Okay, so starting from the top: one of the
key issues that we’re seeing with most of our clients who start, like, they
reach out to us, they share their problems, is that in most cases most of
the issues they have are self-induced. In ninety-nine percent of cases
they somehow do that to themselves and our goal is to help them fix that. So
that’s one. Some of the examples: First of all – not really understanding
technology. There is a massive hype to use JavaScript frameworks recently and a
lot of CTOs, a lot of CEOs, even they want to go with Angular, they want to go
with React, not really thinking through how it’s gonna affect their organic traffic –
which is usually the key factor driving growth and sales for the company. So
first of all: One of the self-induced
issues is wrong use of technology or maybe not thinking through and not understanding
the whole technology they’re using. That’s one. A second example of overdoing
things is when we have a massive structure like ecommerce store or any
website with like a lot of product sort of content – doesn’t really matter – and
they start building and creating hundreds of thousands in some cases
hundreds of millions of pages with local low quality content, or like no quality
content. So if you sell dresses, they would index every single variable of
filters: let’s say you’ve got dresses but they also index all the filters of red
dresses, or red dresses below ten dollars, and nine hundred seventy one dollars
and fifty cents, and every single filter creates a single – a new page that’s indexable for Google. And that creates a massive mess.
That’s an issue for search engines because they need to somehow filter out
which pages are valuable and which are not within your structure and that itself is usually gonna kill your
organic traffic. But then, that’s a whole other problem because first of all –
people are gonna visit those websites and they’re gonna be confused of what’s
happening, and worst case scenario is if you google for like 10 minutes, you
will find one of those examples. These people sent paid ads to those low
quality pages because it’s all automated within large structures and again if
your structure is messy, you’re gonna pay $2 per visit and to a
page that just has no volume. So most of the self-induced issues are basically
overdoing things or trying to do things better without understanding the

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