Bellevue University Main Campus Buildings Tour

Hello and welcome to this video tour of
Bellevue University’s Main Campus. We’re happy to have you with us to show you
our beautiful 46-acre campus in Bellevue, Nebraska.
We’ll start our journey at the Marge H Durham Student Center. Built in 1986, the
Student Center serves as a student hub for Dining Services, has patio space for
bonfires and hanging out, recreation space for campus events, and even a game
room. Less than a block from Main Campus is the new Student Housing Betz Road Complex. Opened in the fall of 2017, the complex has 18 units with 72 single
rooms. Each apartment has four single bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a
living area and furnishings including a washer and dryer in each unit. On the
south corner of campus is the Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Humanities Center. Upon entering through the front doors
you’re met by a 280-seat auditorium with state-of-the-art digital systems. The
Humanities Center Lobby is where you’ll find the College of Business with
faculty offices and also an art gallery, which serves as the site of student art
shows and the yearly faculty staff Art Show. Down the hallway are connected
learning classrooms, traditional classrooms, and also the new Intelligence
Systems Lab built for data sciences, systems network administration, cyber
security, and other programs using the latest technology. Next to the Humanities
Center is the Durham Administration Building. Durham was the only campus building when
the school began as Bellevue College in 1966. It previously held classrooms, labs,
a library, administrative and faculty offices, and even a small student lounge.
Today it is home to residence and Student Life, global student experience,
high school admissions, and residential academic advising. Next up is the Gordon
Lozier Athletic Center. The Athletic Center houses the Jerry Mosser Court,
administrative offices, and the new eSports arena,
deemed the Bruin Bunker. The facility is home to the University’s NAIA-sanctioned
sports programs: baseball, softball volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball,
men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s soccer, and men’s and women’s
cross-country. The co-ed eSports team competes in
League of Legends, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. What would a college campus
be without a library? The Freeman/Lozier Library has the largest library
collection in Sarpy County. Along with plenty of books, the library includes an
integrated media center, which allows students access to computerized and
web-based resources with training facilities to teach students how to
effectively use these resources. Located in the back hall of the library,
the Learning Commons is an important support office with consultants and peer
tutors ready to assist you in the tutor and study skills program and Writing
Center. North of the library is the Riley Technology Center, also known as RTC. Here,
you’ll find the math lab complete with a classroom, computer lab, and breakout
rooms. Take one class in the math lab and your feelings about learning math will
be changed forever. Take some time and check out a tablet with the University’s
friendly Computer Services staff. A private high school, Quest Forward
Academy, is also located in RTC. Next to the Student Center is the R. Joe Dennis
Learning Center. Updated in the fall of 2019, this
building has the most classrooms on campus. The Learning Center is home to
the College of Arts and Sciences office, the test center, four state-of-the-art
science labs, connected learning classrooms, and various full-time faculty
offices. Another staple on Main Campus is the Hollis and
Helen Baright bookstore.
Textbooks for most classes can be purchased here along with apparel and
other supplies. Inside the bookstore is a hidden art studio you’d never expect to
find there. Our next stop is the Educational Services Building. The Educational Services Building, ESB, as
it’s known, houses classrooms and the College of Science and Technology on its
lower level. On the middle and upper levels there are additional College of
Arts and Science faculty and staff offices. Career Services is also found
on the third floor. Everyone’s favorite thing about this building seems to be
the amazing indoor waterfall. Attached to the ESB is the John B. Muller
Administrative Services Building, or ASB. Built in 2011, the ASB is the tallest
building in Bellevue, Nebraska. Right inside the front doors is the One-Stop
Welcome Center and support desk. One-Stop provides a one-stop shop for current and
prospective students to meet with admissions, advising, and financial
services staff. Disability services, as well as scholarships and grants, are other helpful resources located in the ASB. Right across the street from the ASB
is the Military Veteran Services Center. Bellevue University is a proud Purple
Heart University and welcomes veterans and their families to the University and
the community. The Bruin Training and Athletic Center is a regular stop
for Bruin student-athletes and has wellness equipment and a weight room
that are free for all students to use. We hope you enjoyed this tour of
Bellevue University’s Main Campus. See you soon!

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