Conflict Tips

My name is Peter Sherriff and I’m an
instructor here at Western Continuing Studies and I teach in the Conflict
Communication course. This course is really all about understanding conflict
how to resolve conflict and big emphasis on preparing for conflict. What comes up in the classroom a lot our participants or students they don’t know where to start. They don’t know how to prepare and they don’t know where to start so the tip would be is to write out your problem statement. What is the problem? What is the issue? What is it that you’re trying to resolve? So if you write that out then you’re better prepared for starting that conflict conversation there’s sometimes you feel that you want to win you know sometimes we keep track of that we lost the last one the last argument or the
last we didn’t resolve the issue in our favor so it’s my turn so they’re keeping
track I would eliminate that from your process from your thinking is that it’s
not about keeping score because that can get you into a little bit of trouble
because you’re not going to resolve the conflict. One of the tips from the conflict in communication course is as part of the preparation process is understanding and knowing what you want to get out of the of the conflict and by
writing it out by writing out that problem statement or issue statement it
just provides clarity for you as to what specifically is your interest what is
your position in this in this issue and it just probably provides better clarity
for everyone involved

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