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a very warm welcome to you from Ekwa marketing this presentation is brought to you by a leader in digital marketing episode one of the growing dentist podcast series I’m Jamie Edson and I want to thank you all for joining us today the growing dentist podcast comes to you as a bi-monthly series each episode will address a specific aspect or shed light on court issues ideas and or processes they can put dentists on the fast track to success that is our aim for these podcast series and we want you to be a part of this growth process all links are in the show notes and please come back often and now let’s get started hi marin i want to start off with a few questions that will provide our listeners with a better understanding of the growing dentist and the vision and goals behind these podcast series you are the CEO and founder of echo marketing and doctors choice awards and now you are launching the growing dentist but before we get to the entrepreneur let me ask you specifically what is the growing dentist all about Thank You Jimmy it’s wonderful to get going dentist off the ground to answer your question going dentist is the bimonthly podcast series through this series we will interview dentist we will interview coaches and consultants who helped dentist as well as experts from outside of dentistry and the idea is really really simple when we look at people who are very successful they all have a growth mindset and they are always looking for ideas and strategies regardless of from where those ideas and cavity come from so our goal for this podcast series is to bring those ideas share it with our listeners and discuss and reflect on those ideas I’m sure listeners want to know what you mean by bigger future however before we get to that let’s talk about the vision behind with the growing dentist yes over the last 12 years I have had the great fortune to create a bigger future that 100 times bigger today than it was 12 years ago we did this as a team so the biggest you can help and was created by our team members our clients and all the other people we work with and it was not a straight line upward it was more like a zigzag we took three steps forward one step back and one step sideways but along the way we learned a lot and we crew a lot also we got the opportunity to be part of the bigger picture journey for many of our clients we currently work with around halloween party dentist and i would have to say many of our clients are some of the most successful clients in the united states canada UK and Australia data and these clients all you know many of them started out you know with a much smaller future than the future they have today but through perseverance and creativity they always looked at how to make tomorrow better than yesterday so I’m very very proud of not just the success that I have been able to create for my team and all of our people but also the success that we’ve a part of in the journeys that are 140 dentista and along the way we learned a lot and we corolla okay so let me ask you what do you mean by thicker future yes so I have had the privilege of working with a LAN party dentist and around 70 doctors and many of them have been with us over the last you know eight to ten years as clients and now they have become friends so when I talk about bigger future usually it touches on one of four areas one obviously is money right we all want more money because that allows us to do other things second is relationship you know we all want to enjoy the time we spend with the people we care about so it’s both the people reserve you know in the case of a dentist at their patients as well as the people they work with their team members and their partners and finally we all want more purpose and more meaning in the beginning we will do anything and everything but as we grow and mature we will start looking for the meaning of what we are about to do and last but not least time you also want to create more time for ourselves because if there’s one commodity we all have a limited amount of that time so when I talk about the future i’m talking about time money relationships and purpose can you tell me what bigger future typically looks like say for a young dentist who is just starting out yes every dentist is different but typically when it dentist starts out the number one and the only thing they care about is increasing their collection increasing how much money they take on usually at the beginning they don’t even care about profit is this want enough money to come in so they can play the editors and stay afloat that’s how everybody starts out at least that’s how most of the dentist that I’ve have the privilege of working with when they started building their practice start out but then what happens is they start realizing that there’s a difference between collections or revenues and profits then I start noticing they start paying more attention to profit and then as their success growth and as their business growth that definition of success starts changing now is when they start thinking about other things beyond profit let’s talk about it dentist who is three to five plus years in practice so this would be the stage when they realize money does not necessarily equal happiness what happens next you are right typically a dentist who has been in practice for three to five years probably is just at the point of starting a family maybe they have a kid on the way or they might have one or two young kids and they realize that money alone doesn’t make them happy they realize that the time they get to spend with their family and their young children is more important than any amount of money they can make so slowly but surely this tightly start shifting I’m not saying they forget about money they don’t but what I also notice is that they start prioritizing money good time so conditions typically like this you know currently I work 55 hours 40 hours the inflation than 15 hours running my business how do I now work you know 30 hours being patient and can I was running my business so these are the type of questions that they start asking as the founder of akwa marketing a business dedicated to helping then it’s grow grow with the help of marketing then we start looking at how do we support that vision of spending less time but still I the maintaining of growing revenues so we will start looking at the type of work they do that’s the most profitable that’s the most enjoyable so to create a bigger future you need a team and you need to work with others and you need to have everybody kind of marching to the same that is interesting when people want a bigger future they want more time and they want more money what else goes into a bigger future yes one of the common things I know this is as they get older they don’t want to be just another tooth mechanic it becomes important for the dentist to be part of the process of helping people become healthier so quality of work starts becoming more and more important to them it’s about work that gives them a sense of satisfaction so I see a lot of dentists who start really really pursuing continuous continuous education a lot they start getting trained they start looking at ways to do more meaningful work more excellent work so they want more money more time in a deeper purpose this interesting journey where does this lead them just like they don’t want to just be a troop mechanic and they start caring about the kind of work they do when they go deep in the clinical side I typically also see them start being attention to relationships so a lot of dentist tell me that they don’t down pull to serving the patient we’re selling if sometimes they start adjusting their practices to go out the patient who give them a sense of satisfaction so currently we have 35 dentist who specifically target patients who are very health minded the people who care about what they eat how they take care of their bodies these are the same people who shop at Whole Foods and these dentists have gone deeper and deeper at studying materials like what kind of materials can use in dentistry and they start educating these patients about how dentistry can also be done in a way that very health conscious and they start getting a lot of satisfaction serving those connotations who do care about their health who do care about their well-being so they start now working as a partner with their patients in eating a bigger picture for the patient that’s all about help so you’re saying time money purpose and relationships these are all things they focus on when creating a bigger future I think we can dedicate an episode to those dentists who have learned about life and work balance but that’s an episode for another day for now let me get back to bigger future so yes they start paying attention to the type of patients they serve and the relationships they have with those patients do they start thinking about this with their team as well absolutely relationships do become very important to them and yes they care about the relationship with their patient they also care about the relationships with our team members so they start looking for certain kinds of people as you as you know this podcast is named growing dental one of the mindset that all of our clients share is a growth mindset these are the people who look at the world or the glass as half-full they don’t look at the half empty part of the glass and complain they look at the house full part of the glass and appreciate the half-full part of the grass and then ask the question how do I grow it even further so they’re always noticing the positives and then they are building on those positive so just like they are looking for a certain kind of patient they start looking for team members who also have a growth mindset and one of the things I do when I talk to potential clients as I ask them how long have you came being around when identity tells me that i love my dream and i’ve been with me for ages and everybody is so valuable that tells me that typically these operations or these adopters who have a growth mindset and who have attracted other people with the similar lines that we look forward to the future who look forward to create in the future so yes we do care about relationships with their patients and their team members and they start becoming more selective in in approaching these relationships and growing these relationships so bigger future means people want more time more money more from relationships and more clearly defined purpose so then the growing dennis podcast series will have topics that cover future growth in these core areas time money purpose and relationships yes you are correct we will focus specifically on creating a bigger future and all these four parts of the negativity right time money purpose relationships but we dive a lot deeper into the practice side of things because all of our listeners are people who run practices as people who are running practices day in and day out they are constantly asking questions about you know how do i improve my kids acceptance or how do i better find patients who care about health the who care about certain parts of dentistry that the doctor also cares about so we’ll get into the nuts and bolts will get into detail will talk to actual dentists will talk to experts we’ve talked to coaches and we will even go beyond the dental industry to get some different ideas and thought who will be guests on the podcast series so for example I have been privileged to be part of the journey of many successful dentist so we’ll invite some of them have them share their stories have them discuss how they created a niche for themselves that gave them an edge in the marketplace how they created a future that was better for the patient as well as deputy members we will talk to experts so you might one day bring an expert who understand how to improve kids acceptance we might bring another expert who talks about building works we might even go outside of dentistry to find people who have very specific ideas and experiences that they would like to share with our dental so we are looking for people who have a growth mindset who have created a bigger future in any one of these four areas and we are looking to share those ideas and experiences with our listeners right so narrow now that you have introduced the podcast let us talk a little about you you found it equi marketing and it has 170 people now correct correct so just a little bit about myself I’m in my early forties I started out as a programmer and quickly realize that I like building things I like creating things so I have been under entrepreneurial journey over the last since 2004 solely over the last 14 sorry 12 years and I wouldn’t do it any other way currently I’m the founder and CEO of equal marketing it’s a it’s a company that serves around 210 dentists and dermatologists and plastic surgeons and you’re very proud of the fact that 90 could never climb david us i also am the founder of doctors choice award van choice and grow my reviews calm as you might see i love growing i love new ideas I’m the kind of person who loves to change the world who loves to create a pic of future so I spent a lot of my time working with my team members and working with our clients in thinking about these ideas in trying these ideas and in learning and constantly growing now one of the lessons I learned is to grow a business or to create a bigger feature that under times bigger or even a thousand times bigger you need people who complement you who have other capabilities that you don’t have so I know I’m really good at innovation and creativity and that’s really my sweet spot but then I have other people who are good at the things i’m not good at whether it’s taking care of customers overage paying attention to the details and making sure the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed so that’s a little bit about myself I believe this is a good introduction thank you for your time Aaron thank you very much Jimmy and I do appreciate the opportunity for you spending time with me and kind of helping people understand what we are trying to do with this growing pot growing dentist podcast series I hope to meet you all again often and frequently so definitely download the podcast and come back to the website and there will be lots of materials and lots of information that you can grab from this so I hope you enjoyed you see it thank you very much

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