Advanced Strategic Marketing Techniques Program – Presented by McMaster Continuing Education

– [Sarah] Welcome to the Advanced Strategic Marketing
Techniques program preview, where we will give you a rundown of the Advanced Strategic
Marketing Techniques certificate. My name is Sarah McMath and I will be facilitating the session today. McMaster University Continuing Education’s Advanced Strategic Marketing
Techniques certificate program is a great way for the
experienced marketer to get ahead of the
pack and remain relevant and make yourself more
marketable in the industry. The goal of this program is to provide marketing professionals
with an opportunity to take their practice to the next level. So for those interested in this program, you should have four or more years of marketing or similar experience. And the courses in this program
are highly experiential, so you will be applying your
already-honed experience into working with cases
that will challenge you professionally. We’re asking for this level of experience because the course material
is at an advanced level and really requires a deeper level of knowledge of the role of
marketing in the workplace. From current case studies to webinars with industry professionals, you will have a network of new student colleagues plus access to our industry experts who will be leading our courses. There are five courses within the program. The first course, Brand Management, shows you the importance of building a strong brand that translates into superior customer experience. So this course allows you to investigate, build and analyze your branding position and to develop a go-to market plan that can launch and sustain
your business brand. Marketing Financials teaches you the importance of linking
marketing programs to financial performance. So you will be assessing
the financial strength and impacts of multi-channel marketing and optimizing decisions to
increase marketing efficiencies. International Marketing shows you how to plan successful marketing programs by considering the social, cultural, political and legal impacts of marketing to a global audience. Innovative Marketing Strategies presents the key elements,
considerations and components of building a successful
marketing strategy. You’ll examine successful
and unsuccessful marketing strategies that illustrate
key decision-making and important strategy touchpoints. Marketing Analytics focuses on turning insights into marketing action through data mining, predictive
and regression analysis. You’ll learn how to optimize
your business outcomes by utilizing data as the
mechanism for growth. By completing the five-course certificate, you will have a deeper knowledge of the key industry disciplines and you can become future
leaders within your organization. As with all of our programs and courses offered at Continuing Education, you have the benefit of studying on a part-time basis so you can continue to work and meet your personal
and professional goals. Each of the courses are delivered online, allowing you to study
from just about anywhere. In terms of admission requirements, there is no application required
to enrol in this program. You can simply go to our
website and enrol online so long as you meet the criteria shown. So you must have a marketing degree or a diploma. Have at least four years of experience in the field of marketing,
as this experience will be essential to deepen
your knowledge application and expertise in each
of the course outcomes. Please ensure that you meet
the program requirements if you are a new Canadian
or an international student. And you can always refer to the website for more information
on these requirements. You’re looking to enhance
your marketing skills and be up to speed on the
latest marketing techniques and innovations, then
McMaster University’s Continuing Education
Advanced Strategic Marketing Techniques certificate is a great way for you to stay relevant and be a leader in the marketing community. By completing this
program, you can open doors to careers such as those listed here and many more. Each course is a quick eight weeks, and you can take as many as you think you can manage per term. We do recommend that students budget about 11 to 13 hours per week per course. For this fall 2019, we have
the first two courses available and the remaining three courses are currently being developed to ensure smooth completion of your program. When the program is fully
available in fall 2020, you will be able to take
courses back to back and complete a full
program in under one year, which is a big bonus for
those who are working and require deeper
experience in an exciting industry that’s always changing. Okay, it looks like those
are all the questions today, so thanks everybody for joining us and have a great rest of your day.

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