A Day in the Life at the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

>>Hey Bobcat Nation. Have you
ever thought about what it would be like to be able to meet some
Nobel Peace Prize Laureates? Follow me. (music) We are about to board the
plane.>>I’m so excited.>>And I’m really excited.>>I’m so excited.>>How are you feeling Layomi?>>I’m so excited for this trip.>>Welcome aboard.>>Thank you. Thank you. (music) We are here in Mérida, Mexico. So, this is our hotel. We will be having dinner and
then we get to have some free time. So, we’re walking over to the
hotel room. (music) Day two. We are walking over to the
orientation right now. There are going to be a whole
bunch of different universities, colleges, as well as some high
schoolers that are actually from the area coming to this summit.
Today is just really about the orientation part of it.>>The Albert Schweitzer
Institute of Quinnipiac University des
Estados Unidos.>>We just finished the
orientation and we’re gonna be doing some walking around on some
of the historical sites and just, kinda, like, really understand
more about the history of this particular area as well,
considering that our whole entire premise is to try to, you know, obtain more
about world peace, relate that back to our overall goal of the
summit. (music)>>Good morning. So, today is the
first day of the summit. There’s gonna
be a panel, and then we’re gonna break it down into two
different workshops that we have. So, I think it’s gonna be
really cool to try to see, like, the other Nobel Peace Prize
Laureates. And we hear different methods
that they’re gonna suggest to us, the youth, about engaging in
global peace. Even on a small level, you can make a lot of
change in your local communities, as well. (speaker speaking Spanish) The first panel was talking
about how you can be able to promote peace and the biggest
thing I kinda took away from it was you can’t really complain
about wanting to make peace or, you know, have change in the
world, if you, yourself, are not willing to take that one step
forward. We have just finished the
second conference. Right now, I am headed over to a workshop with
Bernice King. I was actually able to get a picture with her. And I’m
also really excited to kinda see what Bernice King is going to
talk about. She was very much involved with the socioeconomic
ways of how you can develop change in your community, so…
>>And the indigenous people.>>As well as the indigenous
people.>>I want to welcome Dr. Bernice
A. King who is honoring us with her presence and she’s the CEO of
The King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. (crowd murmuring)>>What’s peace? Happy. Safety. Be more dignitive. Feel more growth. Fulfillment. Sharing. Love. For us to be able to talk
about calm and forgiveness and love, we have to be prepared to
shake the status quo. How do you talk about justice and equality
when you do not talk about inequality?>>Today was a really great day.
We separated into our own modules and discussions. So, the first
discussion that we had was with Bernice King, and she basically
talked about a lot of the work that her dad did, and she actually
also touched up on economic freedom as it relates to black
Americans. Considering that I am the president of BSU, that was
really something that I could take away from that. For the
second panel, as you saw before, that was also very interesting.
Coming from an African perspective, looking at the
intersectionality that I have, I’m both black but I’m also
Nigerian. So, it was good to try to get, like, the duality and kind
of understand, again, what I can do as a young individual to try to
instill more change and more peace, even more of a local level,
and how she basically emphasized that you cannot promote world
peace and you cannot promote world change if you yourself are
not confident in what you are and in what you do. Whatever step
that you take, you have to be able to have that self-confidence in
yourself and also be able to represent where you come from as
well. To be able to leave behind a legacy for those that want to be
able to follow your path. (music) So, it is day two of the
summit. We are heading over now. So, again, we’re gonna have two
panels, and then we have, you know, workshops that we attend and
everything like that. (music) (speaker speaking Spanish) So, right now, we’re at some of
the workshops, so, they’re just ending the workshop.>>They also have information
about some things in which represents a barrier.>>Good! The summit was good. Lots of
inspiration.>>Yeah.>>And it definitely makes you
think about your future and how to implement the things learned
in the conference into real life.>>Yeah, definitely. I’m gonna
miss this place. We’re going back to CT. Next
time QU hosts another trip over for the World Summit, you guys
will actually know a little bit about what that might entail. All
right guys. Bye.

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