100 thoughts on “Buttigieg under fire over remarks on minorities and education role models

  • I'm not touching thumbs up or thumbs down the way they talked over each other that sucked I don't want to watch them two again

  • Candace Owens may be right, but she tries way to hard to prove she knows everything. It's hard to watch a video with her in it. I think Ben Carson would be a better representative for the inner city communities. He is very cool, calm, and collected.

  • Put fathers back in the home! Power to the family! Make it important that it will be well thought through before a couple breaks up when kids are involved and not just like 'oh you as a father pay child support, I as a mother go to work and the government will raise my child while I am at work.' And I do not mean to stay in abusive relationships but also not to take it too easy which it does seem to happen right now. And do not vilify the father ALL the time- this has been done automatically – men have been punished to no end financially, emotionally (by allowing mothers to withhold the children from the fathers)and culturally(dead beats etc). And very important let the parents create the culture and belief and have inclusion in their kids education! Do not ever let a teacher tell you what they talk with your kids in school or kindergarten is privileged and not for you as the mother or father to know! NEVER! Kids are taken away from their fathers and now also their mothers and given to institutionalized education which is not just education but a belief system. Our future and the one of our kids depends on it. On us the parents which includes the fathers!

  • This guy says, we have so many strong black men whether they know me or Barak Obama and strong role models they can look up to…first, how do these kids look up to a role model they don't know? Second, if all they know is your public image, (not sure of his credentials or status), why would they look up to you? The home and strong parental figures is where it starts, and sets the tone for the rest of a child's life. Social programs should be addendum's to support what is established in the home.

  • This shows you..you can WATCH a man say something.. then watch two people (not Ingraham) say things he never said.. wow Then he has to keep speaking over her haha

    I know the people she talked about.. I don't that guy in this video. Thats sad

  • Candice is so right when you have about 70 percent of black families not represented by a father figure in the home you have. You have children that grow up who put the local thugs in the roll of leadership.

  • I believe every child and young kids being taught common core math is making all kids dumber and I don't care what color they r.

  • Every time Candace speaks she crushes the democratic narrative— and they probably want to "Epstein" her so she can't damage them any further. When November 2020 sets records for the amount of black Americans that vote Republican, I will once again praise Candace Owens for her efforts over the past few years!

  • That male black guest is a sissified, pathetic male. And presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg backs down to people like him. LOL!! Not only does the black male guest interrupt Candace Owens right off the bat, his last statement was especially pathetic. If black people continue to vote for the Democrat Party, they will be forever impoverished.

  • The problem in the minority communities are because people like this guy ,Sharpton and other convince black people are victims from birth.

  • Money money they want money so people like that guy can put in his pockets, like hunter Biden! It’s all corruption, al sharpton, Jesse Jackson,

  • One yelling about victimhood and blaming everyone and everything. Another vouching for personal responsibility and a fundamental change of culture. Not a hard call here.

    So much for the strong male leadership, LOL.

  • Pete does much better when he's plagiarizing Andrew Yang. In fact that is the only time he's making sense. Although he is proving that money sure has a lot of power to keep someone like him in the polling. Of course polling is very much a failure in itself.

  • That dude said he is there and he's a positive influence. Yeah, good point dude. Who needs parents when some black dude from TV has been to your town.

  • Wendell Potter, former insurance executive with CIGNA turned healthcare reformer:

    “It’s time for Democrats to stop proposing health care reform that relies on insurance companies to play fair. After two decades in the for-profit health insurance industry, I can assure you they never will. They have no interest in doing anything that might in any way jeopardize profits. Their only interest is delivering profits to their shareholders. From that perspective, the status quo is very profitable. For everyone else, not so much.”

  • "… as if black people come from broken families…"
    Um, dude, 72% of black children are born from single mothers. How much more proof do you need that the vast majority of black people are born from broken families, FFS?!?!

  • Typical liberal tactics when they cannot defeat your arguments with logic and facts they shout over you and then when that doesn't work they throw the race card.

  • Black millenial here. My dad was a crackhead and mom single poor parent who got off welfare got educated etc but despite this our neighborhoods were poor and dad was non existent. Theres no funding for inner city schools and our black men need more rehabilitation instead of putting them in jail and creating systems that favor men not being in the home( welfare)! I actually lived this. The point is… Family structure matters and so does funding or more money for inner city schools

  • That is what happens when gov gives women more money when they have more kids. What happened to child support where the father is responsible for supporting the kids and not the gov?

  • People who readily accuse others they disagree with of "ignorance" tend to be the most ignorant people themselves …the irony.

  • I wish Candace would be a good role model by not talking over the other people at this table. She and the man seem to agree but who can tell what is being said.

  • The is the best times the black race has ever had in this country. We whites can't MAKE them learn, we can't MAKE them get a job. We can't MAKE them take care of their own children. We can't MAKE them get off the drugs. This is a free country. It's up to them to MAKE their own right decision! The opportunity is out there now. It's all up to the individual! NOT US WHITIES!

  • Candice owens WILL be the voice for America…she is speaking truth from the minority races…stop and listen…instead of bickering of who is right or wrong..listen and hear the words coming from her…it starts with family not culture…

  • Scott Bolden is an absolute jerk, can’t face the truth. I would never call this idiot a positive role model. They have a word for YOU, NARCISSIST

  • It was not at all clear to me from the Buttigieg clip shown that he was talking about family role models. I thought he was talking about what I assume is a relative lack of economic or professional success experienced by African-Americans despite decades of what I assert is good funding of public K-12 schools. (Laura mentioned how well paid Chicago public school teachers are, 91% of whose students are non-white and which pay really is indicative of Chicago's and Illinois's relatively high spending per Chicago student.) I don't think even higher spending on public school systems, given their current curricula, is going to well serve uninterested students of any race, nationality, religion, or any other category.

  • They are both right, because they are fighting different points.

    She is arguing lower income and minority neighborhoods so have an education problem

    He is arguing that there are many members of those communities that do move on to succeed and make better lives for themselves.

    Both are true.

  • white schools get 32 billion dollars more than minority schools all my years in school i only had 2 field trips when i was little school became boring nothing to look forward too no programs to show us theirs other ways to money than just paying for college meanwhile my white friends in other school had 2 field trips every year tons of school programs clubs high funding for them to buy better equipment all we had was hand me downs and slow laggy computers

  • It's a loosing battle. You don't have to force black children to play basketball. They don't need education. They need to be taught skills to provide for themselves.


  • This black guy is clueless there isn't black fathers in a lot of home, he think that goes for white fathers a lot of time either, that's why our nation is in trouble …..the men a lot of times are not there. Not ever time,but more than it should be.

  • In America kids of all colors graduate without the ability to read…partly because it’s racist to teach all classes in English. If you come to America, every child should begin learning English before they enter public schools. No one should expect OUR public schools to provide a “free” education in Spanish or any other language. You’re in America, we speak English here folks!

  • The chubster was a prime example of liberal delusion and lies. Having idiots like him and other idiots speaking is actually driving people to the right in droves.

  • I grew up in the LAUSD school system, worst school system not only in California but in the country. I had zero positive role models, my mother raised me on her own and I never saw her because she worked all day. My friends were all bad influences and their family situations were similar to mine. Our teachers and counselors only focused on helping smart students with their college paths…no resources were directed to low performing students we were just pushed aside. It wasn’t until I was 21 when I met an started dating a successful girl in college that I decided to get my life together and I had a 3.8 in college. It was all because of the positive role and influence she had in my life. If I had that in high school my life could have gone much differently.

  • The man in this is just repeating all the liberal buzz words that have been around for like 20 years and he thinks it's an argument.

  • Education doesn’t work for the children in poor neighborhoods. The reason? No one cares about their future. The worst offenders are the system itself, and the Teachers’ Union.

  • I don’t like Pete, but he didn’t say anything wrong. And Candace was exactly right. I bet if you asked most kids or any race they couldn’t recognize Ben Carson or say Frederick Douglass, but know who all the rappers are.

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