Amaka Eze ’19 |Philosophy| Interrogating our Most Basic Assumptions

I chose to study philosophy primarily
because of the kinds of questions it asked and the way it asked questions. In other disciplines, I feel like I haven’t been able to find that same kind of
investigative rigor but in philosophy, primarily, I’ve found a way to ask
questions that really interrogate our most basic assumptions. I think it
teaches you how to read differently and I mean read in a broad sense I don’t
mean read a text but read the world in a new way, read people in a new way, read
also, text in a new way and read yourself in a different way. And, I think that that
kind of vantage point and that kind of lens isn’t replicated, in any other
context or any other kind of disciplines and so I think for me humanities has
been a really a way of being and learning a new way of being.

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