Continuing and Distance Education: Evening Classes | Bridgewater State University

I decided to pursue my bachelor’s here at Bridgewater in the evening classes because It’s a really good program for me to be able to do while working. So I found that taking night classes three or four nights a week worked best for me. There was a lot of evening classes that I could pick from. Very affordable Classes were smaller There’s a very broad mix of students All ages Makes it very interesting and you meet a lot of people It’s a really good mix I find that the faculty is really really excited and willing to help us out. They know that you want to be there, they know that you want to learn, they’re just enthused about you being there. All the teachers have office hours to meet with you pretty much any time during the week that they’re free. I think it’s really great that Bridgewater offers the evening classes I think it’s very convenient for a lot of people. Having a degree from here in communications is going to help make the field want to go into. I would definitely recommend the evening classes. It’s not an overload, it’s not too much you know. It’s perfect

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