Advantage for Indian student going France for higher education

what is the advantages of an indian
student going to France well first I think the advantage is that France is
the biggest country in Western Europe. It has really a variety of locations. We have the Salsa France, which is the first tourist place worldwide. We have ofcourse Paris the capital where you have culture everybody knows Paris & we have a location in Lyon. So why why France?
well France is has a country with big culture. We are in the heart of Europe
which means that students can travel everywhere. For example the little campus is just half an hour from Belgium, two hour drive from Hall to Holland, three-hour drive to Reichsburg to Germany so it’s really very close to other countries. The advantage of going to Europe is that
it’s a completely different culture. So I think for future manager or somebody who will work globally or internationally, it’s very important to have a good overview of different cultures different ways of working. So by going to France where you have the opportunity not just to work with French people but you also can travel all through Europe and meet other cultures. So I think it’s really a good way to discover another way of working another way of thinking. It also gets a certain autonomy to Indian students because they are more or less close to their families, so it will give a certain independency, a certain autonomy which is always very much appreciated by employers because they are looking for people who are independent, who are not afraid to have challenges and we know how to manage themselves

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