A Student said Sadhguru’s analogy stupid. Sadhguru shuts him up || See What Happened Next.

Oh the next person if I’m not wrong was Joe, so he Got everything set up Hello Chucky was today, sir My before I ask my question, I just have to tell you that I was very impressed by your e-commerce website Which sells yoga merchandise? I think it’s it’s really cool It’s better than Flipkart and Amazon and I hope that you know in a few years time It will become the biggest e-commerce It’s a conscious decision I have taken that our commerce part is done just to take care of a few things Our commerce will never grow beyond the foundation part we I clearly made the distinction this ISA Foundation and the disha business and We have contained the business in spite of enormous demand. We have contained the business so it’s very impressive So no, you should not be impressed by that. You must come and see what I do. Otherwise It’s a real thing my my question I I won’t tell you that I was also very impressed by your commitment to rule of law that was evident from the discussions that we’ve had in the same light I just want to ask you that in one of the blocks that you have written in your website You speak about women’s entry to shiny temples and there you say that look the reason why they shouldn’t be allowed is because there are planetary forces and it’s not good for women to Enter these temples in the same vein I just want to tell you a little bit about the law and the point there our Supreme Court judgments Which say that if you want if you make laws which tend to be discriminatory for women it cannot be a justification that we are doing it for their benefit that cannot be the justification for any law that Discriminate against women this is the law of the land So in that same vein Would you say that if you know if that is the law of the land and you committed to the ideals of law then? One how do you justify that and to one more question, sir? Just just a follow up question. The second part of the question is in the same article. You also mentioned that We can control the impact of planetary forces on our life through inner engineering what is inner engineering? Is it a program the Risha foundation hands out? What is what is what exactly is inner engineering Is it something that you guys do and like only what? only if you guys can tell us what is inland inner engineering only then will we be able to You know face the forces of planetary forces what exactly is this concept of inner engineering? We’ll answer that So right now why don’t you ask this institution now, sir? Only if you tell us what is law we will know what’s the law? And certify that I Didn’t get what you just said make no no you tell your institution in which you are Only if you trap us here for five years and tell us what is the law will we understand? What is the law don’t we know? Well, because only because you do not know you have come here right to learn Similarly only because people could not figure it by themselves figure it out by themselves They have come and only because it’s working for them. They’re coming in millions Okay, you have 700 people here. We have 9 million volunteers working across the So it must be working for them So do not make these judgments and don’t think it’s very smart to simply make judgments or everything You are a lawyer. You are not a judge. All right So let’s come to the question. Let’s come to the please, please don’t do these things. It is happening from both Segments of people what you like bow you shout and clap, please. Don’t do that For or against that’s not the way the way to do this is are we interested in in knowing and enhancing you ask a question as a Way to enhance your knowing not just to prove that you are smart If you think you can prove you’re smart, we will do certain something else to that. Anyway, you ask this question I like the e-commerce. I know when you started off. I know when Joe is called why is called we know what it is I’m not that dumb. Okay when I sit here and I just look at you. I know what you can ask I will tell you let me tell you this follow Me when I train teachers to handle in engineering programs Now we have transformed the program in a different way. But at one time when it was very Intense. I trained the teachers like this somebody walks into the hall They settle down here today by themselves without being guided You just see I made a chart of the hall and said see they sit here if they sit here the sit here This is the question. They will ask you just be ready when he raises his question, you know, this is what he will ask 93 to 94 percent of the time. It’s always right like that people think they are free and they’re asking questions But if they sit in that place, that’s a question they will ask in any in any venue not in any particular venue just Anywhere, they smell this may not look logical to you, but life happens like that Anyway, so now you are when you start praising the e-commerce, I know why it is It’s not that you’re appreciating it. I am Telling You Asia foundation is a foundation run by the volunteers over 4,600 full-time volunteers were far more educated than you are and over 9 million part-time volunteers across the world Giving their time and money and energy to make this happen. Why are people doing this? We are not promising them. We will take you to heaven. We are not telling you you will go and sit in God’s lap Why are they doing it? It must be done wonders to them. Otherwise, why will they invest their life in it? So without knowing anything don’t make conclusions So are you the only one well you can do it in so many other ways if you knew how to figure it out Why would I be needed you do not know how to figure it out. So somebody comes and helps if somebody comes and helps Why are you helping people? You leave them with their problems. They’ll be good business for a lawyer. Is that what you’re talking to me? Please don’t don’t feed upon spiegel’s problems people have problems if you have solution, it’s good You don’t have a solution at least leave them alone now about Commerce We have everyday Everyday in the Yoga Center. The minimum meal is around 7,000 people per meal on the weekends It’s 15 to 20,000. Whoever comes nobody inquires. Who are you? Why are you eating here? Whoever comes they’re welcome and they’re fed. All right, and We are running 12 schools in rural in remotest parts of India which is the same level of education that one would get in a good urban school and 40% of the children are first-generation going to school over 9,000 children are sponsored fully for their educator their entire education and We have medical activity going on across Tamilnadu in a big way There are many other aspects which I don’t want to go on listing for all this to happen It needs a certain financial thing Now if I come to you with a begging bowl You will say why have you come to me with a begging bowl? If I earn my own money you are saying why are you earning your own money? What is the problem here? What is the problem only thing is? I have not come to you as a client. Is that the only problem you have I? Want you to know the people who are working in the foundation Most of them some of them are here there are doctors engineers accountants They have quit top high paying jobs in their life, and they are serving for free. All right Thousands of them and you have something against them, please It’s not about me because I don’t know all that work. People are doing all that work including the website and the commerce So just for the diversity of opinion so that I mean as a moderator I have to ask people trouble Oh Woman’s rights. Yes about shani shingnapur see First of all, you have a Misunderstanding that indian temple is a place of prayer indian temple is not a place of prayer. I want you to notice Different temples were built in different ways for specific purposes Shani temple is built for occult purposes Occult means you know what’s happened? What is the Telugu word for up? But what people call as black magic or whatever, you know There are certain occult practices Where if they’re occult practices are being done women in state of pregnancy in mansion cycles. It could seriously impact their life So they said women should not go it was also designed That on a certain day if the woman in certain condition on a full moon day. She can go other days These are prescriptions. These are not restrictions. These are prescriptions. These are not discriminations These are done with a specific intent or now that you’re talking about women’s rights Why don’t you fight for the men’s rights in our temple the buyer of a temple that we have? Men are not allowed inside the sanctum Why don’t you stand up and fight for that? I will tell you why they are not allowed that temple is only for the women Men are not allowed. Why is it a discrimination? It is not about discrimination It is a certain dimension of life. If you go by this crude sense of equality, you will harm the woman immensely There are millions of temples open to everybody suddenly why discrimination will come in one temple What are you talking about? This is not a culture which discriminated against women. There are more Female deities in this country than male deities every village you go. There is an Amin temple There is a Devi temple and you think it’s discrimination These these are these are very rudimentary idea picked up from the West you have not seen this culture You have not understood the profoundness with which is run Unfortunately because of 15-20 generations of poverty. We’ve kind of mixed it up and made a mess out of it That is a different matter so Before I move on to another person and he’ll probably be the last person before I move on to you are the people they’re done With that particular question, or is there any further question on that particular issue? I Mean for diversity of opinion. I need to choose somebody from here So, I mean unless you don’t have a unless you don’t have a further point on the same issue I’ll proceed so Could somebody please you in the mic? So, yeah, so if Joe has a follow-up then please proceed So this I Can’t help it I mean if you’re not satisfied you the same issue should This crude sense of knowledge that you’re talking about is the knowledge that’s coming from the Supreme Court of the country. Oh, it’s speaking So this crude sense of knowledge that you say is is it’s the knowledge that coming from the Supreme Court of the country. No, no No, no No you are so you’re still not addressing the point that what who are you and I sitting here to make Prescriptions for women and say that this is harmful for you. Hence don’t do it or this is not harmful and you shouldn’t do it It’s not up for you and I to do it if they if it’s harmful and they still want to do it They are free to do it. Right. I mean you you say that what people want to do in their bedroom It’s an individual choice if you want to enter it You ask a question. Please. You please ask a question I’m not that dumb that a question needs to be explained to me. You ask a question. You didn’t answer it the first time Josh the question again, let me answer this right The question is who are you to tell the ladies whether they should go to this? Er, no I’m saying they should have the option I’m saying they should have the option so just to give a similar example, so I’ll call it I Got it. There are hundreds of temples in the country where men cannot enter So if men say history, there’s a history of discrimination. That is a different matter. See you mixing up two things though It is unfortunate history of discrimination on all levels That’s a different matter that has to be settled in a different way But when a specific aspect comes if you want to rule out all the subtler aspects of life and just say this Is it anyway, let me tell you this this I am on camera. Let me tell you this, okay? Supreme Court is there to interpret the Constitution it cannot create a new Constitution Doesn’t matter what are the powers of the court it cannot create a new Constitution? It is only there to interpret the law the way it is Is the amorite they’re all Lloyd’s Hello That’s debatable that’s debatable When you debate that there is going to be lots of problems because every pressure point, you know People will apply every motivated group will push for their own loss. If you create enough ruckus some law new law will happen They should not happen It is essentially within the framework of the Constitution everything should happen in the framework of the Constitution There are laws Where there are public places and there are private temples and private places of worship how it should be done There is left to them it is for them to decide how it happens is it’s happening simply because of a Discrimination against agenda if it is, so it must be struck down. Absolutely But if there are other aspects to it, if you think you cannot consider anything else then it’s ridiculous It becomes ridiculous. It’s like saying don’t I have the right to enter the ladies toilet. What nonsense is this? Do you need a law you just need sense that you don’t go there? No, this is your question answer like odd pseudo it’s not answered but that should be It’s not answered. Shall we answer? Mr. Joe? The difference between a man not allowed to enter a woman’s name a woman’s toilet and you see you using the same I’m not saying not allowed and man who is a man will not enter. That’s all I said Analogy that you’re seeing so we are we are discussing the question of women’s entry today pull up your sponsor You can continue the problem, sir use, mr. Joe you do not know the culture of this nation You’re talking simply activism because of charge recreation because in this country in this culture the idea of discrimination never arose I want you to understand even before other Countries ever thought of even giving franchise to the woman. This country did not even debate whether women should have voting rights or not it’s simply there because in our culture we never thought so so the discrimination Exploitation is there I want you to understand there is exploitation. There is no necessary discrimination Exploitation is not just of the woman Anybody who is weaker than you people are exploiting whether it’s a man woman or child Why do you think everybody is beating the children just simply because they are small Not because they have a right to do it. So anything which is weaker than them. They are exploiting not just women Unfortunately women have also been taken a much amount of beating in terms of exploitation, but do not misunderstand exploitation and discrimination in a fundamental way Discrimination have a different aspect exploitation is a different aspect. I think job Vicky now agree to disagree

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