EAB Expert Insights: Frontline Purchasing with Scott Winslow

like it or not
CIOs are no longer the ones who make all the big IT purchases on campus. Dean’s
and VPs- they’re now using their own dollars to make tech purchases and that
can often lead to wasteful spending and sometimes security risks so how can you
navigate between being doctor no or doctor “anything goes”? First, you can shrink the
number of people with purchase authority on campus a good example of this is at a
private research university they used a procurement IT partnership
to reset all purchasing privileges which allowed them to re-identify a much
smaller number of authorized buyers they had fewer people with higher purchase
limits which made it easier to oversee and still give each unit autonomy over
their budget. Two- you can create vendor request templates- this will standardize
a list of must-have elements in any purchase like security, compliance,
interoperability issues that frontline buyers might not know about or miss. This
clarity highlights the sheer volume of information that’s necessary to gather
and purchasers tend to involve CIOs a lot earlier in the process as a result.
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