Cinco De Mayo for Kids (Cartoons Online, Educational Video for Children)

Lee: what’s wrong with you dude?
Franky: nothing bro. I’m just trying to figure out what I’m going to do for this homework
assignment. Lee: Come on now dude. School is over. The
only thing you should be thinking about right now is heading over to the Pinton Center so
we can get it in with some pool and ping pong. Franky: I have to think about it bro. Listening
to you everyday, I’ve been lagging on getting this paper done and it’s due tomorrow.
Lee: stop tripping my dude. What are you writing about?
Franky: I have to write a five page paper on Cinco De Mayo for my history class. Your
boy is straight up stressed. Lee: What in the world are you talking about?
Are you bilingual now? Franky: Naw bro. I’m serious. I have to get
this done and I don’t even know where to start. Lee: 1100 bro. Let’s go see wassup with chills.
I’m A you speak Spanish and he’s Mexican. Maybe he can help you out.
Franky: Bet. That sounds like a plan. Chillz: What’s good with you dudes? Where
have you two been at? Franky: Man Chillz I’ve been at school trying
not to stress out. Lee: Thats real Chillz. Your boy right here
has been lagging on his homework and now he’s tripping.
Franky: oh I have been tripping. What about every time I try to get it done you are right
there telling me come on man forget your homework. Let’s go kick it.
Lee: Man that’s your bad. You know I ain’t got no sense anyway.
Chillz: So Franky if you have a paper to do, then why are you still hanging out instead
of on the way home and getting it done? Lee: Cause he figured he would come and holla
at you. He has to do some type a paper on Cinco de Mayo. I think it’s like Independence
Day or something. Chillz: really? I bet you get some real deep
research on that too. Lee: Man don’t hate on me, cause I know all
kinds of stuff. Franky: Man why did you bring us to the library?
Lee: That’s what I’m talking about. Just being this place gives me a headache.
Chillz: I would expect you to say something like that. I mean just looking at books makes
your brain hurt. Lee: whatever man. Stop hating. I mean shouldn’t
you like take us over to your grandma’s so she can cook us up, some Mexican food? Isn’t
that what Cinco de Mayo is all about anyway is eating and kicking it?
Franky: Lee come on bro. Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the courage of the Mexican
people during the La Batalla de Puebla. Chillz: now that’s my bro right there. I might
have to make you an honorary Mexican. Frankie thanks bro. But I need more than that to write
about. Chillz: Look on May 5th, 1862 what happened
was 4,500 Mexican soldiers defeated the Mexican traitors and French army of 6,500 at Puebla,
Mexico. Franky: Ok. That’s what’s up.
Ms Meetry: well hello there young man? What are you doing coming around my way?
Franky: Hey Ms. Meetry. Nothing. I’m just heading home to finish my paper on cinco de
mayo for school. Ms. Meetry: Well that’s good baby. Cinco de
mayo is 1 of my favorite holidays. Franky: It is. Why?
Ms. Meetry: Well Franky, because here in america. It isn’t celebrated as much in mexico.
Franky: Yeah I was reading that. Ms. Meetry: Well did you know that Cinco de
Mayo is important for African Americans too. Franky: How is that I thought it was for Mexican
people. Ms. Meetry: of course history belongs to mexico
but if it wasn’t for the mexican army deceiving the french, they could of came up into the
south of america and help the south continue slavery by beating the door. So when you think
of cinco de mayo don’t just think of it as a great holiday for mexican people, but they
helped us black folk out too baby. Franky: Thanks Ms. Meetry. It’s always cool
stopping by to talk to you.

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