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Hello, again. I’m Lynn.
Thanks for watching my video. Today, we’re going to be talking about translation
programs and apps. And how they never help you learn English This is a really helpful video, so keep watching. Translation programs and apps like google
translate are good when you want to get kind of a sense or an
idea of some text. I’ve used it before when I get a text or an
email in another language. I can just quickly copy and paste it into
Google Translate And find out the general idea of what the
person is talking about. However, using these kinds of translation
programs will not help you improve your English conversation
ability. One way that I can see that’s very clear is
when my students try to use these translation programs in their writing or in their presentations, it’s very obvious that they simply typed or
wrote something up in their own language and then plugged it
into Google Translate. It comes out wacky and crazy. The English does not make sense and it just sounds weird. So my tip for you is to not rely on these translation programs and apps. Get away from them as much as you can. They’re good in a hurry when you just want
to get a sense of some text, but they are not good for improving your English
conversation ability. So stay away from these translation programs
as much as you can. They are not going to help you improve your
English conversation skills. I always know which of my students has used
a translation program or app. It might seem tempting because it’s quick
and easy but the English is not good. And a teacher always knows which students
have used this kind of translation program. So I believe in you guys if you just try hard and put in the effort. That is going to help improve your English conversation skills. Thanks for watching my video, see you next time. If you enjoyed this video, let me know about it in the comments. And don’t forget like and subscribe. See you next time.

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