8 Film Perang Korea Bagus

Korean films have never failed to stir up the emotions of their viewers even in films with a background in war. Have you ever watched any Korean war films? Moviu presents some of Korea’s best war-themed films which is fun and really good. Do not believe? here it is. The Battleship Island Not wrong if the film that was released in 2017 included in the best war films, starring top Korean stars like Song Joong Ki and So ji sub this movie is really exciting. Tells about a group of South Koreans which was brought to an island in Japan. On the island, they are forced to work in the bowels of the earth. Men are asked to work, whereas women are forced to be hostesses girls also become workers for the Japanese nation. No longer able to hold, they also planned for a rescue mission and escape from the island. Twist plot, it turns out there is enemy inside the stronghold of South Korea. How exciting is this film? watch guys. Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of war Starring two of Korea’s best actors, Won Bin and Jang Dong Gun this film tells of two brothers who are so close. The brother works as a shoeshine boy to pay his brother’s education and supports his family after his father’s death. When the civil war broke out, military service was applied to all young people. The younger brother secretly enlisted in the army without his family’s knowledge For the sake of accompanying the younger brother, finally the brother was willing to join the army. At the beginning, the older brother continued to look after his younger brother on the battlefield but some changes ensued. The climax is when his brother thinks his brother died in battle and defected to the enemy. Will the two be able to meet again? Please watch the movie guys My way Another movie starring Jang Dong gun, this film tells the story of a child servant who works with a Japanese official. He is a marathon runner who always wins in various competitions. One day, the grandson of the Japanese official who was also a famous marathon runner from Tokyo came to Korea. The two met, and since then they have become bitter rivals. This continues even until they are adults and must participate in war. The grandson of a Japanese official hates him so much And not seldom he tortures him when he was a Japanese warlord. But what happened turned out instead to make them friends in the future. How come? Don’t forget to watch the film Ayla: The Daughter of War Based on a true story, this film tells a story of a Turkish soldier named Suleyman who was assigned to the Korean war. One day he met a small child victim of war named Ayla. He found Ayla crying in a pile of corpses of war victims, almost died of cold. Because of trauma, Ayla did not speak to anyone. Suleyman decided to take her to headquarters and take care of her Day by day they are getting closer, Ayla has recovered and can talk to Suleyman and other soldiers who helped to take care of him. Ayla grew into a cheerful little girl who loved to play. Until one day Ayla and Suleyman had to be separated. Suleyman must return to his country. He did not give up to be able to bring Ayla back with him, but unfortunately the effort failed 71 INTO THE FIRE The film is set in a civil war between South Korea and North Korea in 1950. Based on a true story this film tells about 71 people student soldiers who have not had any experience in war. They survive to face the battle P’ohang dong from the onslaught of North Korean and Chinese troops. They must guard a school which is a fortress the defense of South Korea that must not fall into the hands of North Korea with makeshift tools. Not only students, the 71 students also have to look after women and children in the village. THE BATTLE: ROAR TO VICTORY This film visualizes the battle where Korea defending his homeland desperately by fighting against the Japanese. History records the atrocities of Japanese soldiers in what was called the March 1 independence movement 1919 which killed 7509 people, not to mention the injured, arrest victims and burning of important buildings. After the bloody event, a year later there was a resistance event from the Korean independence army against the Japanese army in the mountainous Manchuria region known as the Fengwudong battle and for the first time the Korean side won its war over the Japanese army. Interestingly, although this film is based on a true story, some fictional character is chosen to be created as the main character THE FRONT LINE This film tells about a civil war between South Korea And North Korea. The film is based on this true story certainly not only exciting but also touching. In 1951 a ceasefire was declared, but the remaining two soldiers fighting in their last battle on the front lines of the korean war, South Korea’s battalion is fierce fighting over a hill in Aerok frontier border towards north korea. Welcome to Dongmakgol This film tells the story of a remote village community, Dongmakgol who doesn’t know anything about the Korean war between North and South Korea. Instead they welcomed soldiers from both sides who entered their village, both South Korean, North Korean soldiers and US pilots. The population lives in a high spirit of brotherhood, harmonious, simple and prosperous. , Unfortunately the feud between North and South Korea was brought by the stray soldiers to dongmakgol. Then how do the citizens of Dongmakgol deal with this? watch the movie guys. Well, those were the 8 best Korean films Set in a war. 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