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  • MY heart goes to you all 🙁 🙁 so sad I feel a knot in my chest so terribly sad… woman always an easy target for cowards and the cowards might complain about the big waves of feminism

  • And yet many Americans are fighting for women to have to have children of rape by taking away their right to choose yet are selectively sympathetic to the same thing in another country?! How much cognitive dissonance can you bare before you go insane? Your heart should work the same regardless of the country, that's really screwed up no matter where it takes place.

  • Are these the teaching of theur lord and savior jesus christ???is this what christianity teaches??are raping and killing teachings of christianity??shame on them….

  • Discusting how victims of rape are treated. People should be ashamed, very ashamed of how different rapists and victims are treated. Society has to stop hating women and the best thing to do is by women supporting women.

  • Nobody knows how many women were raped erm id say almost 1 per cent wd have been left out even if that! UN did nothing to think this happened when i was a child is shocking. We always think of that level of obvious genocide and peace promotors who love rape and war as a something from centuries before. Every soul shall taste death… the guy who drank poison the leader theres no escape

  • I'm sorry if this is out of topic.. I can't help but to wonder about Anja's Mom mentioned she didn't pick her newborn baby and also didn't changed her diapers for 3 months, but how did she feed Anja at that time? If by nursing Anja by not picking her up, how? Maybe just a mistranslation by the narrater i guess? I totally understands Anja's Mom to why she did that, just imagine everything that were happening to and around her took a tremendous toll on her physical, mental, emotional, psychological states at that time, my goodness, what an incredible strong women she and her daughter are.. I'm glad they're okay now.. ❤️

  • I am from Bosnia and this documentary is sooo well done..I mean woww..(respekt za sve "heroje" u ovom videu i ljude slicne sudbine)

  • "Bosnian Muslim, Serb and Croat"…

    FFS stop calling one peopel by religion name and other two by ethnic name!!
    Just call them their ethnic name Bosniaks or as you Germans would say Bosniaken.

  • A sad story that ended in happiness. Yes the women who delivered these kids after been rape deserve all rights and been treated with dignity and respect!!! To that young girl I wish her the best and I hope she wins that battle. Her family are loving and caring, Tschüss!

  • I deployed to Bosnia 3 times between 94-97. It was the first time that I saw what true hate looked like. The acts of cruelty that the everyday citizen of Bosnia was subjected to was nothing short of hell! They were treated like animals, actually less than animals. It's not hard for me to believe that no politician in Bosnia wants to bring up the war, they were all the generals ordering the rape and torture of the non combatants.

  • Interesting….Till this day, i was under the impression that Croatians were in alliance with Bosnians against the Serbians. So why would a Croatian soldier rape a Bosnian?

  • Thank you for sharing this documentary. These issues are also in most or every Asian country…sri lankan women were raped by the Indian army when they went through the tamil tiger wars in 1980's and no one has spoken or looked after these woemn or kids.
    Kosovand suffered from this war in Bosnia as well along with the rest….my heart and soul goes out to each and every woman in this path ….its not called shame..its Bravery and you have overcome the people who tried to put you to shame!

  • The world has invented so many technology but failed to change the ill mindset of ours and hurt this innocent humans.salute to you girl you should not care of this ill minded people.

  • It's funny how this girl is "fighting" against discrimination and wants equal rights when she ONLY RECENTLY FOUND OUT. SMH. She grew up not givin a crap NOR NEVER HEARING OF THE NEWLY MADE UP TERM (INVISIBLE CHILDREN) THAT NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF OR HAVE USED just like many others but suffers from the all too familiar "UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO ME" syndrome. It's as if people (mainly the youth) have to have something "wrong" in their life to feel "right" in a social media driven society. And I CAN predict the comments already…"I wouldn't wish this upon…" "I didn't ask for this…" They claim to be discriminated against yet you see them on the street and in public NOT BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. Give the MAJORITY CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! People don't care as long as you are a real genuine person. Their goal isn't to discriminate against you. The only ones I can see discriminating against these kids would unfortunately be their own family, sad to say. Don't base your identity on something you didn't even KNOW about. It give off serious NO self esteem vibes since you want to play the victim card for relevance. Why would anyone want to define their identity like that???

  • Grown man here , reduced to tears. It is appalling enough that men fight wars over women's bodies. The women victims are then ostracized and humiliated for rest of their lives. This is heartbreaking. On the other hand, there is salvation and hope in seeing men like Nusret stepping up and caring for Ajna and her mother. Use of rape as a weapon of war needs to be abolished once for all.

  • Culture! Culture! More important than the violated/victimised individual human being. That's the distorted mantra around the world. Every one needs to experience other cultures and help enlighten one's own ignorance.

  • Good, good man…. Stepped up and took care of the ones he loved…. So sad that this is still apart of war these day's, war is horrible enough without this happening to the women…. Shame on any man that does this and hope there junk falls off and a wild animal eats it…

  • A child that is a product of rape should never ever have to bare that burden. They should never be told that horrible truth. It's not for them to have that on their consciousness. It should be against the law to reveal that to a child that is the product of that.

    Thank goodness, the Supreme divine feminine parent does not treat children this way. Although the world has abused the feminine parent for a long long time, she does not stop caring for all. There seems to be someone constantly trying to destroy the feminine parent but her love for her children endures. I hope Ina life/soul is healed and shamed removed by the power of the divine feminine and divine masculine parents.

  • This video is so important. 1st such video I've seen which tells about rights of these children who suffer discrimination for no mistake of theirs… Thank you for making documentary on this topic..
    With Love, from 🇮🇳

  • ummmm dna tests are cheap and plentiful………….time for all of these kids to be tested and all men in either army s……….

  • The purest form of love that my people have even after the war makes me proud to call myself a BOSNIAN!! The unbreakable spirit of Bosnians is a thing to be admired of, and that huge beating heart that beats inside of our chests will never get tainted with hate! Proud and strong!! People deserve to put their heads down before people like Ajna and Alen. Much love and words of hope and patience that your voice will one day be heard!!!

  • One would think that Europe is heaven on Earth for everyone but this totally proves me wrong. Bosnia would totally fit in Latin America right now, so would Albania, Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kosovo and so on.

  • It is great, this culture of ours (Balkan-Slavic area) where everyone who is raped or abused in any way during life, is simply responsible for it by themselves. Not to mention, if you are a woman, you definitely wanted it, deserved it, and not to mention you actually were prostituting yourself. Our societies are crucifying victims, and because of it, a lot of people never report. A lot of things never see the court. This culture needs to change.
    Not to mention this whole war aftermath, which a lot of people generally not understand if they never lived through war. What Bosnian women went though during the war, especially Bosnian Muslims is a very well known fact in our societies and it is shameful that there are people who are to stop making us all aware of everything that happened, all the aftermath, and to motivate us to pull ourselves out of it.
    There is no shame in surviving war, only pride!

    Love from Croatian in diaspora….

  • People in Bosnia (as well as all neighbouring countries) still vote for the same political parties who brought them war. People prioritize hate for another even over their own well being. They would rather see someone else suffer than be happy themselves. It is no wonder these micro-societies are doomed.

  • Islam will help u my oppressed brother and sister Bosnian….
    Allah is all knowing and almighty ..
    Allah will help u
    Allah will do justice for u all …
    Allah bless u

  • we never learn and always have wars. Please no more wars. Just look how long and prolonged affects it has. You should not be blamed or looked down upon if you are victim of rape. Instead the rapist should be punished or shunned from the society.
    Also I am surprised this topic has never crossed my mind or I never thought about it when thinking about wars.

  • So instead of helping the victims of a crime people decide to throw hate at them…How not to love the human race ?

  • "I finally had someone I could take care of, she gave my life MEANING, I took her to school,…" Now that's a significant statement. A man with fiber, he stuck to his guts.

  • It's a shame that they never speak about the Hungarian genocide and the stolen 70% of the lands… This situation is a boiling bomb still nowadays!

  • This is about changing minds. Division, separation, us and them, thinking is going to change. It WILL change. One mind, one heart at a time. I have hope.

  • Japanese soldiers did exactly the same to Korean, Chinese and South East Asian women. Japan instead of apologizing turned around said these women were prostitutes. We are talking government officials of Japan calling those women who were raped, abused and had to live in shame for their life, a whore and prostitution. Sometimes, I just don't get it. Why is it so hard to say sorry and move on. It takes a greater mind and man to step forward and accept the responsibility. And obviously those Bosnian people who leave such horrible commentary on Facebook toward those women who suffered, are true pathetic creatures.

  • I just wanted to say thank you to all those great men and family who took the orphans and women into their home and family. I can't even imagine the kind of financial stress and others…to make a little more room for those who needed home and love, it's just amazing. Thank you

  • I am a man, but I have to say that Ainas father, I think the spelling is Nusrat(?) is just amazing, that is a really good person right there.

  • Such brutal and destuctive experience, wars. Thanks to the loving begins that cared for the children and raised them, regardless of social and political discrimination. .

  • Why in gods name would u attack victims of rape. Maybe the attackers should be raped to know how it feels to be a victim.

  • I am also very annoyed how the rest of the world doesnt know about BiH and Croatia. How intelligent and ready to work we are. How our politicians are destroying our countries,after they've gone trough so much. We still need help…because we deserve more. Here,a single mother with two collage diplomas can often find herself alone with a kid,and without a full fridge. You can work as a teacher and live like an idiot. Know 3 languages and still nothing. So young people do illegal stuff to get money,because academic knowlege isnt worthy anymore (even tho we have a strict school system and we're mostly very educated) Brain drain is at its peak. And I want to film a movie,a good fucking movie. But I dont have a fucking laptop so I could edit sound/the visual part. Literaly tells you everything.

  • This story broke my heart. How could this happen today? How ignorant are some of the villagers and politicians? This is shocking. The karma alone they will face as a nation will be overwhelming.🙁 God please help these children. Please help them get the care and love they need and change the hearts and minds of people who don't understand what these children are going through. Amen ❤️

  • I know that, black tragedy, for bosnian and also islamic world.

    But now, it's time yo forgive .

    May Allah bless you ajna, nusret, ,ajna's mother and bosnian

  • I've been to Bosnia twice, and whoever I met was a nice human being. This is an amazing documentary that reminds us how dignity and character look like. Much respect from Istanbul, to all the victims of the unjust war.

  • This is so very shocking, that the victims should be then further victimised is so cruel. It sounds like the law protects them (not having to give father's name) but that the state/s don't know this – it is their duty to know plus be compassionate! I send my best wishes to all who have suffered & continue to suffer from these crimes.

  • The adoptive father is the kind of human being we need more in this world. He’s got a bigger heart than the mom in my humble opinion.

  • He is a true definition of a MAN! If everyone in the world were like him, the world would be a happier place to live in.

  • Being is horrible don't matter if u a child ,teen, grown up or older person ,male or female no one should every go thought or feel shame

  • These villagers and people who think like them must think highly of themselves just because they did not face the same ravages these women and their children did. I can only hope they will face the same tragedy so that they could experience firsthand what it's like to be on the other end of the same judgement. They're no different from the people who I used to go to church with. Women and men gossiping here and there and when you face they flash their practiced empathetic face and fake smile at you.

  • Ok ok everyone agrees it’s not the victim’s fault but it looks like these people are mostly looking for various financial benefits from the state… well while I’m sorry for their misfortune I would not be willing to pay them all sorts of benefits if I were a Bosnian taxpayer.

  • My mother was born in SFRJ (Yugoslavia) in the 1950's. Her birth certificate doesn't list a father; just a note that she was a child born out of wedlock. If listing both parents wasn't a requirement back then…why was it required now?

    Also, if the victim is fully aware of the name and whereabouts of the war criminal, why isn't justice being pursued? The rapists do not deserve to live a life of normality; they need to have their world torn apart and suffer the pain that these young victims endured.

  • I'm a Bosnian, and I did a summer program in Višegrad few years ago. It was about transitional justice and we got to hear personal stories. We met up with prominent figures in the city: a man for each nationality. They did not agree upon anything about the war, except for one thing. They talked about a woman that was seeking for justice publicly for being raped, because nobody was ever convicted. Višegrad still has a hotel that has kept furniture on which women were raped, and were held prisoners in the hotel. When we asked about more information regarding that, they kept avoding the topic saying how "everybody was murdered at some point" and "everybody has suffered, and now these women talk about these sensitive issues in public, which can only cause more problems". I found it interesting how they liked to brag about and discuss everything, but when it came to women, they preferred to keep silent or say such demeaning and underwhelming things.
    It's heartbreaking, really, to be a person that has met two women that survived concentration camps- the women that can't have children today anymore because of the torture they survived. And they never sued anybody. Just like the majority of women. Honor is a big thing in the Balkans still, and for a woman to admit she was raped… many of them don't even tell their husbands, families… it's shameful and people are more afraid of what others will say.

  • Tough lives these children have and the love of these mothers is stronger than any hatered there has ever been! These children are the first group of individuals who will break the inrerracial hatered in that BiH! There is no other hope for the future than these children! But they do need support. Hope this documentary spreads like a virus, to help get the support you guys need. R. E. S. P. E. C. T. i puno ljubavi vam šaljem 💞💟🙌

  • I jus't can't believe that people can be so cruel with something like this. Makes me really sad. My sincere respect to all the victims of this atrocity.

  • Uh, If alot of these people in this film keep sucking down those cancer sticks like theirs no tomorrow they aren"t make it to 50 before they die of lung cancer.

  • another documentary based on the opinion of a minority of less than 1% of the country's population? or is it 0.7% like LGBTQ in the US… cmon man wtf stop making this type of discourse, yes there were tragedies during the war and afterwards but having people feeling ashamed of what their fathers and grandfathers did is wrong, educate them but don't make them feel ashamed, those things happened for a reason, find out what that reason was and educate people. This perspective only creates bias

  • This is the most ridiculous thing I ever seen so single mother's children can't take student loans? What kind of bullshit is this? They are the ones who need aid most how can government just abandon them like that?

  • I lived in Sarajevo, Bosnia for half a year…There is so much hate between the three ethnic groups…but I cannot understand the hatred for an innocent person…she is not guilty of anything…she is a victim…the country is very backwards in the way that most of the Western World thinks today…this would be unthinkable in America…Bosnia is mostly Muslim…thus their backwards thinking…sve se to mora promijeniti!!!!!!

  • This is not first video where Deutsche Welle uses the term "Bosnian Muslim" when they speak of Bosniaks. If you are going to say Bosnian muslims then continue saying bosnian catholics and orthodox christians as well instead of using a religious term for some people and the ethnic term for the others.

  • Why do they say 3 different ethnic groups? Ethnic groups has more to do with genetic composition not religion. To me, they're genetically the same but just adopted different religions

  • Truly shameful the atrocities that those monsters perpetrated against other human beings like them and, as an inevitable consequence, the never-ending pain that so many victims are left struggling with.
    A human being is a human being.
    Perpetrators of human rights abuses belong in only one place: Prison.
    Peace, healing and hope for Bosnia-Herzegovina and the entire region.

  • Its nice to hear that she does not feel shameful even though society tries to impose it on her. You can, to a high degree, control your internal condition but what happens externally is obviously something we don't have much impact or control of. We can strive for the acceptance of society but it all starts from within.

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