AA&CC | STUDY HACKS featuring Priya

Hi my name is Priya I’m a fourth year student studying biochemistry and health studies When we had an exam or when we’re taking courses in general right from the get-go I pick a study partner and from there on we schedule weekly meetings and we’ll come in and ensure that a chapter is prepared and we will make sure that chapter questions are complete and that’s a time for us to kind of review the material and also discuss any questions that may have come pertaining to that particular subject matter and that keeps you motivated because of course you want yourself to do well but also your friend so it adds a little bit more and it’s fun too that way so it keeps you motivated as well My study partner I met in my first year biology lecture so we basically just turned to one another introduced each other and we had a lot of interests in common and then I just said “You know what? Do you want to study together?” Schedule some time that we can regularly meet up so we can make sure that both of us are familiar with the concept and she said “Yes!” and we started it I think second week of September and we’ve done well

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