31 Days of Learning English – 9th October – improve your English – KITCHEN ITEMS / WORDS – day 9

so here we are
oh my goodness is it really Thursday already welcome to day 9 of 31 days of
English during October 2019 are we on yes I think we are hi
everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so
as you can see we are doing something slightly different today I know this
many people like to see my kitchen so every Wednesday I said Thursday but in
fact it’s Wednesday it feels like Thursday but in fact it is Wednesday I
know it is Wednesday because earlier we had our rubbish bin emptied so the local
council comes every Wednesday to empty our rubbish bin so that’s why it must be
Wednesday so the big question is what’s cooking Oh
do you like that question what’s cooking well first of all there is nothing
cooking in the kitchen today because I won’t be doing any cooking however I
will be talking about things connected to this room however we can also use
what’s cooking as a phrase to ask a person what is going on so you might ask
mr. Duncan today on your livestream what’s cooking so this can actually be
used as a phrase which means what is going on today what is happening what’s
cooking well lots of things coming up today in the kitchen we are doing the
whole live stream live in the kitchen yes I am now live it is just after five
minutes past two o’clock and it is definitely Wednesday however I know for
a fact that it is day 9 of 31 days of October and for those who are wondering
what it’s all about well there you can see now the details
on scream so the details are there for you
to see and you can see of course I am with you every day during October 2019
as a special way of celebrating my 13th anniversary here on YouTube so that’s
the reason why I am here today and you can see I am with you on Monday to
Friday 2 p.m. UK time saturday just after midday 12 p.m. UK time and on
Sunday you can catch me as well on YouTube that is where I live for most of
the time certainly this month it feels as if I spent every single day on
YouTube which in fact I have technically so there are the live times don’t forget
it is UK time so that’s what I’m doing during the month of October so thank you
very much for joining me again don’t forget the playlist is now under this
video so if you have missed any of my special live streams don’t worry you can
actually watch them again and the playlist is under this video in the
description can I say thank you very much to those who helped me yesterday
with my little problem I had a technical problem with my iPhone now I was
prompted so I had a message from Apple telling me that I had to update my
mobile phone to the latest operating system iOS 13 I think it is is it is it
really is 13 it seems very high doesn’t it
too high in fact anyway it asked me to update to the brand new version of iOS
and I asked yesterday is it safe to do it and I had a few
people say mr. Duncan you can do it so last night I I decided to take the risk
and I updated the operating system in my
iPhone and yes it works okay in fact I can’t really tell any
difference from the previous operating system to be honest it seems pretty much
the same even though people keep on about dark mode what is dark mode does
that does that mean that it will switch your lights off if you want your lights
to go off you can actually press a button on your phone and it will make
everything dark I wonder so what is trending at the moment right here in the
UK this is trending the hashtag extension rebellion extinction rebellion
so the word extinction means to be wiped out a certain creature a certain animal
vanishes forever we say that the particular animal in question has gone
extinct it has become extinct so at the moment down in London there is a big
protest taking place thousands and thousands of people have taken to the
streets of London to protest against the destruction of the environment now I
have my own thoughts on the extinction rebellion first of all my my first
thought is how are all those people getting to London are they walking there
are they riding their bicycles or are they driving their cars so there might
be something slightly ironic or even hypocritical about that I’ve also
noticed that many of the protest signs that they’re holding are made of paper
or plastic two of the things that are pretty much destroying the planet at the
moment so I’m not really sure if it’s the right approach sometimes protesting
gets you nowhere if you remember way back in 2008 when we had the banking
crisis lots of people decided to camp outside
in London in public places and also in places where they shouldn’t have been
but it turned out that many of the people that were camping in tents were
actually not there they were going to their hotels so they were putting their
their tents outside some famous landmarks this is way back in 2008 by
the way and many of them were going to a hotel to sleep in luxury so sometimes
these things can come across they can appear a little bit hypocritical for
example during the last extinction protest Emma Thompson flew all the way
from New York or was it California to be with the
protesters and then soon as the protests finished she got back on a plane and
flew all the way back to the United States and the irony was they were
actually protesting about the number of people that are using planes to get it
round so I thought that was a little strange to say the least anyway it is
trending at the moment I’m sure you have different thoughts and opinions which
you are allowed you can express your opinions right here it is free you can
join it and ask and say what you want I promise not to censor you or ban you
this isn’t China definitely not hello to the live chat oh hello live chat nice to
see you here today Guadeloupe Oh congratulations quite a
loop guess what you are first on today’s live chat which means you get a
super-duper round of applause take about Guadalupe you are first also
TS is here on the live chat as well lots of people wanting to get involved andrew
is here as well Eric hi mr. Duncan and everyone Palmyra Yoga by an many regular
viewers are joining me now every day and I really do appreciate the fact that you
give me your time it’s great to see you here it is lovely pal Mira says what a
good marathoner mr. Duncan is yes you might describe my live streams as being
a marathon so something that goes on much longer than usual so you can run a
marathon or something that goes on for an extended period of time can also be
described as a marathon a long thing that is going on for an extended period
of time Louie Louie hello mr. Duncan hello
everyone and also don’t forget hello to the moderators I do appreciate you being
here moderating the livestream jae-hwan Jang
says oh hello and also good night now normally we use good night as a way of
saying goodbye so we don’t normally greet with good night we normally say
good night when we are going away so it is unusual to say good night when you
are saying hello however you can say good evening good evening good evening
everybody so you can say good evening as a way of
saying hello in the evening hello Luis Mendez yes I’m here again day 9 Wow and
I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already and we are in the kitchen lots of things
to show you today lots of things to describe and talk about you will notice
behind me there are many things that we are going to talk about today can you
see over there can you see that white thing that is actually my gazebo that I
normally use on Sunday so you can see my gazebo has been folded away and it’s
just behind me there in the conservatory oh by the way today would have been John
Lennon’s 79th birthday he would have been 79 today had he not been
assassinated way back in 1980 so John Lennon would have been 79 today
I love your kitchen says Christina it is very cozy sometimes when we say cozy we
actually mean small yes my kitchen is small not big not small I suppose I
suppose I would say that the kitchen is medium-sized but you’re right yes it is
quite cozy in here even though all of this needs replacing
so everything behind me is actually very old so this behind me and this
everything it is all actually quite old so it does need replacing however on the
camera it looks quite nice I can’t help noticing that on the camera
everything looks quite pretty and lovely hello muna hello Patrick
Patrick I am starving can you cook something for me well there is something
I can do I can I can put the kettle on would you like me to put the kettle on
kettle kettle is something you use for boiling water so if you put the kettle
on what does it mean does it mean this here is my kettle so
put the kettle on does it mean this no of course it doesn’t so when you put the
kettle on it means you heat it up you heat the water in the kettle so you can
make a hot drink so when we say put the kettle on mr. Duncan can you put the
kettle on it means can you boil some water so we can have a nice hot cup of
tea or maybe a cup of coffee what are you having today are you having a cup of
tea or a cup of coffee mm-hmm please let me know because I’m very
interested I’m always interested to find out what you are doing so when we say
put the kettle on it means boil some water incidentally the word kettled can
also be used as a verb and also a noun it can describe a maneuver that is
sometimes done by the police so the word kettle can actually be used as a verb
you can kettle someone in you can kettle someone and this is often a procedure or
a maneuver that is used by the police during protests and what they will do
they will push all of the protesters into a corner or into a small space so
they can let off their anger they can do what they went there to do which is
protest so the word kettle has more than one meaning normally it’s means to put
something on heat such as a kettle of water and it can also mean to push some
into a corner you cattle them you push them into up tun into a confined space
back to the live chat oh hello – 1449 is that number important is there a reason
why you are using that number I wonder hello Anna hello Louis again
hello Belarusian Belarusian has been busy in the kitchen chopping onions I’ve
been chopping onions for lunch now my hands smell of onions I think so it is a
very strong smell if you ever get onions on your fingers the smell will stay for
a long time hello cooking coke hello cookie coke I
am Horsch from Mexico nice to see you here
Christina is here your shirt is very original thank you very much a lot of
people seem to like this particular t-shirt thank you very much hello –
happy back here back in my country people are struggling fighting to gain
freedom and liberty now I have a feeling you are watching in Iraq so my greetings
to you and please stay safe anna says your kitchen is really tidy do you want
to know why the kitchen is tidy the reason is because I’m doing my
livestream so I had to tidy the kitchen to make it look nice just for you isn’t
that lovely what do you want to cook for us I won’t be doing any cooking today
however I will be showing you some kitchen items so things that we use in
the kitchen so I will be showing you right here live on camera
some of the things that I have in my kitchen some of the useful items that I
have right here in my kitchen kitchen items I have been doing my lessons I’ve
been making my youtube videos for almost 13 years and this morning I thought of a
very interesting word and here is the word can you see it
longevity longevity I love this word I don’t know why some people pronounce it
longevity however most people will pronounce this word longevity longevity
and the meaning of the word is to survive for a long period of time or to
have a very long life so when we talk about longevity it means an extended or
long period of actually existing of being alive so I love this word also it
can refer to anything that has been done for a long time so so you might say that
my youtube channel has longevity it means it has survived for many years and
hopefully it will survive for many more to come
hello to the live chat we are now up to date litleo is here hello Lilia nice to
see you here today also Mohammed egad which is your
favorite meal that you enjoy cooking now to be honest with you can I just admit
I’m not a big fan of cooking so I wouldn’t describe myself as a good cook
however sometimes when I do cook I can be a little bit lazy
that’s all I’m saying for example last night I made pizza well actually I
didn’t make pizza I actually got a frozen pizza from out of the freezer and
then I just put it in the oven so I was a little lazy last night I decided to
cook pizza unfortunately I did not prepare it myself
it was already prepared it was frozen in a box so I’m sure some of you are now
saying mr. Duncan you are so lazy why don’t you make your own food why don’t
you stand in front of your your stove cooking the food yourself hmm
well I suppose it is a very good suggestion the only problem is and this
is something I’ve noticed if you buy fresh food if you buy fresh vegetables
they will often go bad very quickly so that is one thing that I object to I
don’t like buying food and then having to throw it away because it’s gone bad
so mmm here’s an interesting question what age would you like to live up to
mr. Duncan I would like to live up to the end of today that is my wish so as
long as I survive today we will see what happens tomorrow so that’s the answer to
that question Mohammed Mohammed II says hello mr. Duncan I am happy because now
I am with you watching in Tehran hello to you Najib is here his longevity a
synonym of sustainability well I suppose it’s similar but not exact so when we
talk about sustainability it means something that can be renewed easily
so especially when we’re talking about environmental issues we often talk about
sustainable crops or sustainable energy something that can be renewed again and
again and then it will continue so I suppose you could you could say
longevity refers to sustainability Kemal hello mr. Duncan hello without hello
we’re there I like your name it’s very unusual very unusual indeed hello sir
thank you so much for the job you’ve done
I am from Bala Balochistan in Iran but I am living in Sweden Oh
Sweden is a very nice place some beautiful architecture and also rather
delicious food not women I wasn’t going to say that how dare you Louie Louie
Turtles often have great longevity this is true I think in fact maybe I’m wrong
but certainly one of the the oldest living creatures as far as their
lifespan is concerned is the turtle I think they can live for maybe a hundred
and fifty years if not longer yes I watched Finding Nemo I did some people
think that Finding Nemo is a documentary how strange is that Miguel says sir
quite often you use the expression by the way what does it mean well if you
say by the way it means you are changing the subject very briefly so you are
talking about one thing but then suddenly you remember that you want to
talk about something else so you say oh I’m talking
about that but by the way by the way so it is something you emphasize as a thing
you are adding to the conversation or what you are saying so I am talking
about this by the way by the way so it literally means by the way means to go
off in a slightly different direction there is something that I want to tell
you and it’s very important by the way have you heard tomorrow
we are going to take a look around much when Locke there is a video that I made
and I will show you around the place in which I live tomorrow I promised I was
going to show it yesterday but unfortunately I ran out of time I did
not beat the clock mmm hello – quite a loop again I wish you have a long life
with that energy and positivism or positivity thank you very much
well that is it that is what life is all about you have to try and be positive
you have to always look on the bright side of life Shakir is here sir could
you tell us a short story today if that’s what you like well I can’t tell a
story today because they don’t have much time it is now half past two so it is
half past two and in a moment I’m going to show you around my kitchen some of
the things that I use we haven’t had a look outside
this morning I woke up very early because I noticed yesterday that the
farmer who lives nearby has started to plow his fields would you like to have a
look okay here it is now can you see on the screen if you look very
closely you will see a tractor slowly coming into view and there it is and
that is the farmer who owns all of the land very close to me and he is cutting
he is turning over foreground so he is actually preparing the land for next
year so this year the harvest has come and gone and now he’s preparing the land
he is plowing the field plow that’s a very interesting word by the way the
word plow I will show you that word in a minute
because the word plow can actually be spelled in more than one way so there
you can see now appearing on the screen you can see in the distance there is a
farmer and he is plowing the field you can also see some sheep in the
background as well it’s quite a windy day so that is something that I filmed
this morning looking out of my window and yes I do live in the countryside I
that is where I live I live in the country you’re gonna find me out in the
country because that’s where I live so the word play out a very interesting
word ooh and as you can see it can be spelt in
two ways so at the top you can see plough that particular spelling is
British English British English and underneath you will see a different
spelling of the word and that is used in British English sorry
American English British English American English this is used in Britain
or in British English and this is used in
in English or of course in the United States of America plough so when the
farmer goes into the field he wants to turn the land over in preparation for
next year’s crop he will then plant some more seeds and
they will grow into next year’s harvest so I hope you enjoyed that I always like
to show you some of the views from my window from because a lot of people are
interested have you ever failed any recipes recipe so a recipe is the guide
or the instructions for making a meal so I am NOT a very good cook I will be
honest with you mr. Steve is the cook he is very good at cooking he can make some
lovely meals unfortunately I am NOT LOUIE LOUIE says can we say by the way
or anyway well anyway is often used when you want to go back to the original
subject so if you say by the way and then you say Oh
anyway anyway so you want to go back to the original subject longevity longevity
hello Eric longevity is a synonym for Queen Elizabeth yes she has been alive
for a very long time how old is she now how old is the Queen of England I think
she must be 19 95 94 97 I know she’s older than me hmm not many people are
row sir yes call to see the field thank you very much
hello mr. Duncan do you like or do you have a favorite
Tail one of my favorite stories as a child was Robin Hood the legend of Robin
Hood who lived in Sherwood Forest hello no Amy no it no Emmy or Nia no
Emmy Al sir I hope I pronounced your name right
last week passed away at the royal tour toys from an African country so last
week at or toys died and apparently it was over 300 years old can you believe
it 300 years old that’s incredible Eric is
making a joke he says Queen Elizabeth’s first pet was
a dinosaur I’m not sure if the Queen of England is that old hello Christina once
again yes I will be showing the video showing the place in which I live
tomorrow we will be back in the studio however
today I am doing something slightly different because we are going to take a
look around my kitchen yes we are in the kitchen and today I’m wearing my
trousers for the past few days I’ve been wearing shorts but today I have had to
put on my trousers and it feels very strange it really does feel strange when
you’ve been wearing shorts for many days and then suddenly you put long trousers
on and it feels very uncomfortable especially if you are wearing jeans
anyway let’s have a look shall we so things that exist in the kitchen we
are going to take a look at some simple things that you will find and I will
explain the words to you is that okay I hope so the first thing I’m going to show you is
this this is plate plate a very common item something that you will see in many
kitchens now of course I know what you’re going to say mr. Duncan that is a
big plate but of course there are small plates as well so you can have large
plates like this this is a very large plate it is quite big in fact so the
word here is plate plate and the word also can be used to mean a flat surface
or something that is flat so we might talk about plate when we are talking
about geology so quite often in geology they will mention the plates the flat
areas of land quite often these plates are divided and now and again they will
push together and then the pressure once it’s released will cause an earthquake
so plate is a word that means a flat thing you might also say that this is
related to the word plateau plateau which means to even out even out so to
go as an even line we say plateau so you might say that these two words or those
two words are actually related so that were first word plate and on your plate
you will put your food you will serve the food on a plate so that is the first
word another thing that you might eat from is dish you might eat from a dish and there
you can see dish this can also be called bowl so this can be called a dish or
bowl so we often eat our cereal or our breakfast such as porridge we will eat
it in a dish and also we will probably eat our desserts such as ice cream quite
often you will eat ice cream in a dish so you will serve a dish of ice cream
you will serve something in a dish of course generically the word dish can
mean any meal so dish as a generic word means any thing that is served as a meal
so a dish can be any meal something you have prepared you have prepared a
delicious dish something that you will serve to your dinner guests maybe dish
so there are many ways of using that word also dish can be used as a slang
term for an attractive male so if you see a man who is attractive good-looking
handsome you might describe him as a dish Oh
did you see Tom Cruise oh he was in Mission Impossible 8 whoo what a dish
he’s such a dish no I know I’m not a dish don’t worry I don’t take things too
seriously you may have noticed here is another thing that you will see around
the kitchen oh this is interesting mug mug so there is another word and
there is the item oh look it’s it’s an England cup so this can be described as
a cup or mug but actually this particular type of cup is normally
called mug and the reason why is because it is large so it is larger than the
average cup so normally a cup is much smaller so mug is a large cup normally
you will serve tea or coffee in one of these so there is a mug and this
particular mug is commemorating the England Football team do mug also the
word mug can be used to mean face a person’s face can also be described as
mug a person’s mug if you are ever in trouble with the police they will often
take a photograph of you and they will call that photograph mug shot mug shot
so basically it means a picture of your face so the word mug can be used in more
than one way also the word mug can mean attack a
so as a verb it means to attack someone or to rob someone violently
so you will jump on them you will beat them and then you will take their
valuables we say that you mug someone or of / of course the victim has been
mugged mugged so many many words so even though these words seem simple they can
be used in many different ways okay we are getting onto the big things now the
big things weather loop says I am going to work now unfortunately it was a
pleasure to spend this time with you to share this time thanks Duncan that’s
okay you can always watch this later don’t forget and also if you want to
have captions you can by pressing that button on your keyboard so yes you can
also have live captioned right now here is another thing that I’m going to show
you the word is junk jug a short word a simple word and here is the item so jug
a jug is a container that is used for measuring and also pouring so when you
pour it means you transfer the liquid from one thing to another you pour so a
jug is a very useful thing to have in the kitchen and you can see that you can
also measure measure the quantities of liquid
this particular thing is very useful in the kitchen especially if you are making
a recipe so if you are following the recipe you will often have to measure
things in this jug jug I love that word and this particular one is very large
and also very heavy and the great thing about this is you can use it in a
microwave oven so this is very useful it can be used for many different
applications many different uses in the kitchen
very useful thing jerk jerk now here is an item that looks like a jug but it
isn’t it is made of glass but this particular thing has one certain use and
it is called a mixing bowl mixing bowl so mixing bowl is the thing that you
have and also the purpose of the thing so we use this for mixing ingredients so
maybe if you are making a cake in here you will put some eggs some flour some
water maybe a little bit of sugar and also maybe a little bit of yeast or
special flour so the flour will allow the cake to expand so you will mix
everything in the bowl hence the name that’s why this is called a mixing bowl
so a mixing bowl is a very useful thing once again a very useful thing to have
around the kitchen you will mix things in a bowl also it’s very useful if you
are going into space but you can use it as a helmet Mission
Control we have a problem mixing bowl I love being in the kitchen but I do
prefer it when mr. Steve is here cooking the meal here is another thing that is
very interesting oh this is the big one this is very big it is
once again transparent so you can see right through it it is made of glass it
is big it is heavy and also it is very useful and this particular thing is
called a casserole dish casserole dish so this particular dish serves a
specific purpose and that is to make hot meals inside it but what is a casserole
a casserole is a type of stew very thick with lots of gravy quite often with meat
and vegetables and quite often you will eat a casserole during the winter when
the weather is cold and everyone needs something warm to eat so casserole we
can also say stew as well so a casserole is a very popular meal that is served
during the winter here in the UK casserole dish and this one is made of
glass of course there are other casserole dishes which are not
transparent so this one is but there are many that don’t so you can cook your
casserole or your stew I suppose also you could cook your fish in
here as well Steve always cooks the fish on Sunday in this dish a casserole dish
so that is our next item we are now getting to the interesting things the
things that you use directly for cooking and here is the next item very nice very
shiny in fact there it is look at that you can actually see the reflection of
the camera so you can see the camera reflection so this particular thing very
common you will see many of these in all sorts of shapes and sizes in the kitchen
saucepan a saucepan so saucepan or saucepan is a very useful thing it is
normally used for heating boiling or simmering simmer so if you cook
something for a very long time but you don’t want it to get too hot you just
want it to stay on the boil you simmer simmer or of course you can heat
something up until it reaches boiling point and then you will boil something
so you can cook potatoes in a saucepan you can make soup in a saucepan
you can heat up your baked beans in a saucepan so there are many ways of using
a saucepan saucepan and some people also call these pots so people over a certain
age will often call these pots so they won’t actually say saucepan they will in
fact use the word popped instead so there you
can see a sauce burn one of many and mr. Steve normally on a Sunday will cook the
rice in this pot or in this saucepan mm-hmm
I hope you enjoyed that we are already coming towards the end of the livestream
can you believe it it’s gone so quickly so fast here is another thing that is
very useful in the kitchen when you want to cook something especially when you
want to cook something unhealthy so maybe in the morning maybe you want some
breakfast you want to cook yourself a lovely full English breakfast egg bacon
sausage baked beans you will need one of these this is a very useful thing to
have around in your kitchen especially if you want to fry something or maybe
you want to hit your partner over the head a few times to keep them quiet so
this has many uses so a frying pan yes there it is frying pan so in a frying
pan you will fry food so quite often the things that you cook in the frying pan
will actually be unhealthy you will normally use fat and the things that you
fry quite often are meat so maybe you fry bacon you fry steak or maybe you fry
a sausage frying pan very useful and normally you will fry food you’ll heat
the food up in some oil so first of all you will put oil or fat
in the frying pan and then you will gently heat it and then you will add
your food so it will fry I don’t know about you but I absolutely love fried
food I know it’s bad for you I know it’s bad for your health I know what you’re
going to say mr. Duncan you shouldn’t eat fried food it isn’t good for you I
know I know I’m terrible so there is the next one frying pan frying pan pan is a
very interesting word the word pan can be used in many ways pan can mean go
from left to right or maybe from right to left so you can move horizontally so
if you pan it means you move horizontally so there is another use of
the word plan quite often that particular word is used in
cinematography or photography so if you are filming something and you move your
camera across horizontally we call that pan pan you pan across and the opposite
of that is up and down and that is called tilt tilt so that is tilt and
that is pen and this is a frying pan and it has nothing to do with making videos something else very useful if you are in
the kitchen and you want to put something in your oven you will need one
of these to protect the bottom of the food and this is called a baking tray
hello baking tray
you today so a baking tray is normally used to protect the bottom of the food
especially if you put it in an oven so maybe the oven is very hot but you
don’t want the bottom of your food to burn so you will normally put your food
on a baking tray you will use a baking tray for making cakes or maybe you will
put something on top of the baking tray like a pizza whoo that’s what I did last
night I actually made a pizza last night well I didn’t make it it was already
made but I put it on a baking tray and then I placed it in the oven so there it
was a baking tray I hope that was useful we are near the end of the livestream
hello pal Mira when we are on trips in hotels we always bring our coffee and
electrical devices to prepare coffee very early normally five or six a.m.
that is very early I’ve normally still asleep at that time
mr. Duncan you are still doing live lessons it is excellent this time you
are in your kitchen Thank You Cathy cat yes I’m in the kitchen showing some of
the items that exist right here here is something I’m going to show you it is
something that is a little bit dirty so I do apologize I apologize it is a
little bit dirty we are talking about kitchen items things you find generally
in the kitchen and here is something that unfortunately is a little bit dirty
so I do apologize and there is the item can you see it
something very useful where you are taking something out of the oven
something very hot you will use oven gloves oven gloves so these are special
items to keep your hands-free from being birthed by the hot food so these are
oven gloves in fact these particular oven gloves are
a little bit old I think we need to get some new ones oven gloves very useful
for taking hot things out from the oven one more item and then I’m going because
it is approaching three o’clock but don’t worry I will be back here tomorrow
not in the kitchen I will be back in the studio the final thing before I go after your
meal has finished you must wash the dishes I don’t know about you but I hate
washing the dishes that is the reason why I have one of these this is a
dishwasher an electric dishwasher and it is very useful for washing the dishes there is my dishwasher and I like that
because it saves me having to wash the dishes however sometimes I will wash my
dishes by hand and then afterwards I will have to dry them and I will use one
of these this is something very useful for drying your wet plates your wept
sauce pans and also your knives and forks this is a tea towel
tea towel so we often describe this as a tea towel it’s interesting that the word
tea is used however it just refers to something that you use for wiping or
drying maybe something that you have washed and you want to dry it by hand
you will use one of these tea towel that is all we have time for it is almost
time to say goodbye Thank You mr. Duncan and thanks for everyone thank you grow
up grow up you are such a human picture dictionary excellent idea
extremely useful and effective thank you grow up grow up thank you for
your company today thanks also to share a Shahryar also to Louis and Louis Louie
so don’t confuse those two people they are different people thanks also to
Palmyra thanks to Louie again Olga oh hello Olga
Olga is actually in the kitchen right now she is chopping some meat and then
she will fry the meat in a frying pan how strange is that
so I am talking about cooking in the kitchen and you are actually cooking in
the kitchen right now incredible thank you very much for your company today I
am going in a moment Thank You Luna Luna I will see you tomorrow don’t forget I
am here every single day Monday to Friday from 2:00 p.m. UK time Saturday
12:00 midday UK time and on Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time basically I am with you all
the way through October every single day I will see you tomorrow for day ten
yes and I know for a fact tomorrow it is definitely Thursday tomorrow so
tomorrow is Thursday this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thank you very much for joining me today in my kitchen I will
see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time and of course you know what’s coming next I
will wave to you and I will say that magic word… ta ta for now 😎

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Learning English – 9th October – improve your English – KITCHEN ITEMS / WORDS – day 9

  • TIME CODES – click on the blue times codes to skip forward to…
    LONGEVITY – 21:40 PLOUGH/PLOW – 29:41 KITCHEN ITEMS – 36:29
    31 days of English playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbvnlSJNf_DZmGXFl7VTPOkxF9PA1W5zX

  • I love using dark mode since my eyes are not okay with blue light from ipad’s screen. The darker your screen, the better your eyes can be protected.

  • Misterduncan, I am really grateful for the lessons you are preparing. It is clear that you are putting lots of time and energy.

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