Arrivals information | Taylors College Auckland

When I first arrived, it was a good experience. I got to meet new people and see how things
work differently compared to back home. I was brought into a different perspective
of understanding different cultures, which was pretty good. I liked it. When we have orientation at Taylors College,
we have a half-day of information about the school. They get to meet their teachers and the welfare
staff, the admin staff, and we talk to them about visas, homestay, subject choice and
the University. I definitely struggled a little bit when I
was first here, but then the teachers were very helpful and they helped me to interact
more with other people. I met some close friends that still are in
touch with me now. Probably the best thing about my job is seeing
the students who graduate from the College, who arrive in the orientation and are sometimes
not sure what they would like to do. They’re very excited, a bit nervous, and they
talk to the teachers, they talk to me and they start fixing a plan in their mind about
what they would like to study. Then at graduation I always get a little bit
emotional because I see them walk across the stage and they have completed their foundation
year and have been offered whatever they want to study, which is fantastic.

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