Alteryx + Cisco: Enabling Productivity Through Reporting

My name is Mark Ponick. I’m a data analyst for our operations and finance teams
at Cisco Systems Canada. I primarily work with Alteryx
and Tableau in order to deliver data points and reports that can be
spread across Canada… basically unifying our system so that we’ve completely left a silo method and run a national level with respect to reporting and data. In the past, Cisco’s focus on expenses and how and where we’re spending
money wasn’t very intense. But lately as we shifted to a
new model it’s become paramount understand where and how we’re spending our money. The reports that we had when I started
were extremely basic and very, very limited in scope and essentially each
region was very siloed. Utilizing Alteryx as the data blending
tool, and Tableau as the presentation model, we’ve been able
to create a standardized presentation that crosses all of Canada. The benefit of using Alteryx as the data blending tool is that a process that used to take approximately seven days to complete… and we can only do it once a month… to create a very, very static powerpoint presentation… now takes about 20 minutes and instantly distributes to over a hundred users all with unique login permission access. The added benefit is that we are also able to incorporate far more regions then people would
have otherwise imagined. We have reports now that started in Canada but have been ported over to several regions in Europe and the entirety of North and South America. We were on a call recently presenting to
our senior leadership team, and there happened to be one of our controllers
from Latin America on the line and I wasn’t aware prior to the meeting that
he was going to be there. So when he asked the question… “Well, how long would it take
to port this report over so that we can use it Latin America?” Basically by the time it took him to ask the question and for me to answer the question… I simply checked a couple of extra boxes in the report… refreshed the data source,
asked him to log out log back in… and instantly, all of Latin America
was available for viewing. When we originally presented Alteryx
and Tableau as the future of reporting in Cisco it was met with a lot of resistance. I remember walking into
our director of finance office and told him to just take a look around. You have
a team of about twelve people out there that work constantly day and night and
have essentially been relegated to copy and paste specialists. They’re extremely
educated, very bright people, and they’re doing about ten percent of the analytics
that they could be doing because ninety percent of their day is being spent
trying to find the data, scrubbing the data… and then creating pivot tables into simple reports. What we’ve been able to do is free up the time for all those analysts
by publishing a data source that’s been scrubbed, verified, modified to whatever
needs we have… they’re able to tap into it and generate reports where they can add
absolutely tons of analytics as opposed to simply presenting a PowerPoint slide. If someone to take away Alteryx,
I’d have to find a new job. I simply cannot do what I do without the
the power of Alteryx.

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