31 Days of Learning English – MONDAY 14th October – improve your English – CRUNCH TIME! – DAY 14

so here we go again it is a new week
welcome yes this is day 14 of 31 days of English
in October 2019 oh hello there you caught me eating a
biscuit I am feeling a little bit hungry at the moment and I thought to myself
perhaps I will have time to eat a biscuit unfortunately I will have to
wait until later I’m sorry biscuit I will have to wait
for you for another hour go over there see you later biscuit hi everybody this
is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so
are you happy it’s a new week I hope so so here we go yes
it is the start of a new week it’s Monday yes it is it is Monday and it is once
again live English all the way right through October for those who are
wondering yes I am here every day during October Monday to Friday 2 p.m. Saturday
12 p.m. and on Sunday 2 p.m. as well 31 days of live English I must be honest
with you I have been a little bit distracted today because there is a lot
going on here in the UK you may have heard on the news or read on the
internet that there are one or two things taking place here in the UK at
the moment dare I say this particular thing is dominating the headlines here
and in many parts of the world people seem very curious about what is
happening with brexit between you and me even here in the UK we don’t really know
what is going on and we definitely don’t know what’s going to happen next so this
week is quite a busy week here in the UK all of the leaders all of the people in
Parliament down there in London will be meeting to try and sort this thing out
and of course we are heading towards the deadline oh I like that word so when we
say deadline what we are actually saying is the point at which a decision must be
made or a time when something must be completed or must be finalised so we are
talking about a particular time and in this case it is well I suppose it is the
end of this week so we have to come up with some sort of decision or
arrangement concerning this particular subject and
can I just say something we have been talking about this here in the UK for
the last three years in fact over three years this particular
subject has been dominating conversation everywhere
so the 31st of October which also happens to be the anniversary of my
YouTube channel can you believe it what a coincidence
so the reason why I’m here during October has nothing to do with brexit it
has nothing to do with that whatsoever it is actually connected to the
anniversary of my YouTube channel being created way back in 2006 but it would
appear that my lovely anniversary has been hijacked by brexit today I was
distracted as I mentioned and the reason why I was distracted is because today
was the opening of Parliament the State Opening now this might sound very
strange so I will briefly explain what this is all about so at the beginning of
the parliamentary year we normally have a beautiful State Opening of parliament
and the Queen of England will arrive and she will give a Queen’s speech so the
Queen will address the nation and also the houses of parliament which happened
to be the seat of all of the power all of the decisions that made that are made
across the nation so the Queen’s Speech is where the Queen sits on her throne
and she says this is what my government is going to do however the speech has
not been written by her it’s actually written by the leader of the government
so the government that is in power in this case it is the Conservatives
who have the power in the country however they don’t have the controlling
power which is very interesting so they don’t actually have a majority which is
needed to have a safe government so all of the decisions at the moment are being
questioned and many of them in fact virtually all of them have been rejected
so the Queen’s Speech is where the Queen of England sits down and she tells
everyone what the government is planning to do over the next period of time so
normally over the year however there hasn’t been a Queen’s
Speech for nearly two years maybe even nearly two and a half years because of
brexit so this is really complex even I’m confusing myself as I explain it to
you so the Queen of England was sitting this
morning in the houses of parliament and she was telling everyone what will
happen over the next few months and the first thing she talked about can you
guess what the first thing she mentioned was yes brexit so don’t forget the
speech is not her speech even though it is the Queen’s speech but that just
means that the Queen is actually giving the speech however it has been written
by the government that happens to be in power at that time in this case the
Conservatives so bricks it is a big thing and the one thing I love about the
State Opening of Parliament is there is a lot of pomp and ceremony so the Queen
doesn’t just get in a taxi she doesn’t just get on the bus there is a lot of
pomp and ceremony a lot of performance a lot of people waiting for the Queen to
arrive and of course she will ride through the center of London in a
beautiful golden carriage and then after she arrives she will be led into a place
called the robe room where she will be dressed in all of her lovely beautiful
regalia would you like to see the Queen here she is so there is the Queen in all
of her lovely sparkly splendor wearing her crown and also preparing to read the
Queen speech which is what she does when we have the State Opening of Parliament
so that’s what happened today and that is one of the reasons why I was very
distracted because I was watching quite a lot of television this morning
following the croup with the Queen’s Speech how many more times today am I
going to say the Queen’s speech maybe quite a few of course everything that
happens during the Queen’s speech is symbolic so normally the Queen’s speech
will be given and then everyone will vote on it and then normally it is
passed so most people will say yes it’s great okay carry on however this year it
is not symbolic because it would appear that a lot of people are going to object
to the Queen’s speech and maybe there will be a new election there will be
another election so we had won a few months ago when Theresa May came into
power in fact it was two years ago can you believe it I really can’t believe
how all of this has happened over the past three and a half years it’s
incredible so where we say that something is symbolic it means it has no
real importance or effect it is something that is done for ceremonial
reasons and it is just a matter of doing the thing but there is no consequence
however it would appear that this year the Queen
speech is not going to be approved which is very unusual in fact I think the last
time it happened was 1924 that was the last time that the Queen’s speech was
actually objected to so yes a lot of things happening this week and by the
end of the week we should know whether or not there is going to be an agreement
because all of the heads all of the important people across Europe and also
here will be meeting to discuss what will happen next they will be deciding
whether or not we leave the European Union on the 31st of October or we
extend to next year can you believe it so there is a possibility that we will
have to go through this for another six months 12 months who knows there is a
lot happening here in the UK a very historic a very historic time I think
that’s a pretty good way of describing what is happening at the moment here in
the UK hello to the live chatters oh hello live chat nice to see you here
today it’s lovely outside it’s very autumnal
outside at the moment I went on a lovely walk yesterday after I finished the
livestream yesterday I actually went for a lovely long walk because the weather
was lovely the Sun came out just as the weather forecast predicted so well done
to them so I will show you some of the views that I saw yesterday on my walk
because I know a lot of people like to see the surrounding areas where I live
hello – well Faye oh hello huafei guess what you are first
on today’s live chat very good very good you have a very fast
finger that’s all I can say also by an and yeah man Luis Mendez one of our
moderators is here today Giovanni Eric also Andrew who says how is your Sunday
afternoon well first of all it isn’t Sunday it’s Monday today it is Monday
Sergio says hello everybody hello – no Amy
hello also – Guadalupe hi Guadalupe nice to see you back with us again today also
man Jalal says hello could you tell us the difference between hello and hi
basically they’re the same thing they are just different ways of saying hello
so when you say hello to someone you can say hello or hi or hi there so that’s it
really they are basically the same thing hello hello is more formal
I suppose so when you say hello it is a more formal way of saying or using a
greeting Giovanni nice to see you here I’m already losing
my voice by the way it’s only Monday and I’m losing my voice already
hello also – Patrick Oh Patrick has some bad news
Patrick says hello I am very sad today because somebody hit my dog so it can’t
walk now well what happened was it a road accident was it a car I’m very
sorry to you that I hope your dog feels better soon
Tan Chang good afternoon mr. Duncan I am actually on time well done nice to see
you here don’t forget I am with you every day during October 2 p.m. UK time
during the week sweetness hello sweetness hello there
mr. Duncan and hi to everyone lots of love from Mitra and it is nice
to see you here again my dear teacher yes I have been with you for the past 14
days without any break so this is my 14th day and I will be with you for
every day during October yeah man are you going to do live streams again
when this month finishes yes so I normally do live streams anyway so
this is not the end of my live streams I will carry on making them so during
November there will be live streams December there will still be live
streams so it isn’t the end of the live streams so at the end of October my live
streams will continue so don’t worry about that I am NOT going anywhere
acmad says oh my goodness brexit well I’m sorry for mentioning it but I really
do have to get it off my chest because it’s driving people crazy here in fact I
was watching a news report last night and now they are saying that the stress
and all of the anxiety and of course many people are also arguing and in some
cases relationships are actually breaking up because of wrecks it so
because you have a couple that disagree so maybe one person in the relationship
wants to remain and the other one wants to leave they actually argue about it
and quite often the argument will become so heated they will actually split up so
there are people now suffering mental problems or psychological problems they
are becoming stressed and anxious over one topic
I think I am coping okay I’m not coping too badly I feel quite okay about
everything I always try to see every day as a new adventure full of possibility
and hope that was very deep beat tree is Oh in Argentina they have a very long
weekend I am enjoying the weekend the long weekend with my family in Buenos
Aires I hope you have a nice time Bayern I searched about the meaning of this
word and I didn’t find it in the dictionary well it’s not going to be in
a dictionary because this is a fairly new expression so it is a word that
means the exit of the UK the British exit which is why we call it brexit so
it is actually two words that have been combined by Anne yes you won’t find
brexit in the dictionary but it is a word that is a combination of two words
British exit hence brexit hello Veronica hello Veronica mr. Duncan I understand
almost everything that you say but actually it is difficult for me to speak
grammatically how can I improve my speaking well as I always say and I will
say it again it is something that you have to work on you might find and this
is something that a lot of people do when they are learning something
sometimes they will underestimate they will think that they are learning less
than they really are so maybe you are doubting your level of English when in
fact you might be better than you think so this is something that happens a lot
especially when you were learning something over a long period of time you
can start to lose calm evidence and maybe also you will think
that your level of English isn’t improving when in fact it is so
everything you learn is always gradual as I said yesterday you can’t learn
things quickly you can’t rush learning because the only thing that will happen
then is you will become stressed and it will cause lots of other problems so
don’t worry too much about it if you are enjoying your learning process then
that’s what I suggest you do you continue as you are it happens slowly
and don’t rush your learning if France decides to leave will it be frecks it
frecks it well it might actually be fracks it fracks it
I don’t think France is going to leave Europe somehow I don’t think so
although at the moment it is looking unlikely that the UK will leave I was
listening this morning to some of the commentators and everything at the
moment is leaning towards nothing happening so we will have to wait and
see Rams a new earth says hello everybody hello Rams inure nice to see
you here today so there are some great words that I want to show you great
words and expressions when you were talking about something where a decision
has to be made or something crucial something important is about to happen
and we call that crunch time so when we say crunch time what we are actually
saying is the moment where a decision or an outcome will be revealed
so crunch time and this is something a lot of people are saying it
moment about brexit they are saying that here in the UK and also over the English
Channel it is approaching crunch time and when we say crunch time it means a
moment where there must be a decision or maybe the pressure will be so much that
something has to happen crunch time I love that expression we could also say
moment of truth so the moment of truth is the moment or the point where
something occurs it is when a decision is made or maybe a choice is made so we
talk about the moment of truth so here in the UK we are approaching we are
approaching crunch time we are coming towards the moment of truth where the
decision concerning whether or not we leave the European Union at the end of
the month occurs and after that it will be the point of no return so again a
great phrase so when you reach the point of no-return it means you cannot go back
you can’t reverse you can’t turn around you have reached the point of no return
you cannot go back so that is what we are doing this week here in the UK we
are reaching the point of no return in fact things are so serious the MPS in
this country will be actually sitting in the houses of parliament this Saturday
so Saturday coming there will actually be a sitting in the House of Commons and
this hasn’t happened for a very long time so
that’s how that’s how things are going here talking of which there is no going
back once you have made a decision once you have made a choice and if that
choice is final if that choice is something you can’t reverse we will say
that there is no going back so no going back means you can’t change your mind
you can’t reverse the situation you can’t change what you have decided there
is no going back so a lot of the talk has been about whether or not we leave
the European Union and of course the other debate is what the effect will be
so some people are seeing the exit from Europe is being a terrible thing and
others are saying well it might be bad at first but then things will get better
so it really depends hello to the live chat we are now up to date with the live
chat hello to Achmed yes crunch time maybe if you are approaching
an exam and you have been learning a certain subject you might approach the
day of your exam and then you can say this is crunch time this is the point of
no return so when you enter an exam when you start to do an exam as you begin the
exam it is crunch time you have to now prove that all of the things that you
learned over the previous year or two years have stayed up here it is crunch
time Mohamed says hello mr. Duncan and everyone here welcome to October with
mr. Duncan and all of the YouTube episodes yes there are lots of videos on
my YouTube channel in fact there are over
700 can you believe it hello also to Noemi and also to Gian
Luca hello to you as well nice to see you here today so yesterday I went out
for a lovely walk I couldn’t resist so let’s now have a look at some of the
lovely things I saw yesterday now if you were watching last week at the end of
last week I gave you some good news and that good news was the sheep have
arrived again the sheep are back everyone and there you can see yesterday
afternoon so I went for a walk through the field behind my house and yes the
sheep are back they have returned and they are looking very happy in fact they
seem to have settled down quite well settled to be settled means to be calm
or comfortable so you are happy to be where you are so you can see that the
Sheep appear very settled very happy and as you can see autumn is definitely on
the way the leaves are starting to fall yesterday was very windy by the way it
was quite a windy afternoon as you will see in a moment so there if you look
into the distance you can see some of the Welsh Hills so over in the distance
in the very far distance those hills are actually in Wales talking of the wind
look at this just to show how windy it was yesterday this is something that I
filmed yesterday afternoon on my walk with my little iPhone and there you can
see the wind is really blowing the trees around and also you might notice that
some of the leaves are also changing colour talking of leaves
I couldn’t resist showing you some of the leaves that have already fallen to
the ground and there as I walked into Much Wenlock you can see a lot of leaves
have already fallen as we begin the autumn season and yes I spent quite a
lot of time in town yesterday I had a lovely walk around and then by the time
I came home the Sun was already setting so as you can see there it is so that is
the final shocked that I filmed yesterday before returning back to my
house you can see some of the sheep and also in the distance you can see the Sun
is setting and of course now the Sun will set very early the curse we are now
into autumn so the day’s become much shorter they really do we are talking
today on social media you are on social media I am on social media in fact we
are all on social media which reminds me of something that I did on this day way
back in 2013 so during October 2013 I did a special
series of lessons that I recorded every day and now you are going to see an
excerpt from the lesson that I did on this day in 2013 is it just me or is the
world of social media becoming a little bit overcrowded by that I mean the huge
number of social media outlets that exists now I remember the days when the
only way of keeping in touch with someone online was through email then
Instant Messenger came along which gave us an immediate way of communicating
with each other nowadays it would appear that we have distanced ourselves again
social media has become a sort of elaborate message board but instead of
just text being posted there is now the option to post music photographs and
video of course if you want to chat to a friend live then you still can some people have blamed the internet for
removing the skill of communication by diluting human interaction but perhaps
that is a little unfair as communication itself can take on many forms a
photograph can have as much to say as a line of text social media has as many
ways to say things as there are people using it from a personal perspective I
feel that there is still a lot to say that has not yet been said but my issue
is that now there seems to be too many sites on which to say it there are at
least 20 large social media sites now you can tweet you can pin you can
Google+ you can poke you can ping and if you don’t like someone you can block
them which social media sites do you use do you use the Internet much what are
your favorite sites do you think that electronic communication as made as less
sociable you do not need me to tell you that I am a big believer in the
educational power of the Internet YouTube has certainly been at the
forefront of encouraging people to not only learn through the web but to teach
through it as well I feel very proud to be one of the first people to do this
having started my youtube video channel way back in 2006 there are so many
things to discover and learn about this world of ours and if there is one thing
more important than learning it’s sharing knowledge for without that
action would be nothing to learn for those who
are wondering which social networks I use well you can find me on Facebook Twitter I have a blog as well and of
course you can see me right here in glorious dunk vision on YouTube if you
see me on Facebook please feel free to give me a poke no really okay then there is no answer to that really is
there if you want to give me a poke on Facebook you are more than welcome to do
so hello to everyone on the live chat I hope you enjoyed that now that was
something that I made six years ago today during my special October lessons
way back in 2013 so I thought this year I would do something different and why
not do live streams everyday that’s what I thought and that is what I am doing
hello to Rolfie hello Rolfie technology has not only changed the way we
communicate but also the way we behave and I think you are right there and I
suppose it would be fair to say that some of the behavior is very negative
however like everything when you invent something when you create something
there is always an upside and a downside for example the motor car is an amazing
invention invention it’s an amazing invention that can get us everywhere we
can go somewhere in a hurry we can get somewhere quickly it is very convenient
you don’t have to walk you don’t have to take public transport so driving a car
is very convenient however there is a very big negative to having a car first
of all they are dangerous thousands and thousands of people die every year on
the roads here in the UK alone and also I suppose we should mention the
environmental impact as well so yes I think so so everything has a positive
and a negative including this so the thing you are looking at now that little
square device in front of you where my beautiful
face is staring from is also responsible for a lot of bad things and good things
just like everything else Julie gee Julie says something very
funny Julie says Mr Duncan you don’t poke any more on Facebook so what do you
do now what what do you do now what what do we do when we want to ask someone why
there they are not communicating with us is there a way of going hey hey but I
thought you could still poke on Facebook I thought it was still possible to have
a poke on Facebook okay that maybe not so you can no longer poke on Facebook
apparently it has been a long time since anyone has poked me on Facebook I will
admit Amit mr. Duncan would you mind telling me
what is what is computer jargon computer jargon or should I say jargon
well jargon is anything that’s connected to a certain subject quite often
technical so jargon is something that might only be understood by people who
are experts in that area so if you are an expert in computers if you know
everything about computers you also know the jargon so jargon is something that
might be an fathomable that’s the word if something is unfathomable it means
you can’t understand it so something you can’t understand something that is hard
to comprehend might be described as jargon quite often when you buy
something maybe a brand new television or maybe a brand new computer and you
read the instructions you might find that there is a lot of jargon in the
instructions hello mr. Duncan I prefer to use the
positive side of the social media like for example your interesting live
streams Thank You Beatrice that is very kind of you I think I’m losing my voice
today I really do think I’m losing my voice maybe it’s because I was shouting
at the television this morning do you think that might be the reason why here
are some interesting words and it is something I want to show you right now
when you make a decision when you make a decision that is going to have a lot of
consequences it will affect a lot of people we quite often describe it as
something crucial now I love this word and this is a word that I thought of
this morning when I was watching the Queen give her speech even though
technically it isn’t her speech so that’s what I thought of this morning
the word crucial something that is important something that has to be done
a very important decision or maybe an important vote so you might say that a
decision is crucial we are about to make a crucial decision all you might say
this is a crucial time for the country so here in the UK we are describing all
of the events that are taking place in politics as crucial so there might be
crucial negotiations where people talk and they try to come to some sort of
agreement crucial another good word oh I like this one vital something that is vital again
quite often vital means very important something vit you
need to survive for example inside your body inside you bought your body you
have a lot of vital organs so when we talk about something vital it is
something that maybe is important but also it might be something that you
can’t live without it is vital so we talk about your vital organs your heart
for example is a vital organ in your body oh I like this one because this one
also relates to English grammar imperative so something that is
imperative is important it is something serious it is something that must be
dealt with or handled or talked about very quickly it is important it is
imperative that I speak to you it is imperative that we come to some decision
so imperative oh I like that and of course in English an imperative is
something that creates or expresses stress here is one you may have heard of
before Oh something is of the essence and this is part of a natural phrase so
you might say that time time is of the essence if time is of the essence it
means it is very important perhaps there is very little time left
maybe time is running out so you will say we must come to some decision we
must come to some arrangement because time is of the essence
it is important perhaps time is running out
and now something that is important of course we think of important things what
is important in your life we all have different things that we see
as important the things that mean something to us maybe your family or
your friends maybe your security from a financial point of view maybe your
future you see that as important so something that is important it can be
anything that has meaning to you or maybe something that must be done
quickly it is important I have to go to an important meeting or maybe a person
who has a lot of authority and they can make lots of big decisions we will
describe them as important so the word can be used in quite a few ways in fact
and this week in the UK a lot of important decisions are going to be made
I’m a Moroccan English teacher hello to musafir hello miss Aafia nice to see you
here today can you share with us some strategies that you use in your
classroom to make students more engaged and to make the process of learning
English exciting well first of all I think teaching is one of the hardest
things to do in the world it really is it takes a lot of courage it takes a lot
of confidence to standing up stand up in front of people and teach it is a little
bit like performing to be honest and that’s the way I see it so my own view
of teaching is a little bit like performing on stage so you have to do
something that holds their attention and also maybe you can
have a little bit of fun in class and also a little bit of learning as well so
it doesn’t always have to be serious and dull dare I say and this is something
that many students used to say to me in China they used to say mr. Duncan we
like your class because you always make it more fun you always talk about
different things a little bit like my livestreams so what you see now
happening is really what I do in the classroom it is no different it is
absolutely no different whatsoever so try to change the subject when you
are in a classroom don’t just talk about one subject don’t be afraid to engage
with your students and as I always say never ignore the students at the back
and that is something I became very well known for when I was teaching in China a
lot of students in the back of the class they used to fall asleep they would
become distracted but I always had my eyes on them so I think having control
over the class but also making the class interesting and exciting don’t stay on
one subject for too long try to change the subject and never be
afraid to have fun and it says sir is there any interesting game which we can
play to improve our English and to make our friends speak there is a very good
thing that I used to do with some of my adult students because they were quite
often very shy when it came to speaking English so they would have some
knowledge of English but they would be too afraid to actually speak so what I
used to do is I used to give them objects now it wasn’t an object that
they could hold it was just written down on a piece of
paper so I would take a piece of paper and I would write something down on the
paper a very common object something common
something that you will see everywhere and then they have to describe that
object to another person and they the other person has to guess what it is
they are describing however a person doing the describing has to talk for as
long as they can so they have to talk for as long as they can about the thing
without the other person guessing so it sounds easy but trust me it isn’t and it
is a great way of getting your students not only to use English not only to use
it in a spoken way but also to get them thinking about what they’re saying as
well so that is something that I used to do with my students and I would often
get them together and I would give them words and quite often they would be
objects for example you might say oh this thing is long some people like this
thing and other people don’t like it so that’s the sort of thing you would do
you would describe something but you don’t want to give away what the thing
is so you are really having to think hard about how to express yourself so
it’s a very good way of improving the brain and also improving the confidence
at the same time so I hope that helps Huang or should I say Justin Bieber fan
hello mr. Duncan I read in the newspaper that to improve my speaking I must
listen listen active and positive is it true I must listen active and positive I
don’t know what you mean by active positive but you must do it of course so
maybe you are saying actively so if you are actively doing something it means
you are actually carrying it out you are doing it so be active in your English
learning and of course be positive that is really what I said earlier some
people think that their English is terrible when in fact it is quite good
so sometimes we don’t have a very good way of looking at our own ability we
sometimes think that our ability is worse than it really is that’s one of
the big problems with learning hello to Japan hello Japan Hui a big hi to you
mr. Duncan it’s been a long time I have not watched your channel your voice is
part of my childhood thank you very much isn’t that nice please welcome me for
being back you are welcome back and everyone is welcome back I do like it
when I receive messages from people who have actually benefited from my lessons
over the years so I always feel very very happy about that
it is nice to know that the thing I do is useful to you very grateful hello
Khyber nice to see you Kaiba welcome I will be
going soon of course I finish at 3 o’clock however I will be back tomorrow
I’m with you every day during October 31 days to celebrate my 13th year on
YouTube so I hope you will join me tomorrow if you are busy don’t worry you
can always watch me later on the replay hello also to negress hello Nargis or
now Gris hello my name is Nargis hello to you where are you where are you
watching could you please do some lessons about
business English well I think that’s a good idea
Thank You salad no that’s very kind of you to leave that message for me
hello – yeah man now I know for a fact I know that yeah man is watching in Syria
so can I say hello to you and everyone watching in Syria it is nice to see
people return to my youtube channel when they have been away for a long time and
there are two reasons for this first of all maybe their English level has
reached a very high point and then they can move on to something else
or they think that I’ve stopped doing it when I haven’t so quite a few people
over the past few days have said Oh mr. Duncan it’s nice to see you back on
YouTube I haven’t been away from YouTube for the past 13 years I’ve been doing
this without any break so I’ve been doing this since 2006 I haven’t been
anywhere I haven’t been away I’d I haven’t closed my channel I’ve been
doing this all the time so I don’t know why some people seem to think that I’ve
stopped some people seem to think that I’ve disappeared but I’m still here
honestly I haven’t gone anywhere hello yeah man oh yeah man is actually in
Indonesia I apologize for that I thought you said you were in Syria sorry about
that hello Niagara’s again hello Emmet we can
say students can bring their own stuff from their home which they like a lot
and then they can start talking about that and other students can ask
questions this game is called bring your stuff so in this sense the word stuff
means things items so yes I think they have a
similar thing all so in the United States they call it
show-and-tell so if you show-and-tell it means you
bring something in and you have it maybe it’s something that you enjoy using or
looking at and you can talk about it and then afterwards you can actually get
your students to ask questions to the person who is showing the object so I
think so hello to Afghanistan thank you very much for joining me today
also Guadalupe kneecapped hello Nik at watching in Azerbaijan wow I have a lot
of people watching all around the world today this is the biggest classroom on
YouTube it really is because the classroom is the whole world and as you
know the world of English is a fun an exciting place to be I am so glad that
you joined me today for my livestream the like button is working crazy oh good
I’m glad to hear that and dad to hear a lot of people are
liking my work I have a feeling that I’m losing my voice I don’t know why we are
approaching three o’clock it’s almost time to go thank you for your company I
hope it has been interesting I hope you enjoyed my little chat about brexit and
also my little chat about important things and also my little video about
social media and I will see you tomorrow thank you very much for joining me
this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for watching today I will see you tomorrow
at 2 p.m. UK time and guess what I’m going to do now here it is
I have been waiting for a whole hour to eat this biscuit okay biscuit it is time
for us to get together oh and of course you know what’s coming next … ta ta for now 😎

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Learning English – MONDAY 14th October – improve your English – CRUNCH TIME! – DAY 14

  • TIME CODES – click on the blue time codes to skip forward to…
    CRUNCH TIME MEANING – 23:51 AUTUMN SIGHTS/SHEEP – 29:18 SOCIAL MEDIA (video clip) – 32:35
    UPSIDE and DOWNSIDE – 37:14 CRUCIAL – 41:30 TEACHING METHOD – 46:50

  • Hello, I'm used to watching your videos, spending one or sometimes two hours with it. It's always been easy to me to get phrases and expressions.thanks a lot mr duncan from karachi, Pakistan

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