Dr. Ann Cavoukian on Privacy by Design

In the Privacy by Design course
that I’m offering, we start with the basics of privacy, so people
understand fair information practices, how does that relate
to privacy and data protection, and then, after the first/second
lecture where all of that is explained, we get into
a number of different areas. We go into emerging
technologies. We go into the need to embed
privacy into code and bake it into the data
architecture, and you don’t need special expertise
for this, you don’t have to be a computer scientist. I explain how this is relevant to
computer science and big data. I spend a bit of time talking about the
need to abandon zero-sum paradigms, which are essentially either-or.
You can have privacy or security. You can have privacy or
business interests. No. You can have both.
You must have both. Reject zero-sum in favour
of positive sum. Positive sum simply means
you can have two positive increments in two areas
at the same time. You want to have privacy
and business interests increasing together in an
intertwined, seamless manner. And then we go into specific
areas, in the following lectures, about what you can do
in terms of marketing. How do you do
privacy and marketing? How do you do privacy and
healthcare, for example? So we go into different fields
to really drill down into how doable this is
in different contexts.

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