College Kids React To Try Not To Get Scared Challenge (Scary Animations)

– I’m so uncomfortable.
Oh my god! – Stop! Stop! Stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re gonna be
doing a brand new challenge that might make you a little uneasy.
– God, I feel like all of our old challenges
make me uneasy too. – Oh, god. No! Is this–
I’m gonna watch disturbing things, huh?
– (FBE) This is a Try Not to Get Creeped Out Challenge.
– What?! Oh my god. I’m gonna suck at this.
I get creeped out by everything. – I love creepy things.
I love horror. I’m so excited.
– You can almost fight that urge to smile or laugh,
because you see things so many times, but creeped out…
that’s interesting. – (FBE) So, for this challenge,
we’re gonna be showing a selection of creepy and weird videos
from around the internet. And after each one,
we’re gonna have you rate it on a scale from one to five
based on how creep you thought it was. – One being not creepy and then
five being really creepy? Okay. – If you combine the words “creepy”
and “internet,” they combine into something much more creepy
than just creepy on its own, so I don’t know what
we’re gonna be watching. – Oh, god. Ah!
What is going on? – Oh my god! Stop! Ooh! Who made this and why? Ew! – (laughs) What is this?
– Why does he look like that? Why is he so shiny?
Did he eat that?! – Why am I so fascinated by this? ♪ (lighthearted music) ♪
– I’m so uncomfortable. (inhales sharply) Oh my god.
I hate this. I hate this so much! – This is like if Adult Swim
made a Pixar movie, which I’m not not here for.
– Oh, it’s just staring into my soul. All right.
– Oi, ew, ew, ew! Me and my demons
at 3 AM, working out. – I’m so disturbed right now.
Oh my god. That was so creepy. (gasps) – So [bleep] weird.
This is the strangest thing I’ve seen all year.
– I always think it’s just so weird how someone can come up
with this kind of stuff. This had to be on someone’s mind
for it to become real. – (FBE) So, on a scale
from one to five, how creepy was that video?
– I didn’t think that was so crazy. I think that was, like, a two.
– It’s actually more funny than it is creepy,
so I’m gonna give it a two. – Pretty sure a solid four.
– It was like a one. – I’m gonna say four.
– I’ll give it a one! That was fun. I would watch
a solid 10 minutes of that and just be like, “Ha.” (chuckles)
– Probably a two. I mean, the animation would be creepy
in a way, but it wasn’t enough to gross me out or be like,
“Ugh, I can’t with that.” – To be honest, it was a one.
I wasn’t creeped out. I was laughing the entire time.
– I’m gonna give it a three only because it was more weird
than creepy. – Oh my god! That was a five.
I am just so worried that these are gonna get even worse. (phone rings) – Ooh, claymation.
I’m all about that. – I hate claymation so much.
It’s just wrong. It’s wrong. – (woman) I’ve fallen over
and I can’t get up. – Oh my god. Call Life Alert.
– (Johnny) It’s not George. It’s me, Johnny.
They’re coming for you. Get out of here before..
– Somebody help her! – This is cool.
This is very cool. – Oh, what the [bleep]?
Okay. (loud boom)
Ah! – Oh my god!
What the heck? (screams)
– Ohhh! (loud boom)
OHH, GOD! – (woman screams) – Oh, that’s creepy!
– Ooh, ooh. They put slimy effects in. – (woman groaning) – Oh, man.
Oh. Dude, this is crazy. – (woman screams)
– Oh my god! – Ah, make it stop!
It’s claymation! No! – Ahh!
– Oh my god, stop! Stop! I don’t wanna watch anymore.
– (creature growling) – (woman) I’ll show you
who you’re [bleep] with! – Get him, granny!
– (creature groaning) – Let’s go, grandma!
Okay, there’s another one. – Dang! He just threw up. (laughs)
– It’s just clay. It’s just clay. It’s just clay.
It’s just clay. – (doctor) She died
peacefully in her sleep. – This is brilliant.
I mean, it’s horrifying, but it’s brilliant.
– (man crying) – She died peacefully
in her sleep? For sure, bro. – That was really nice
stop motion claymation, though. I give props to the artist for that.
– Okay, the noise and visuals were gross at times,
but I actually kind of liked the story. It was
like the plot twist of (in eerie voice) “She was dreaming,”
but then she died. Probably three.
– Five. Five. Five. Five. Five. – That’s a five.
That’s a 10. – You know what? This is a five.
– A three. – That was a two.
I was not that creeped out. That was just scary.
– Give that a one. – It’s a two.
– Five! Five out of five. – That was a five.
Well, it went balls to the walls with creepy there. Whoever did that,
10 out of 10. Like, wow. – ♪ And I ♪
– (gasps) – ♪ Can’t ♪
– What’s happening? What’s happening right now?
– All right. Not a great start. Why do they all have that face?!
What’s going on? – Oh, I know! No, no, no, no, no!
– ♪ Falling ♪ – (sings along) ♪ In love ♪
Back up. – Stop! Stop! Stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop! – (sings along) ♪ Falling
in love ♪ – ♪ In love ♪
– Why are they ruining this song for me?
– You guys are trying to– (screams) give me horror.
Hell no! – Some very disturbing people
out there. Jesus Christ. – The fact that it’s a vertical video,
it’s automatically like, “Eh.” Like, if Hereditary
was filmed vertically, I wouldn’t be
nearly as scared. That was like a one.
– That’s a one. – This would be a three.
– A one. – Two.
– Four. (giggles) – I’m gonna give that a three.
– I’m gonna give that a three. – I’d probably give it
a one out of five. – Ay, that’s a five.
That’s a solid five. That’s so scary.
This is not creepy, guys. You played me.
This is horror/scary, and I’m gonna have
so many nightmares. Thank you. (distorted electronic sounds) – (distorted voice) I took you
and I…. – I already don’t
[bleep] with this already. – Oh no, no. No, no, no, no, no.
I don’t know why this immediately creeped me out.
– Oh, god. If anything pops out, I’m gonna be so mad.
– It’s like a robot apocalypse in my ears.
(distorted electronic sounds) – (distorted voice) Just for you,
a place to clean your disgusting body. – Eww!
– No! No! This is not okay. – Oh, wow. Typically, scary stuff–
I work in haunted houses and stuff, so sadly, you get
kind of desensitized. – Creepy, but I could
hardly hear the guy. – The first couple seconds got me,
and the, I don’t know, the sound just got really annoying.
I’ll give it a one. – That’s a one.
– Give that one a two. – A two also.
– Maybe a three? – I’d still give it a three.
– Two out of five. – I’m gonna give that a two.
It was weird. I don’t know if I’m uncomfortable.
– A one. I wasn’t creeped out at all by that.
– Five. You said this is a Try Not to Get Creeped Out!
I’m more scared than creeped out. – Ooh, all right.
There’s a lot of potential with this one.
– I bet she bought it from an antique store.
Never buy anything from an antique store. – (unseen woman crying)
– Someone’s crying, bro. – Oh, [bleep]. – (unseen woman continues crying) (screeching noise)
– Oh! Oh my god. – Oh, god! Okay. – Ahhh!
– (woman) Who are you? – All right.
That’s [bleep] creepy now. THAT’S creepy. – (woman panting)
– I would get out of that [bleep] house. ♪ (ominous music) ♪
– Why would you keep looking? First second I saw it,
I’d smash it on the ground and run out.
– Stop looking! Stop looking through the thing, dude! – Oh! Oh my god.
– (woman) What do you want? – Oh my god. I don’t know what it–
I don’t know. Oh my god! – (something grumbling) – No, no, no, no no!
No, we’re chilling. – Don’t even. Don’t even.
Don’t. You’re gonna get regret that. Ah! God. Okay. – (man roars)
– Whoa! [Bleep]! That was crazy.
Okay, not gonna lie. That was pretty sick.
– I love this [bleep], dude! I think I’m a horror fan.
– A lot of the narratives in these are really interesting, you know?
People are really telling stories and creepin’ me out
at the same time. This is a three.
It’s right in between. It’s creepy, but not super scary.
– I’d say that was a three as well. It was really good.
It was cute. – That was a pretty good five.
– That was a solid four. – Given that I flinched twice
and I have this very confused look on my face, I would probably
give it a five. – I’ll give it a three.
That was good quality. – I’d give it a two.
– I’m gonna go five on that one. That was cool. At the end,
I did not expect that. – Oh my god!
That was so scary! Five out of five!
Five out of five! – That’s a five.
I’m still shaking. I can’t move. I need a moment.
– (FBE) So finally, what is one thing that will
always creep you out? – Definitely horror flicks.
I just steer away from them. I just don’t like
getting jump scared. – In general, what really
creeps me out is Paranormal Activity type of stuff.
– Anything real. Anything that has a basis
in reality where I’m like, “What did happen at that house?”
– All of the above. Literally. A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
Everything that just happened. I am just easy to scary.
– The stuff that really creeps me out I think
has to do a lot with sounds. We fear the things
we don’t recognize, so hearing weird kind of inorganic
or really odd sounds just really creeps you out,
because you don’t know what you’re listening to
or what it is, so immediately, you’re like,
“Uhhh, what is that?” – Thanks for watching this
creepy episode of College Kids React. Shoutout to Ellie Anderson.
– Don’t be too freaked out. Make sure to hit
that Subscribe button. – Let us know what we should
react to next in the comments. – Bye!
– Hey, everyone. Lauren, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this creepy episode
of College Kids React. If you wanna see more episodes
across all the generations, links are gonna be down
in the description. Bye, everyone!

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