Add Visual Appeal with a Theme and Images

The text you added to your slides is just
one way your presentation communicates information. How your slides look is also part of their
message. Slides that look appealing will capture the
audience’s attention and help them focus on your main points. In this video, you will make your slides look
polished and professional to help you communicate with your audience. To start, change the theme of the presentation. Some themes are more serious and professional
looking, while others are bright, fun, or creative. Choose a theme that matches the tone and information
you’re communicating. A theme updates the appearance of all the
slides in the presentation. This includes the slide background and font. Next, add an image. Images help the audience immediately understand
the content of a slide. They can also illustrate a point you are making
or show a picture of something you are explaining. Choose a slide in your presentation where
you will add an image. Then, from the insert menu, select the option
you are using to add the image. You can upload an image from your computer,
search the web for one, or even take one with your device’s camera. To get an image from the internet to display in
your presentation, do a search. Make sure you have permission to use that image. To make the image fit on the slide, resize
it by clicking and dragging on the corner of the image. You can arrange the order on a
slide so some elements appear over others. For example, your image can appear behind
the text. To change the shape of an image, use the cropping
tool. Choose a shape for the image, and drag the
handle to resize it. Once you have changed the look of your presentation,
move on to the next video to share and present your slides. Now it’s your turn:
Change the look of your presentation by choosing a theme. Insert at least one image in your slides. Resize the image, crop it, and change the
layering order on your slides so the image appears correctly.

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