so something that moves gradually we can also say that it floats maybe a
ghost is in your house and it is floating it is floating around the house
it is moving gradually and maybe it is not on the floor
it is not standing on the floor it is floating above you and finally this word
flee now flee has a very different meaning from
first two words so flee means to move away quickly or to escape in a hurry or
to move in a certain direction from one thing towards another you flee so you
move away very quickly you flee maybe a prisoner escapes from the police station
they will flee they flee in a certain direction so they run away they escape
normally on foot so you might flee on foot
that means you run away or you might flee in a vehicle so you might drive
away from somewhere very quickly so in a generic or general term flee can just
mean move away you go away you escape normally in a hurry so I hope that helps
you I like to explain things sometimes and there you can see something that
I’ve just explained on your screen right now thank you for joining me today by
the way I do appreciate you giving your time at 18 minutes past two o’clock
hello to Pedro Pedro says I can only stay with you for 30 minutes
that’s okay Pedro if you have something else to do I do understand that many of
my students have a lot of other things to do so I know you are busy with your
lives so don’t worry if you can’t stay with me for the whole lesson it’s all
right don’t worry about it it’s fine so you can always catch up and don’t forget
there is also a playlist now so if you have missed any of my live streams
during October and now we are at day 8 so my previous 7 live streams can be
found under this video right underneath this video there is a playlist with all
of my days of October and so far we have done
seven and this is number eight there will be new ones posted every day as
soon as the live stream has finished Caesar is here
hi mr. Duncan it is morning here and afternoon there yes I imagine that
Caesar is behind us timewise hello hello also to Palmyra hello to Val Messier or
Val machiya nice to see you here as well Alexandra hello Alexandra I haven’t seen
those plastic bottled milk containers in my country oh I see
do you mean the one in the video yes you can buy milk in all sorts of containers
in this country so you can get plastic bottles you can get tall bottles you can
get short bottles and also glass bottles so there are many people who still
insist on having their milk in glass bottles instead of plastic in fact I
remember as a child growing up every morning at around about 6:30 maybe 7
o’clock in the morning you would always hear the milkman the milkman would come
around the streets and he would deliver the milk to everyone and we used to have
milk delivered to our house when I was a child and then over time people started
to buy their milk from the supermarket’s and then of course the internet came
along and many people started ordering their milk online
sadly the milkman vanished no one wanted their milk delivered by a milkman
anymore I suppose I should really say milk person because of course this is
2019 and everyone is so pedantic so every morning I would hear the
milkman now sadly we rarely hear the milkman at
all however and there is always however however many people now have decided
that they want to have their milk delivered to their houses again by a
milk person it doesn’t sound right when I say milk person I want to say milk man
I’m going to say milk man it’s a milk man it might be a lady it might be a man
it might be a cow maybe a cow has decided that it wants to deliver the
milk fresh maybe you open your door in the morning and there is a cow standing
there and you have to milk the cow by yourself so I made myself laugh then so
that’s what can happen that’s what can happen when you want your milk delivered
fresh so a lot of people have decided now that they want to have milk
delivered to their house fresh by the milkman or milk lady although that
doesn’t sound right hello tes hello everyone I missed bun
day you missed an incredible day yesterday we talked about an amazing
topic we talked all about mental health yesterday and the reason why I did that
is because here in the UK we are actually having mental health awareness
week so I thought yesterday it would have been or it was a good idea to do
that so we looked at words and phrases connected to people’s mental health
something else also happened yesterday yes I did something that I don’t do very
often yesterday I made a mistake I made a spelling mistake during my livestream
I actually spelt a certain word incorrectly today I am going to show you
the word this time I have spelt it correctly
there it is loneliness so this is something we looked at yesterday however
I forgot to put the first e in the word so I made a mistake however I did admit
I didn’t hide it I said yes I will put my hands up I will admit that
I made a mistake so that is how you really spell the word loneliness I know
I spelt it wrong yesterday I did admit it live yesterday I did own up if you
own up it means you admit to the thing that
you’ve done so I made a mistake and I admit it and that is something we are
going to look at today Oh mr. Duncan it is almost as if you planned this lesson
of course I planned it so today we’re going to look at words connected to
mistakes making mistakes another subject we are going to look at is time now I
made a lesson all about time many years ago and I always think it’s a very
interesting subject the the subject of for example quantum physics involves
lots of things including time and relativity a very complex subject so
today we are talking about mistakes and also we are going to take a look at time
idioms mistakes and time idioms mistakes and time idioms oh sorry I made a
mistake time idioms and mistakes is what we are looking at today hello to Caesar
and also Anna Mae hello Anna Mae nice to see you here hello also to Belarusian
hello there Belarusian thank you very much once again for your lovely video
that you sent on Monday tan Chang says iOS 13 I oh s which is the operating
system for iPhones it’s very brilliant it is worth updating
ok then I will do that as soon as I finish today’s livestream I will update
my iPhone now my iPhone isn’t a new one it is actually very old it is an iPhone
6s so it isn’t a new one it’s actually a few years old hello – I alts essence
hello to you also LOUIE LOUIE I don’t have a cell phone
really Louie Louie I think you might be a very unusual person I’m not
criticizing you before anyone says anything but I think it’s very unusual
these days not to have a cell phone or a smartphone or anything like that really
beep tree is hello mr. Duncan I’m in Argentina my experience in England was
amazing what lovely people Beatrice recently was in I think it was bath am i
right were you staying in bath correct me if I’m wrong
Beatriz I hope you had a good time and I’m glad to hear that you met lots of
wonderful people lots of lovely people isn’t it amazing mr. Duncan how we are
all sharing your English lessons as a global community of viewers thanks to
technology yes Theo I agree with you I love technology very much I really do
Federico it’s fantastic to see you every day mr. Duncan I enjoy it a lot with all
of you now a couple of people including mr. Steve yesterday mr. Steve said
something too me and I was a little excited and also a
little nervous as well so Steve said something to me yesterday concerning my
live streams that I’m doing during October Steve said why don’t you do your
live streams every day all the time what do you know what do you know what I
think Steve is trying to finish me off I think Steve is trying to kill me by
overworking me so that was Steve’s idea Steve said wouldn’t it be amazing if you
did your live streams every day all the time I don’t know I’m not sure I think I
might collapse I might suffer from burnout that is the
word that I mentioned yesterday yeah men says thank you for your lovely words
you’re welcome hello Andrew Andrew hello to you as well thank you also to accent
and Shakya hello Shakya nice to see you mr. Duncan I knew here from where should
I start to watch your videos you can start from any point I have lots of
playlists you can look at my videos you can read the subtitles or captions even
my live streams yes my live streams also have captions if you press this button
on your computer press this button you will actually get live captions isn’t it
amazing and if you are watching on a smartphone
you can go to your settings appear and you can actually activate the captions
live amazing quite often YouTube does things that
really irritate me sometimes however you tube does things that helps me hello –
Pedro once again I think Pedro might be going soon
because it is now half past two Patrick hello mr. Duncan I have a question what
is the difference between immigration and immigration immigration is incoming
so when we talk about immigration it means people that are coming from
overseas to stay in your country so they are coming from abroad to your country
they are coming in and emigration means to do the opposite so people are going
from your country to live in other nations or countries so or of course
other parts of the world so immigrate is to come into your country from outside
and emigrate is to go out from your country to another place
normally to live so I hope that helps you now today is a special day it is Ada
Lovelace day I’m sure a lot of people are wondering who is Ada Lovelace well
guess what I am now going to explain to you exactly who Ada Lovelace was her
name is Ada Lovelace but however she was born
Augusta ADA King on the 10th of December 1815 a very long time ago she was the
daughter of the poet and politician Lord Byron her father had been hoping for a
boy but instead he had a daughter in her young life she had social contact with
such people as Charles Dickens Michael Faraday and Charles babbit
who she would later work with her work in developing the method of programming
Babbage’s analytic engine makes her the first ever computer programmer now there
is an interesting word I will see if I can find it
well first of all Charles Babbage was the man who invented something called
the analytical engine a very long time ago in the mid 19th century in fact so
an analytical engine is the first ever computer but as its name suggests it was
actually mechanical so an analytical engine was the first version of what we
now call a computer although back then it was mechanical and Charles Babbage
was the person who created it however he needed a method of actually programming
this machine and it was Ada Lovelace who came up with the method of programming
using holes that were punched into a car so that is why we celebrate Ada Lovelace
day however there is more both her work and name are now remembered every year
on Ada Lovelace day which takes place on the second Tuesday of October which is
today Ada Lovelace died on the 27th of November 1852 aged 36 and it wasn’t
unusual for people to die at such a young age
way back then because there were many illnesses diseases people did not live
until a ripe old age back in the mid 19th century so I hope you enjoyed that
little bit of information there I always like to give you some information
wherever I can and there it was so that is the reason why we have Ada Lovelace
day a lot of people celebrating it also it is used as a way of encouraging women
into what they call STEM subjects so an interesting word in fact it isn’t a word
it is actually a group of words and they have taken the first letter of each word
stem so when we talk about STEM subjects we are actually talking about science
technology engineering and also mathematics so Ada Lovelace was actually
a mathematician she was very much into mathematics in fact she excelled at it
so when we talk about STEM subjects we are talking about these particular
subjects often and quite often when we refer to these in the past we often talk
about people who made innovations who were male but of course there were many
women many females who were also making a contribution towards STEM subjects so
that’s what we refer to when we talk about stem we are talking about the
science technology engineering and also mathematics and for all of these
subjects you normally need a very high degree of knowledge and expertise so I
hope that helps you as well back to the live chat I’m going to the bank
apparently that’s where Pedro is going oh I’m I’m now thinking I wonder if
Pedro has won the lottery do they have the lottery in Brazil I think so
Mohammed says Anna look at Anna did I can’t even say it I’m sorry about that
analytical engine was used for some operations yes so when we talk about an
analytical engine it is actually the early version of what we now call a
computer thanks for the information it is very interesting thank you Anna
you are welcome Thanks these are important pieces of information so when
you give some information we can describe it as a piece of information
these are important pieces of information so a certain piece of
information is something that you receive something that you learn from
information you are informed hence the word information the thing itself
informs you the information helps you to learn you have been informed or of
course educated Christina I have never won the lottery me neither but then
again I don’t play the lottery that’s the reason why I never win the
lottery because I don’t play it I don’t take part in a lottery I like to keep my
money in my pocket hello also to Belarus er very interesting mr. Duncan thank you
very much Louie Louie says she was a kind of pioneer I suppose so yes Ada
Lovelace was a pioneer she was the person who for the first time was able
to program a computer and her method of doing it was very simple it was simply a
card that had holes punched inside it and you fed that into the machine and
the mechanic the mechanical machine would read what was on the card in fact
that method was used for many years afterwards so it was used I think up
until the 1970s so they were still using that method of programming with holes
punched in a card even in the 1970s it was still being used how many days will
you finish this video how many days before you will finish these videos
thank you yeah man I am doing this every day during October
so these live streams I normally do them at the weekend but during October I am
doing them everyday so I’m doing them during October I hope that answers your
question hello choo-choo I won the lottery three
or even more times but each time it was only a small amount says Cho ooh still a
small amount it’s still money I suppose it depends how much you spend so if you
spend a thousand pounds to play the lottery and then you win five pounds
then you haven’t really won anything have you so I suppose it depends how
much money you spend to actually play the lottery as I mentioned I never play
it I don’t play the lottery I have never tried to play the lottery because the
chances of your winning very very small very very tiny in fact you probably have
more chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery it’s true we
are talking about a couple of things in fact I’ve just realised we only have 19
minutes left so we are going to look at something else now making mistakes
mistakes we all make mistakes from time to time it is a normal thing and
yesterday I made a mistake during my livestream I made a spelling mistake
yesterday yes so yesterday I did make a mistake so
let’s have a look shall we mistakes this is something that I wrote
this morning whilst eating my breakfast there are many ways to describe making a
mistake something that was done incorrectly can be described as being
done by mistake a mistake is almost always done by accident and not on
purpose the reasons why a mistake was made very and depend on the
circumstances in which it occurred so there are many reasons why a mistake can
happen a lack of care and attention or the need to get something done quickly
can lead to a mistake being made and that’s what happened to me yesterday
because I was rushing I was doing things too quickly I actually made a mistake
yesterday so that’s what I did yesterday I made a spelling mistake because I was
rushing I was doing it too quickly a mistake can be described in many ways so
here are some ways of describing a mistake you have made an error you have
made a slip-up you have done something incorrectly you have made a gaffe you
have made a cock-up quite often we use that particular phrase in British
English you have made a faux pas faux pas comes from the French language and
literally means false step you have made a blunder blunder so there are many ways
of using the word mistake some more include you have dropped a clangor I
love that one you have dropped a clangor normally used
in British English also you have made a boob now that particular word has more
than one meaning but in this case it means to make mistake you have made a
boob and that is used in British English you have bungled something you have
bungled something to get something wrong or to make a mistake for example a
bungled bank robbery so to bungle something means to get it
wrong also the words mistake derive from the
old norse word for take in error take in error so the word mistake derives from
the old norse word for take in error the word error derives from a which itself
comes from the Latin word for stray so when we stray it means we go off from
the thing that we are supposed to be doing hence the word error and I hope
that was useful as well I am doing lots of things today I still have to squeeze
in some time idioms as well I just hope I have time to do it did you see what I
did there did you see that was very very slick yeah man all people make mistakes
all people make mistakes this is true they say to err is human to forgive
divine that is the expression that a lot of
people use hello Nero zero European history is really fascinating well there
is a lot of it Luis says Mr Duncan that program system of perforated cards so if
something is perforated it means it has one or more holes in it so the
actual card has lots of holes it is perforated it has one hole or maybe a
hundred holes so the system of perforated cards was used in Portugal
until the end of the 1960’s yes and it was called Meccano greffi Makenna greffi
or Meccano graphy i hope i pronounced that right i haven’t actually seen that
word before I’ll be honest with you that is actually a new word so the earliest
form of computer programming was very simple it was basically a card with
holes inside it and it was this lady Ada Lovelace who helped to perfect it along
with Charles Babbage the designer of the first ever computer although he didn’t
he didn’t actually call it a computer Diane says I am always speaking English
and making a lot of mistakes don’t worry about it that is how we learn I make
mistakes you make mistakes we all make mistakes it is part of the learning
process so don’t worry about it Christina says humans often make
mistakes this is true yes it is normal in this way we can learn about the
mistakes and never do it again it is a well-known phrase we all learn from our
mistakes as long as the mistake isn’t too serious so if the mistake in dangers
another person’s life or maybe your own life so sometimes a mistake can be quite
disastrous indeed Patrick hello Patrick Hannity hello to
you Rahul says we learn after making any mistake yes I think so
hi please mr. Duncan what is the right start to learn English I think Miriam
you mean what is this the correct place or the correct way to start learning
English well as I always say you should learn basic words basic sentences simple
sentences so don’t do too much don’t try to learn too many things at once so I
always say when you learn a second language you must learn like a child and
you should never be embarrassed to do that so when you learn something new
always learn it as if you are a child so use simple words think about how you
learn to your own language how did you learn your own language when you were a
child so you can use the same methods or the same ways someone can make a mistake
but not for surgeons yes if you are performing an operation on someone and
you make a mistake maybe your patient will die yes why don’t you do your live
stream every other day I think a lot of people would like that
in winter or with winter coming on Thank You serene serene snow I get the feeling
you like winter so I don’t know but mr. Steve yesterday made a very interesting
comment he said perhaps you should do your live streams every day forever I’m not sure I will see how I feel at
the end of October if I’m still alive at the end of October we will see what
happens Tania asks do you like to drive a car no
I don’t drive I don’t have a car a lot of people are quite surprised when they
find out that I don’t drive but no I’ve never driven a car I don’t have a car I
don’t own a car but I do walk so normally if I go somewhere I will walk
or I will take a bus but I don’t have a car no yeah man when can i when can i
when i can improve my sentence when can i improve my sentence well one of the
best ways to improve your grammar because that’s what we’re talking about
is once again to listen and to read so if you want to read a book you can learn
how sentences are constructed so all of these things take time you can’t rush
learning English you really can’t Alexandra says I think it is very
exhausting to make a lesson every day I don’t feel too bad now this is a
question I was asked yesterday but I don’t feel too bad to be honest I feel
quite happy even excited to do this we are talking about another subject now we
are talking about a thing that I am always fascinated with and that is time
or in this case we are talking about time idioms so words and phrases
connected to time oh there is another word that I missed out when talking
about mistakes he another one screw up if you screw up
something it means you make an error or a mistake quite often a serious mistake
so if you make a serious mistake you screw up you make a mistake you make a
terrible mistake you have really screwed up you have made
a screw up back to those time idioms because time is running out oh did you
see what I did there so the first idiom connected to time is
time on your hands if you have time on your hands it means you have time to
spare you have time where you are doing nothing so if you have time on your
hands it means you have spare time or maybe you have available time so quite
often you will hear a person talk about having time on their hands or time on
your hands do you have some time on your hands it means do you have some spare
time quite often when we are asking a person to give us some help we might ask
if they have time on their hands as I just mentioned spare time is your free
time so the time when you have nothing to do when you are not working when you
are relaxing where when you are at ease you have spare time and a lot of people
use their spare time to do hobbies maybe they take up a pastime or a hobby take
your time take your time take your time if you take your time it means you do
something carefully you don’t rush you take your time sometimes when you are
explaining something maybe the subject is very difficult to actually explain
and understand so sometimes you have to explain slowly so you take your time you
do something steadily you do something in a slow way you take your time maybe a
person is trying to explain something and they are really desperate to tell
that person just calm down take your time don’t rush take your time another
one Oh time and time again time and time again
something you have to keep doing something you have to keep doing a
repeated action that you have to keep doing again and again time and time
again I have to tell my children to stop swearing time and time again it means
you have to do something repeatedly I have to go round to my neighbor’s house
time and time again because they keep losing their house key time and time
again I keep having to do it again and again time and time again another one
time and tide wait for no man this means that time just like the tide
cannot be controlled you can’t control time and you definitely can’t
control the tide the sea you can’t control it so time and tide wait for no
man in other words don’t waste time I think that is the moral of that phrase
here’s another one there is no time like the present
if you are going to do something if you want to do something maybe there is a
dream maybe there is an ambition maybe there is something that you’ve always
wanted to do we might say there is no time like the present
don’t wait don’t hesitate do it today because there is no time like the
present Oh from time to the sound of something
telling the time ticking ticking so in this case we have a ticking time bomb
something that may in the future become a danger or maybe something that might
become a problem so at the moment it is not a problem
but maybe later it will be a problem for example at the moment in the news a lot
of people are talking about electronic cigarettes vaping and some people have
described the habit of using a vaping machine as a ticking time bomb this
means in the future the actual habit of vaping will cause medical problems in
the future many people will become ill because of
the habit so you might describe that as a ticking time bomb something that is
going to happen in the future normally a bad thing
and quite often the result of something that at the moment isn’t a problem a
ticking time bomb here is something that I’m doing at the moment I am doing this
every day I must work around the clock if you work
around the clock it means you work many hours for many
many hours maybe you work through the morning maybe you work through the
afternoon and night so you work around the clock
it means the hours that you work are very long so maybe you have to work for
ten hours or twelve hours and then maybe you have a rest for two hours but then
you have to go to work again after two hours for example doctors and
nurses in hospitals quite often will have to work around the clock they have
to work very long and tiring hours finally and this is something that I’m
doing right now because it’s now three o’clock I am trying to beat the clock
this is great it’s almost as if I I planned all of this so it’s three
o’clock and I have to beat the clock because time is running out and that’s
exactly what this means so if you beat the clock it means you do something or
you finish something before the time runs out and that’s exactly what I’m
doing at the moment I am trying at the moment to beat the
clock even though I am now slightly late because it’s one minute past three
o’clock so beat the clock you have to do something before your time runs out
maybe you have a deadline maybe you have a point of time that you have to do
something before for example today our I must finish my
lesson before three o’clock unfortunately I am now slightly late I
was trying to beat the clock but unfortunately I didn’t succeed that is
that we will have one last look outside it’s very windy today you can see there
the leaves on the trees have turned autumn has definitely arrived and I will
see you tomorrow for day 9 Wow tomorrow day 9 of 31 days of October and
of course learning English every day during October live times there you can
see Monday to Friday 2 p.m. Saturday 12 midday UK time Sunday 2 p.m. UK time I
will see you tomorrow thank you very much for your company Thank You Mika
apparently my code will not be here tomorrow I am travelling to see the
autumn colored leaves on the mountains yes I’m sure I would imagine that the
landscape looks amazing Oh Mika maybe and I’m going to ask you
nicely maybe you can take some photographs maybe you can take a couple
of photographs and send them to us for maybe Thursday or Friday
by the way tomorrow I am in the kitchen talking about my favorite subject
thank you to Lois thank you to Rahul thank you to 10 Jang thank you thank you
– bye Anne thank you also to Lois thanks for your company I am going now I will
see you tomorrow this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thanks for watching it has been a busy hour and of course until
tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time you know what’s coming next yes you do… Tatar for now

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