Canada’s Students and Workers Unite for Free Education

We have a longstanding campaign, students and workers are united. And we consider the student movement as an allied partner to the labour movement as we stand united in our fight for a more just and equitable world. We know that students are the next generation of workers, right? I mean that’s why we’re going to university or college, because we’re trying to gain the skills, the education and really the opportunities we need to be successful in today’s society. I mean it’s 2016. The fact that young people are still struggling with whether they can afford to go to university or not. And that simply, for me is unacceptable. Because we wouldn’t accept that in our public school system we see that as the norm So I think it’s critical in this effort to say, listen It’s time that we eliminate tuition fees, it’s long overdue. I mean how much longer do we have to wait for our government to come to terms with this? We should eliminate tuition fees right across this country. We can do it in a very short period of time. It would require political leadership and our Prime Minister said he wants to create a better world for young people. This will the perfect example for him to show that commitment. On the day of mobilization we will be there hand in hand and side by side joining you in the effort, of course, to raise this alarm across this country. Because far too many working peoples’ parents are struggling with this reality- can they afford to even support their child to go to university? And I don’t think it should be this choice. The wealthy and the rich don’t have to make those choices, why should working peoples kids have to make those choices? This is a fundamental question of equality. It’s pretty scary for me being a student or having siblings that are going to be going to post-secondary soon, and thinking about them taking on a mortgage-sized student loan just to be able to go to university or college is a pretty frightening reality I think for too many young people today. November 2nd is an important day to send a clear message and a concise message that we need to eliminate tuition fees across this country. And I want to say on behalf of our 3.5 million members I’m urging every one of them in every way they can, as a parent, as a grandparent or just a member to show their voice. They can send an email. They can join the rallies across the country. But more importantly they need to show their commitment we can actually make this happen by joining voices together and standing up to say it’s time we eliminate tuition fees in this country for young people to ensure they can have a better future.

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