A helpful and understanding environment

My name’s Fahad, I came from Kuwait and I’m
studying a Media Foundation year. The teachers are very helpful they understand that it’s first time for us and it’s our first time, we never did essays before, so they understand, they try to help, they say
if you have troubles, come and ask, we will help you for the essays every week and the
lessons, they are really helpful. When I first came here I saw the centre, and I saw the
cathedral, it’s old fashioned but I like it, it’s like Game of Thrones. I think it’s not
about the city, it’s more independent life. If you live with family, it’s very different to when you live alone. Last year I met a lot of people, and I’m in
touch with them until now, that’s the important thing. I have a lot from Turkey, from Colombia,
Spain, they all tell me if you want to come you can stay with us, you are welcome, they
are really nice!

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