CVTC High School Healthcare Academy

– This class that I’m teaching right now is the Healthcare Academy,
and it’s made up of students from local high schools, and
they take three total classes with me, and then they take CNA, for a total of fourteen
credits over the year. This is an amazing
opportunity for students, because they can kinda get a taste of the college atmosphere before
they actually go to college. So they have all the support
of their high school, they have the support
of their parents still, and get an idea of what
maybe they want to do, plus the fact that it
doesn’t cost them anything. So they’re getting some
college credits out of the way, they’re saving a lot of money,
I think it’ll make their overall transition to college
next year much easier. – When the opportunity came, I quickly jumped on board, because
I wanted the experience, I wanted more classes and I
wanted to challenge myself going into my senior year as well. I will be attending Chippewa
Valley Technical College for nursing next year,
so I’m really excited. – I’m definitely
interested in health care. I am going to Mankato next year, and I already talked
with their admissions, and I don’t have to take
Biology 1 or 2 there when I’m in college,
because I have these credits at this course, so I want
to go to become a nurse, and I just feel like this has really helped me prepare myself for college. – I’ve always liked science, and this was just a great opportunity to kinda get your foot in the door, get started on an actual collegiate-level
science program, especially in ant-phys. – We’ve found a number of
kids who have that interest in terms of where they want to go from a professional standpoint
and to be able to partner with CVTC in terms of the work that we do is really important not
only for us to talk about what secondary education
looks like across the board at any level, but also to
give those kids a jump start on where they’re going moving
forward. In the health piece of it, we have a lot of people that are really into getting into that profession. We wanna make sure our
kids are ready for that. – The energy that the
students bring is amazing, it’s so much fun, there’s just
so much life in the classroom that it’s just really an
exciting environment to be in and to be able to teach in every day. – Our teacher Julia Brown is amazing. – (Micah) I like a lot of stuff about it. I think one of the biggest
things is the fact that it’s a small classroom,
it’s very personal, we know each other pretty
well, and just like the medical field, we’re very
good at working together, and the instructor is very helpful. – They get the opportunity
to experience the college classroom while still having
the support of their family and their high school
counselors and their high school instructors. – (Cailey) College is a lot
different than high school, and we have a different amount
of work load and time at home they have to study, so this
has really help me to realize what I need to do with my
schedule and how I need to adjust my timeframe with all the work
I have to do for this class. – (Micah) There is homework
and there is a lot of studying outside of class.
But for the most part, it’s not as much as people would think and it’s not as taxing as a
lot of people would think. – Yeah, we want to make
sure that there’s a “why”, there’s an authentic piece
of what they’re doing, and it’s gonna help them
when we’re not there, and that is exactly what
this is doing for our kids and I’m just really proud
of our kids for taking the initiative to be part of
this, I’m really proud to be part of the program. Most
importantly, I’m proud that there’s a partnership that
allows people to take a look at their passion and make sure
that they can put that into practice moving forward. – I think it’s important
to find out what you love in life and what your passion is, and it’s given me that
opportunity to do that.

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