Definition of Higher Education Curriculum

– This is the definition that we have. An academic plan to
foster student learning. And, what I want to do
for a moment is contrast what we’re going to be presenting to you over the next three days, to a traditional sort of approach to instructional design, which begins with choosing a text and then identifying the
chapters that will be covered, and then developing new lectures, and then two days before
you put a mid term in the syllabus creating an exam. And so, in many cases,
this is the way that we saw our mentors in graduate
school teach a class. And so this is the way we teach a class. And and it goes to all of the things that Terry was talking about. Students don’t really know
what’s expected of them and there are many challenges
that are associated here. We begin to have the
issue of content coverage over meaningful learning. So it comes down to these questions. What’s the point? What’s the big idea? What does this help us be able to do? Why should we learn this as students? I read a paper where one
instructor has a rule that at any point during a class, a student is allowed to
raise his or her hand and say, “Why the hell does this matter?” Now I haven’t yet built up
enough confidence to do that but that’s really what we’re getting at. Why does this matter if the students don’t have a real understanding of that? We get to just, we’re
doing content coverage and we’re being busy for
the sake of being busy. So instead, what we want to do, is lay out and articulate
these three main pieces. And have that as part of what the course is really all about.

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