31 Days of Learning English – Day 3 – Using ‘Put’ & ‘With’ – It’s time to improve your English

do be doop doop doop doop doop doop doop
doop doop be deep deep deep deep oh hello there here we go yes it is day
three of 31 days of learning English oh hello there hi everybody this is mr.
Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy are
you happy today yes we have made it all away to day three with 28 days still to
go I can’t believe it I still have 28 days to do this every
single day I’m here with you I can’t believe it
anyway we are here again thank you for joining me on the third day of my
special month of live English and the reason why I’m doing it is because this
month I am celebrating my 13th year so I thought hmm why not have 31 days of live
streams and that’s exactly what I’m doing so I hope you are okay I am okay
not too bad thank you very much by the way I’m still recovering from the cold
that I had last week I caught a terrible fever last week from mr. Steve and I’m
still getting over it to get over something is to recover so when you get
over something it means you recover so I am still getting over the terrible cold
that I had last week my voice still doesn’t sound right it still sounds a
little rough around the edges anyway I am Here I am standing up in my studio
here in Much Wenlock in England for those who are wondering where I am
yes that is where I am I am in a little place called Much Wenlock which is in
England I hope you’re feeling good today yes it is Thursday for many people the
weekend is just around the corner however
for me there is no break for me because this weekend I will also be with you
live yes I’m live every single day and for those who want to have a look at the
actual times there I hope they are on the screen yes they are there they are
look they’re on the screen right now so 31 days of live English during October
Monday to Friday 2 p.m. Saturday 12 p.m. just after lunchtime and on Sunday 2
p.m. UK time as well I can’t believe it I really can’t believe that I’m doing
this every day during October also if you would like to send a donation to
help my work continue you are more than welcome to do so and there you can see
on the screen the address that you can send your donations large or small – and
a few people have asked mr. Duncan how can we contact you
well you can write to me through Facebook I have my own Facebook page and
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right now talking of which I received a very nice email yesterday from one of my
viewers Luis Mendez sent some rather nice photographs which we will have a
look at in a few moments meanwhile we have the lived’ hello live chat live
chatters so the big question is who is first on the live chat today the 3rd day
of October and of course the third day of 31 days of live English and I’m here
again today hello – Andrew hi Andrew guess what you are first on the live
chat in fact I did notice that Andrew and
Sally I noticed that your messages appeared at the same time so this is
something very unusual I don’t normally do this so today I’m going to give a
round of applause to Andrew and Sally you are both both first on today’s
livestream congratulations to you both of you
Andrew and Sally you are both first on today’s live chat hello to Luis Mendez
Luis is one of the moderators today so Luis will be looking and making sure
there’s no one misbehaves if you misbehave
it means you behave badly or maybe you do something you shouldn’t you miss
behaved misbehavior is not accepted in society also on the Internet as well
Belarus ear is here as well also a moderator hello to you Louie Louie
hello to Louie Louie watching in France nice to see you here again on Thursday
afternoon it is just coming up to ten minutes past 2:00 on a Thursday
afternoon I don’t know what time it is where you are because I’m not there you
see I’m here I’m here in my studio also Meeker is here hello Meeker nice to see
you here also a moderator as well so it looks as if I have three of my
moderators here today to make sure everyone is on their best behavior poppy is here hello Pappy nice to see
you here today cache trailers TV I am looking for my
dog oh I’m sorry to hear that what has happened has your dog escaped you have a
lost dog and this happens quite a lot especially here in the UK so this is the
country in which I live and I am very aware that these days owning a dog has
become very popular have you noticed that I’m not sure what it’s like in your
country but here in the UK people have gone crazy crazy over dogs they own dogs
they own too they own three dogs some people will
actually take all of their neighbor’s dogs for a walk at the same time so it
isn’t unusual to see one person taking about seven eight or even ten dogs for a
walk at the same time so dog owning has become very popular here in the UK and
as you can imagine people quite often lose their dogs as well the dog will
disappear it will go astray oh I like that word astray so if something goes
astray it means it vanishes or it goes away or it goes in the direction it
shouldn’t so something goes astray something goes off in the wrong
direction so something goes astray and also we can call a dog that has escaped
stray stray so a dog that has disappeared or run away is stray it is
lost and alone so I hope cash that you find your dog soon I’m very sorry to
hear that I know a lot of people become very attached to their dogs in fact
there is a neighbor not far away from me who lost one of their dogs last year
last September and one year later they are still looking for the dog so even
though the dog vanished over a year ago they are still searching for it because
it means a lot to them so I think it would be fair to say that people do
become quite attached and fond of their dogs so I think yes I think that’s
definitely happening here in the UK hello Anna
hello everybody thanks a lot for joining me again Anna nice to see you here
Haytham is here as well hello also too oh ma salut ma’am hello to you as well
and Theo hello Theo nice to see you back again and it’s also nice to see so many
people watching my live streams so I’ve been here now for three days doing my
special 31 days of live streams hello also – Anna Kobi Emery hello hello
amra wardi I know I always bring mispronounced your name for which I
apologize I hope one day we can meet face to face and then you can tell me
directly how I should be pronouncing your name Marella
hello Marella hello mr. dokkan hello everybody hello Mika I’m very well says
Belarusian that’s good to know also to black hello black watching in
Turkey Oh turkey is a country I know very well because I’ve been there twice
in the past not only that but I also made an English lesson in Turkey and
that is available on my youtube channel yurga hello Yerger nice to see you here
today it is my first time here today oh well
yurga guess what whenever someone new says hello on the live chat they always
get a super-duper round of applause pretty good i Becht when you woke up
this morning you didn’t think that someone on the other side of the world
was going to send you a round of applause but there they are
Christine says I am Christine and I watching on my mobile hello you are
looking good today Thank You Christine yes I’m wearing my
shirt today I thought I would wear something smart and of course I am
wearing my my Union Flag tie there you can see my lovely Union flag tie and it
has nothing to do with brexit okay it has nothing to do with the UK leaving
the EU it has nothing to do with that the reason why I wear this is so people
know where I am because some people think I’m in the USA even though I speak
with a very broad British accent so there you can see I am in the United
Kingdom yurga
hello from Ethiopia nice to see a Theo Pugh here today on a Thursday it’s great
to see you here the weekend is coming do you have something planned this weekend
I know it’s still Thursday but a lot of people do like to make plans for the
weekend even on Thursday olivia is here hello
Olivia also Rosa oh hello hello to Prashant Prashant thank you very much
for your lovely donation thank you on the super chat so they’re a lovely super
chat donation from Prashant watching in India thank you very much and yes for
those who are able to do it you can send an actual donation on the super chat as
well or if you want you can also send one through PayPal
and there it was hello Anna mr. Duncan you look very elegant thank you very
much I have gone to a lot of effort today so
much effort to look lovely for you do I look okay so yes I look rather smart
today in my in my very formal shirt tie but I’m still wearing my hat because
well I am a hat guy it’s the kind of guy I am thank you to Berlin hello Berlin
greetings from Peru now I have seen some news reports lots
of things happening at the moment in Peru for various reasons Christine says
dogs ate the best friends of human beings I’m not sure what you mean by
that but what I’m going to say is owning a dog is very popular here in the UK
what about where you are do many people have dogs now I’m going to be honest
here I do find my neighbor’s dogs sometimes slightly annoying I have to be
careful what I’m saying just in case they’re watching so I do sometimes find
my neighbor’s dogs slightly annoying can you guess why can you guess why I find
my neighbors dogs annoying what is the reason hmm indeed Enver says
hello from Turkey Oh another viewer watching in Turkey nice to see you here
as well hi mr. Duncan do you prefer Wales or
Scotland well I have been to Scotland the only problem with Scotland is it’s
very far away from here however Wales is very near so I suppose if I was
talking about distance so the distance that you need to travel I would say that
I prefer going to Wales because it’s near however having said that I have
always wanted to go to one of the very remote parts of Scotland I’ve always
wanted to go and see the Glen’s there there are a beautiful beautiful plateau
a beautiful range I suppose that’s a more correct word a beautiful range of
mountains in Scotland called the Glen’s hello cancer hello cancer that does
sound like I’m saying something else but yes cancer cancer backer where are you
from I am in England right now I am live there you can see live from England 20
past 2:00 in the afternoon and a Rita is there really
dentists day is that true hello to Belarusian apparently Belarusian says
its dentists day I am very intrigued to find out what dentist today is nasiha
wants me to show what mr. Steve’s car looks like well it isn’t here at the
moment because mr. Steve is out working so his car isn’t here hi mr. Duncan which country of the flag
do you wear or which country or which country’s flag so the flag that belongs
to a certain country this is the flag of the United Kingdom which is where I live
so the United Kingdom is a group of places
it are all together and together they form the United Kingdom mr. Duncan your
shirt has been ironed by mr. Steve I I did this mr. Steve didn’t take care of
my shirt I did it myself yes even though I hate doing the ironing I really hate
it very much Ahmed is watching in Egypt mr. Duncan by the way you look very
elegant today thank you very much for that Louie Louie with this great accent
you can only be an English man but not American some people do think that I’m
in the United States but I’m not I am in England the birthplace of the English
language let me tell you can I say hello once again to Luis Mendez who has sent
me some lovely photographs he sent them yesterday and apparently Luis went out
for a walk yesterday because the weather was so nice so I thought let’s have a
look at the photograph shall we this is a place called
parc des Eaux you can see the spelling is in French but the pronunciation is
very different Parc des so I hope I pronounced that right so this is a place
that Luis Mendez went to yesterday and he sent these photographs to me so I
thought well because Luis went to so much effort to send these to me I
couldn’t resist showing them today on the livestream so here they are so nice
photographs taken and I don’t know about you but I love going out on an all
tournament day when the autumn air is fresh and when everything is lovely
there is nothing better than going out for a walk especially when it’s sunny as
well there is nothing better than a bright sunny autumn day so I thought yes
okay I will show these and thanks to Luis Mendez for sharing
them with me so there if you want to send something to me you are more than
welcome to I will put the contact details on the screen mr. Duncan @y
mail.com is my email address so there’s no excuse for not knowing hello from
Azerbaijan Zoar hello Zhou nice to see you here pappi you don’t
like your neighbor’s dogs because they don’t let you sleep very well you might
be near but having said that one of the good things about my neighbor’s is they
always keep their dogs inside at night so after darkness once the darkness has
fallen across the land all of the dogs are taken in so they are all in the
house so actually the dogs don’t disturb me at night however and I’m sure you
know what I’m going to say however sometimes they can disturb me during the
day when they are barking so that is one of the problems dogs do bark quite a lot
and sometimes it is rather annoying to say the least people have many dogs in
Argentina I like them but I actually have a beautiful spoilt cat says Noemi
Noemi al sir so you have a cat now apparently there are two types of people
there are people who like cats and there are people who like dogs
so some people are cat people and some people are dog people hello Ali bricks
it questions oh please can we not talk about brexit between you and me I am
completely sick up to here right up to here I am sick up to here
hearing about verax’s hello to Rosa hello also to Al also Mohammed is there
any difference between Scottish language and English language well they have
their own language in Scotland but of course many people now in Scotland will
speak English and they do use the English language Akhil says hello
from India nice to see you here is your neighbours barking is your neighbor’s
dog barking all day not all day but sometimes so sometimes my neighbor’s
dogs can be very annoying but not always just in case they are
watching right now dogs Lewis who is watching in France by
the way I don’t like seeing dogs abandoned during the holidays it makes
me so unhappy last summer I saw a lot of them now I
noticed in when I was in France a few weeks ago I was walking around Paris and
I noticed that there were very few dogs around Paris very few people walking
dogs very few people with dogs so I did think to myself maybe that owning a dog
in France isn’t popular so maybe I’m wrong but I did notice when I was
walking around Paris I didn’t see many people with dogs Zuzu’s Iike says hello mr. Duncan today
I am so busy at work I wish you have a nice day thank you and good luck with
the third lesson Thank You Zhu Zhu Sica thank you very much for that nasiha is
also watching as well asking about mr. Steve’s car better Rusia what what were
you talking about earlier can you please explain what is dentist’s day can
someone tell me what dentists des is hello also to mayor man Gallio
and also Louis Louie who says oh I enjoyed Luis Mendez photographs they
were very nice so let’s go up to date now with the live chat dogs are
apparently dogs are trendy so apparently dogs are very trendy
apparently that a lot of people in France do have dogs well that’s very
strange that’s very strange indeed because I didn’t see hello sir is there
is there any difference between how are you and how do you do well how are you
is is more common how do you do isn’t used anymore so no one ever says how do
you do never never say that people said it about 120 years ago but not now so
people don’t say how do you do they might ask how are you how are you doing
how are things hi there hello so there are many ways to
say hello but how do you do is not one of them because it’s very old-fashioned
Oh HS hello RH s nice to see you here as well I love babies dogs and cats but not
mine I agree with you yes now this is the same thought that I have I like to I
like to see other people’s dogs I like to see other people’s cats and sometimes
I like to see other people’s babies especially when the proud parents are
showing off their new baby but the good thing is I don’t have to take them home
so I don’t have a I don’t have a cat and I definitely I’m
pretty sure I don’t have a baby pretty sure Belarusian says as we have
Mother’s Day or teacher’s day we also have a day for dentists really I’m going
to be honest with you I’m quite stunned by that so you actually have dentists
day so how do you celebrate it how do you celebrate dentists day do you all
walk around with a big smile on your face showing off your lovely clean white
teeth Thank You Belarus year I’m very intrigued by dentists day I’ve never
heard of that before I’m quite shocked in fact Ally says we had a poet in Iran
named sapere he said why there is not any vulture in anyone’s cage based on
this I would like to ask why we like dogs more than wolves well that’s very
interesting because there are certain types of animals that people never keep
and there are other animals that well can be harmful I mean let’s not pretend
that dogs sometimes can be very dangerous they can bite they can cause
serious injury especially to young people or children or even babies it’s
not unusual for a dog to attack a baby and it has happened so yes I suppose so
it’s amazing actually the other day the other day I was watching a news report
on the television and they were talking about different types of pets that
people keep and I was surprised to find out that in this country in the UK there
are people who keep monkeys I was quite surprised about that so III
didn’t think you could keep a monkey at home I thought it was not allowed but
apparently there are people who keep monkeys and I know in I think in I want
to say Saudi Arabia there are people who keep exotic animals such as tigers and
leopards as pets if I’m wrong please correct me the buffest
says hello sir I was kidding tomorrow there is an act between the Christmas
Carol I saw in your video and my group is going to perform an act of a
Christmas Carol oh I see so boo fest you are actually going to
perform a play and the play will be a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens well
I hope you have a good time it’s a shame mr. Steve isn’t here
because mr. Steve is a bit of an actor did you know that so he likes to act on
the stage as well Diane says I’m watching all your live streams and I’m
enjoying them thank you very much by the way if you want to see the captions
there there are captions by the way so if you want to see captions if you want
to have them on the screen just press that on your keyboard and you will have
live captions I’m not joking so there are live captions live subtitles on the
screen if you want them all you have to do is press that on your keyboard and
then you will be able to see exactly what I’m saying isn’t technology amazing
Zahran what is the difference between I did watch and I watched they are
basically the same thing so I did watch something I watched something they are
both past tense of some thing that you did so I watched it I did
watch it although having said that I did watch it
is is more affirmative are you married Mr Duncan no I’m not married that is the
reason why I look so happy every day because I’m not married I have received
many greetings today because I am a dentist myself I remember you telling me
this Belarusian a long time ago but I had
almost forgotten so you are celebrating dentists day but I want I want to know
how you celebrate it how do you celebrate dentists day do you send
little gifts to each other maybe a set of false teeth that chatter away you
know mr. donkey and I sometimes see in my dreams I see or I I see English in my
dreams I listen to English in my dreams can you imagine that I can actually
actually I’ll be honest with you Sally that is a very good sign that you are
learning English well so if you are dreaming in English that means that you
are really absorbing the language so yeah that’s pretty good
don’t worry about that that is pretty amazing
yes mr. Duncan dogs are very popular in France some people buy dogs but they
don’t know how to bring them up they don’t know how to look after them they
don’t know how to rear them rear so in that sense when we say rear we mean
bring up we mean look after as an animal grows rear so you can rear
it means you buy it when it’s small and then you take care of it as it grows
yuria RIA Thank You Luis for your information hello Rosa dentists used to
talk a lot with the patient but unfortunately the patient can’t answer
because the dentist has their fingers in the patient’s mouth so mr. Jones did you
go anywhere on holiday this year so I know what you mean sometimes when you go
to the dentist the dentist will ask you questions despite the fact that your
mouth is full of dentist equipment and also the dentist’s fingers are in your
mouth as well I’m not sure where my fingers have been but they taste
disgusting there excuse me I need a drink of water to get rid of the
terrible taste of my fingers it is against the law to have wild animals
they have to live free says Noemi yes I I don’t know I don’t know what types of
animals you can keep here in the UK but I was very surprised to find out that
people keep monkeys because I didn’t think you were allowed to Martha oh my
goodness Martha says I have three dogs eight cats and a parrot that is quite a menagerie you have there
in that jury oh there’s another interesting word the word menagerie
means a collection of animals in one place so maybe a zoo you can refer to a
zoo as being a menagerie a place where lots of animals live or are kept dear
Duncan you are the best teacher in the world
Thank You Theo that’s very kind of you to say now sometimes I like to look at
certain words and today we are doing exactly that
we are going to take a look at a couple of words first of all let’s take a look
at the word put and this is a question I was asked the other day someone asked
mr. Duncan can you please explain the uses of the word put put and there you
can hear the word being pronounced pet pet well there are many uses of the word
put we can use pet to mean to place as in put on or put in so you place
something you put something in a certain place you put something on so maybe you
put something on the table or maybe you put something in the cupboard
so put can mean to place also to position to position something put over
so you might put a tablecloth over the table so you position something you put
over you put one thing over another then to fix in place if you fix something in
place for example you can put up something maybe you put up a
on the wall you put up you fix the picture in place on the wall and then to
hold an event you can put on a show so again put on means to hold an event you
do something you take part in an activity maybe a play or a musical or
some sort of performance any type of event you can put on a show put on a
concert then to bear or tolerate to bear or tolerate put up with so if you put up
with something it means you tolerate it or bear so you tolerate an annoying
person you put up with them I don’t like mr. Steve singing but I
have to put up with it I have to put up with it
to postpone something can be described as put off so if you postpone something you put off an event you postpone you
move it to another day you move it to a later time you postpone you put off
something so maybe you are going to have an outdoor show but unfortunately it
rains so you have to put off the performance you have to put it off also
put off can mean discourage so if you don’t want someone to do something you
might try to put them off you might try to discourage them and finally to
accommodate can also be expressed as put up so maybe your
friend has come to visit your town but unfortunately they have missed their
train back home so you put them up you put up your friend
that means you allow them to stay at your house overnight so to accommodate
to allow someone to stay with you temporarily is put up so I hope that was
helpful some uses of the word put and the ways in which they can be used to
express certain things so I hope that was useful to you I do like explaining
words and I hope that I explained them clearly
hi mr. Duncan I am feein from Indonesia hello to you
and I know I have a lot of people watching in Indonesia so a big hello to
you Eric says we have to put up with the neighbour’s dog when it is barking I know
I know I know exactly what you mean when the neighbours dog is barking it can be
very annoying shall we have a look in the garden because I have this morning I
have set up my lovely outdoor camera so we’re going to have a look right now
because you can see this is a live view in the garden and yes there are some
birds can you see the greedy pigeon on the bird cam so I have my live bird
camera and you can see there is a pigeon pecking at some of the seeds but earlier
today earlier there were loads of birds there were lots and lots of birds all
over the bird feeder but of course now because I’ve
the camera working all the birds have disappeared so there you can see some of
the birds on the bird feeder in the garden and that is what is happening
right now outside my window yes I like nature this is something that I am a big
fan of I do like nature very much I am a big fan of animals I love birds because
they are lovely to look at and I don’t know why I can spend hours and hours
watching the birds in the garden so yes I am very very keen on watching birds in
fact I like nature in general I like nature I think it would be fair to say
hello to Sally mr. Duncan you are so adorable thank you very much that’s very
kind of you to say Mohammed says why are you using
xiu’er in the word putt I don’t know what you mean by that put mr. Duncan can
you explain what is the name of the shop that sells vegetables is it a grocery
grocery now a grocery or a lot of people say grocery shop sells lots of things so
not just fruit and vegetables even though they will sell those things
however they will also sell sell other things as well excuse me my throat my
throat is being very annoying today as I said a grocery or grocery shop will sell
many different things so the essential things that you need during your day to
day life so bread butter various types of food groceries so when we talk about
your groceries it means the things that you normally use or the things that you
eat on a daily basis and of course as the
week goes by you have to buy more groceries so the groceries are the
groceries are your essential items the things you need to survive during the
week food different types of food including fruit and vegetables so a
vegetable shop well quite often you will go to maybe a market so quite often
certainly here in the UK there are many towns and cities and on certain days of
the week they will have an open market so normally somewhere in the town there
will be an area where lots of people sell their produce Meeker says I’m a big
fan of birds – I’ve always searched for them while I go for a walk sometimes you
don’t have to search for them sometimes you can hear them singing and tweeting
in the trees above you so yes I love the sounds of the birds I really do so I
agree with you Mika I think it’s amazing nature is pretty incredible Diane says
can you give me a book to read for improving my English by Anne my advice
is choose something to read that you are interested in so maybe the thing that
you enjoy listening to or talking about or maybe one of your favorite subjects
you can actually get a book that is all about that particular subject so I
always advise you if you are going to learn English if you are going to use
certain material to help you improve your English a very good thing to do is
to do to practice and learn from something you already have an interest
in something you are already into that is my tip mr. Duncan I am having my
lunch and during my lunch I am watching you that’s very kind of you to say I
will be going soon and around about ten minutes I will be going here is another
word that I’ve been asked to explain now this is an interesting word it is used a
lot in sentences and the word is with with that is a very difficult word to
pronounce for some people with with with the word with is a preposition and it
can be used in many ways to describe being alongside or next to if you are
joined with someone by association we can say you are with someone you are
with a group you are with a company you are with a group of people to be
associated can also mean with so with something you are alongside you are next
to you are joined you are associated with also your manner or attitude can
define the way in which you do something you might do something with a smile or
with a sad face so your manner or attitude with can be used to describe
the way you are acting to be involved in a relationship you are with a person is
that your girlfriend are you with her so in that sense it means
to be in a relationship Oh something you are wearing or your appearance you are
wearing something you are with a certain item of clothing your appearance the way
you look we can use with to describe what you are wearing or the way you look
your appearance to be affected by something like last week last week I was
affected with a cold so I was ill with a cold so to be affected by something or
to have some illness or something that is causing you problems you are affected
by it and to go in the same direction as something else you are going with them
you are going with someone I’m going with my friend to the shop you are both
going in the same direction you are going with them so I hope that was
useful uses of the word with Wow if there is anything else you want me to
explain maybe tomorrow or next week please let me know I will be going in
around five minutes let’s see what’s happening on the live
chat mr. Duncan would you like to give me some popular British slang well some
slang that we use might also be a little bit rude so quite often we will use
slang words or euphemisms for things that might be unpleasant or may be rude
so that is worth mentioning sometimes slang words can be a little
offensive Eric we are learning English with mr. Duncan thank you Eric
and that you you think that way I’m glad that you feel that way
Abdul hello sir I am from Chad in Africa do you know my country I have heard of
Chad I have heard of it it is in Africa yes I have heard of it
I think it’s North North Africa if I’m not mistaken I think it’s north I want
to say wow I’m really putting myself on the spot now oh dear I want to say North
West am i right oh dear Oh North West Africa Chad I’m
pretty sure of it if I’m wrong then you can write to me and correct me rhs I
learn English with you or from you I learn English from you so you can learn
something from another person or if you are in a class together physically you
can learn with someone so when we say with it normally means with a group so
you are learning with you are going along with everyone else in the room you
are doing the same action you are doing the same thing and of course you are
learning from so that means the end information the information is being
transferred from one person to another so you are learning from them so the
things I say come from me and hopefully they will help you with your English so
you are learning from me I hope that helps mr. Duncan could you please
explain the grammar of wood next time okay I will make a note of that I’m not
sure if I will do it tomorrow but I will and do it at some point okay okay I am
going in three minutes just three minutes owl says what is the
most incredible thing you ever saw in your life I suppose things that always
stay in my memory are moments of kindness and also nature so things that
happen in nature quite often stay in my memory or in my
mind but there are so many things I suppose the most obvious one is sunset
there is nothing more magnificent than watching a sunset so that might be one
of the most amazing things I’ve seen even though I’ve seen it many times
Thank You rhs for your lovely message there with a little help from my friend
one of my favorite songs of the Beatles says Myka oh yes I’ll get by with a
little help from mr. Duncan and his English lessons I will be back tomorrow
I’m back tomorrow I’m not joking 31 days of English lessons coming your way
here are the times on the screen right now Monday to Friday 2 p.m. UK time I
will be with you on Saturday as well 12 p.m. just after lunch and of course I
will be with you on Sunday as well Wow of course the big question is will I
make it through to the end of October will I survive this very long 31 days of
October find out at the end of the month so I’m back tomorrow thank you to
Belarusian thank you to Mohammed thank you to Al also Alyce scans draw Alec
Alexandra sorry I’ve mispronounced your name there long Nguyen Anna I will see you tomorrow
it is two minutes away from three o’clock
this is mr. Duncan saying thanks a lot for watching today let’s have another
look at the birds ah look at that the birds are in the garden well they were I
don’t know why it’s almost as if the birds know that they’re being filmed
it’s almost as if they know that the camera is watching them oh very spooky and that is it the lovely view outside
of course in the distance it is a murky misty day I will see you tomorrow from 2
p.m. UK time Thank You Sarang Thank You tarik I will see you tomorrow from 2
p.m. UK time tomorrow don’t forget make it a date oh and it’s Friday tomorrow so
I think you might be in a good mood because the weekend is just around the
corner for you this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for
watching see you later and of course you know what’s coming next
yes you do until tomorrow… ta ta for now 😎

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Learning English – Day 3 – Using ‘Put’ & ‘With’ – It’s time to improve your English

  • TIME CODES – click on the blue time codes to skip to…
    HI EVERYBODY – 2:57 LOST DOG – 10:06 NICE SHIRT + TIE – 14:49
    LOUIS PHOTOGRAPHS – 22:05 THE WORD 'PUT' – 39:26 THE WORD 'WITH' – 50:12

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