Comment Section Wasteland: The M1A Defense Squad [Episode 3]

– Holy shit y’all we did it we finally had a video get large enough in organic views that just by its very nature of existing, it has attracted a shit ton of really wild comments and if you’ve been with us for any length of time you know that we love those. So, please won’t you join us as we explore the depths of
a comment section so curse it probably deserves a
Wuhan tier quarantine (mumbles) (laughs) Sounds like you need to give
those two guns to me, boy! That’s what I’m saying. It will fit my needs if he wants to be all
technicality irrelevant. That’s why we got like
30 different firearms. What the fuck? What is this? What does this mean? Why would I take a tank top
wearing Noobs seriously? I don’t know Ben Jafra, why would you? Sorry your beard got caught in the gun, it wasn’t made for hippies. Based on the Orange
County soy latte upspeak, this guy’s a hipster. The furthest thing from
a hippie or mountain man. First of all bitch if
you knew anything about the West Coast you would know that people from LA hate people from Orange County, so don’t you even fucking dare. and I’m warning when
you want a man’s rifle. The AR is the Cookie Cutter piece of shit thin-walled house with no property in a subdivision in a shit city. The M14 is that piece of property your family had with a beautiful old
well-built home overlooking a lake that you wish you had but you don’t know how to obtain with insufficient cash flow due to sitting down just like you pee, and a minimum wage Jase job and make work for you because you don’t know what
hard work actually entails. Nor you won’t actually do it! Like learning gotta shoot. Holy shit, My man! Gun comments get pretty wild but usually when they’re negative, there’s some flavor (mumbles) you’re gay. I’ve been going to
insult your relationship to the housing market. (laughs) No one even bats an eye they
just accepted this truth because they already either have a distain for the M14 or have an axe to grind. Then people who actually know a thing or two about(mumbles) This is the thing that
we wanted to touch on because I don’t think that we mentioned it in the original video but No, you’re wrong. We actually all of us
here were super stoked to shoot the M14. Because it’s such a cool and iconic and classic historical gun. This insane theory about “will you guys just
fuckin hate Spring View like off the bat. It’s like no, no, we were just truthful about what actually happened in our experiences with the gun and if that makes you upset, sorry that you’re a snowflake. I was a 15-year veteran saw the intro of the M16 A two and went to Iraq in the first time. The rifle is a fucking joke. We had to keep them in plastic bags the whole time and always cleaning. I am absolutely convinced that the M1A could have been more modernized. The Ancestry of this rifle went through World War II and Korea flawlessly. It used the same firing mechanism, and what most people
don’t know about Korea was that it gets brutally cold and that rifle still worked. The M16 could never do that, (laughs) that sounds such much bullshit. I knew Vietnam vets who
left service always saying what is a disaster in the AR platform? (laughs) Each shit you will fuck two tours USMC. We definitely didn’t keep
our A to some plastic bags. That’s the most poke
shit I’ve ever heard of. “Oh, they run dirty and you
have to clean your rifle.” No shit, You have to clean your rifle! It’s what a rifleman does. I don’t care what rifle you’re using, it has to be maintained. Look its stopping power bla bla bla. Yeah, have fun letting off a handful of 760 by 50 ones in an enclosed space law, and have fun humping that ammo dipshit. I’d rather have three times less ammo when a firefight said “no rifleman ever.” Oh! It’s some big government conspiracy. Someone paid someone off 50 years ago, you’re delusional old man. That’s not how it works at all. I trusted my life to my A2 service rifle and I would still to this day M16 stack a body for 50 years you fuck it! Go off. But the military have brought it back. They’re using them extensively. There were photos of the M14 with the EBR stocks are everywhere. They use them for close quarters combat because 1762 bullet does
the job of 7556 rounds and this is a statistic that is absolutely based on science and not something that I just completely
pulled out of my ass. This is the most military
photos dot net ass comment that I have ever read on any channel. No, the military is not using M14s for CQB like, What the fuck are you talking? This rifles were built in
a time where men were men and sheep were scared, and our men were illiterate and they didn’t know the difference between where and what and we liked it that way. Is that fruity music
your arms-day playlist. This is another fun recurring comment. And it’s obviously it’s super easy and low effort to attack
someone’s physical appearance on the internet. Those comments are like “get in shape.” (mumbles) And then when you do lift, it’s like “oh, you lift weights.” “Were do you a bitch” (laughs) “What kind of hippie shoes are you wearing low? Once you want to take them off, let me see your feet.” Unless you’re a pioneer in French Foreign Legion shave that beard. I will revolve on Colorado to save and I will watch your video first of all no but second of all that unintentional URL.AUV the official website official here in Australia, dope. Apparently John relaxes with booze and Cauliflower. You okay John? “No You did this to me its your fault” I’ve killed many VC with an M14 sannin sir this is a fucking Wendy’s. This is a comment section on the internet on YouTube you need a (mumbles) M14 is a good rifle
you just gotta be a man and shoot it. M14 were build when men were men and some women were too… (laughs) My dream gun, millennials and guns too complicated. I love the ellipses Are you trying to be mysterious? (laugh) Gun that military said was too good and now compared to the normal
M14 conspiracy theories. That’s one that I haven’t heard. Yes, the the military got rid of a service rifle because it was too good at its job if the M1A was such a failure, why would the military be reintroduce it? (mumbles) if the M1A was such a failure why would the military
be reintroducing it? Well, they’re not and the military has never used The MIA they use the M14 and most of them were
phased out in 2014, so… The difference in accuracy from the good old days has to do with the hole in the ozone layer. Shit man!You might be on to something there but fuck! Now I gotta go hate your beard invoice but you make a great documentation. Thanks gotta be a man to shoot an M1A. How many there are so
many of these comments. It’s just they’re so tired. 10.5 inch barrel ar 223
was 7.5-inch silencer. You can’t do anything about the
Sona crack a supersonic ammo but you can limit the audible range of arrival to half a mile. 60 grade South point hits low pieces of men on the ground guys. Cool man thanks for just dropping by and writting in a weird
serial killer monologue that doesn’t appear to be related to anything else in the comment section. Cool. Thank you. Don’t mind me just gonna write some murder porn on your YouTube video. Clearly you guys not really sure how you got 50k plus followers, remember when people used to make a review on a gun similarly based on whether it performed good or not, not if it was a cool guy gun or a gun as cool as an AR15, way too many people get paid to make the shit videos with sponsorship. Again a recurring theme is us getting you guys paid shills but in this paint by who like the communist government of Vietnam Yeah, getting those big bucks guys and put a Binky in it snowflake and used rainbow bright unicorn magic one because you were not taught well, I don’t know what that means. But again if you are triggered enough to write a really sassy comment because there’s somebody’s opinion that you disagree with on the internet who’s the snowflake there? Tammy, not hard to understand
the shooter is contaminated by modern junk do you guys think that when the modern bolt action rifle as we know it was introduced the old dudes that were still using black powder would know that all don’t need it. I don’t care modern job Oh! rifling who needs that? I applaud your humility
regarding your own marksmanship. Also kudos for being willing to honor the dreaded words I don’t know. You know what No, thank you Eric Martindale III for somehow being the only person in the comment section that picked up on the fact that I
multiple times throughout that video reiterated like “hey, I’m an okay shooter.” I’m not the best it very well could be me and then you have this literal like deluge of people being like, fuck that guy! You just insulted one of my favorite guns. I no longer like this video. This is what those of us who are very online called pose law. Pose law that at a certain point, real intent in comments is totally indistinguishable from irony and this is exactly that is this dude being real or he’s making fun of the other posters in
this comment section. You’ll never know. The M1A is a nice piece of eye candy and a thorough Hello wet dream which for those of you unfamiliar is my personal favorite extinct ancient marsupial from North America. The M14 helped save the world and my granddad in World War II it did what it was built for. What world did the M14 help save? Was it that worth that we lost the Vietnamese farmers or was there some other part of history that I’m not remembering here? Comment below if you know dance or get that crying part about the safety trigger sound like a liberal gun review. It was not created for
civilians purpose on the beginning point. So yeah, the safety is really close to for better time reaction, I suppose. M1A/M14 are legends
you’re shouting is okay, the machine was born like that. Well, that’s the puzzle of a sentence. But where do you reaction time? What the Fuck are you talking about? You guys are not worthy to shoot, you don’t qualify to speak it is I Robbed of the hood three! And they were brought back into every war because of the long range and knockdown power even though it was not publicized you guys wouldn’t know it. My uncle was a sniper and used it in Afghanistan in Iraq and still being used
by special forces today under another name again. There’s a significant number of comments that are all just variations unlike, the shit that kids do when when we were kids, or it’s like, “oh, yeah, well, my uncle works at Nintendo. And he told me that the
new system’s coming out and I’m gonna get it first. But you wouldn’t know that.” I get the distinct impression that you have not served even
five minutes in the military. This. I mean, yeah, we have multiple videos on this where I’d say that no, I’m a civilian. If you dispense with the
lame beard filthy language and slow down your speech and girly mannerisms, my guess is that you not the M1A are haunted by the ghost of narcissism as the most metal fucking thing I’ve ever heard that’s sick dude I’m gonna steal that. And girly body language
which severely limits one’s accuracy with a weapon and one self image and believability. So here’s the formula for success. Shave your face, talk like a gentleman stop with all the histrionics
faggoty mannerisms and girly body gestures and grows balls, it’s you not the firearm. I love the implication that the M1A is a weapons platform in which you You must talk like an early 19th century genteel in order to get it to perform accurately they’re too heavy but will last forever. More ammo, the veteran street fighting, still love them. Plastic and aluminum will break in time. I love this other guard, use of spacing and pauses where it’s just like a fucked up like Boomer internet Haiku. wow man Well, Phil, that
was deep bros beautiful. I’m laughing at the desperate
attempts people are making in these comments to
secure their masculinity by claiming this as a real man’s rifle. I’m sure they all drive
the real man’s truck aka a Ford F250 with a lift kit and giant tires and
loud exhaust Roland Cole you why so much compensating going on around this rifle? makes me want to stay away. Thank you for saying it so that we don’t have to Niles bless anyone can accurized an M14 with two replacement parts a popsicle stick and an ounce of epoxy its about $35 all up. It should be done from the factory but you can’t always win. Popsicle sticks. All right, I’ll throw
my theory into the pot. The magazine is seeding the third bullet deeper into the case causing the change of bullet jumped two
lands three rounds loaded for grouping first round is loaded into the chamber, second round bullet tip doesn’t impact the front of the magazine during recoil mashed rearward by the
magazine weapon recoiling Fuck! A strange shooting groups one is the spring rate in the magazines that’s it that’s what fucked it up and barrel heating issues just a thought as most don’t think of these issues for accuracy. I mean I don’t fucking know could be beats my explanation of ghosts. There are over 3000 comments on the original M1A video and these are kind of just a selection of the ones that I found the most entertaining so if you guys kind of like this format where I yell at shit, let me know because honestly this is a little bit more fun for me than just kind of reading and presenting to you the cursed content. We’re engaging with it we’re we’re taking it out for a night on the town. I don’t know what the
fuck I’m talking about. Anyway, let me know in the comments section below if you guys like it and bye (electronic whooshing)

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  • You need a freaking trigger warning on videos like this! I’m laughing so hard on break, that I’m starting to have an asthma attack. I actually do have asthma. No albuterol in sight. Will update on if I make it home to use my nebulizer, or just die.

  • Fucking hilarious! This video made my day. The geriatric gun community is so easily inflamed. Take more Geritol grandpa!

  • Earned yourself a subscriber. I frequent your gun reviews often on the google, and watched the M1A review. Also read the comments which were about as cancerous and one would expect. You should also review a good 1911, and tell everyone it’s not the best handgun ever built by anyone anywhere. The fudd comments would be extraordinary. Then we can get another entertaining video like this, and I can laugh along with you.

  • I have absolutely no idea what is going on here.
    I have several AR-platformed rifles/and 1 pistol (wink, wink), and some vintage M1s (Garands/carbines), and would like to have an M1A, since I'll never have an M-14. One thing I'm sure of: They all go bang when my boomer (yes) trigger-finger pulls on that little curved thingie…

  • Inrange TV proved how bad the M14 really is. Mud test it failed amd guess what the m4 made it through. Huh. Damn plastic and aluminum in a british accent.

  • I would use the M14, if it actually kept zero through all temp difference in my environment. Even the EBR is garbage and anyone that’s hiked it around knows that. You know what outperformed it numerous times? The SR25 or the M110. Fuck the 5.56 mk12 could out shoot the M1A or M14.

  • I'm down with the sickness here. Please sir, may I have another comments rant video?

    I can't believe how many people are so upset at "you" even though you covered all the details of what happened.

  • Is it bad that I had the exact same Elmer Fudd looking mother fucker in my mind every time you read a comment? Kudos, keep up the good work and make more of these videos. M14 is a pretty rifle with a lot of historic value, but there are definitely reasons it got the axe. To think, the US adopted it over the FAL.

  • This is hilarious. Honestly, I LOVE the M1A/M14, but objectivity is still important. The rifle does have its flaws, as you showed, and a lot of hardcore M14 fans don't want to admit that. But, you know, a lot of guns have flaws, and are still widely loved. There's nothing wrong with that. Given, I do believe that it simply takes some getting used to to get optimal performance. Plenty of people don't do so well with an unfamiliar gun, and then get better with time and practice.

  • I really believe your inaccuracy issues stemmed from normal temperature changes in the metal receiver & barrel, from shooting the rifle; affecting the greater flexibility of Investment Cast Receivers SA uses. The Forged Receivers installed in the original USGI Mk14 models don't flex nearly as much and are renowned for their accuracy. Just sayin'. ✌🏼 Edit: I absolutely loved this video. I love these humorous Comment Wasteland videos.

  • You may have a touch of hipster but so what. This video is YouTube gold! Maybe once a week, or month do another video like this.

  • Hilarious vid! Even better than the original. Don't change a thing! Where else am I going to get the specs on gun weights in ripe melons?

  • I thought it was hilarious how people kept talking about what the miltary uses like they know a damn thing. They are getting second had info like the whistleblower did with POTUS phone call with Ukraine lol. We use a better Rifle Platform in this age that all men serving in the past wished they had! Bad ass videos brother we all what your beard!!!

  • ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. THIS. VIDEO!!! LOVE the M1A, M14 and M1 Garrand!! A very good friend of mine used a M1A to compete in the Wilson Matches at Camp Robinson, AR (1000 yard targets with IRON SIGHTS,TO BOOT!!) AND Camp Perry, OH. Not a negative word comes from his mouth when talking about the M1A. In fact, he recently purchased a new Match Grade version to add to his collection. WORKS FOR ME!!!

  • I, and my hugely extensive group of followers, have been working for decades and decades to create public comments on YouTube videos which are crafted such that you cannot tell if they are real or if they are sarcastic. We are quite literally up in arms over these other people creating commentary in our trademark style. You should delete all those comments and only keep the ones from us. You will know it is one of us because ours are the only ones which make sense. Long live guns and their reviewers!

  • The first rifle I qualified with in the US Army was an M-14 (70's). It was a good rifle. I saw it again at the Marksmanship School. I was particularly happy when they came out with the M16A1 because they really needed the forward assist. Infantry soldiers have never thought that less ammo was better. We deliberately left some food behind so we could carry more bandoliers or 20 round magazines (when that was the only magazine available to grunts). Like most weapons, the M-14 had it's day and I personally thought it was better than the M-1. It was lighter, it held a 20 round box and did not go "ching" after 8 rounds. The 7.62×51 would do pretty much anything the 30-06 would do with a little less recoil. It is absolutely fine to love the weapon if that makes you happy. People have different experiences. I personally used both and would much prefer the M-16A1. The quality of the new AR's is considerably better than any M16A1 that I ever drew from the armory. I have a choice and based on my experience, I would choose the AR. My experience over the years is that American soldiers are really tough folks. Part of the reason they are so tough is that they are all different but can get focused on accomplishing one mission together.

    I know it is really old school but in infantry units there was always a wall locker that stood by itself. It had a few dents but was quite special. For privates that had a hard time paying attention, they seemed to find their way into the locker (mostly at night). The platoon sergeant and the squad leaders honed their skill with baseball bats for a short time. After that, you never seemed to have an issue with that private. It would seem that there are a few folks here that might need to visit that locker. Not sure whether the locker had a selection of spare brains or the air in the locker just sharpened up the brain that was there but it worked pretty well. Because at the end of the day, all we have is each other. It is comforting to know that someone has your back when the pew pew starts. Personally, I don't care if the person that has my back has an M-14, an M-16 or a rock as long as they have my back.

  • DUDE!!!!! OMG!!!! I have not laughed that hard watching a YouTube video in a long time!! CLASSIC!!! I know I don't need to defend you or your videos or your reviews….. because it's obvious you do a fine job yourself! So just keep up the great work and content! Thanks for the info and entertainment!

  • I think the problem is that, like me, these other people cant grow a glorious beard like you have.

    Therefore they think getting an M1A wood furniture rifle will make them…grow a glorious fucking beard like that. I mean wood furniture is sexy, dont get me wrong, but will NOT allow you to grow a beard like that. Ive tried for years to rub wood against my ….

    Anyway. I have an M1A. It is nice. But didnt make me a better man. Watching Pew Pew Tactical though. Has grown my pe…Good day sir. And good beard to you.

  • Best video! I owned an M1A and sold it. It was shit! My Vepr AK with crap steal case 7.62 x39 printed tighter groups at 100 yards and still weighs 2 pounds less. Guess I’m not a real man. But I do drive an F250 diesel.

  • You won’t never know how when grand daddy’s service rifle drop rice farmer bodys Korea an Nam. If bearded soy ate more steak maybebe able to handle bigger recoil than plastic 22lr.

  • the m1a platform is just like air-cooled engines, antiquated. lots of moving mass and narrow barrels. the ruger mini14 suffers the same problem because of design. the fanboys are just as bad with the fal.

  • I carried a m-14 in Afghanistan during my second deployment. Worked great, never had any issues with it. Take that for what its worth, not trying to argue.

  • No i donut like this kinda commenting. you need to respect the community with properer verbiage. I hope you make more videos so that I can comment more on how they all suck. If you make more of these videos I will watch them. That will learn ya four sure.

  • These comments are I don't know what. Who knew people could be so pissed off about a gun video. If you don't like it, turn it off.

  • The M1A Super Match is the only gun I have buyers remorse for purchasing. Yeah it's accurate but not $2800.00 accurate. Thanks for the great videos.

  • I've had guys in person become impassioned about firearms they've never even held in their hands before; I cannot imagine how bad it must get from people behind a screen, safely on their own toilet.

  • Wow I don’t know why people are tripping so hard about this. I like my M1A as much as I like my AR15 and my Ak47. They are tools at the end of the day. Different tools for different purposes and situations. Rather than insulting each other, mabey we should respect each others opinions and focus on protecting our rights so we can have to ability to own different guns and have debates over the pros and cons. #StopTheInfighting

  • M14 was brought back just because the M110 wasn't built yet. The performance of an accurised M14 is still not comparable to an ar10 platform

  • I loved this video. Nothing better than pithy sarcasm to rattle the cages of arm chair gunsmiths and middle aged hungover "former military" types. A gun either shoots or it doesn't, Boomers – now go take a rolaid and stfu

  • Holy, boomer hell. Historical and beautiful yes. Accurate, he’ll no. However, the bright side is atleast you know there a lot of boomers with repressed homosexual frustrations floating around due to the level of sexual insecurity floating around from the comments mentioned in this video who may finally come out of the closet n abandon the skeletons they have been hiding behind all these decades.

  • This is hilarious. I especially appreciate all the defensiveness on behalf of a horrible rifle whose adoption was foisted on the US by corrupt prima donnas in the Army Ordnance department along with the afterthought 30-06 short cartridge (aka 7.62 NATO) to protect their fiefdoms from the far superior FN FAL and 280 British. There is a reason the M-14 had one of the shortest runs as a US main battle rifle. I encourage those interested to read about the politics surrounding the adoption of the M-14 and 30-06 short.

    As for complaints about the AR, especially in Vietnam, Small Arms Solutions has some great videos about the M-16 history and how the Army Ordnance department set it up for failure when it was first fielded. Before anyone accuses me of being an AR fanboy, the 30-06 is my favorite rifle cartridge and I prefer lever guns to semi-autos, but I do have a Noreen BN-36 – an AR style rifle in 30-06.

  • Your M1A video was excellent. Please, continue making fair and balanced review videos like it so we can have the worst parts of the 2A community rise up to attempt to communicate their rage to us for you to mock. Absolute fucking art.

  • These comments are the equivalent of public masturbation BAHAHA! The internet will defend the M14, shotguns and .22lr derringers to the death BAHAHA!

  • Sad that pew pew has to resort to name calling and dividing a country already divided into so many factions! Do you honestly think that childish “boomer” comments is a positive way to express yourselves? This type of video while humorous in a VERY small way, if this means your moving in this direction rather than journalism, it’s sad! I appreciated much of your content, but this is sad!

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