BLOOD AND SEX | Bible Study | Leviticus 17-18

This is Spoken Gospel. We’re dedicated to seeing
Jesus in all of scripture. In each episode, we see what’s
happening in a Biblical text and how it sheds light
on Jesus and his gospel. Let’s jump in. Here we get our first law section in Leviticus
mainly talking about blood and marriage. Two commands sum up
this discussion about blood. First, the people could only make
sacrifices at the tabernacle before God. Only God deserves worship and sacrifice, not the
false gods they would encounter in the Promised Land. Second, the people were forbidden from eating
an animal whose blood was not properly drained. They were not to eat blood. That is because life is in blood and
blood is used for making atonement. It belongs to God. Further, contemporaries of Israel thought
drinking blood gave them extra vitality and power. So, drinking the blood of an ox
would make you strong like an ox. But God wanted his people to know that
he alone grants life and power to his people. The second section
is about sexuality. Here we see that God cares about marriage,
women, children, and how we handle our bodies. But the main point of these commands is
to distinguish Israel from the other nations who practice all kinds
of sexual immorality. God wants Israel to be faithful in their
relationships, because God is faithful in his. Marital faithfulness is a picture of
God’s covenant faithfulness to his people. Both of these laws about blood and marriage
get taken to new levels through Jesus’ teaching. In the Gospel of John, Jesus commanded
people to drink his blood to get eternal life. Jesus was telling people to do something
God explicitly told them not to do. Why would he do this? Jesus was telling the people present
that they must put their trust in him as their ancestors put their trust
in the sacrifices provided on the altar. Life is in the blood. And Jesus’ blood not only pays for our debt of
death, it also gives life to us who should have died. In faith, when we drink his
blood, we actually do get his power. We get the same power that raised
Jesus from the dead – the Holy Spirit. If Israel’s relations with one another
was to be a picture of God and his people, marriage today between a husband and a wife is
to be an even greater picture of Jesus and his church. In the Gospels, Jesus calls
himself our husband, or bridegroom. Jesus is the true and faithful husband
of anyone who puts their trust in him. Therefore, we are to love our spouse, be
faithful to our spouse, and lay our lives down for our spouse as an outward picture to
the world of what Jesus has done for us. I pray the Holy Spirit would show you the God
who atones through blood and is faithful to his people. And that you would see Jesus as the one who gives
us his very blood to give eternal life to his eternal bride.

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