E-guidance in higher education to promote graduates’ lifelong career development

Welcome to the Skill Up MOOC E-guidance in higher education to promote graduates’ lifelong career development. High quality career guidance in higher education integrating information and communication technologies can help graduates transition to the workplace more effectively. It can also help reduce shortages and mismatches of employability skills by informing undergraduates about what types of jobs are available, the skills required to access those jobs, and paths to develop those skills. However, while career guidance and counselling has a strong tradition in some European Higher Education systems, in others the access to guidance services is relatively basic or even non-existent. Our MOOC aims to train career guidance workers and counsellors, providing them with the knowledge, methods, techniques and tools to offer effective guidance in higher education and vocational training centres, so that they can help undergraduates make well-informed choices about their career paths and the professional skills they need to develop. This MOOC is especially intended for higher education and vocational training. It’s for advisors, career counsellors, counsellors, educators career mentors and coaches. That said, the course is also a unique opportunity for all of the educational community – including other educational levels and sectors – in order to gain insights into effective career guidance in higher education and vocational training. The contents of the MOOC are structured over five weeks. Each week corresponds to a course module that includes new contents, case studies and a variety of authentic learning activities aimed at transferring and applying knowledge to the professional practice. This MOOC is a result of the Skill Up project, funded by the European Union’s Erasmus plus programme. The Skill Up project is developing practical and scalable ways to enhance new graduates’ employability skills by improving the connection between higher education curricula and the demands of the labour market. Join the Skill Up MOOC to discover how effective guidance and counselling in higher education using ICT can be a catalyst for new graduates’ employability!

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