31 Days of Learning English – DAY 29 – improve your English LIVE – HABITS & ROUTINES – 29th October

only two more days to go Oh what will we
do when I’ve stopped my live lessons? yes the cold days have arrived
it is really chilly at the moment here in the UK and that is why we have lit
the fire the fire is now burning away in the living room keeping us nice and warm
on day 29 of 31 days of learning English in October 20019 yes it’s arrived day 29 is here hi
everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay
I hope so are you happy on this SuperDuper day the weather outside at
the moment is glorious we’ve got lovely sunshine outside look
at that it’s quite a nice day so they’re looking
from my window right now and in the distance you can see a little village
far far away and that particular village is called little Wenlock and I live in
much Wenlock which is the larger place so much Wenlock is the large town and
little Wenlock and that is the place you can see now on the screen that is a
small town or maybe even a small village or even a Hamlet Hamlet oh I like that
word so a hamlet is a very small village consisting of just a few houses and not
many residents however if we look this way oh there you can see some lovely
clouds rolling by it’s quite windy outside and very cold that is the reason
why we have the fire lit so it’s become very chilly it really does feel as if
winter is on the way even though we are still in autumn so we haven’t quite
reached winter we are still in the season of autumn but there you can see
the lovely clouds rolling by in the distance it is rather nice outside today
I must admit it’s looking rather glorious and I hope where you are
everything is alright it not too bad how has your week been so
far it was Monday yesterday that means today
it’s Tuesday mm I hope you are having a good Tuesday
it isn’t too bad here I’m okay thank you very much even though it’s freezing last
night once again it was very cold outside and it would appear that the
cold air has gone to my throat because my voice today feels very uncomfortable
I don’t know why don’t worry I’m not becoming ill I think it’s just the cold
air because I went outside this morning to put some food out for the birds
however it is so cold outside I think the cold air has gone onto my my little
throat ah poor mr. Duncan so here we go then we’ve got lots of things to talk
about today we are talking about habits and also routines the habits that you
have in your life the things that you do and also the routines things that you do
regularly for example in the morning when you wake up what do you do in the
morning when you first wake up so we are talking about your habits and routines
the things that you do on a regular basis and of course the things that you
do that maybe other people don’t know about
so habits come in all shapes and sizes there are many different types of habit
let’s have a look at the live chat we’ll do the live chat first because I have so
many things to tell you today so many things to get through I don’t know where
to start to be honest so hello to the live chat hi
welcome thank you for joining me a big congratulations to Kaiba Jen Kaiba you
are first on today’s live chat I will give you a lovely graceful bow
and also a curtsy just like a little princess would do so hello to Kaiba also
Grace is here as well Joe hello Joe Louie Mendez a lot of people are here
already thank you very much you are so prompt prompt you are on time thank you
also to zoo zoo seeker thank you very much as well
christina is here hello Christina Palmyra Patrick Patrick says only two
more days left you are right yes we only have two more days of October which
means we only have two more days of daily live English streams so the final
days Wednesday and Thursday 2:00 p.m. UK time
so you will see me tomorrow and on Thursday but as soon as October ends so
will my 31 days of English lessons during October however don’t worry there
will be more live streams the only difference is they won’t be every day
patchy was here also khyber again hello khyber congratulations for being first
again on the live stream Ramzan hora is here also juice hello
juice K I’m intrigued by your name Eric after this month we will surely ramp up
our English with all these lessons if you ramp up something it means you
increase you increase the quantity or the amount or maybe the effort that you
put into something you ramp up your learning you increase it you
put more energy into your learning hello also to business business win
hello to you watching in Vietnam also to arts be lots of people who have been
joining me almost every day for the past 28 days and of course today as well but
only two more days of daily live English to come just two more days
I suppose we should mention this this is now not happening so on the 31st of
October this is not happening it won’t happen now until at least
Friday the 31st of January 2020 so that is when this is now happening or as far
as we know it might happen it might not it might get called off it might be
postponed again so that is the day that this is now happening so it isn’t
happening on Thursday no not now it’s not happening at all in fact however the
thing that everyone is talking about now here in the UK is this oh my gosh can I
just say my brain can’t stand all this excitement
there is always something new occurring every single day in this country so now
we have one of these coming up however we haven’t quite decided which day it’s
going to be so we have a choice of two days it will either be Monday the 9th of
December or it will be Thursday the 12th of December so at the moment it looks as
if one of these is going to happen but we’re not sure
when so it might be on Thursday the 12th of December just a few days before
Christmas it is a very strange time to have a an election to be honest not to
mention the fact that it’s also the middle of winter so Thursday the 12th of
December or it might be on Monday the 9th of December so that is the election
they haven’t voted on it yet so yes we have joined the club because lots of
countries at the moment are having political upheavals and turmoil oh I
like that word turmoil chaos chaos confusion so we are
having a general election maybe perhaps possibly we’re still not sure in
December but they haven’t decided yet I wish they would make their minds up
we’ve had three years over three years of this three and a half years in fact
of this I think people are getting a little bit annoyed by it
hello also to Harley Kwang hello to you our man is here also Raqib Wow so many
people on the live chat it’s nice to see you all here today
Patrick asks how do you spell Hamlet yes Patrick you have spelt it correctly yes
exactly so a very small village a small place or maybe a small area where there
are houses and people living is a hamlet in fact I live in Hamlet in fact I also
live in a hamlet so I don’t live in much Wenlock I live near Much Wenlock in a
very small hamlet a very tiny village Christina hello
Christina again also to Raqib Wow lots of people so many people are joining me
thank you very much for joining me today I always feel very grateful when you
join me on the livestream because I know you have other things to do as well I
know you have busy lives just like me how can I see the subtitles all you have
to do is press this on your keyboard so if you press this button on your
keyboard you will get the live captions so now you know also there is another
way of getting the live captions as well to get the captions on your mobile phone
or your tablet this is what you need to do so you can go into the corner of your
screen and you can find the settings for the video and then you will choose
captions so make sure you activate the captions so if you are watching on a
mobile device you click the Settings in the corner of the video screen and then
you select captions and that is how you do it it’s as simple as that
hello also – mirela hello – senel hello sanaka Buch who says I have written from
Turkey a big hello to Turkey nice to see you there I have been to your country
twice in the past Zhang Kai says hello hello to you as well
where are you watching Zhang are you watching in China maybe maybe who knows
I don’t know that’s why I’m asking the question Jamal is here
Christelle Robert I can join you every day of this week because I am on holiday
I lucky Christelle you are very lucky in
fact the reason why I think you are lucky is because you have a whole week
on holiday very nice don’t worry mr. Duncan about the UK
situation unfortunately there is a very political chaotic political situation in
Italy as well the whole world nowadays in fact yes I think it’s true I was
watching the news last night and all they were talking about were all of the
events taking place around the world so you have countries like Lebanon you have
Spain you have where else Chile also Venezuela although to be honest I
haven’t heard much about Venezuela for a long time it would appear that the news
has forgotten about Venezuela also in Hong Kong as well so the protests
continuing there and in fact yesterday there were many protests and also at the
weekend there will be more protests so yes it’s fair to say that there is
political turmoil I love that word I might say it again later
our paren says I really love Birkin with all my heart
I think you mean Duncan can you declare it here please mr. Duncan I am from
Lambeth in London oh hello there Lambeth so that is where a lot of the people
speak with a company accent in chat all right all right Eric cockney I come from
London in chat but the old Apple impairs to see her indoors the trouble in strife
sorry about my terrible cockney accent but Lambeth is one of the
places where a lot of people speak where they cut me
accent they really do hello walls so to Pedro hello Pedro nice
to see you here as well I imagine if each one of us spoke French Spanish
Farsi and Chinese it will become chaos yes well maybe if everyone spoke a
different language it would be hard to communicate that’s one of the reasons
why I love the English language the reason why I’m an English addict is
because from my own point of view I love sharing information with other people
and English is a great way of sharing information and also ideas thoughts and
opinions so that’s one of my main reasons for loving the English language
I’ve always embraced English because I’ve always seen it as a way of opening
doors so not only for people learning English as a Second Language but also
for myself as well so even for me English has given me many opportunities
it’s allowed me to travel the world it has allowed me to meet people who I
wouldn’t normally meet and of course I was able to communicate with them
because they spoke English so that’s the reason why I love English so much
al-khair says hi mr. Duncan I’m happy to see you indeed there are so many events
and political turmoil all around the world but at the end hasn’t the world
always been in trouble I suppose so so when you think about the
20th century there were many wars big Wars well there were two large wars and
many smaller Wars fights some of which are still taking place today some of
which are still occurring so there that’s it really
so you are right mr. Duncan I would like to see your bedroom really Pedro well
that might be the strangest offer I’ve had today not that I get many offers I
really don’t trust me not at my age LOUIE LOUIE even in the same country
it’s difficult to understand each other sometimes this is true so even if you
live in a certain country like here in the UK so because people speak English
here in the UK with different accents sometimes it might be difficult to
understand what they are saying so even though they are speaking English you
might sometimes have difficulty understanding certain words so yes it
can happen in any place any place even where the language is shared or common
at teeb hello hih teeb nice to see you here how is your day guys well my god
my day is all right it’s not too bad because the weather is lovely I don’t
know why I always feel happy and excited when the Sun is out so we have a lot of
Sun today even though you can you can also see a lot of clouds as well so
there are many clouds floating in the sky although the Sun is breaking through
those clouds and shining on my little face it’s very nice really so we are
talking about habits and routines in a few minutes I suppose I might mention
something that is important especially if you are watching my live streams
after they have finished so here is something interesting can you see here
video time-codes now I’ve been wanting to explain these
for a long time underneath my video you will see these
video codes and they will allow you to skip
ahead so if you are watching a video and you don’t want to watch all of the video
you can actually click on the timecode and you can see the time codes because
they are blue so this is just an example this is just an example to show you so
video time codes they are very useful on YouTube if you want to skip ahead if you
want to move ahead to a different part of the video in fact I should have
something here let me just check to make sure yes so here is an example of the
time codes on my youtube channel so underneath my videos you will see these
things so this is just an example from one of my lessons but you can see that
the time codes are blue and all you have to do when you see those under my video
you click on the time that you want to skip to and I must admit I think they
are one of the best things to appear on YouTube so I love video time codes I
think they are amazing things and they are always available on my video lessons
after the live stream has finished so after I finish I will put the time codes
underneath the video so I find them very useful I think video time codes are
possibly one of the best things to happen on YouTube for a long time that
and also subtitles I think they are both very useful things so I thought I would
mention that I really wanted to mention that so you would be aware also there is
a playlist for all of my days so if you’ve missed anything you can go under
this video and in the description there is a playlist
with all of my 31 days on there Patrick is here Anna is here also Belarus ear is
here hello Belarus er nice to see you back I
know that you are very busy at the moment I think you are making lunch for
your family so thank you very much Belarusian and don’t forget to send my
best wishes to your family as well please Patrick is here also crystal
thank you for your explanation I didn’t know about the time codes well one of
the things about YouTube is they will often introduce new things but they
won’t explain it to anyone so quite often they will introduce things to
their site but they won’t actually tell you what they are so these are very
useful things and quite often I will include them in my live stream comments
underneath the video so you won’t see these live you will only see these under
my recorded videos so I think that’s an interesting thing to mention can you
pronounce the words cold and code I can cold cold
so the sound you are making half way through the word is la la la like love
cold cold and the other word is code code code so cold it’s cold outside and
do you need my code to get into the house do you need my code it’s very cold
so you can hear quite clearly there is a difference in the pronunciation does this mean that you edit the live
videos no it doesn’t mean that so my live streams are recorded on to
YouTube after they finish but I don’t edit them however you can find the time
codes underneath the video I will show them again so that’s the sort of thing
you will see so that is just an example time codes allow you to skip ahead on
the video so for example at the start of my lesson I always play some music for
about 3 minutes and that gives me a chance to test my equipment so when I
start my live streams you will also always hear this you will always hear
that music and then that gives me a chance to connect my live stream and
also to make sure that all the work that everything is working all right
all the technical things are functioning so that’s the reason why I do that yes
it does make things better I agree with you Louie definitely thank you very much
for your company today I will be here for another half an hour so don’t worry
I’m not going anywhere we are going back in time we are going back to this date
six years ago to find out what I was getting up to I love idioms they spice
up any sentence or conversation so well here’s a good one for you a storm in a
teacup this idiom means that the fuss and chaos caused by something is over
the top the reaction is stronger than it needs to be if people become angry over
a small mistake or problem then we can say that it is a storm in a teacup it is
all a big fuss about nothing I don’t really like the
fluorescent lights in here here another idiom for you now to catch wind of
something or to get wind of something this means to find out about something
some news has reached you you have been informed about something perhaps the
news concerns you or is about you you find out about it you get wind of it the
news has reached you idiom number three is to go out on a limb this idiom does
not relate to a body part but in fact a tree
the idiom means to do something it puts you at risk or in danger you do
something risky or difficult quite often to help another person you go out on a
limb to achieve something if you are left out on a limb then you have been
left with no help or support your work colleagues would not support you they
left you out on a limb the limb being referred to is the branch of a tree one more idiom before your comments to
bark up the wrong tree this idiom refers to a person making the wrong assumption
about something they presume something incorrectly perhaps they have accused
someone of committing a crime but they are wrong you could say that they are
barking up the wrong tree they are looking in the wrong place for the
answer just like a dog that thinks there is something worth chasing up a tree but
there isn’t the dog is barking up the wrong tree and if your assumption is
wrong so are you going back in time their way back six
years to 2013 I hope you enjoyed that something from my special series of
video lessons that I made in October 2013 it seems like such a long time ago
and here we are now in 2019 2019 with 2020 just around the corner have you
thought about next year because I know it seems early but November is just
around the corner so have you made any plans for 2020 any plans anything that
you have planned to do next year as the New Year arrives we often make plans we
make little choices or resolutions things that we intend to do next year so
it depends I suppose it depends on what your plans and your circumstances are i
guess ‘sir jr hello mr. Duncan and everyone I am late I would like to ask
you is there a word in the English in the English language home tasks thank
you very much well we we can actually use the phrase home tasks if you are
doing something at home so maybe you are working at home you have a home task to
do so home task even though it sounds odd but you can use that as a phrase but
it is more likely that you will say homework you are doing your homework or
your chores so if you are doing something around the house if you are
washing your clothes or doing something like that we can say you are doing your
housework or your chores however if your teacher has given you some work
to do with one of the subjects that you are learning but you have to do it at
home then we can say homework we will say homework
congratulations mr. Duncan they are very useful we like the timecodes LOUIE LOUIE
I plan to go to Quebec in 2020 oh I hope you have a nice time Quebec so Canada is
quite a nice place what if mr. Steve’s nephews has just took his doctorate and
he’s living in Canada at the moment I can’t remember where I think I want to
say Ontario but that sounds wrong I know it probably isn’t
Ontario anyway have a great time next year I hope you have a super time on
your travels Rolfie is there an english academy or organization that evaluates
or approves the birth of a new word that’s interesting now you’ve probably
heard of the word meme so meme can be anything that spreads something that you
see maybe a picture but also a word can also be a type of meme so when a word
comes into regular use quite often people will sit and they will talk about
the new words or the words that have come along maybe new words or of course
maybe an old word that has a new meaning so yes it can happen so words become
dictionary words once they’ve been used for a certain amount of time and they
have become common so once they’ve become memes then quite often they will
eventually end up in the dictionary so every year many new words and phrases
are added to the dictionary so for example the Oxford Dictionary so
I like the Oxford Dictionary I always use oxford dictionaries for my
references so anything that I look for I always use Oxford University Press
because they are quite good they’ve been around for a long time and they are
pretty well trusted to be honest so every year they will add new words and
phrases so things that have become common in common use Ontario is a good
place Thank You Pat show I’m not sure where Steve’s nephew is I can’t remember
the place I know it isn’t Ontario that doesn’t sound right that doesn’t sound
right Argentinian people have to make a
terrible decision in the general election last Sunday Noemi
I haven’t actually seen I haven’t seen who won so who actually won in the
Argentine election I haven’t seen who’s won I’ve seen lots of other news but I
haven’t I haven’t heard the result from the Argentinian election so I don’t know
what the result was hello also to say dad or Qaeda Yahoo’s
watching in Turkey hello to Turkey again a country I have been to in the past mr.
Duncan I am reading books in the English language yesterday I finished a book
called the cross and the Switchblade next we are the next is we are displaced
by Malala okay then I’m not sure which book that is I’m not sure mr. Steve is
going to kill you you mean me why mr. Steve has many
reasons why he would like to push me down the stairs on a dark evening I
think so Kathi Anna hello Cathy Anna we are
talking about habits and routines so I thought it would be fun to take a look
at one of my early lessons so here is one of my very early lessons where I
talk all about habits good habits and bad habits oh and also in the video you
might notice that I look very young hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England
how are you today are you okay I hope so
are you happy I hope so in today’s lesson we will talk about the awkward
and some would say embarrassing subject of our faults and bad habits
do you like my nose I picked it myself the word fault means something that is
not perfect or isn’t completely correct there are other words that can be
connected to fault such as abnormality blemish defacement defect disfigurement
failing floor imperfection and irregularity all of those words you just heard relate
to the appearance of something or how it lurks however the word fault can also be
used to show a wrong action we can say it is your fault
that is your mistake you did that wrong that happened because of you you must
take the blame for this you really screwed up when we use these
sentences we are telling the other person that they are responsible for the
mistake we are blaming them for it of course a fault can also be related to
another part of our behavior bad habits bad habits are things we do that annoy
other people or may appear unpleasant rude or even dangerous there are many
bad habits around for example biting your fingernails talking with your mouth
full of foods picking your nose not taking a regular bath or shower being late for an appointment
watching too much TV drinking too much alcohol such as beer and wine smoking
cigarettes not changing your socks for talking for ages on the phone there are
other words that can be used to describe our personal habits such as custom
eccentricity foible idiosyncrasy oddness peculiarities quirk routine and shortcoming what’s that smell
oh no it is fair to say that nobody is perfect we all have little habits or
something we do there’s a noise others sometimes they may be hard to accept
they can even lead to the breakup of relationships such as marriage so it is
true to say that everyone has some little fault that is a part of his or
her character the only way to really deal with it is to try and live with it
or the consequences could be disastrous so there it was oh my goodness that was
over 11 years ago 11 years ago what were you doing 11 years ago I was making
YouTube videos in fact 13 years ago I was making YouTube videos what were you
doing 13 years ago so this Thursday I will be celebrating my 13th anniversary
on YouTube I started making my videos way back in 2006 when YouTube was just a
little baby YouTube was just a little infant trying to walk for the first time
and drinking out of a big bottle hello – nee Amon hello to you as well Palmira
what a good actor mr. Duncan is yes one of my best performances is when I
pretend to be a normal person hello Louie Louie I used to have so many bad
habits when I was young but that was in the 1980s the 1980s ah I remember it
well because I was a teenager hello Anna I don’t always remember how funny you
were in your old lessons you are not only a teacher but also an actor thank
you very much for that I still haven’t received my Oscar or my Emmy or even a
Razzie even a Razzie would be nice so a Razzie is an is an award that they give
for bad acting so I haven’t even had one of those yeah it’s not very nice we are
talking about habits and routines the things that you do every day so when we
talk about routines we talk about things that we often do or maybe something we
do as part of our day so for example you wake up in the mall
morning what’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning besides
complain about the fact that you have to get up and go to work or go to school so
that might be one of the things that you do in the morning you wake up you open
your eyes you stretch your arms you get out of bed maybe you go to the toilet
first of all maybe I don’t know and then you go downstairs maybe you go
downstairs to have something to eat you have your breakfast and then you go
back upstairs and you take a shower and then you get ready to go out to work or
maybe you do the opposite maybe you have a shower and you’re wash first of all
and then you have your breakfast so a routine is not just habit but also the
order of those things so maybe you do things in a certain order so wake up
wash eat breakfast get dressed go out the house so that might be your routine
so when we talk about routines the things you do every day and also your
habits as well so habits can also refer to your routines the things you often do
so when we talk about habits we talk about your habit maybe one particular
thing that you do or something you enjoy doing
sometimes a habit can be a good habit and sometimes a bad habit lifestyle now
here’s an interesting word a person’s lifestyle when we talk about someone’s
lifestyle it is how they live the way they live their life the way they do
things in their life so we can say a person’s habit or their lifestyle the
things they do so lifestyle is normally a generic word
it covers your general behavior the way you live maybe where you live how much
money you have so your lifestyle relates to all of the areas of your life the way
you live where you work if you are married or not married so there are many
ways of describing that also we can talk about your daily life so the things you
do everyday in your daily life how do you spend your day what do you do in
your day normally maybe during the week you go to work so your daily life can
change depending on what day of the week it is or which day you are doing certain
things oh I like this word here’s a nice word existence so your existence is the
feeling of being alive or maybe the way you live so your existence once again
covers everything it covers your life the way you live even your sense of
being alive your existence is the thing that you are aware of so existence
covers everything when we talk about a person’s existence we are talking about
their like so your existence all oh I like this word he’s an interesting word
mode so mode is the method of doing things so again it can be part of your
routine not only what you do but the way you do it your existence and the mode
the way you do things and also the means oh I like this word some interesting
words today so when we talk about the means that means
the way of getting things so your means might be the way you survive or the
things you do to earn money how much money do you earn what do you do to earn
money so we talk about a person’s means the way to survive or the things you do
so you can survive quite often we will have to go to work in fact most of us do
we all have to go to work we have a job if you are young you will go to school
so you might not earn any money so you have no means when you are young but
when you are older you have to work you have to get a job you have to earn money
so you can survive we talked about your means so this is part of your daily
routine you have to go to work you have to earn some money hello to Palmero hello also to Pat you
what is the best part of your day well my favorite part of the day is always
waking up I always feel slightly relieved when I wake up in the morning I
always wake up with a smile on my face because I know that I get to do this all
over again I get to live another day so yes it’s quite nice so I suppose my
favorite part of the day is actually opening my eyes in the morning and I
realize that I can do this again I am still alive which is always very
comforting to be honest Pat chew and also Christina
my lifestyle is to keep me healthy and play sports
yes very good so part of your lifestyle can be not only your work but also what
you do in your spare time the things you do to keep yourself happy
and also healthy yes pretty good I like it what is the most single important
thing for happiness in life that is not an easy question because everyone’s view
of life is subjective so something that makes one person happy might not make
another person happy so really happiness is what you find the
things that make you happy your connection with the world around you is
what makes you happy so we all find different things in our lives that make
us happy so maybe something I enjoy or something that makes me happy
might not make someone else happy they might be bored by it they might not
enjoy it so I think happiness is very much subjective it is all down to the
individual how you see life the things you want the things you see the things
you need and also the things that make you happy as a person I think so
thank you very much for your lovely messages today of course if we want to
progress through life part of our daily routine might involve having a goal or
maybe more than one goal you might have many goals the things you want to do in
your life the things you want to achieve the place you want to be the job you
want to have the person you want to be with so we all have goals so your goal
is the thing you want to do or you want to achieve the thing you want to be in
the future so I suppose we all have goals when we are young as I said
yesterday sometimes we miss many opportunities because we don’t realize
they are there however later in life quite often we will have at least
one goal or many goals things we want to achieve things we want to get or do your
aims again if you aim to do something it is a goal you aim towards the goal just
like football so your aims are the things that you want to achieve or do
and of course a lot of people feel that having a goal will give them purpose
this once again is a big word it really is so purpose is really talking about a
person’s worth in this world so everyone needs a purpose
everyone needs a reason to feel useful I suppose from my point of view I think I
would be lost if I didn’t have a purpose so I think most people search for a
purpose in their life something that they want to do maybe something they
enjoy doing so your aims quite often refer to some purpose something that you
want to do in your life maybe a target maybe a thing you see in your future
that you would like to achieve some people will go to university and they
will get a degree like mr. Steve’s nephew in Canada so he has just got his
doctorate which means he will have more opportunities so if you aspire I like
this word to aspire is to have a deep longing to do something you aspire you
want to become a certain thing a certain type of person or maybe to have a
certain career a certain way of life the thing you aspire
– so maybe you see something maybe a person has a nice car or a nice house
perhaps you will aspire to having those things yourself yearn oh yes if you
yearn for something it means you want you desire maybe something you feel in
your heart that you really want to achieve or to have so quite often we
have the feeling of yearning you will yearn for something you want something
maybe you yearn for a good job or maybe you yearn for a faithful partner ambition another great word here so this
particular word ambition an ambition once again is something that you want to
do the thing that you want to do in your life may be a certain type of job maybe
there is a skill that you want to have maybe you have a natural skill that you
want to use in your life you will have an ambition as a young boy I used to
have an ambition to be a radio presenter I always wanted to be on the radio I
thought my future belonged in broadcasting and being a DJ or a radio
presenter so that’s what I set my sights on as a young person however it took
many years before I became comfortable doing that particular thing so everyone
has an ambition something that they want to do something that they see themselves
doing in the future back to the live chat hello hello sama
hello sama sama Saeed says nice tutorial thank you very much I am here live every
day I will be here on Wednesday and Thursday 2 p.m. UK time so yes I am here
every day during October Thank You pachu thank you
nee Mon can i watch this live stream again when it’s finished yes you can you
can watch the live stream again and also don’t forget there are time codes as
well under the video so you can find your favorite part of the live stream so
there will be time codes under the video in the comments and that is something I
add to make it easier for you to watch later on PAL mera I listen to English
music very much there are so many songs stuck in my head well some people want
to perform in their later years maybe a person wants to be a singer or a
performer maybe a dancer maybe a person wants to do art and become creative so
maybe you have the feeling inside you maybe you feel as if there is something
that you want to do in your life of course there are negative things so
people can be good they can be clean they can be nice people however of
course there can be the opposite so there are negative ways of living your
lifestyle might not be so good you might be untidy so an untidy person is a
person who does not take care of their appearance they are untidy maybe their
clothing is dirty maybe they don’t take good care of themselves maybe they don’t
eat the right food maybe they don’t have good personal
hygiene they are untidy a person who is untidy
might be described as unkempt a person who is unkempt is untidy they are
scruffy so a an unkempt person is untidy unkempt scruffy even dirty you might
describe a person as dirty if they don’t take care of their hygiene maybe they
never wash their clothes maybe they have bad breath so they are dirty scruffy and
unkempt and untidy however it’s worth mentioning that untidy can also mean the
state of where you are living so maybe your house is untidy so maybe your house
is dirty unclean and untidy so a person can be untidy as an action so maybe they
never clean their house the opposite of course is neat if a person is neat it
means they are clean they take care of themselves they look after their
appearance they are very neat a neat person we can also say clean cut quite
often we will use this to describe a man so maybe a man who looks very clean very
tidy we can describe him as clean-cut so also this often is used to describe a
person who has beard they don’t have a beard they are
clean-cut presentable a presentable person is a person who looks clean and
tidy they wear nice clothes and they look presentable quite often if you go
for a job interview your appearance is very important you must clean your face
brush your teeth and wear some nice smart clothing so yes to be presentable
means your appearance is agreeable people will not be upset by your
appearance a person who is well-groomed
it sounds like a horse but we’re not talking about horses we’re talking about
people so a person who is well-groomed is tidy they are clean and tidy they are
well groomed back to the live chat I will be going soon because it’s now
seven minutes no eight minutes past three o’clock and it’s Tuesday hello to
Anna hello also to Christina Christina says
stinky yes a stinky person a person who has an odor coming from their body so
some people have a pleasant odour especially if they use aftershave or
perfume however some people don’t take care of their body they don’t wash
regularly so they will stink they are stinky so a person a person who
is stinky has a bad smell or a bad odour so maybe the smell is coming from their
mouth maybe they have bad teeth or maybe the the smell is coming from their
armpits under their arms there is nothing worse
than being near a stinky person nothing worse yes an unclean person is a person
who does not wash they don’t take care of their personal hygiene when we talk
about a person’s lifestyle their habits their way of living we can say that a
person is stable this also sounds like it has something to do with horses but
it doesn’t so when we talk about a stable person we are talking about
someone who has a good job or maybe a regular job so they are a stable person
they have a stable income by that we mean regular so if you have a regular
job with a regular income you have a stable life maybe you are in a long-term
relationship with someone maybe you have met the love of your life so you are in
a stable relationship steady something is happening regularly the
opposite is unstable so if something is unstable it means it doesn’t always go
smoothly it is an unstable relationship or maybe an unstable job and then we
have organized oh I like this word to be organized means that you arrange things
in your life very well you are very good at arranging your life you are a very
organized person for example mr. Steve is a very organized person mr. Steve is
very good at organizing his life even though sometimes he makes plans and
then forgets about them sometimes not often but sometimes so an organized
person is a person who is very good at arranging their life they quite often
have a tidy house maybe their house is clean and tidy they are very well
organized an organized person and of course the opposite of that disorganized
and that might describe me to be honest so some people might describe me as and
disorganized mr. Duncan is so disorganized I don’t know what you mean
sometimes I can be a little disorganized but most of the time I think I am very
organized sometimes I am disorganized we all have strange ways
we all have strange ways of living we all have strange things that we enjoy
doing some of these things are secret and we never tell another person some of
them are obvious and we can see them clearly we describe these as an
idiosyncrasy so when we talk about idiosyncrasy that is a great word by the
way a person’s edu Singh cracy is their way
of doing things things that are maybe unusual or odd we talk about a person’s
idiosyncrasy so some people say that I have a few idiosyncrasies the plural the
single is II do sync receipt a person’s strange
habits or their way of doing things another word we can use is quark you
have a quark you have an unusual way of doing something you have a little quirk
or maybe a person as an adjective can be described as quirky some people describe
me as quirky a little art a little humorous sometimes a little strange eccentric
oh yes I have definitely been called this some of mr. Steve’s work colleagues
some of the people that Steve works with often describe me as eccentric I don’t
know what they mean I don’t know what they mean by that do you think I’m
eccentric some people do apparently I have been called eccentric many times
because I’m seen as being a little unusual
maybe odd maybe strange but not in a bad way so quite often an eccentric person
will be unusual or odd but in a nice way I hope and finally we have the word odd
so if someone is eccentric we might also described them as odd unusual a person
who has maybe strange habits or ways of doing things a lot of people say mr.
Duncan your way of teaching is very eccentric sometimes but it’s not a bad
thing sometimes standing out can be a good thing the hardest part is actually
doing it it is trust me because I’ve been there I’ve been in that situation
Thank You arts be arts be said eccentric and very creative I’m not sure if you’re
talking about me I’m not sure eccentric I do understand that word – thank you
very much so do people ever describe you as eccentric I have been called it many
times mr. Duncan I think you are an organized person because how could you
have been able to do a live stream every day in October can I just say it took a
lot of work a lot of effort to keep all of this going for 31 days although I
have I still have two more days to go so there are still two more days and I will
go soon so don’t forget Wednesday Thursday 2:00 p.m. UK time so I will be
back tomorrow at 2 p.m. hello to learn English and tech hello there thanks for
joining me I will be going soon don’t forget you can watch this lesson again
with captions and also underneath there will be video time codes so you can
click on the blue numbers and they will take you to a certain part of the video
so you don’t have to sit and watch the whole lesson you can skip ahead it’s
very useful a very lovely feature thank you for everyone thank you very much for
your company I am going I will be with you again tomorrow
Thank You Syed thank you Batista thank you very much – Christelle thank you
very much – Louie Louie arts be tally hello mr. Duncan I am new I want to
learn English and I am a beginner help me English is very important for my work
well you have come to the right place because I teach English on YouTube I
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subscribe thank you very much I would be very grateful thanks a lot for your
company I am going right now this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English
saying thanks for watching today see you tomorrow
2 p.m. UK time and of course you know what’s coming next
yes you do you know exactly what’s coming next until tomorrow this is mr. Duncan saying… ta ta for now 😎

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