Day in the Life – Medical Student (MS2)

Hey guys, my name is Liz Cho. I’m a second year medical student
at Case Western. Today’s Monday morning,
I just got back from the gym and now I’m gonna shower
and get ready to go to school. [music playing] – Hey.
– Hey, how was your exams? – It was good, how was yours?
– Not bad. [music playing] – Hey guys, so now we’re about to
walk into Anatomy lab, we are in our MSK block. So today, we’re doing
Cadaveric dissection of the lower limb, which will be fun. Also I wanna introduce you to Sarah. – Hey guys, I’m Sarah. I’m also a second
year medical student at Case Western. I met Liz at ‘Second Look’ and that was when we both decided
we wanna come to Case. [music playing] – So we just finished anatomy.
Now we changed back into our clothes and we’re headed to IQ. IQ is basically Case’s version
of problem-based learning, where we get into small groups
and discuss cases throughout the week. [music playing] Hey guys, so we just finished IQ,
took a little lunch break and now we’re probably gonna study
for the rest of the afternoon. [music playing] Yeah, so Sarah and I are both California natives and we came all the way
from California to Ohio for medical school, but so far Case has proved to be
very much worth it and the winters. I loved Case at first
because I was really attracted to their curriculum. We have a very innovative like problem-based learning, heavy curriculum
with very little actual class time. So that gives us a lot of time outside of school to do, you know, whatever else is
important to us, to, you know, learn however we best learn. Second, the diversity of clinical sites, I think could not be rivaled by most
of the other med schools out there. And the third thing, that I really valued
about Case was how I knew that I would be ready to go
into any specialty, whether it was neurosurgery or primary care,
I would be very well prepared and lastly, when I came to Second Look, I honestly wasn’t sure I would go to Case, but once I met all these amazing people
and kind of felt the community here, I knew that this was gonna be the school for me. – So I agree with everything that Liz said. Those are all reasons that
why I wanted to come to Case as well. Another thing for me was the flexibility and the flexibility to be able to
be involved in other programs, other than just ours. So going into med school, I knew that I
wanted to do my masters in Public Health and since our schedules are so flexible, I’m able to still do the extra classes and all the extra work
that comes with doing a master’s. And the reason why I wanted to do
my MPH was because for me, I think that it’s an important
perspective to have as a future doctor, to understand like trends in the community and kind of what’s going to
bring patients through your doors, If I ever want to be involved
in research or hospital administration. [music playing] – So the great thing about getting out at noon, almost every day is that I have the
whole afternoon to make of it when I will. After getting in a couple hours
of studying with Sarah, I’m now headed to the Cleveland Clinic, where I have a research project in
Colorectal Cancer. So hopefully, I can make some
phone calls, do a little bit of work and then call it a day. [music playing] Hey guys, so I just got back home after
spending a couple hours doing research. And it’s about 8:00 p.m, I think at this
point, I’m going to make some dinner, watch some TV and then call it a night and do it all over again tomorrow. I guess, advice that I would give
to pre-medical students is really to follow your own interests and don’t try to make yourself or your
application look like anybody else’s because you’re the one that’s gonna
have to talk about it, come interview time and you’re the one that’s going to
have to put all the pieces together and convince someone,
why you should be a doctor. And I think, you know,
if you work hard enough at it and you really find what you love and this
is what you love, I think you’ll do just fine. I could have definitely spared myself
a lot of the stressful episodes I endured in college and my gap years while applying. I don’t think the stress did anyone any good and I think, I would confidently be– I can confidently say that I would be
in the same place I am today, without having stressed about it so much. Obviously, that’s easy to say now but I really do believe that. I think the hardest part of med school is
learning how to manage your time well, and you know the metaphor that
you constantly hear is that “being in med school is like drinking water
out of a firehose or out of a fire hydrant” and that’s very true. You’re expected to learn whole body
systems in a matter of two weeks and obviously that’s not easy to do. I think getting in the groove of med
school is learning how to figure out– learning how to manage your time and how to, you know, balance
your social life with your studies and, you know, your well being and
taking care of yourself at the same time. Thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you want to learn more, go to Goodnight. [music playing] [Kevin] If everyone in med school
is drinking out of a fire hydrant, I think everyone is really well hydrated. – Yep! That was a good nap. – My finger is in peripheral vision? * you do. – and then just let me know when you see my fingers.
– I see them. -Look straight at me – I see them!
– I, no– [Kevin] What about your Taco shirt,
where’d you get it from? – Do you really wanna know? There’s a Taco Bell in downtown Cleveland that a lot of us med students notoriously end up
after a long night out of celebrating, [Kevin] Of studying.
– Of studying. Studying is also known as celebrating
at Case Med. We do a really good job of combining the two. So after a long night of studying,
we’ll go to Taco Bell, I thought it was a really cool shirt and I saw while I was in the line at Taco Bell and I thought… “I don’t have a Taco shirt,
I definitely need one.” So now I sleep in it every night. I wish I was eating a Taco right now,
that’d be so epic. Wanna go get Tacos Kevin? – Just kidding.
[Kevin] I’m hungry. What kind of taco is that? – Vegetarian.
oh **** are those beans are beef? If you have any more questions, no… These are premium Italian dinner rolls, they were tossed to me
off the back of a truck for free. I love them. I take them everywhere with me. [music playing]

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