China’s Higher Education tool of Subversion: Confucius Institutes Exposed

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description below. Confucius Institutes are part of
a non-profit public education organization that partners with universities and
schools around the world in a bid to promote Chinese
language and culture. However, the aim of the institutes, which
are a part of China’s Ministry of Education, have been plagued by concerns
including human rights violations, financial incentives, censored content,
espionage, and threats to national security. The Epoch Times sat down
with Göran Lindblad, former vice president of the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe and a former Swedish
Parliament member, to talk about some of the controversy
surrounding Confucius Institutes and the strategies the Chinese Communist
Party uses to infiltrate western organizations. Mr. Lindblad is also the former president of the
Platform of European Memory and Conscience, a non-governmental organization
active in research, documentation, education, and raising
awareness about totalitarian regimes. What do you believe is the ideology behind China’s
Confucius Institutes in universities and schools? Most people don’t know that there are
such a thing as Confucius Institutes. Most people don’t know the real ideology
of the Communist regime in China. Today the Communist regime in China has
combined the worst of two ideologies: the total repression of
the communist idea, but they have left
part of Marxism, because China is now not even a market
economy or is not a planned economy, it’s a raw capitalist economy where there are no legislation protecting
the individual or the company, so anything can happen if the Communist
party decides to do this or that way. And this ignorance is dangerous and if we don’t have our universities
being free and open for discussion, we’re in very big trouble for the future. Same thing goes for the
schools, high schools, if you have a Confucius involvement
in high school classes, you’ll indoctrinate the
kids from the very beginning. That was the idea of Hitlerjugend [Hitler
Youth] in Germany during the Nazi time. That was the idea of the Pioneers
in the Soviet Union, and you have similar organisations
that are instead of the Boy Scouts, which promote good ideas. But you have organisations that
promote the state or party ideas. What are Confucius Institutes
and their goals? In the 1930s we had Mussolini setting up Italian
language institutes all over Europe and other parts of the world. The Confucius institutes
are about the same: they are spy centres and
propaganda centres, nothing else. The main purpose is to indoctrinate people and to gather information
for the totalitarian regime. These are the two main goals
that are not outspoken. And with budgets reduced, a lot of universities have
been interested in having Confucius Institutes paying
for the education in Chinese language, Chinese culture and all these things. Same in the 30’s with Mussolini
language institutes. There’s a difference between other
institutes from other countries because they are separate. These Confucius Institutes are
integrated into the universities, so there’s an excellent
opportunity to do infiltration work and also spying at the same time, indoctrinating the students
in the communist thinking, and all the teachers for the Confucius Institutes
are of course controlled from Beijing, and this is bad. I was a student politician in the 60s and we were very keen on
keeping the academic freedom and I think it’s time we restored
the academic freedom. Whether it’s Confucius Institutes
or whatever it is, or even if it’s a big company that’s
sponsoring some kind of research, it is a bit tricky, you have to know who you’re dealing
with and where the money comes from. For example, if the cigarette maker Philip
Morris is sponsoring research on tobacco, I wouldn’t trust that research
and the same thing here. You have infiltration and research on what’s
going on here and there in China and if you have people coming from the
regime, you shouldn’t trust them. What’s the difference between
Confucius institutes and the language institutions of
countries like France and Germany? The Goethe Institute and all the other
institutes-they are independent. They are not located inside the university. The idea of the Confucius Institute
is to infiltrate inside and be part of a faculty in an
established university and that makes them
more dangerous, because then they are a
danger for the academic freedom. The other institutes, they
are located separately. There’s no problem if you have an
organisation and you know it’s foreign, and it promotes its country,
that’s normal. You have democracies doing that,
you have dictatorships doing that. I mean you have the Azerbaijan
society in London. It promotes Aliyev and
Azerbaijan’s regime, no problem with that, because you
know who you’re dealing with. Problem is if you’re in a university and
you don’t know really who’s behind, that’s dangerous. Why do you think pro-communist organisations
like Confucius Institutes have been able to so easily enter the western
education system? It’s only because you have a
lot of people who don’t know. There is very little knowledge about the communist
atrocities committed in Europe, about the communist atrocities
committed in Asia, especially if we go 20 to
30 years back. There’s very little knowledge
among the general population. Education in schools in most
of Western Europe, as well as in the United States, is not covering the totalitarian
past in a good way. In many of the schools, they don’t even
reach past the Second World War. But when it comes to how they operate, there are more similarities
than differences. If they’re Nazi, if they’re
communist, if they’re Islamist or whatever
‘ism’ they are, they use the same terror, the kind
of jails, torture, rape, whatnot. What is your understanding of the relationship
between the Chinese Communist Party and the CI’s? Well the relationship is that they’re totally
controlled by the party – the CCP [Chinese Communist Party]
controls the Confucius institutes. Their leadership is a vice premier
or a big important minister and member of the leadership
of the Communist party. So of course it’s all controlled
by the communist… there is nothing in a totalitarian
regime done in the country or outside the country that is not
controlled by the totalitarian regime. And in the case of China, it’s
the CCP –the Communist Party. What is the situation like in China in terms
of education and teaching independent thinking? Well I mean the local situation
in China is not good. China needs to do a lot when it
comes to educating children, when it comes to better university
education for the broader population. They are not investing in that because it’s not of interest for the
Communist Party to do that. The Communist Party has
one main interest stay in power, keep the privileges for those who
are more equal than others, like George Orwell wrote
in Animal Farm: Some are more equal than others. This goes for all totalitarian regimes, especially communist regimes where
people are supposed to be equal. A lot of the leftist sentiment in
Europe are still thinking that the communist idea by Marx was
good but it went wrong. I’m absolutely convinced that
the idea is wrong because already in Marx’s writings, there’s written about using terror
to keep the dictatorship in place and this is exactly what they’re doing. So they’re not interested
in educating children unless they believe that that
education will serve their purposes. And of course the people are
demanding more and more as they get more wealth from the raw
capitalist economy that they have and this means that they need to give in
for some of the pressure from the people. There are more protests in China than
most people believe. They’re ongoing all the time about
little things and big things. And that scares the hell out
of the communist party, if you excuse my wording. Of course because they don’t like
people thinking for themselves and they’re afraid of any opposition, especially if the opposition comes public. On the surface, Confucius Institutes seem
benign. What are your concerns about their influence? They try to gather influence
over the curriculum. They try to influence the students, teachers and they try to gather information. They wanted to establish themselves in the Royal Institute of Technology
in Stockholm some years back. Move from the university when
there was a conflict there, when I was in parliament asking why we were housing a communist organisation
in the Stockholm University. They wanted to move to the
Institute of Technology which would have been a disaster because that’s where a lot of the research
about the Swedish Air Force is done and Swedish air defense. Everything is very secret at
the Institute of Technology. They have some open institutions also, but they have a special institution for
aerodynamics which are totally military. So I wouldn’t like to have a
foreign power involved in there. They’re trying to do that all the time. Some universities now have realised the real
methods and the real wishes of the Confucius institutes so, and that’s good. They are not going to be in the
Stockholm University anymore, already they terminated all the cooperation, which was about time, a few years too late but still, they had been there 10 years, but that was on the faculty
of language so they couldn’t do much harm there, but the harm they did
was of course influence. Not much to spy on there where you have a lot of professors
looking into old Latin or old Greek texts. Why does China spend so much money promoting
its own education system overseas? Well of course they want to
influence the foreigners. The very idea and it is in writing
also in Communist Party documents if you go and do some research. It’s not easy in an ongoing system, but you can see it in a past system. We have the example in East Germany the Communist part of Germany
that was controlled by the Soviet Union after the second World
War up until the Berlin Wall fell, where the Stasi [the secret police] did a lot of job
in order to influence foreign nations. For example, it was just
revealed in the archives now that Swedish…hundreds, 600-700 Swedish teachers [German teachers] were invited in for free, paid for by the Communist
regime to take classes and get indoctrinated
in Eastern Germany. That explains a lot what I and people of my generation
experienced in high school, why the teachers were so
communist-leaning in ideas. That was probably done
by the Soviet Union, it was done by other communist
countries including China, And it’s worth tons of money for
a totalitarian regime in order to have people
getting good experience. Oh we learned Chinese for free, we got some cultural exchange, they paid my trip to Beijing. All these are valuable propaganda gains
that the regime will have. Even good democracies have
exchange like that. United States is having exchange
in a good way but they promote free
thinking in their programs. When it comes to the Communist
and other totalitarian regimes they try to create Homo Sovieticus
or Homo Communicus in order to make people
think or stop thinking and just accept what the
party says is right or wrong. So it’s worth all the money and more, most likely for them, and the universities are
stupid accepting it. What’s the idea behind the
brand name Confucius Institute? Well it’s a paradox because, of course, because the communists
hate the ideas of Confucius and they have been stating
for decades that that’s totally irrelevant and
wrong and whatnot, but they use Confucius for
propaganda purposes because they want a brand name. I mean, we live in a modern world, a globalised world where a brand name
states if an organisation is good or bad. There was one professor in
one article I read who said you shouldn’t think
you can go out and market China with having a Mao Zedong Institute, that would not be very good
for communist China, so they use Confucius
and it’s only a ploy. What would you say to universities who continue
their Confucius Institute contracts? I would ask them if they want to keep their
academic freedom or not? Are they for or against academic freedom? If they’re for that’s not an option, if they’re against well fine then they can be part of the Chinese
communist government. What research do they have? Is it something worth stealing? Then they can send it on an
email to China directly, instead of having the trouble of having a
Confucius Institute steal it bit by bit. If they have nothing worth stealing
then it’s only the propaganda, which is bad enough. Do you think some of the reactions against
Confucius Institutes are over reactions? No, I don’t think so. If you open your eyes, it’s not an overreaction it’s an under reaction all the time, not seeing the real danger behind. If people are so naive so they don’t understand
who they’re dealing with, it’s a problem, if they don’t see that this
is dangerous. If you bother to ask the teachers some
political questions about China, it would be obvious for anyone that these people are paid for
and controlled by the CCP, it would take 5 minutes to find out if you just took the time doing that. What do you think the agenda is
behind the Confucius Institute? Well it depends, they are
recruiting of course, some of them are only teachers but some of them also
belong to the security services and they are good at recruiting spies. If you infiltrate an organization
good enough, it’s dangerous for the whole organization, the thinking changes or if the university are doing
technical research or things like that that can be useful, they will do spying for that, industrial espionage, it can be done
at the university if not military, some universities do
military research. Today a lot of the industrial
espionage is as important. So it depends who befriends whom because you do cultivate people, the clever intelligence operator
will work exactly that way. I don’t think they isolate
themselves socially, I think they go to parties, networking here and there, that’s in the playbook. The Chinese Communist Party are not interested
in in their students being educated here or in the States or elsewhere
to be too much influenced, so they realize what’s going
on in China. Some of them do but
they are too afraid because of family reasons
and other reasons too to become active opposition but some of them do and some of them defect
and stay actually. They’re trying to control them as well. Some are recruited, some are recruited for money, honey traps are used everywhere
by secret service agencies. Some of the Confucius Institutes’ hiring practices
have proven to be discriminatory. What are your thoughts on that? You cannot have contracts prohibiting people
from belonging to certain organizations. If you have your employer says that you
may not belong to Falun Gong. That’s illegal. That’s totally illegal in
most Western countries, absolutely in the States and Canada definitely in most European countries. That kind of provision cannot be done and it should and can be
prosecuted immediately. Any prosecutor could do it, I’m surprised
it’s not being tried. Göran Lindblad is the President of the Platform
of European Memory and Conscience. The platform is a non-governmental organization
active in research, documentation, education, and raising awareness
about totalitarian regimes. Mr Lindblad is also a former
Swedish Parliament member and former chairman of the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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