Buy Comfortis For Dogs Without Vet Cheap Online

Yo what’s up guys This is Kea.I just got my package for comfortis for dogs opps it’s kind of blurry uhh, I kind of opened the box comfortis is for my dog Mr Beans So I’m going to use this on him To get rid of the fleas it’s only 55.99 and you could get it without prescription or a vet because last time when I went to the vet I got it for 100 and 20 something dollars or something like that that’s a lot I’ll make a lot my not mine so $55.99 for six-month supply is pretty good so on check it out out for the link below this video you guys can check out yeah the comforts for itself hi guys thanks for checking my view

12 thoughts on “Buy Comfortis For Dogs Without Vet Cheap Online

  • i noticed that their address on website is in the uk and your package came from singapore post. do they have any places in the US we can order cheap from? Do you know?

  • Hey did yal get your comfortis from this place? I just ordered, I paid $122 for both my dogs and I want to know if I should be worried 🙁

  • I am so grateful to save money via this site. The meds I receive for my pets are are perfect, just cheaper ….FANTASTIC!!! More money for pet food, toys, and time to actually spend with my pets and family.

  • Hi Kia, I would like to be in contact with you regarding a business proposal. How can I get hold of you? Best Regards Bronsen

  • Just got the order for my cat and dogs shipped from UK very fast and effective, save tons of money. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Thank you!!!!!
    I never had a problem with fleas but now that you have to go to a vet to get it and I can't afford it right now so I used advantix… doesn't work at all! So am online looking for options!
    Shame on greedy vets for not allowing this to be available at pet supply stores!

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