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just do it you JULE>>>good morning everyone my name is Jule
I’m a second year PhD student studying computer science my area of
concentration is artificial intelligence and this is my vlog so
today I’m going to do day in the life it’s 8 o’clock in the morning I just
woke up and I’m gonna start getting ready for the day I’m just working from home right now
just doing some reading some other prep work for my research I’m actually
expecting a package later today that I need to sign for so one cool thing about
grad school is you kind of make your own schedule
and in computer science you can basically work from anywhere so I’ll
probably stay here do a couple more hours of work and then head into the
office later today so what do I actually do day to day in
my work I actually get to work on a variety of projects which is really
great because if I got bored or frustrated with one of them I always
have something else I can work on instead so sorry about that that was actually
the package I had to sign for one thing I’m currently working on is
preparing the results section of a journal paper so here I have motivating
questions which you’re going to kind of lead you through the results section and
then kind of which experimental results are going to go within each section here
I’m working on a new project which uses causal models to help a robot plan in
the real world I also have classwork that I’m doing so this is for my
human-computer interaction class we have a reading assignment it’s about eight
pages so I’ve gone through and highlighted different parts and now I
just have to write a 200 word summary for tomorrow’s class I’m also working on
prelim prep so prelims are the big exam at the end of your second year where you
have to present original research that you’ve done throughout grad school so
far so right now kind of putting together previous works so these are the
different papers that I’ve read and kind of what I’ve learned from them that I
can hopefully apply to the project I’m working on so it’s time for lunch I have to admit
my lunch today is kind of weird I have lunch meet some Jesus and part of the
carrot cake hello everyone so I’m running to catch
the bus right now just waiting for the bus it’s really close to where I live
and it comes about every 20 minutes and the city bus is actually free for U of M
students which is really nice so I’m going to take about a 7 minute bus ride
and then walk about 5 minutes to the office so overall a pretty fast commute so today is gonna be a pretty easy day
I’m just gonna continue working on my projects other days of the week I have
meetings so once a week there’s a lab meeting I also meet individually with my
advisor and then there’s other things that I do for example every other week
there’s the Excel plus bi-weekly social which is just a way to get together with
other women in the department and then also once a week I go and see my
therapist so I think mental health and physical health is really important so
it’s important to make time for that in your schedule so the gym is only about a five minute
walk from the office which is really nice LaRon
I am home for the evening I just finished having dinner and now I’m gonna
relax so I think I’ll drop it Jeremih my pad my my place and ukulele watch
Netflix and then head to bed well that was my day I’m off to bed now
thank you for watching you

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