Cleveland School of the Arts

What’s beautiful about our school is
that students are able to explore their passions and they’re able to create and
make and sing and dance and move every single day I love to sing and music is
not only singing there is an act in it there’s an dance in it our students do
take all their core academic classes science math social studies english but
they’re also immersed in a rigorous arts curriculum each and every day we are
really not just teaching traditional art classes that students might find in
their schools we’re teaching the skills that they need to be successful as
artists after high school this school has opened so many doors for me like I’ve
been able to do so much and and experience different opportunities that
I wouldn’t be able to experience if I hadn’t came to CSA there’s really a lot of steps in
here for your dream in addition to programs that are sponsored by the
school we have a lot of partnerships with all of the major art institutions
in the city and we also have a reputation in the city for providing
really engaging arts programming so people are always reaching out to our
students for performances so for example our orchestra has a quintet that
performs regularly so we get calls and our students have that experiences as well
Cleveland School of the Arts is not only a school you grow in here you having a lot of
experiences in here and you can even talk with others about what you wanted
to be in the future so it’s gonna help you in every way so it’s not only a
school it’s like a second home it’s like a big family sometimes you know
everybody helps everybody out our building is great because we have
professional dance studios Theater Studios art studios so the building was
designed for the Arts so our students after school are also using the facility
to explore their arts and to practice and to rehearse as well I just really
wanted to be in an environment where people shared the same goals and the
same passions as me and wanted to better themselves I’d want students to know that
this is really a place where you can be yourself I love that our students are
creative they’re fierce and they’re unafraid every single day to be who they
are everybody has individual corks and this
is really a school where you can show those and express
yourself you just experience so much from being here in the people that you meet it’s awesome

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