25 thoughts on “Deputy Leadership Hustings Live from Leeds

  • This lot will be in their 80's before they will be in power if they ever get in power. These deputy's are like their Leaders they either CHANGE OR DIE end of. !!!!

  • Corbyn would have won in 2017 by getting only 2227 votes more (spread across relevant seats) when we didn't offer a second referendum. Had we not offered a second referrendum and instead done Lexit we would be in power now. The blairites forced a second referendum, propagated smears against Corbyn and are responsible for our defeat: #neverkeir

    "UNITY" really means telling the left to shut up and fall in line behind blairites we dont want. It is never adressed at the right of the party who have never stopped attacking corbyn, momentum and the left generally. BOLLOCKS TO UNITY and bollocks to keir. Nothing can be achieved whilst saboteurs dominate the plp. Rebecca Long Bailey is our only hope. Please support her and please dont be fooled by lisa nandy; she was co chair of owen smiths campaign to oust corbyn


  • What a sad bunch of so called labour politicians. Hustings in the north is meant to give the impression that the labour party are involving & listening to people from the north. Sad to say you sold out on the white working class voters in the north years ago. Until you get rid of momentum & its financial supoort, dump the ever present focus on minority groups, accept the brexit situation & your get rid of your marxist views you will suffer the same death of labour in Scotland.

  • The next generation of mass murderers…. So many brown people in the world to kill with bombs, and here are the people who will kill them for democracy

  • Again, amateurist chairing (and this was from a really, really senior member of the Labour Party – a Chair of the NEC no less) allied to a bunch of student politics shouting from the five candidates. Great for a protest group – and the value of such groups should never be underestimated – but as a serious entity which can be trusted with the governance of one of the most important countries in the world…forget it.

  • Why did Ian Murray keep saying Jacob Rees-Mogg's seat was North-East Fife? It's North-East Somerset. A long way from Scotland.

  • Very entertaining, what a shower!! The more people who watch this, the more will wonder how they ever voted for this lot, student politics meets Star Wars bar.

  • Funnier is the leadership candidates trying to boost their humble beginnings, what a joke. Sneering Thornberry is the worst, did an amazing job surviving the tough streets of…..Guildford.

  • Burgon the anti semite, " I never said that " oh that's me on the video, don't remember that. McCluskey will decide who is leader

  • Dawn Butler wearing her own T shirt, stay classy Dawn and keep enjoying the Whirlpool bath put in your house at taxpayer's expense.

  • Super glad the Tories ET AL are doing their trolling here too… Wait and see… THE WORLD IS WATCHING ALL YOUR MONSTROSITIES… Laugh while you can

  • That scottish mp was right about john smith being the best pm this country never had smiths politics wasn't hard left or blairism, he was a socialist from the centre right of the party he was real labour

  • I’m trying to think kindly but this is really amateurish. Let’s get this in perspective, these people are auditioning as potential deputy prime ministers ! Set the bar higher. Hilary Benn, Evette Cooper and many more are head and shoulders above this lot.

  • Labour all my life but find it so depressing Looking at these candidates and their policy. The UK working class will not vote for 1) Marxism/Communism 2) will not vote WOKE 3) will not vote for anti semites. Unity in Labour mean agree with Momentum, very depressing

  • Could someone send me a link when available to the hustings from Nottingham, i would like to hear with my own ears SNP getting slammed at an English party's hustings – i find it quite interesting why she would choose this route. Thanks because remember we have a scottish labour party, well maybe

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