Dilation and Curettage D & C Surgery PreOp® Patient Engagement and Education

http://youtu.be/JiaqOtVna1g Your doctor has recommended that you undergo
a Dilation and Curettage, or D and C. But what does that actually mean? The uterus is part of a woman’s reproductive
system. It’s the organ that contains the growing fetus. The cervix forms the neck of the uterus, and the vagina is the canal through which
conception and birth take place. The endometrium is a soft lining that protects
the fetus during pregnancy. Reasons for having a D and C vary. Most D
and C’s are performed because the patient has complained of unusually heavy menstrual
bleeding. Other common problems include, uterine infection,
bleeding after sexual intercourse, incomplete miscarriage or the presence of polyps – small pieces of
extra tissue growing on the inside of the uterine wall. Then the surgeon will use a gloved hand to
conduct a vaginal examination and will check the size and location of the uterus by pressing
on your lower abdomen. A metal or plastic vaginal speculum is used
to gently expand the vagina and allow access to the cervix. Once the cervix is visible, a forcep is used
to grasp the front lip of the cervix – causing the uterus to open a little. Using a blunt-tipped probe, the surgeon carefully
measures the length of the uterus and takes a small sample of tissue from the cervical
canal. Next, the surgeon will dilate, or open the
cervix, using a series of progressively larger metal rods called dilators. When the cervix has expanded sufficiently,
the doctor will use a spoon-shaped instrument called a curette to gently scrape out the
lining of the uterus. In some cases, surge When the entire lining of the uterus has been
removed, the instruments are withdrawn. The tissue removed will then be sent to a
laboratory for analysis.

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  • I just had this procedure done two days ago due to a miscarriage from my first pregnancy at 10 weeks.. I have not had any pain whatsoever and didn't experience any discomfort. I have an amazing doctor who did a great job and make me feel very comfortable after this terrible loss.. Ladies, please do not be scared if you need this procedure done. It is actually better to do if you want to get pregnant as well. Some women get pregnant faster after doing this procedure. I was told that I would have some bleeding for about 1-3 weeks (everyone is different) and I have barely had any bleeding. It's like a light period, for me at least. If anyone has any questions about what my experience was like, please do not hesitate to ask! Good luck to you all!

  • just had this process last april 23..second time.. and the feeling is still the same.. it's so painful and the doctor told me that i am just over reacting.. so unprofessional.. i lost my baby and i was also physically hurt by the process.. i don't want it to happen again.. 🙁

  • its the worse thing it coud happen . i was 10 weeks pregnat. thet did and trasvaginal ultrosound oc 19 everything was fine. the same day i start spotting and cramping .for 2 day and friday o when to the emergency room they did another ultrasound .. and they gave me bad news . my baby didnt have a heartbeat.. 😢😢😢

  • D & C ist often used for abortions. In this case it's not so harmless as shown in this video.
    If you want to understand what D&C means in that case I recommend this video: https://youtu.be/jgw4X7Dw_3k

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  • I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum 3 weeks ago, but I decided to wait for the gestational sad to pass out naturally. It passed out after 3 weeks, because my body has detected that there was no baby to nourish. The doctor recommended me to have this D & C because I still have some vaginal bleeding after I passed out, but my miscarriage was incomplete. I was feeling sad about my supposed to be first baby. D & C had me feel having closure that the pregnancy has ended. How sad it is. But, it helps clean the uterus.

  • I had one baby girl with very bad experience, multiple seizures… :'(
    than I had a gap… after 2 years I got extremely sick , even can't breath all reports were clear. but 2 vitamins were lacking thank god I recover… doctor said if I haven't recover with that vitamins it can said that it is happening from depression… :'( AFTER that I conceived very hardly and a half month later doctor said there's no feotus development… :'( :'( I wait for one week got incomplete abortion and after that I haven't conceived yet…

  • am have extreme back bone now and chances of fits for whole life … and reports were clear 100% even though my t scan n MRI was also done in first pregnancy :'(

  • i had this experience just last may 9,2017. it is so painful.they did the process im still awake i think the anesthesia is not working on me..im so sad i lost my baby :'( .

  • I never had children, however I get painful heavy periods that go on for up to twelve day during different times of the year. If this worsens could a d & c be the answer,?

  • I had 2 miscarriages in this yr now my Dr /ob gyne advice me to get d&C but I'm kinda scared…so I'm reading all the comments & seems like ok… So I'm think I'm going to get that done

  • Thnx for interesting video n me too have same like it bcz in world every girl have more tension abt our periods even mostly all r not thinking same even few girls boring of it one on them is me bcz I didn’t interest to marriage . I want single even I am single I have habit of living single .

  • maslahah wajib di pelajari manusia di anatomy tubuh ovum/sperma yang kotor untuk di bersihkan melalu tuntunan rabbani dan ilahi(islaam/islaamiyy).

  • This is a wonderful educational tool. I am glad to know what is/will happen to my body. Thank you. I had one 50 years ago and did fine. I had suspicious cells which would probably have grown into cancer. Thank you medical science.

  • I despise any doctor or nurse bullshitter who goes to great lengths to lie to patients. NOTHING is mentioned re pain. Nothing about analgesia or sedation. Or having your husband there for support.
    The tenaculum used to grip the cervix has two teeth on it. It penetrates the cervix as if a piece of steak. That alone hurts. Would a man like to have his penis treated like this? No. The so-called soft metal rod (cold to touch that causes cramping) used to measure the uterus…this also hurts like hell. The instruments used for D&C also cause cramping.
    I forgot. How you're dilated? The progressively wider metal rods? These are also cold, non-lubed and also hurt like hell. Imagine a period's cramping happening in 2 minutes. Understand?
    This is not education. It's bait and switch.
    And assholes like these wonder why people despise doctors.

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  • NO mention at all re pain. Or that they'll try to keep your husband or partner out of the room so they can eliminate your advocate from telling them to stop due to pain. They will berate you into thinking you're incapable of handling pain that others don't feel. This is a lie. The entire procedure, the tenaculum that pokes a hole in your uterus to grab it, the sound used to measure your uterus, the curette used to scrape you out (not gentle by the way–none of this is gentle), ALL THIS CAUSES IMMENSE PAIN.
    I've experienced it so have my relatives. Painful as hell. Never consent w/o a cervical block, IV meds (narcotics, sedatives, and antiinflammatories). Advil beforehand is nothing but a placebo. It won't work. Don't fool yourself. Have your advocate present. You need an ally here. Don't be brainwashed, fooled, nor bullied by these lying assholes. Don't trust any site like this that says nothing about pain.

  • Abortion is never safe for women. It kills the conscience of the mother and scars her for life. Visit www.graciouschoice.com for other options for unplanned pregnancy.

  • I just had my procedure on the 22nd of this month and my birthday is on the 27th , I lost my child at 6 weeks ,I don’t wish this pain on anyone Im still in the process of healing physically and mentally and I’m praying for any woman that has to deal with this , if anyone wants to talk don’t be afraid to talk to me

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  • I just experienced D&C yesterday and believe me it was breath taking painful and I was wishing that none of my enemy experienced this extreme pain their lives ever.

  • I had one done yesterday and it’s my second one. It doesn’t hurt you just feel cramping. It’s like a light period. Please don’t be afraid because they’ll put you to sleep and you’ll wake up in the recovery room very fast.

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