Conception to birth — visualized | Alexander Tsiaras

I was offered a position
as associate professor of medicine and chief of scientific visualization at Yale University in the department of medicine. And my job was to write
many of the algorithms and code for NASA to do virtual surgery in preparation for the astronauts
going into deep-space flight, so they could be kept in robotic pods. One of the fascinating things
about what we were working on is that we were seeing,
using new scanning technologies, things that had never been seen before. Not only in disease management, but also things that allowed us
to see things about the body that just made you marvel. I remember one of the first times
we were looking at collagen. And your entire body, everything — your hair, skin, bone, nails — everything is made of collagen. And it’s a kind of rope-like structure
that twirls and swirls like this. And the only place that collagen
changes its structure is in the cornea of your eye. In your eye,
it becomes a grid formation, and therefore, it becomes
transparent, as opposed to opaque. So perfectly organized a structure, it was hard not to attribute
divinity to it. Because we kept on seeing this
in different parts of the body. One of the opportunities I had was one person was working
on a really interesting micromagnetic resonance
imaging machine with the NIH. And what we were going to do was scan a new project on the development of the fetus
from conception to birth using these new technologies. So I wrote the algorithms and code, and he built the hardware —
Paul Lauterbur — then went onto win the Nobel
Prize for inventing the MRI. I got the data. And I’m going to show you
a sample of the piece, “From Conception to Birth.” (Music) [From Conception to Birth] [Oocyte] [Sperm] [Egg Inseminated] [24 Hours: Baby’s first division] [The fertilized ovum divides
a few hours after fusion…] [And divides anew every 12 to 15 hours.] [Early Embryo] [Yolk sack still feeding baby.] [25 Days: Heart chamber developing.] [32 Days: Arms & hands are developing] [36 Days: Beginning
of the primitive vertebrae] [These weeks are the period
of the most rapid development of the fetus.] [If the fetus continues to grow
at this speed for the entire 9 months, it would be 1.5 tons at birth.] [45 Days] [Embryo’s heart is beating
twice as fast as the mother’s.] [51 Days] [Developing retina, nose and fingers] [The fetus’ continual movement in the womb is necessary for muscular
and skeletal growth.] [12 Weeks: Indifferent penis] [Girl or boy yet to be determined] [8 Months] [Delivery: The expulsion stage] [The moment of birth] (Applause) Alexander Tsiaras: Thank you. But as you can see, when you actually start
working on this data, it’s pretty spectacular. And as we kept on scanning more and more, working on this project, looking at these two simple cells that have this unbelievable machinery
that will become the magic of you. And as we kept on working on this data, looking at small clusters of the body, these little pieces of tissue that were the trophoblasts
coming off of the blastocyst, all of a sudden burrowing itself
into the side of the uterus, saying, “I’m here to stay.” Having conversation and communications with the estrogens, the progesterones, saying, “I’m here to stay, plant me,” building this incredible trilinear fetus that becomes, within 44 days,
something that you can recognize, and then at nine weeks
is really kind of a little human being. The marvel of this information: How do we actually have
this biological mechanism inside our body to actually see this information? I’m going to show you
something pretty unique. Here’s a human heart at 25 days. It’s just basically two strands. And like this magnificent origami, cells are developing at one million cells
per second at four weeks, as it’s just folding on itself. Within five weeks, you start to see
the early atrium and the early ventricles. Six weeks, these folds are now beginning with the papilla
on the inside of the heart actually being able to pull down
each one of those valves in your heart until you get a mature heart — and then basically the development
of the entire human body. The magic of the mechanisms
inside each genetic structure saying exactly where
that nerve cell should go — the complexity of these, the mathematical models
of how these things are indeed done are beyond human comprehension. Even though I am a mathematician, I look at this with marvel of how do these instruction sets
not make these mistakes as they build what is us? It’s a mystery, it’s magic, it’s divinity. Then you start to take
a look at adult life. Take a look at this
little tuft of capillaries. It’s just a tiny
sub-substructure, microscopic. But basically by the time you’re
nine months and you’re given birth, you have almost 60,000 miles
of vessels inside your body. And only one mile is visible. 59,999 miles that are basically bringing
nutrients and taking waste away. The complexity of building
that within a single system is, again, beyond any comprehension
or any existing mathematics today. And then instructions set, from the brain to every other
part of the body — look at the complexity of the folding. Where does this intelligence of knowing that a fold can
actually hold more information, so as you actually watch
the baby’s brain grow. And this is one of the things we’re doing. We’re launching two new studies of scanning babies’ brains
from the moment they’re born. Every six months
until they’re six years old, we’re going to be doing
about 250 children, watching exactly how the gyri
and the sulci of the brains fold to see how this magnificent development actually turns into memories
and the marvel that is us. And it’s not just our own existence, but how does the woman’s body understand to have genetic structure
that not only builds her own, but then has the understanding that allows her to become a walking immunological,
cardiovascular system that basically is a mobile system that can actually nurture, treat this child with a kind of marvel that is beyond, again,
our comprehension — the magic that is existence, that is us? Thank you. (Applause)

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  • Beautiful. We live in an impossible world of composite fractal geometry beyond comprehension. The ultimate perfection of infinite complexity. Atheists are blind. Lost in the shadows of stupidity and arrogance.

  • I am amazed that they were even able to do this when most babies are murdered in their mother;s wombs.

    While Satan may not care about dead babies (they are innocent)..he does care about turning doctor's and mother's into murderers.

    We should be celebrating creation with the creator.

    Before I knit you in your mother's womb…I knew you.

  • So,

    You still want to call it all random?

    You still want to call it the woman's body?

    You still want to deny simple facts?

    Well, I can't stop you, of course, other than to remind you of this: if you've watched this video then like it or not, you know the truth.

  • this conception mentioned in the quran chapter 22 verse 5 .

    sadly the quran is not read by intellects like aleandertsiaras.
    and the i billion born donkeys( so call muslims who were born into this faith)
    never read this book with meaning and listen to their illiterate leaders .some of them
    blindly follow instructions by these religious readers to cause chaos and mischief

  • God sees this every time it happens… check Psalms 139:13-18
    I am amazed that we can now see a little tiny bit of what He always saw! Grateful to the LORD, the Giver of Life! Alleluyah!

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  • When will Western society ever wake up? Truth is stranger than fiction. I think it is extraterrestrials who are responsible.

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  • Why does my class send me here? I could be learning anything right now, but I'm learning something I already know.

  • "it's mystery, it's magic, it's divinity" That's called intellectual patch-up work. If we can't understand it that means "god did it". The god of the gaps.

  • I'm pregnant. And I'd love to see a video involving pregnancy that doesn't involve people talking about abortion and god. Is that too fucking hard to ask??

  • His problem is, he is a journalist and photographer, not a evolutionary biologist and, quite frankly, he doesn't know what he's talking about. So, believe in God, if you wish, but don't use this TED talk to reinforce your beliefs. Believe that abortion is "murder" if you wish. You are entitled to any belief you have whether ignorant or not. But do not use uninformed beliefs or religious beliefs, no matter how strongly felt, to take away the rights of other women to make their own decisions based on their own beliefs.

  • My spouse and I tried the “www shocking vubu” (Google it) when we decided to have one more kid. If you`d like to learn why this method is life-changing, feel free to check out Google. I was able to accomplish pregnancy after three months of pursuing the plan and eating healthy foods. This formula has changed my life-style, despite the fact where I`m in the aged.

  • god(s) had nothing to do with this.. Make believe is not real.. People where here eons before your god was made up by humans..

  • Somehow many of these Big Bang believers seem to think that only the better educated subscribes to that theory over creationist. I have known many of folks ob both sides of the debate and can tell you that education and intellect have no bearing on their belief.I have talked to those with only high school educations all the way up to Phd's and can find folks on both sides at every education level.

  • It's not beyond our comprehension, we know exactly how cells arrange themselves and why. This is not a mystery and has not been for sometime. Our bodies know what to do when developing because of the genetic information they received from your parents are copies of the human genetic code, interwound with instructions for initiating that code. Not only do we understand this development but we have begun to take it into our own hands. Growing organs and eveb entire beings in labsn we can now change entire species forever. Furthermore the human body doesn't do this perfectly it makes mistakes all the fucking time… I can't even with this conversation, if you've heard of genetic mutations, you've heard of mistakes being made in the developmental process because that's exactly what genetic mutations are; for better or worse. So don't play this we don't know why it must be divine bullshit with me. You may be too simple to try and understand yourself, but that doesn't mean we dont.

  • After watching this i've been inspired. I refuse to be anything but great because I was engineered to be great. I can't ever think of myself as a waste of space or a failure because when I seen this I realise I am a success no matter what. From an egg and a sperm, to a healthy beautiful human being? That's damn awesome. I'd like to give a big shout out to God for creating something so unbelievably complex and wonderful. To anyone who sees this comment YOUR FUCKING AWESOME and don't let anybody tell you different!

  • God knew us before we were formed in the womb. Other countries count age from conception because they know we are people in God's sight when we are conceived. How can any country prosper when it murders more people than Hitler did in the Holocaust?




  • Of course there is a scientific and evolutionary explication for human development. However, just because the process can be explained by science, doesn’t mean that it’s not still amazing, and something people can’t be in awe of. I am an atheist/agnostic, but I still find this incredibly moving and mind-blowing. If anything, it just makes you appreciate the universe and biology and all it’s beautiful complexity!

  • When you consider the magnificence of the gestation process you naturally marvel at the Creator of this biological process. Some say god and our perception of this all powerful entity is usually based on our interpretation of Christian or Koran or Judaic text. The alternative would be perceive the Creator as a non-conforming, undefined and shapeless or formless energy that exist in all things, permeated through all of creation and is present throughout the Universe. So, then a being in form or shape of a man would not match the Supreme and all consuming nature of our Source. Thus, no person can truthfully claim to know 'god' for our minds cannot comprehend the depth and vastness…

  • The absolute mystery at the heart of every aspect of life🙏
    Our puny minds fail to see this when we focus on “rights”🛑
    How could anyone believe that we have a “right” to destroy such beauty😭
    And yet that’s what we continue to do in millions each year🤮
    Time to ask God for forgiveness🙏🙏

  • Of course they would show the baby being delivered naturally but what people don’t get is what if your a cesarean like me and many other people stuck in your mother pelvis ok that’s all I’m saying

  • People should call abortion for what it really is… It is murder. Some people actually told me humans are not really human until their frontal lobe is developed… And i was just laughing because that means everyone under the age of about 25 isn't considered human by that definition. So we can indiscriminately murder everyone below that age w/o any real consequences? Obviously not. I'm afraid humans are terrible at logic and reasoning for it's multi millennia year history. Humans breed other Humans, it doesn't matter how young a human is. It could be hours or decades old… STILL a human.

  • To think, the Sinful Godless Leftist's can have your tax dollar go killing & grinding up a full term "fetus" / [human baby] and scraping parts out to the highest bidder ! 
    If only Mr. Tsiaras could develop a scanning algorithm to show the Evil in the sick minds of the "First do No Harm" [cough] "doctors" / Butchers who have [with your help] Delivered and waged DEATH, on 70 million human American Babies!!! Wouldn't that help support [Romans 6 23] I.E. "For the wages of sin is DEATH; but the gift of God is eternal LIFE through Jesus Christ our Lord? How would Ya like to spend Eternity with devout hateful loveless baby killers? Maybe that's the take a way lesson here Boys & Girls?

  • It is also God's way to get rid of dumb people like you with viruses and bacteria. Isn't it amazing how tiny viruses and bacteria are that can wipe all of you out?

  • 7:30 yes, it is truly a marvel of biology. but to say it's always correct is white washing miscarriages, still births, children born with health defects. Even children who during development cause such a problem as to threaten the life of the mother. this comment section is filled with comments talking about how good god is and how perfect this process is, well you can see why i am skeptical.

  • Feminazis would like to murder this parisitic clump of cells called the fetus, up to 9 months. Like commies do in China if you excede the one-child policy, and you are poor.

  • And people say this is not life? Yet if we find a tiny bacteria on a distant planet, we get excited that there is LIFE on that planet!! We have to realize that this is miraculous and is life from it's conception!

  • This is amazing, I shared with with my Human Growth and Development class and my professor loved it.

  • I'm not saying you need to have kids to really appreciate this but…wow…if you imagine your own son or daughter and all their little quirks & personality going through this and being born….just made tears shoot out of my face!

  • The amazing beauty of God's cycle of Life can only be realized when juxtaposed to the Evil of dismembering late late term abortion! Do you think you could one?

  • Observe with awe what the Bible means when it says that human beings are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and “skillfully wrought” by our Creator (cf. Psalm 139:13-16). Modern science — the ally, not the adversary, of Christianity — clearly and powerfully affirms this divine truth. As you behold the inimitable craftsmanship of the One who formed you in your mother’s womb and knew you before you were even conceived, ponder this question: Now that we are privileged to examine with our own eyes the sublime, wondrous process of prenatal human development, which practically screams to us, “YES, there is a God!” how could anyone continue to believe that the extraordinary complexity and intricacies of human physiology arose originally from non-intelligent, non-living matter (i.e., the theory of abiogenesis or spontaneous generation) and the blind, fortuitous, mindless, impersonal, purposeless, undirected forces of nature? I don’t have enough faith to buy that nonsense, and neither should you!

  • Romans 1:20; For since creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

  • @3:03 the eye in the forehead and the mythology of Athena/Atheia goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill and sight she was born when she fell from the head of Zeus or shell we say his forehead. Your eyes falls from your forehead as one and then splits into two by the rising of the pyramid shaped nose is only seen by closing one eye. The eye within the capstone

  • @7:03 and the first beat of the heart starts at 3 weeks 7+7+7 the cycling Moon that cycles 7.3 times a year 7X7X7+7+7+7= 364 +1 No day . Divide any number by 7 and you will see a set of numbers that never changes it's position in the cycle (714285-714285-714285) these numbers go on to infinity behind the decimal but look close it 1 week 2 weeks 4 weeks for a week of weeks and then you would pin-a-day the 50th day the Pentecost 7 times a year and your left with 2 weeks the number of days between new moon to full moon but this has to do with Virgo the virgin organ that regrow with ever birth the PLACENTA. Virgo means a girl that acts like a boy and boy/girl spoken backwards is Virgo and Her Mistress spoken backwards is September as Libra is HeartBeat spoken backwards and October is HerBirthGod spoken backwards if you think this is a coincidence then say these words (SendEve Through NewWomb) and listen to them played backwards you will hear the words Moon Earth Venus the triple Goddess the White Goddess.

  • Beautiful video but I have to say calling the division of the first cell 'baby's first division' is pretty ridiculous, it's funny that some people care more about 2 cells than they usually do about the (hopefully) fully grown woman who they are generating within. I wish people cared as much about babies/children once they actually entered the world. And just a comment for all the poeple going on about late term abortion: these are almost always to save the life of the mother, again clearly something people care less about than the miracle of birth. Well, what can you do once people believe genesis 3:16 you can't reason with them

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