Dr. Vincent Hui on Collaborative Education and Co-creation

In the old days, architects used to
be the master builder. Now, they were responsible
for understanding a whole range of factors
in making a design – everything from basic structures, to the way materials operated, to the way people
would functionally operate inside spaces.
That’s dated. Nowadays there is a
synthesis of multiple groups, everything from engineering, to ergonomics, to interior decorating.
All of those factors come to play in
making great spaces. This is absolutely why
co-creation is important. Co-creation allows for
people to not only come together and develop
interesting work, but at the end of the day,
everyone leaving that project leaves with a better
understanding of not only their own work, but also a sensitivity to
a range of other disciplines. My name is Vincent Hui. Join me in my master class
at the ChangSchoolTalks.

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