Access to Higher Education Courses in London – Meet Dean

Hello my name is Dean, I’m 21 years old and
I’m studying an Access to Higher Education course for Biomedical Science. So originally I was doing a degree in Economics and I decided it probably wasn’t for me, so I had a look around and found this Access course, which would allow me to just study
for 1 year so I can go back to University and study the subject I do want to study,
which is biomedical science. This sort of course brings in a whole host
of different people – younger people, older people – but we all have one aim and that’s
to go to University next year. I want to go into Research, I want to stay
in an educational environment so that I can continue to learn more new things. So I’m
very optimistic for the future. Very excited, you know all the new developments we get everyday
and I want to be part of that aswell, I want see what I can lead.

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