31 Days of Learning English – DAY 31 – improve your English LIVE – FINAL/LAST/FINISH – 31st October

yes we all knew this day would come
and it has arrived welcome today 31 of 31 days of learning
English in October 2019 hello everyone don’t worry this isn’t my
Halloween mask this is how I normally look so I hope I didn’t scare you too
much hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay
I hope so are you happy I hope so well we’ve done it we have made it all
away to the end of October I have been with you every day during this month to
celebrate a big thing yes because today is my anniversary today is the day when
it all started happy birthday to my youtube channel yes it is today my 13th anniversary can
you believe it 13 years on YouTube I’ve been doing this making videos teaching
English and of course in the last few years I have been making my live streams
and that’s the reason why I decided to do something special for October to
celebrate my 13th anniversary on YouTube and and can I say can I say a big thank
you to YouTube for sending me a lovely message and a gift for Who am I kidding
of course I didn’t get a gift or a message from YouTube
I got nothing however I have you and that is the most important thing of all
so welcome everyone here we go 13 years ago it all started I can’t believe it
I can’t believe it’s been 13 years ago however however yes it it was on this
day 13 years ago that it all happened can you believe it I can’t believe it
was 13 years ago today I was still in China when it all happened you see you now hmm so here okay it’s
okay welcome to mr. Duncan’s first ever
edited video isn’t it exciting well it’s been another busy week and of course as
usual I’ve been in the school teaching English that’s my job I think one of the
most common questions I’m asked during my time here in China by my students is
how can I improve my English there’s one thing I’ve noticed my
fingers have gone dead look my fingers have got a strange ready blue purpley
pink color not very good I think I think if I stay outside much longer I think
they will fall off hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England
how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so welcome to the
very first episode of my series of English teaching videos you know the
world of English is a fun and exciting place to be
I’m so glad you could join us for another lesson why do we need phonetics
the reason why we need a phonetic code is because some English letters have
more than one sound and because some letters when joined together in a word
actually create a new sound of their own also there is the silent letter that can
appear within a word 13 years on YouTube
13 years teaching English to the world for free yes it is true today is the 13th
anniversary of my YouTube channel being created it was way back in 2006 I was
still living and working in China and I decided to set up my YouTube channel
in fact it wasn’t me who had the idea it was actually my friend Zhang Wei who
actually told me that there was a new video site where you can actually not
only watch videos but also make your own videos so in fact it was Jiang way my
friend in China who actually told me all about YouTube so I created my own
YouTube channel and the rest as they say is 13 years of this I suppose so welcome
thank you very much got lots of things to show you today I suppose I should
mention one or two things before we get underway Halloween it is Halloween today
and I have been asked by many people if I can show mr. Steve looking very scary
so here it is for all those who who want to see this
very famous clip of mr. Steve looking very scary because of course today is
Halloween did it get colder in here or is it just
me I think it’s you mr. Steve definitely maybe you’ve left the window open
perhaps so I hope you enjoyed that we will be going back in time today showing
quite a few video clips also we will take a look at what we were doing two
years ago today on Halloween with our live stream so we will see more of mr.
Steve in his Halloween costume and also me as well dressed as Frankenstein a
little bit later on however let’s have a look at the live chat because yes even
though it is the final day of English in October don’t worry I am here with you
now hello – grace chin congratulations – grace hello grace you are first on the
last day of October and also the last day of learning English in October 2009
teen so congratulations grace we actually made it all away I started
making my live streams daily live streams on the 1st of October for this
very special month and I’ve done 31 in fact this is the 31st day that I’ve been
with you live however everything will come to an end today and things will
return to normal however there will be some changes that
are taking place that I will tell you about later on some changes maybe some
changes that might disappoint you or maybe some changes that will make you
feel quite happy find out later on hello to Kathy
hello also to Alamgir thanks for joining me on my last live stream in October
hello Louie Louie hello also to Kunal thank you very much
to Cathy cat congratulations can I say hello to Loretta and also Alex thank you
very much for your lovely donations that I received last night yes I will be
mentioning this a lot today if you would like to make a donation because don’t
forget I do all of this for free so you can make a donation live on the super
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so RS RHS is here in Argentina Halloween a doesn’t exist
nidia says hello mr. Duncan from Paris I hope you are okay I feel sad that today
is the last day of your live streams but thank you for all the help you have
given us thank you very much that’s very kind of you I will not get upset I have
said that I won’t get upset even though it sounds as if my voice is already
starting to crack under the pressure of this being my last day of 31 days of
October and English however there will be more live lessons don’t worry this is
not the end of me I’m sure there will be people out there who will feel very
disappointed at that news so no I am NOT going away but there will be live
streams they will continue but they won’t be every day so that is the
difference the weather is lovely today would you like to have a look outside
look it’s ever so nice outside it’s very or terminal now we haven’t got any
sunshine unfortunately however it is rather nice outside you can see that
everything is looking looking very all terminal today it really does look as if
autumn is in the air so we are talking about Halloween I suppose something else
that is just as scary as Halloween hmm now today in the UK this was supposed to
happen however it is not happening anymore so today it isn’t happening
although it might happen next year but that’s a long way off so we don’t have
to worry about that so this is something I’ve been waiting to do all month
so now it is time to say goodbye to this for a while because today was the day
when it was supposed to happen but as you may know it is not happening today
so can I just say goodbye that is so satisfying goodbye to this that feels so
good however there is always bad news after
good news however we do have a general election taking place in December so we
have to choose a new government so even though we don’t have to do that horrible
thing we have another horrible thing that we have to do unfortunately
so there will be one of these in December on this December the 12th there
we there will be one of these oh dear so we get rid of one thing we push one
thing away and then we get something else which is just as annoying to be
honest hello sue Ellie hello also Eric thank you Eric
hello also to Christelle thank you very much for your greeting thank you for all
the work you’ve done during this month thank you very much it’s been my
pleasure someone asked earlier mr. Duncan what memories do you have of your
13 years now there are so many memories so many moments and some of them I
suppose have left nice impressions whilst others have not
I suppose the best time was reaching 50 lessons so when I was making my series
of English lessons one of my most favourite lessons to make was when I
went to Samuel Johnson’s birthplace in Litchfield so I enjoyed doing that but
of course I suppose my time in China I first started making my videos in
China worse was quite good fun as well I enjoyed that possibly the worst memory
is when I was attacked by a man I was doing some filming for one of my lessons
and this very aggressive man came up to me and started shouting and screaming at
me he was asking why I was filming I wasn’t
filming anything that I shouldn’t but he asked me and he became very angry and he
started to kick my equipment which can be very painful so he he started to to
smash my camera equipment and also my microphone he started to kick it and
throw it around and then he threatened to hit me so that was probably the worst
part of doing this over the past 13 years fortunately most of my experiences
here on YouTube have been happy ones however sometimes I do put my life at
risk to do this so not everything has been plain sailing oh I like that word
if something is plain sailing it means it is easy or very simple something that
is achieved without much effort so doing this is not always easy there are
moments when I have difficulty worried even the occasional tear so yes it does
happen don’t worry I am NOT going away this is just the final day of October
however I will be back with live streams I am NOT leaving YouTube I have to say
this again and again I’m not going away however today we are celebrating my 13th
anniversary 13 years I’ve been doing this can you believe it
I can’t believe it between you and me the time has passed very quickly so
today is Halloween I suppose it would be a good time to talk about some of my
early lessons so we are going to take a look at an excerpt from one of my early
English lessons that was recorded many years ago and this lesson is all about
fear and being afraid fear is an emotional reaction to something we are
afraid of we express fear in many ways for instance our heart might beat festa
maybe we begin to bite our nails perhaps we shiver or maybe we close our
eyes so we cannot see what is happening we can express fear by what we say and
the way we say it for example I don’t want to go in there it’s too dark
someone is following me maybe they will rob me I don’t want to go to the dentist
I’m too scared I have to see my boss today and I’m not looking forward to it did you know that you can be afraid of
almost anything there is another word for fear we can say that we have a
phobia if you have a phobia then this means that you will always be afraid of
that particular thing there are many phobias around such as agoraphobia the fear of open spaces or
going outdoors acrophobia the fear of being high up
from the ground the dizzy feeling you get when you’re high up is called
vertigo algophobia a fear of pain arachnophobia
to be afraid of spiders claustrophobia a fear of being in a small space for
example trapped in a cupboard hydrophobia a fear of water pyrrha phobia a fear of fire or being
burned ronita phobia a fear of frogs triskaidekaphobia the fear of number 13
for example sitting at a table with 13 people try Panna phobia a fear of
injections or needles xenophobia a fear of strangers foreigners or
foreign cultures what are you afraid of what makes you
siient boo if fear suddenly happens then we normally call this shock you did not
expect that event to happen so you will be even more scared and anxious
there are many sentences that can be used for showing the action of being
shocked for example you frightened the life out of me who shaking like a journey you put the
willies up me I almost jumped out of my skin you nearly gave me a heart attack sometimes at night we have dreams that
make us afraid we call these particular dreams nightmare or bad dreams in our
mind the scary event seems real so our fear will feel just as real do
you ever have nightmares did it get colder in here or is it just me I think
it might be you mr. Steve definitely you so I hope you enjoyed that a blast from
the past as they say we went back in time with one of my very early lessons
in fact that particular lesson was made in 2008 yes 11 years ago that particular
lesson and yes I know people are going to say mr. Duncan you looked so young
back then I think so it is now half past 2 and this is the final day of 31 days
of learning English in October and I hope you are ok I hope you are feeling
good soon we will go soon it will be the end the end is nigh as they say the end
is coming certainly for October anyway so the the end is approaching soon we
will have to bring the curtain down so when you bring the curtain down
it means you bring something to an end or to a close you bring the curtain down
you bring the curtain down on something you end your performance you end the
thing you are doing you bring the curtain down also I suppose we can
say conclude so when you conclude something it comes to an end you end the
thing it comes to a natural ending it will conclude the end of a story it will
conclude so when you finish reading a story the story will conclude it has
concluded so there’s a great word conclude finish come to the end it has
been done you can say add you I like that you can say add you and quite often
people will say add you as a humorous way of saying goodbye so you might say
add you add you to you and you and you you can call it a day if you call it a
day it means you decide to stop the thing you are doing you have decided to
bring something to an end the thing is about to end you have decided to call it
a day so this is a great expression it means
that you finish the thing sometimes it can mean quit or end or maybe stop
something voluntarily you call it a day maybe at the end of your working day you
have decided that you don’t want to do anymore work maybe you are feeling tired
you might say to your work colleague I think it’s time to call it a day it’s
time to finish my work for today so lots of ways of using that we can also cut
loose if you cut loose it means you leave you go maybe you walk out you stop
seeing someone you cut them loose so if you end
something finish something if you stop talking to someone or maybe if you break
a relationship you will cut loose cut loose you will conclude conclude the end
of a story is the conclusion so to conclude as I said earlier is to finish
or end something comes to a natural ending it will conclude so today we will
conclude our 31 days of learning English I suppose also you can say finish today
we will finish our special live stream season so today we will finish our
series of special live streams they will come to an end they will finish they
will be no more so to finish is also to complete something so if you finish
something you complete the thing you are doing so today we have come to the end
we will finish our special season of live streams to celebrate my 13th year
hello to pal mirror hello to neo zero thank you for joining me today it is the
last day of October my special series of live streams will end during this month
however in November there will be more live streams the only difference is they
won’t be everyday so that is the main difference I will give you some details
later on about when our next live stream will be and also there will be some news
in that live stream so the next time I’m on which I will tell you about later
there will be some news about what is happening with my live streams there
will be some good news and some bad news I think it’s fair to say hello to Anna
hello to Irene I think there are some moderators here did I see Luis Mendez
earlier I think I saw Luis Mendez so Luis is one of our moderators so yes he
was here definitely let’s go back in time to take a look at a video clip from
one of my full English lessons this is something that I’ve been asked to show
lots of people like this I don’t know why maybe it’s because of my superb
acting I don’t know so we will now take a look at another clip from one of my
lessons and this is taken from full English number 22 breakfast time my favorite time of the
day here we go again another breakfast with mr. Slurpee I
really want to tell him how annoying his noisy eating is and look at that turret
that’s not how you make porridge what on earth is he wearing there a Wolverine
t-shirt for goodness sake hello up man about 50 years old I really
want to tell him how annoying here but it will only hurt his feelings
get him filling his smug face with milky porridge and he never stops going on
about English is there a problem mr. Duncan
for crying out loud do you have to eat your porridge like that it’s so annoying
and that’s not even how you make porridge it’s too weak
you always add too much milk and what’s with the t-shirt it’s a comic book
character you are not a child anymore forgiveness sake grow up you were fifty
years old start acting like an adult you are so
immature and childish it’s not just one thing it’s everything about you and
another thing you never stop talking about English all day you go on and on
about English this and English that I really can’t take it anymore you want to hurt me go right ahead if it
makes you feel any better I’m an easy target yeah you’re right I talk too much
I also listen too much I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you but I don’t
like to hurt people’s feelings well you think what you like about me I’m not
changing I like I like me my view is likely my students like me
because I’m the real article what you see is what you get acting did you enjoy my oscar-winning acting
there I think that was pretty good so thank you for your requests to show
that mr. Lomax a lot of people miss mr. Lomax he might be back one day who knows
who knows what will happen in the future unfortunately I cannot see the future I
am NOT a clairvoyant and come to think of it no one can see the future to be
honest hello pal Meera hello Fernando Fernando
nice to see you here hello also – Thomas hello Thomas nice to see you here thanks
for joining me today it is the final day of 31 days of learning English and of
course it is also my 13th anniversary on YouTube I can’t believe it you know what I can’t
believe it I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 13 years it really does
seem amazing I can’t believe it I really can’t I I can still remember that day
when I first created my youtube channel I was still in China and it was
something that I was doing just to pass the time so when I wasn’t teaching I
thought well maybe I can make some videos on YouTube this brand new website
where you can upload videos it was all very exciting however did you know that
my early lessons were very poor quality now when I say poor quality I’m not
talking about myself I’m talking about the image so here is the actual size of
the image when we first started uploading our videos to YouTube that’s
it so there it is that’s the actual size and quality of the very early YouTube
videos and you can see me there talking and that particular video was made in
China when I was still living there and that was one of my first videos that I
made and uploaded to YouTube but you can see how small the picture is and you can
also see that the quality isn’t very good so technology has come a very long
way in all those years now you can see me in SuperDuper high-definition quality
not only that but we can also do this live so maybe one of the biggest changes
to occur on YouTube besides the image quality is also the fact that we can do
this live isn’t it incredible so I can stand here in my studio in England and
also I can talk to you live on the Internet isn’t it amazing I
think so Berlin hello Berlin congratulations for
your 13 years on YouTube thank you very much it is lovely to see you here yes
I’ve been here for 13 years doing all of this for free
I haven’t charged anyone for anything so everything I’ve done over 13 years is
free including this live stream so everything that you see on my youtube
channel has been done for free but you are welcome to make a donation if you
would like to you don’t have to I know some people don’t want to or don’t like
to or they can’t afford it that’s okay it’s alright I’m not begging although
some people might think that however I would love my work to continue forever
and ever and ever so please if you’d like to make a donation to PayPal or
right here today on the super chat it’s up to you hello mr. Duncan I am dill
shad I am with you from Kurdistan welcome Dilshad and it’s very nice to
see you here today so we are talking about this one of the subjects we are
talking about is ending and also Halloween now I thought it would be
interesting to go back in time two years ago to one of the live streams that I
did with mr. Steve sadly unfortunately mr. Steve can’t be here today I know
it’s a shame unfortunately mr. Steve can’t be here today however what we are
going to do is go back in time and show you mr. Steve and also myself explaining
what Halloween is all about what is it all about so there you can
see our costumes and here is the video Halloween is all about being scary it’s
about the afterlife is this not mr. Duncan is Halloween about the afterlife
well it’s it’s sort of what it’s sort of roots in now I thought it was all about
kids just being very annoying knocking on your door and trying to bribe you how
they’re giving them giving giving sweets to them yeah but that the whole
tradition of it goes back hundreds of years to the middle oh is it time do we
got to talk about the history of Halloween now as we might as well oh
right well we’re here aren’t we we’re here
we’re here we might as well do it we’re dressed up we’ve gone through a lot of
effort and mr. Duncan wasn’t lying when he said it’s taken him three days to put
all this together it has he’s been working very hard to make this look
scary for Halloween of course not everybody celebrates Halloween it’s more
of a sort of a Western sort of tradition America England but of course more
countries in the world are doing it now and from what I understand mr. Duncan
I’m sure you’ve got a lot more knowledge about this than me the history dates
back hundreds of hundreds of years back to the dark Middle Ages in the UK and
it’s all about it’s all about what this fascination that we all have human
beings have of what happens after we die yes is there an afterlife and if so what
goes on there and Halloween is really about sort of saying prayers for the
dead I think that’s where it originally comes from that is it’s it was actually
a pagan ritual so this predates things like Christianity being introduced to
this country so it goes back many yes you’re right hundreds of years and over
the years Halloween has become something different so originally it was called
All Hallows Eve which much which was the period of time
leading up to all of the spirits and the ghosts walking around
I still can’t believe we did that did we really do that I can’t believe
that we actually did that I was so involved watching that I actually forgot
I I became very engaged by that video I actually forgot I was doing a livestream
oh hello there 10 minutes away from 3 o’clock and we are live for the final
day it’s the final day of 31 days don’t worry though there will be more live
streams and I will tell you now when the livestream will be next on YouTube it
will be wow this is exciting isn’t it the next livestream will be Sunday the
third of November so the next livestream here on YouTube will be Sunday the third
of November 2 p.m. UK time so that should be easy to remember so the next
time I am with you on YouTube live will be on Sunday the 3rd of November so I
hope you will join me then and I will be back on Sunday with lots of interesting
information and also I will be telling you what I am going to do with my live
streams so I hope you can join me on Sunday lots of things to reveal on that
day during the livestream Alamgir says it is going too quickly
oh I’m sorry about that I can’t do anything about time sometimes I wish I
could stop time or maybe slow it down so it’s not going show
quickly oh I wish I could turn back time as he not septic system in a sturdy
opinion Eastern Europe and see never done with Snee up do it turn back time I
do it all for free you are right I don’t charge anything for doing this and that
is the way it’s been for the past 13 years when I first started doing this I
want to show you something else if I can find it I have a lot of stuff to show
you today so many things to let you see do we have something else yes we do
the final day of October way back in 2013 I’m going to end with that in a few
moments not just yet don’t worry because I still have some more words to show you
so when something comes to an end when something finishes we can call it the
conclusion so conclusion describes the action it says that something has ended
there has been a conclusion so the conclusion is the ending and today there
will be a conclusion to my 31 days of teaching English in October the
conclusion is coming soon also we might say the ending so this also describes
something as it finishes or as it becomes completed as it has been
complete it is the ending so maybe the ending of a film or maybe the ending of
a book maybe the ending of a song so maybe a part that appears at the very
end of something so the ending is coming soon
soon we will go I suppose you might also use this word as well the finale I like
this word now this isn’t an English word finale actually comes from Italian the
Italian language so the finale finale is the ending the last show the final
performance is the finale the finale quite often we will use this word also
to mean the last act so before you end you have the last act and that is often
described as the finale the ending you can cross the finish line so if you
cross the finish line it means you have reached completion you have completed
the thing that you are doing you have reached the finish line so maybe in a
race if you are running in a race you will cross the finish line also we can
use this as a phrase to describe completing something coming to the end
of something you cross the finish line you have completed the thing you are
doing we are coming towards the end of the road so you can say end of the road
to mean the conclusion something is finishing we have reached the end of the
road we have come to the end so the end of the road is a great expression it
means you have finished the thing you are doing you have reached the end you
are coming to the end of the thing you are doing you have reached the end of
the road so you might be heading towards the end of the row
or you may have reached the end of the road very soon my special season of live
streams will reach the end of the world of the world of the road not the world
it’s not the end of the world yet you’ll be pleased to hear we are approaching
the end of the line quite often if you travel by railway you will find that the
final destination is often described as the end of the line so when you reach
the final destination during a train journey they will often say this is the
end of the line you have reached the end of the railway track and of course the
end when you reach the end there is nowhere else to go
you can’t go any further than the end that is it you can leave by yourself you
can walk off so if you walk off it means you leave you go away you quit something
whilst doing it so maybe you walk off the field or maybe you walk off for
stage or you might just be feeling a little unwell and you go out for a walk
we can say that you walk off your illness or you walk off your tiredness
so there are many ways of using this particular phrase you will depart leave
go away you depart so when you say goodbye when you leave maybe you are at
the railway station saying goodbye I to your friends and they are on the
train they are going away they will depart they are departing they are going
away this word can also mean die as well so if you die you depart you leave this
mortal coil you exit this vale of tears leave I think we all know what this
means recently people have been using this
word to talk about a certain subject here in the UK so if you leave it means
you go away you you walk out you depart you leave soon
I must leave unfortunately it’s not very nice is it I feel a little emotional I
don’t know about you but I feel a little emotional finishing this last day of
October because it’s been a great month I’ve really enjoyed it
satury know in the first youtube the frame was much smaller because the
resolution of the image was very low in fact I think in the early days I think
it was about I want to say 240 P so that was the resolution of the actual image
which is very small when you compare it to this beautiful high definition this
wonderful clear picture the very early picture on YouTube was not very clear
and also not very large so because it wasn’t very large it always looked like
the quality was poor unfortunately I will be going soon oh it’s so sad I
don’t want to go can I just stay here all the time can I just stay here live
forever wouldn’t that be nice before I go don’t forget you can donate
you can leave a donation if you want and that will then allow me to do this more
often I will be back with you on Sunday by the
way with all the details of what is happening next and there will be a lot
of things happening some changes some good changes and maybe some not-so-good
changes however there will be changes taking place during November I hope
you’ve enjoyed today Thank You Irene thank you to satury know Thank You Rosa
apparently the second of November is a holiday and we usually go to cemeteries
Oh cemeteries do you mean cemeteries where dead people lie sleeping under the
ground I think so hello Sara so I think that’s that’s very
suitable for Halloween don’t you think they have a similar thing in China in
China they have a special ceremony called Tomb Sweeping where they go to
the the tombs or the graves of their relatives and they will clean the tomb
they will polish everything to make it look nice so yes that I think that
happens everywhere in fact there are many places that do that thank you Chris
Dale Thank You Alan Ghia thank you also to neo zero mr. Duncan your persistence
is admirable thank you everyone and mr. Duncan thank you too
I’ve really enjoyed today I’ve enjoyed the past 31 days it’s been wonderful
thank you very much for your company I’ve enjoyed it so much
however all good things must come to an end I will be back with you on Sunday
the 3rd of November 2 p.m. UK time so there is no confusion I will be with you
next Sunday the 3rd of November 2 p.m. UK time thank you
lynnie thank you also nataly’s Thank You Luis Mendez
thank you also to Ana Rita thank you very much – I am beat trees I’m trying
to say hello to as many people as possible row sir thank you very much
again Valentin also Patrick thank you very much Patrick thank you Alex thank
you for your lovely donation yesterday Thank You Rosa
thank you too Loretta for your donation Thank You Cesar I’m trying to name as
many people as possible before I go thank you to dish shad thank you also to
Lisa Lisa says mr. Duncan my adorable teacher congratulations for your 13
years and sharing your knowledge and love of English I love English a lot in
fact you might say the time a bit of an English addict what about you are you an
English addict Cristina thank you very much you are very kind
all of you thank you very much for being with me today I will leave you with
something that I did on this date in 2013 so something that is a little bit
funny something that isn’t sad something that will make you smile maybe on this
day in 2013 and of course 13 years ago I created my first ever YouTube video I
can’t believe it I really can’t I don’t want to leave you to be honest I love
doing this you might say that I feel alive when I do this because I know that
you are there watching me teaching you this is mr. Duncan saying thanks a lot
for your company thank you very much for joining me and I will see you on Sunday
2:00 p.m. UK time and of course for the final time in October 2000 and 19
you know what’s coming next yes you do… ta ta for now 😎 hmm so this is it
we all knew this day would come it was inevitable expected preordained destined
it was on the cards it was as certain as the sunrise it was odd zon affirm bet a
likely event nothing could stop it yes it’s the final day of dunk Toba
tomorrow will be the first day of no dunk member is this the end of mr.
Duncan am I about to disappear forever do cats really fall in all fours find
out the answer to these questions and much more on today’s last ever dunctober day I have a good idea let’s have a word of
the day yes I thought it would be fun to have a word of the day this is not only
a word for you to learn but also to use try to use it today as often as you can
today’s word is decline the word decline has more than one meaning it can mean a
slow fall or drop in something if the number of people doing something has
dropped then we can say that there has been a decline the word decline also
means to refuse something to say no to an offer from someone I’m sorry but I’m
going to have to decline your offer I’m afraid he declined my offer
the client could also mean to refuse to do something the president declined to
comment on the wall see how many times you can use decline today is English a
perfect language this is a question I’m often asked why is English so popular I
suppose you could ask that question about many things from my own viewpoint
I think English acts as a middle ground it has become a common form of language
it is by nature a language created from the very best of many other languages it
is a means to share and most importantly it is a way of joining people together
English is a common language that is like us always evolving to answer the
question no English is not a perfect language it has its flaws and
idiosyncrasies but from my standpoint at least it serves as a means to an end
people sharing their thoughts and experiences and the result of this
perhaps a little more understanding a bit more tolerance and hey who knows
perhaps even a little piece that would be just dandy well what can I say
this month has been quite an adventure 31 days of English lessons and hopefully
a few smiles as well I wish you luck with your studies wherever you are in
the world stay happy and enjoy English this is mr. Duncan in England on the
very last day of dunctober dunctober… dunctober… dunctober… mr. Lomax what
are you doing in my bedroom nobody’s allowed in my bedroom except me come on
mr. Duncan it’s time to get up it’s day one of dunked over what are you talking
about dunk Tober is finished I’m doing the
last one today Oh mr. Duncan I think you’ve been
dreaming again what are you saying that the 31 days of
dr. Taber we’re all just a dream yes mr. Duncan that is what I am saying
you have been dreaming really is that what we’re doing we’re really doing the
dream plot oh dear okay I’ll play along what it was all a dream
and it didn’t really happen oh my goodness that means I have to filmed
October all over again yes mr. Duncan it was all a dream all a dream

20 thoughts on “31 Days of Learning English – DAY 31 – improve your English LIVE – FINAL/LAST/FINISH – 31st October

  • TIME CODES – click on the blue time codes to skip forward to…
    HI EVERYBODY – 3:05 BYE BYE BREXIT – 17:43 FEAR (video) – 22:58 END/FINISH WORDS – 28:18
    PORRIDGE FIGHT(video) – 34:19 HALLOWEEN 2017 & MR STEVE – 43:42 MORE 'END' WORDS – 49:29

  • My congratulations for withstanding the whole month in one breath! But apparently it was a dream. Tomorrow, when you wake up you have to do it all over again! 🙂

  • Hello mr duncan, congratulations for being on you tube for 13 years.I've mixed feeling today both happy and sad.I'm sure you have a great deal of memories that are taking you back in time and yes your students like you. I'm looking forward to seeing Sunday live stream.a lot of prayers from karachi, Pakistan

  • Mr .Duncan .you are the best English teacher in the world .being on YouTube for 13 years not an easy task .i have been watching your videos for a long time and its really helping me to improve my English .congratulations for ur anniversary.and looking forward to hearing more from u .

  • Thank you, dear Mr. Duncan, for your great meetings all those 31 day! For your interesting, super-duper lessons! It was so pleasantly to see you every day and hear your words: "I hope you are happy! I hope so." I really felt HAPPY to see you and I wanted to say you: "I'm very happy to be with your and listen to you!" You helped me to improve my English, and helped me to become sure in speeking English. Liudmyla.

  • Hi Misterduncan
    I don’t understand why youtube didn’t give you anything! You have been teaching English on youtube for thirteen years. You have got more than seven hundred thousand subscribers why youtube do nothing for you. What a shame! Thank you for being patient. Take care.

  • I will miss you. Will you miss us? I think we make you company too and you are a bit used to our comments. Are you?

  • Congratulations for 13 years of your existing on Youtube. Thank you for dedicated your knowledge, your time, and your hardworking to teach us The Majestic English for 13 years. It's amazing
    I'm sorry because I didn't watch your anniversary video
    I hope you always success and happy

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