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Hello All..This is Devyani from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in LAW Law as a career option is the most aspired
career options today. The demand for good lawyers has increased considerably and the
job prospects are really good. Law being a complex and challenging area, many top notch
and high profile law firms now need good lawyers well-versed with all nitty-gritty’s of various
laws and clauses. In India there are many affluent families
who are lawyers. Law has been an interesting career where traditionally students getting
to specialise in criminal or civil laws. With times, the concepts have been changed and
there has been a total makeover of this career as well in the way in which education is imparted. With new educational systems and upgrades, aspirants looking for a career in Law can
also specialise in areas like corporate law, cyber laws, and patent laws as well as traditional
ones too. With a law degree, a person can practice as lawyer or work with a company
in the corporate management, legal department and administrative wing. Having a lawyer in
all business houses has become mandatory, since each company is bound by compliance
and legal framework. For that, they need lawyers, who can look after all legal matters.
Those interested in pursuing a career in law have to complete their 10+2 education and
enroll for Law colleges to get a degree in LLB. There is also a five-year integrated
program which students can take up over a three year graduation degree. After completing
the course, students have to take the exam conducted by Bar Council of India, to start
the practice. There are job avenues open in both private and public sector companies
Aspiring candidate can begin law preparation for entrance exam that is held at national
level for 5 years’ BA LLB program offered by many National Law Schools to those who
complete the senior secondary exam. The entrance exam for national law, Combined Law Admission
Test (CLAT) tests the student’s general awareness, general English legal aptitude,
logical skills and other qualities needed for the program. Some of the top law schools in the country are NALSAR University of Law ( Hyderabad),
Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Bangalore, Gujarat National Law
University (GNLU), Symbiosis Society’s Law College (Pune), National Law University( Jodhpur)
Government Law College( Mumbai), ILS Law College(Pune), Amity Law School( Delhi ) National Law School
of India University (NLSIU), Aligarh Muslim University( Aligarh) University of Delhi and
National Law Institute University (Bhopal). After completing the course, the person can
practice in court of law or be employed with a corporate organisation. A law graduate by
clearing exams conducted by Public Service Commissions can aspire to become a judge as
well. With experience and knowledge, a lawyer can progress and become a Public Prosecutor
or Solicitor General to offer legal services to government departments and ministries.
If teaching interests the lawyer then he can also work with colleges and universities,
as a professor. Now they can also work with NGO to media houses as legal advisors and
reporters. The job prospects for a law graduate are far
too many now and to get a complete details about this challenging and rewarding career
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